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r ') R V i £ <» -k 93, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. JOHN EVANS & COMPANY, RESPECTFULLY BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY ARE NOW RECEIVING LARGE PARCELS OF NEW GOODS FOR THE SPRING AND SUMMER SEASONS > ✓ •» An Early Inspection Solicited. •* # TRAPNELL & CAM, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, 35 & 38, Queen-street, CARDIFF, Hold immecse Stocks of every requisite for completely furnishing, at a short notice, houses of any size. TRAPNELL AND GAVE. FOR BEDSTEADS, Over 50 designs in 11 sizes to select from. The Invincible Bedsteads, full size with two brass rails, grid ornamentation, 12s 6d; and the "Challenge, a niassive bed-tead, at 23s 6d., are made specially for us, and canrut be obtained ekewhetx—Best value in Cardiff. D 7t7;7 TRAPNELL ~AND GANE, FOR BEDDING A large stock in special department of guaranteed purity, Full S'ize Wool Bed, Bolster, and two Piilows, 8s 6d. Full size Spring Ma!tresses, 17s,6d each. Fuji size Feather Bed, 12, 6d. TRAPNELC & GANE, FOR DINING AND DRAWING-ROOM SUITES A larger selection than any other firm, at prices ranging from £3 15s Od., to 40 guineas. FOR BEDR0031 SUITES, FENDERS, FIREIRONS, LINOLEUM, FLOORCLOTH, ( AR PETS, HUGS, CURTAINS, and every requisite for furnishing. All goods marked in Plain Figures, so that nnrcha^ers may compare our prices with other firnia. See fldvt. on Front Page of this Paper. TRAPNELL AND CANE. The Noted House Furnishers, 35 & 38, Queen Street, CARDIFF. And at Bristol ] [Established 70 years. J SILOAM? GYFEILLON. CYNELIR i r EISTEDDFOD YN Y CAPEL UCHOD DYDD GWENFR GROGLITH, 1889. LLYWYDD- COUNCILLOR WALTER H. MORGAN/ PRIF DDARN— I'r Cor, heb fod dan 30 o nifer, a g&no yn oren: yr Anthem. DydJiaa Dyn pydd fel Glaswelltyn," Gwobr £ 5, a Baton hardd i'r Arweinydd Bnddogol. Yn yr hwyr bydd perfformiad o'r Can ta ta,'Charles o 'r BaJa,) 0 dan lywyddibeth y Parch. Hugh P. Jone", Pürtb. Caerphilly Castle Eisteddfod, j WHIT-MONDAY, JJME 10th, 1889. 'T'HIS EISTEDDFOD, under Distinguished L Patronage, (and by the kind permission of Lord Bute), will be held" in the far-famed ruins of Caerphilly Castle, on the above date. PRESIDENT MAJOR JONES (American Consul.) Vice-Presidents—Dr. J. Llewellyn. J.P., Henry Anthony, Esq., J.P., E. M. M". Corbett, Esq., and J. S. Corbett, Esq., Caerpliilly. Adjudicators-Dr Parry, Mr Tom Price, A.C. Dafydd Morganwg, Mr Waugh, M.A. 11 11 In, "Thanks be to God," £ 40; "Molwfch yr Arglw- ydd," £ 10: Brass Band—"Athahe War March," £ 14; "Comrades in Arms," £ 5 Children's choir, £ 4; Solos, tl each; Poetry, Needlework, Drawing, &c. Programmes, three half-pence by post. D.WILLIAMS, SEC., Caerphilly. ] FOR SALE, A ST, BERNARD tOG "RUFUS," 3 £ Years Old. GOOD HOUSE DOG, AND FOND OF CHILDREN. Can be seen at VERNON HOUSE, TYFICA TERRACE, PONTYPRIDD. OFFERS WANTED. THE MOST SENSIBLE MAN in this District A L WILL CLEAR Pi I S NEXT WEEK'S EX- PENSES, PUT £5 BANK OF ENGLAND NOTE IN HIS POCKET, and assist any charitable object which may be at the mom- ent appealing to his generous instincts. Sef WEDN-ESDAY'S "TRADE, FINANCE and RECREATION," a weekly Newspaper for Everybody.-All Newsagents and Railway Bookstalls, Id., or post free lid.—35, Mark Lane, London, E.C. CONSUMPTION CURED.-A Person Cured of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, and Nervom Debility, by a simple Remedy, will send a descrip- tion of it rBEE to any person who applies to J. P. MOUNTAIN, 64, Chancery Lane, London. W.C. The Best and Cheapest Shop for Groceries and Provisions Ie THE Town Supply Stores, FRESH SUPPLY of Carmarthen Butter every we.rk also nice selection of Caerphiilj Cheese, Home cured & Wiltshire Bacon always in stock mild and lean Hams, large stock of Tin (-roods, Jams, Marmalade, Preserves, and Pickles at the very lowest prices; splendid Flour, at 2s., 2s. 2d., very best 2s. 4d.; Teas at Is. 4d., Is. 6d, and 2s. Agent for the Pure Ceylon lea Co., LondonT One Trial secures your regular custom. THE TOWN SUPPLY STORES, 76, Tai-street, Pontypridd, T. W. JOlfES, Proprietor. THE EXPLOSIVES ACT, 1875. VOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that THE COTTON POWDER COMPANY, Limited! intend to apply to Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, m and for the County of Glamorgan,actin« for the Division of Pontypridd, in the said County of