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WONDERFUL RESULT! 0* USING HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS, Are constantly reported from all parts of the civilised world. The most obstinate diseases caused by IMPURE BLOOD are cured by this REMARKABLE RBMBDY. HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS Are unsurpassed as an effective REMEDY for all those DAN- GEROUS DISEASES which have their origin in DISTEMPERS and IMPURE BLOOD. Testimonials from all parts of the world have been received testifying to their power in curing the following Diseases:— SCURVY, SCROFULA, BOILS, I NERVOUSNESS, SORE EYES, I COSTIVENESS. WOUNDS SKIN RASH, READ ACHE, I FITS. RHEUMATISM, ULCERS, BILIOUSNESS, NEURALGIA, I DISTEMPER, GIDDINESS, I &c., &c., &c., HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS have proved to be the most effectual of all medicines discovered in the Nineteenth Century. The MABYELLOJS CUBES wrought continually, viz :— 14 HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS Bave been so numerous and complete that the Poets are moved to sing their praises, of which the following is a proof:— HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS for the manifold ills That assail the human frame,— Have been tested at large through valleys and hills, And have earned a world wide fame: They're potent in vanishing every disease, That affects the vital Blood; Restoring the patient to weal and ease, And make his condition gcod. No man whose Blood be infected with corruption, Can ne'er enjoy a healthy constitution; But must be in pain, and restless night and day, Till the foul malady is driven away HtroHXs' BLOOD PILLS will this great boon effect. And from the system seeds of death eject. Their fame is gone to many a foreign land, And is admitted now on every band; From oot to mansion do their praises sound And testimonials reach ns from all round HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS receive no empty praise, But are commended by the great and wise. So important doty it is to keep the blood, In perfect order and condition good,- That I would fain advise the sore afflicted, To guard against its farther being neglectedj HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS will soon effect its care, Of this to all concerned I can assure. HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS. This noted medicine aots direetly upon the Blood and Juices of the human system which they Strengthen and Purify. By so doing the Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Bowels, Brain, and Nerves are renewed and toned to such a degree that their functions are perfectly performed, securing to the man healthy days. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4a 6d. By Post Is 3d. 28 lid and 4a 9d, worn the PROPRIETOR and DISCOVERER, JAOOB. HUGHES, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, t, Penarth, Cardiff. J Ask your Chemist to get them for you. -=- *||, HUGH R|COUGH MIXTURE I GREAT IN ELSH R E FOR COU(5H.S, COLDS, ASTHMA irM li,4MEDIATE RE,L1,EF. ,Pr-CIAL L Y TO'SINGERS & PUBLIC SOLD, BY ALL,CHEMISTS, 'IC IN B'OTTLES. 4,). D I NO MORE <M M f M <? CBBfiRS. DAVID JENKINS, Esq, Mus. Bac., Aber- ys with, says:- Having suffered from an irritable cough last Christmas, I took a Bottle of DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE, and by the following day I was quite free t-'ollow my public engagement. January 10th, 1888. D. JENKINS." DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Is acknowledged gener- ally to be a most speedy and efficacious remedy for Chest Complaints and general Colds. Having been before the public for many years, it has gained uni- versal reputation. Thou- sands testify to its mar- vellous tffect in immedi- ately Allaying Tickling Coughs, Dissolving the Phlegm, and relieving tfce distressing labour of breathing peculiar to Asthma. The Balsamic, Healing and Soothing Qualities of DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Place it far in adtance of the crdinary Cougb Balsams, many of which are compounds of Opium, &.o. It acts by dissolving the congealed Phlegm, causing free expectora- tion, relieving the sense of weight and oppression, Tickling in the Throat, and frequent desir6 to Cough, that is so trouble- some to the Patient. Singers and Public Speakers will find Davies's Cough Mixture A great Boon, being a perfect safeguard against Hoarseness and all Affections of the Vocal Organs. One dose will cause any huskiness to disappear. For Children's Cough, Whooping Congh, &c., it will be found invaluable, having a soothing effect, assisting expectoration, and preventing the ac- ClHnulating of Phlegm, I assisting expectoraticn, Slight Colds, Hoarse- ness, Sore Throat,which might easily be checked with a. few doBes ef Davies's C ongh Mixture if neglected, often