Glamorgan at their Special Petty Sessions of S6 SefCe'ela within the said Division, at the Police Court, m the Town of Pontypridd,in the said County, on Wednesday, Seventeenth day of April next at 12 o'clock at noon, for their assent to the establishment of a Magazine for the Storage of Mixed Explosives, to be erected by the appli- cants at Gelliwion, near Pontypridd, in the Parish of Llantrisant, in the said County, in accordance ^NTR N F '?Pe?ification approved by one j ^Jesty s Principal Secretaries of State and which Plan and Specification has been de- posited, and will remain so deposited, for the term: of one calendar month from the date hereof, fori the inspection of all persons interested, at the Magistrates Clerk's Office, Pontypridd, in the said County, where due notice of any objection must be given seven clear days before the day fixed for the hearing, to the said Justices, as also to the applicants, such notice to signify the persons' in- tention to appear and object, together with their name, address, and calling, and a short statement of the grounds of their objection. Dated this 13th day of March, 1889, For the Cotton Powder Company, Limited, ico _■ L. L. BEVAN, SECRETARY.' Ib2a, Qoeen Victoria Street, London, E.C. k PONTYPRIDD AND RIIONDDA VALLEY. Billposter and 7 o w *i (ri er RENTS ALL THE PRINCIPAL POSTING STATIONS IN PONTYPRIDD AND V RHONDDA VALLEY. HSRSES and TRAPS kept for Hire. PIANOFORTE ON HIRE. Offices; Tyfica Road, Pontypridd. TO BE LET.—A COMFORTABLE RESI- DENCE, within a few minutes' walk of the Station. Garden and Stable.-Apply Walter H. Morgan, Pontypridd. WANTED, SECRETARY for the PONTY- PRIDD STARR BOWKETT SOCIETY. With convenient Office; Salary £26 per annum.— Apply, not later than the 23rd inst., (Under Seal, and marked Secretary), to the Chairman of Directors, Starr Bowkett Office, Pontypridd. M ATRIMONIAL.-Advertiser wishes to corres- iVi pond with a desirable YOUNG LADY with a view to MUTUAL HAPPINESS. Strictest Privacy observed. Applications, in first instance by L3tter, with Photos, to be addressed A.B.C., Chronicle, Pontypridd.-This is genuine. 61' THE ACADEMY, 20A, MORGAN STREET, PONTYPRIDD. E, Dunmor Edwards, M,A, MASTER. PUPILS Specially Prepared at a Moderate Cost P for Commercial Pursuits, Colleges, London University, Matriculation, Preliminary Law, Medical, and Pharmaceutical Examinations, &c. The QUARTER COMMENCES Monday, APRIL 1st. TERMS, &c., for Day Scholars and Private Pupils, may be had on application. THE THIRTEENTH ANNUAL BISTJiUbPOli ) AT SALEM, LLAUTWIT FARDRE, Will take place on GOOD FRIDAY, 1889. Adjudicators-Compositions and Recitations- Rev. B. Evans (Telyufab), Gadlys, Aberdare; Music—Mr Dan Davies, A.C., Dowlais. Accom- panist-Professor E. P. Mills. There will be a CONCERT in the evening. For furthur particulars apply to the Secretary, T. WILLIAMS, Maesyffynon, Llantwit Fardre. PONTYPRIDD UNION. APPOINTMENT OF MEDICAL OFFICER FOR LLANFABON DISTRICT. fTHE GUARDIANS of the PONTYPRIDD .L UNION will, at their meeting to be held on the 3rd April next, proceed to the appointment of a Medical Officer for the Llanfabon District, at a salary of £20 per annum, with the usual medical fees, as prescribed by the order of the Local Government Board. Applications to be sent to me on or before the 2nd April. E. C. SPICKETT, Clerk to the Guardians. Pontypridd, 21st March, 1889. Iontypridd Local Board Election. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE TOWN WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ij You will be called upon in a few days to elect a Member to represent you on the above Board. I need scarcely remind you that Three Years have passed away since you thought fit to elect me to represent your interest as a member for the Town Ward, during which time I have al- ways striven to do what I considered my duty in all and to all, with one aim and object ever in view, viz :—Justice. The whole of my life has been spent entirely in the business which,as Member of the Board, it has been my duty (for the term which I have had the honour of representing you) to pass judgment upon, and I trust therefore that the experience so gained, and the action taken by me in all matters brought before the board, have satisfied you that the confidence bestowed upon me was not misplaced. I now once more place my services at your disposal, and should you again do me the honour of returning me as your representative, I assure you that no effort on my part shall be wanting to discharge the duties which fall to my lot with honesty and efficiency, and by so doing I hope to merit your yet further esteem and confidence, and above all the inward satisfaction of having done something to benefit those amongst whom it has been my happy privilege to have lived for so many years. I have the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, DAVID ROWLAND. Gelliwastad Grove, Pontypridd, March 5th, 1889. PontyprirJd Local Board, TRIENNIAL ELECTION, 1889. TO IKE ELECTOR OF THE TOWN WAED. f AD"!i.S AND GENTLEMEN, Li In a short time one ir.eniLor for each of the four wards inO which the Pontypridd Local Sani- tary Distr c'; has been divided will have to retire. There will, therefore, be four vacancies, which the ratepayers will have to fill up at the election in April next. Again, I beg to ask your suffrrges as a candidate for the Town Ward. I need not remind you that when I contested this ward with the late Mr Moses Cule, I wasprac- i tically returned as the choice of the ratepayers, and I was only defeated by the property qualifica- tions, which confer upon certain ratepayers more votes than one. Under the one man, one vote arrangement, which is likely to become law, I should have been at this moment your representa- tive for the town ward. Ladies and gentlemen, encouraged by this fact, and pressed by several influential residents, I feel justified in once more appealing to you to return me as your member. I do not presume to appeal to you as an educated man, as I believe I am the equal of the majority of the members now form- in.; the Board, but I have no hesitation in assert- ing that as an employer of labour, in practical ex- perience, and in an earnest desire to serve you, and promote your interests in obtaining the best re- sults for the money expended, I am as much, if not more, entitled to your confidence as any mem- ber now sitting on the Board, or retiring fvora it. For one thing, I should never have voted, as my opponent did, for the appointment of a son-in-law on the Board, because and for no other reason his father-in-law had been a member. I pledge myself, if I am honoured by being re- turned, to devote myself to the practical business f of the Board with devotion and fidelity to your interests. Ladies and gentlemen, I once more ask you to give me the splendid support I received last year, with such an addition as will place me in the position of being returned as your representative for the town ward. I am, Ladies and gentlemen, Your obedient and humble servant, THOMAS TAYLOR. [ POHTYPRIBD UNION. THE GUARDIANS of this UNION will, at their Meeting on the 3rd April next, proceed to the appointment of TREASURER in the place of M. R. Williams, Esq., who has signified his inten- tion to resign. E. C. SPICKETT, Clerk. THE SOUTH WALES UNION BANK, LIMITED. A BRANCH of this BANK will be opened very shortly at Pontypridd, under the manage- ment of Mr Morgan R. Williams, the District Manager. By Order of the Board, T. R. R. DAVISON, General Manager. Dated 19th March, 1889. TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD. FOUR NIGHTS, beginning MONDAY, APRIL 8TH, First Appearance of the Charming Young Actress, MISS MAGGIE MORTON, and her world renowned "CASTE COMPAN Y." CAUTION.—Miss Morton has the sole right to play throughout Wales the celebrated series, "Castft," "School," "Ours," &c;, as produced at the Hay- market Theatre, London, under the distinguished management of Mr and Mrs Bancroft, whose per- formances are said to have realised a profit of £ 100,000. Therefore, any infringement of Miss Morton's rights is illegal and fraudulent. Also, the latest London success, "Mamma," for the proper production of which Miss Morton brings her own splendid stage, Orchestral String Band (to be heard free at noon the day of arrival in the town), and Five Tons of Gorgeous Scenery and Costumes. Plan, Tickets and Circulars, at Mr Key's. COWBRlfiGE ANNUAL E I S T i<: i > i.' F O D. WHIT MOND.Vf, Jane 10th, 1889. OONDUCTOR: W. ABRAHAM, Esq., M.P. (Mabon). ADJUDICATOR (Singing): D. JENKINS, Esq., Mus. Bac. CHIEF PRIZE.-To the Choir not less than 60 in number, that will best render Worthy is the Lamb." Prize JE25, and El each to the Conductor of the unsuccessful Choirs. To the Male Party, not less than 35 in number, that will best render Monks War Song." Prize £7 (Dr Parry.) PROGRAMMES are now ready, and can be had at the usual price. JOHN DAVIES, Hon. Sec., Oowbridge. Llantrisant nchool Board. TRIENNIAL ELECTION, 1889. TO THE ELECTORS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, L Allow me to thank you sincerely for the support you gave me on the 22nd inst. You may rest assured that my best endeavours will be put forward in your interest, which I hope will justify you for the confidence you have placed in me. I remain, Your obedient servant, EDGAR M. PHILLIPS. Underhill House, Penrhiwfer, March 26th, 1889. LLAHTilSAHT SCHOOL BOARD. TRIENNIAL ELECTION, 1889. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE ABOVE PARISH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, i J I sincerely thank you for your kind support in electing me as member. I trust, that by strict attention to duties in- volved on the Board, to prove myself worthy of the confidence reposed in me. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, DANIEL DAVIES. 151, High Street, Cymmer, March 26th 1889. Ystradyfodwg Local Board Election. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF NO. 5 WARD T ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, 1j A vacancy having occurred in your Ward through the retirement of Mr John Davies, Porth Hotel, Porth, I beg respectfully to offer myself as your representative on the above Board. Should you do me the honour of electing me, you may rely on my doing my utmost, according to my ability, to discharge the onerous duties devolving upon me in connection with our interest and welfare. I may mention that never in the history of these Valleys has there been in contemplation such an enormous outlay of the Ratepayers' money as at the present time. In connection with the Sewer- age Scheme alone, upwards of £ 150.000 (one hun- dred and fifty thousand pounds) will be expended therefore, a great responsibility rests upon you to return a right and proper representative, who is certain to give close attention to his duties. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, ( Your obedient servant, THOMAS JONES. Maindy, Ynyshir. Etholiad Bwrdd Lleol Ystradyfodwo- AT ETHOLWYR RHANBARTH Y 5ED. FONEDDIGESAU A BONEDDIGION, jf Gan fod gwagle wedi dygwydd yn eich rhan- barth trwy ymddiswyddiad Mr John Davies,Porth Hotel, Porth, yr wyf yn dymuno yn ostyngedig i ,gynyg fy ngwasanaeth fel eich cynrychiolydd ar y Bwrdd uchod. Os gwnewch i mi yr anrhydedd o fy ethol, gallwch fod yn sicr y gwnaf fy ngoreu, yn ol fy ngallu, i gyflawni y gorchwyiion pwysig a dd e,Jynant i'm rhan mewn cysylltiad a'r hyn fydd yn fantais ac yn ddaioni i chwi ac i minau. Gallaf ddweyd na fu yn hanes y Cymoedd hyn drefniad i wario cymaint o arian y Trethdalwyr ag sydd yn awr ar droed. Mewn cysylltiad a'r "Sewerage Scheme" yn unig gwerir dros £ 150,000 (cant a haner o filoedd o bunau); o ganlyniad, y mae cyfrifoldeb mawr arnoch i ethol cynrychiolydd iawn a chymwys, yr hwn fydd yn sicr o roddi sylw manv, 1 jw ddyledswyddau. Gorphwysaf, Foneddigesau a Boneddigion, Eich ufydd Was, THOMAS JONES, Maindy, Ynyshir. I LOST.-BLACK SPANIEL DOG, 8 months1 old, answering name of "Snap," from Glanely House, Pontypridd. Anyone returning same to Bassett Hotel, Pontshonorton, will be rewarded. Y stradyfodwg* Local Board Election, TO THE ELECTORS OF NO. 4 WARD. T ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ij At the earnest solicitation of a. large number of friends and the public, I have consented to offer myself as a candidate for the vacant seat for the No. 4 Ward on the Ystradyfodwg Local Board. In placing my services at your disposal, I may inform you that I have had a varied and lengthened experience of Local Board matters, having sat as a representative of No. 5 Ward, and also as Member of the Aberdare Local Board, for the past nine years, during which time I have endeavoured, and I hope successfully, to discharge the duties devolving upon me with faithfulness and efficiency. If elected to represent you in the No 4 Ward, the same earnest endeavour as in the past to fulfil the obligations devolving upon me, to the satis- faction of the ratepayers generally,will at all times characterise my services. Respectfully trusting to be favoured with your support and suffrages, I am. Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, JOHN DAVIES. Porth Hotel, Porth, March 27, 1889.