ter- minate serioubly. For ordinary Coughs, Colds, and Difficulty of Breathing, Davies's Cough Mixture will be found to accom- plish its healing effect almost. imperceptibly. Have you a Cough P TRY DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE. Have you a Cold ? TAKE DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE. Do you suffer from Asthma ? USE DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE. Have you a Sore Throat ? TAKE DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE. An Attack of Bronchitis ? TAKE DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE. i Has your Child the Whooping Cough ? GIVE HIM DAVIES' COUGH MIXTURE. Most pleasant taste. Enormous Sale. One dose will relieve. One bottle will cure. Sold by all chemists and patent medicine dealers at Pontypridd and up the Rbondda. MlESiTOWC AMTIBILIODS PILLS. DAVIES'S I TONIC ANTIBILIOUS FILLS, %a per Box by all Cbaviuts The Cure for Indigestion. The Cure for Liver Complaints. The Cure for Headache. The Cure for Toothache. The Cure for Wind in the Stomaeh. s The Cure for Costiveness. The Cure for Skin Disease. The Best Medicine for Females. I The Cure for Nervous Debility. The Cure for use of Appetite, ,I t BEVAN & CO., I "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," Hold the largest, best, and cheapest selection of every description of Household Furniture, Carpets, Floor Cloths, Linoleums, Hearth Rugs, Ac., &c., in the Principality. j BEVAN & CO., "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," Sell full-sized Iron Bedsteads from 6s lid each. Over One Thousand Iron and Brass Bedsteads from 4s 6d to Thirty Guineas each always in stock. Bevan & Co., "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," Have done more than any firm in Wales in reducing the prices of Furniture, the whole of their Immense Stocks being priced from twenty to thirty per cent. lower than those of any other house. Bevan & Company, "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," Are offering full-sized Feather Beds, Bol- sters and Pillows, at 32s 6d only Spring Mattress (upholstered or wirework), at 17s6d each! All other goods equally cheap. BEVAN & COMPANY, "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," I Deliver all Goods Free by road or rail within one hundred miles of Cardiff. Illustrated Catalogues post free on application. B El "V -A. N 0 0., "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," Sell a ccmplete Dining or Drawing Room Suite of Nine Articles (Couch, Gent's Easy Chair, Lady's Chair, and Six small Chairs), for R3 17s 6d. Grand Figured Velvet Suites, in solid mahogany, J610 10s. BEVAN & COMPANY, "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," Are the proprietors of a Business which con- tinues to increase by leaps and bounds. This fact affords the most conclusive proof that they give their numerous patrons the very highest satisfaction. B E "V" .A. U & 00., "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," Supply Harmoniums from Seventy Shillings each, and full compass Pianofortes, in walnut cases, from £, 12 10s. Before purchasing elsewhere see their grand iron-framed, full trichord brass wrest-plank Thirty Guinea Pianofortes, in walnut and gold. Warranted for ten years, and acknowleged by all pur- chasers to be fully equal ta instruments usually charged fifty guineas. BEYAN & CO., REGISTERED AS "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," I 21, DUKE STREET, > AND 76, ST. MARY STREET, a .A. RDIPF. I GBOBGE'8 PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. A MARVELLOUS REMEDY. WHAT WILL IT DO! I lilt is more than Gold to me,-it saved my Life." 'VII AT WILL IT DO T .VHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? T?MT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL ft1 WHAT WILL IT De, HI.\T WILL IT DO? W <1 VT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT OOP WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL If DO? WHAT WILL IT DOP WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DOP V H AT WILL IT DO t .HAT WILL IT DO? -VHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHIT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT f)O P WHA'f WILL IT no i' WII \T WILL IT 00? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT UOF WHAT WILL IT Do? WHAT WILL IT 00; WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL iT DOP VH \T WILL IT DO? VHAT WILL IT 00 P J AT WILL IT DO? •Vii \T WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT Do P WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT PO? WHAT WILL IT DO. WHAT WILL IT DO VVUIT WILL IT DO? VifVf WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DOP ,VTF AT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WUTT WILL IT 00, WHAT A'ILL IT DOp Wd \T WILL IT DO p WIJ \T WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT 00, .vHAT WILL IT DOf WLL \T WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT DOf WHAT WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT DO p WHAT WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT Dt., WHAT WILL IT llO, WHAT WILL IT PO, WHAT WILL IT DOy WHAT WILL IT DO If yon suffer PAIK in the BACK and LOIRS, or between tile SHOULDEU, this remedy will effectually remove them. If you are troubled with IMITATION of the BLADDKR, SVPPaWIROJl and BBTCKTION of the water, STONB or GBAVBL. the OJJLY SAn am offectaw Remedy BVIB OFF EBB D TO THB WORLD is Qaosss's er and GHATIL PILLS. If the water is Ulaø COLOURED, THICK, and depositing mnet SBDIKENT, lose no time, prouura A box of GtBOMB'S PILLS, and ycr will soon be RIGHT again. If yonr Kidneys and Liver are doggish and out a: order, this Remedy will gently til u late these important organs, opet 8p their CMSGHD PABSAORJ, and promote the secretion of HEALTH; "lie and other vital I Mia If you are a martyr to Itldlgrestfor*, and Constipation, you have a SuM Remedy in Qkoshz'* PILLS. If you suffer from any Bowel disorder, such as S" Con. Itpaton, Fftatalence, Colic, you have here a Remedy you can always rely upon. If you suffer from Palpitation, and are afraid that your HIABX ia affected, yon will And these Pills an EmcAcxous BZMBDT. If you suffer frem lleadaeke AND Giddiness, Gecrg(;.i Pills will remove these PAINS sooner than any other knows It y*ou have Pafa after sating*, and ??el Urons7 <1. Listless, one dose of George's Pills will act like a coarm. If your Pood tnrns Soar and rises into the mouth, a fev, doses of this Remedy will make your troubles a thing of the past. If you feel Merrous, Excitable, %ni Low a perfect ANTIDOTE will be found in George's Pilla. If you have a IMsagrreeafele Titste in the Pi ;ch • SIHQLB Dos. of George's Pile and Gravel Pills at bed-time .ill clah, ■ the tongae before the dawn of another day. If Sleep ails to give you Rest. Try George's Pills. TLOY W I make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and BBVIVB your OTRSN^TH If yen feel unfit for Ixertloil, Weate, and £ .1 t Bemedy will restore your Exaney and STBBNOTH, and will maL. abour aad Exercise the ENJOYKBNT of your life. If you are Ortubled with IVansea av I Vomiting* at the fchoTtfbt of eating, a box of George's Pills will make yonr meat acd drink tcib SAVOVBX and PLBASANT. It your Blood is impure, it will keep open all the importac outlets of the body, and thus give free exit to all GBOSS Humouip and no more KlOOd Impurities will be sees bur so- g through the Skin la Pimple*, Blotches, Sores, Boils. In thousands of eases it has removed from the Blood, root ét-L c branch, Rheumatic, Seerfcntlc, Scrofulous Tai. ie that had defied all ether Remedies. If you have a tendency to Dropsical Swelling* thia remedy, by its aotion upon the KIDNBTB and SKIN, will scon bvirg Belief. If you have Dlfttenlty of Breathing-, this remedy will prove a friend to yen in the hour ef need. It will ohange your constant ailing to freedom from pain. It will ehange the tallow complexion to the bloom of health. It will change your sickliness to vigour; your languor to activity and your general debility to fimness of sinew and muscle. It it Aperient, and therefore will remove Const! patlon. It ia Antifcilious, and will, therefore, ccrrect ai Regularities of the Liver. It it Diuretic, and will. therefore open the water passages. It ie Tonic, and will, theref ore, gfve tone and vigour te ths Disunva OASANS. It is .100" Purifying aad 1 erwe-Strengthening: it is, therefore ALL YOU WANT. Tliess World-rsnow&ed Pills ace sold mrfwtati in Ium 1/11 and 2/P each. B EECHAM'S PILLS. B EEGHAM'S PILLS. BEECHAM'S PILLS. 4 B Worth a Guinea a Box. BEECHAM'S PILLS. B For Bilious Attacks. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Nervous Disorders. BEECHAM'S PILL8 For Indigestion in all its forms. BEECHAM'S PILLS B For Wind and Pains in the Stomach. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Sick Headache. BEECHAY-S PILLS B Have saved the lives of Thousands. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Giddiness. BEEOHA M'S PILLS B For Fulness and Swellings after meals. BEECHAM'S PILLS B Are "JVorth a Guinea a Box. BEECHAM'S PILLS B A Wonderful Medicine for Females of all Ages. BEECHAM'S PILLS B Are adapted for Old and Young. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Dizziness and Drowsiness. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Colds, Chills, Flushings of Heat. BEECHAM'S PILLS JD Will restore the Rosebud of Health to all who use them. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Costiveness and Scurvy. EECHAM'S PILLS B For Blotches on the Skin. DEEOHA'MS PILLS •° For Disturbed Sleep and ..Frightful Dreams. "REECHAM'S PILLS Are the Best Medicine for Female Complaints. "REECHAM'S PILLS JL) tjj6 jftrgt i>08e gives Belief in Twenty Minutes. B EECHAM'S PILLS -L* Are the Finest Medicine in the World. -REECHAM'S PILLS -■ For Siok Headache. "REECHAM'T PILLS Are recommended by Medical Men. BEECHAM'S PILLS Have the Largest Sale of any Patent Medicine in the World. "REECHAM'S PILLS -L* Are sold by all Patent Medicine Dealers. JJEECHAM'S PILLS BEECHAM'S PILLS WOOL L A J. MMHMgMoa, WOOLLEN lAftUFMTUREM, i Pitlochry, Perthshire, Bave beat AWABDBD a PBIZjl MBDAIi for the* Woollen Maautaotaresjn the 1BQDBUBGH NATIONAL VCBIBFrRflB, 1a Tbeypay eerHam o<Wool saat te *w*Bmuuteetafe Into wb oelebcMM FMDNfff TWM LIM TWM "am mw ^octam. Onal Bodgiv Xtrt*. Montag and DtftHrt Btloftvg&- bllewa the use of Pefper 8 Qaiuioe and Iron Toate by infnaiuR new life to the nerves. eocicbioR the aned, and BtrengtbeniBg the mawolar system. Zmptoms of weakness disappear, appetite returns, tigae ceases, and recruited health results. Insist •a having Pepper's Tonie. It can new be obtained m Ss. 6d. bottles. Sold every whose. It ooati abont Ui. each dose. firiMcwn and P»dot\yUin.—K liver meflleine T?ith eat mereury, is a mixture of juiees of *he manarasfc and dandelion plants, «ood for headache, torpidity, costivenass, flatalence, heartburn, • indigestion, biliousness, repugnance to food, general discomfort depression, Ac. Pepper's Taraxacum Podophyllum by stimulating the liver with a moat gentle action cs the stomach, is the safest, most reliable m#dicin». Bottles, 2s. 6d. Sold every where. Insist on havi-r Pepper's. To Darken Grey flair.—Lockyer's Sulphur U ai, Restorer produces a perfectly natural shade in a few chya. No hair restorer offered is equal toIiOcKyfrs Sulphur for its beautifying cleansing action on CL- hto,r, causing it always to grow. Large bottles, Is. •- Scls everywhere. Demfnest, noise* in the ear, Sc.—^liar's Bee-LP. a for Deafness is still the only remedy of any re» worth. Its power of clearing the ear passages an. of tea 1 elieving eld cases has been proved awing »• quarter of acentary. Applied on eottoa wooL Bettlr Is. lid. Sold everywhere. A Delightful Flavour.—ffracroft't Areea Nut Toe f paite —By neing this delicious Aromatic Dentiflrici- the "Mmel of the teeth becomes white sound anc poiiehfed like ivory. It in exceedingly fragrant anr eo-xially used for removing incrustation of tartar oi neglected teeth- Sold by all chemists. Pots, lB. ai* 2s. each. Get Craoroft s. Liter Complaint.—Three fourths of our functions, derangement's are caused by interruptions oi ti. liver's action. A few doses King's Dandelion K; Quinine Pills," without mercury, are a potent rem. They perform all the benefits of mercury without j-u •1 its disadvantages and dangers. Dr King's i i> r move all liver and stomach complaints, biliousut?* headaches, sickness, shoulder pains, heartbarn, inrti estion, constipation, so ensuring perfect health These old fashioned Pills still keep aheaa ef all «the- .11 < the great liver remedy- Bom eveij wuoio. I l. King's Liver Pills, containing dandelion auc t ..if.. without mercury, are far above all other » a • rest, miliwl means of removing mdi^eEtioL u -ues'9, headache, dyspepsia, obstructions ant -<t.l>4i itiea of the liver and stomach, so ensure health. Dr King's Pills are sold everj To Stop Coughing, a few doses of Pepper's Whit, »'onyh Mixture arrests the most tronblesome fit lo coaching, restoring relief and tranquillity to tk, ,rritated membranes and air passages. Soothinp -utii'orting and^demnlcent, its action is quite differ en frt-m rrbinary Congh Remedies. Bottles. Sold every For gargling the throat and mouth use Pepper'i i o.iiig Throat Gargle. An application of pea service for sore threat, whether iuflammation, relaxet or ulcerated. Taning Gargle is strongly recomraendec to speakers, singers, &c., as greatly preservative anc uatniiiiflg. It is also a purifier as a month wash teing singnlavly agreeable, astringent and cleansing Bottles. Sold everywhere. Sulpholin* 8oap it a Soap containing Sulpholine.- It is a delicately refined, chemically pare Soap, intended for genoral use, and is free from the injurious acrid oils, peculiar to common, impsrfectly prepared soaps. Selpholine Ssap is excellent for washing at all times, and rendering the akin- soft, clear, and pliable. Tablets, 6d each; Sold everywhere. To ensure a dear shin.—-Sulpholine Lotion cleans e,ff all impurities in a few days. Spots, Blemishes, Irritating Objectionable Appearanoes, Reaaess, Roughoess, Tan, Uncomfortable Skin Disfigurements 4c., however obstinate, entirely fade away, leaving the skin smooth, transparent, supple, natural and healthy. Perfectly harmless. Salnholine is delight- fully fragrant, cooling and refreshing: counteracts the effects of weather, softens ..11 preserves. Bottles 2S. 9d Seld everywhere. Corns, Bunions, and Enlarged Toe Joints.—Dollar's Corn and Bonion Piasters are the only remedy. They differ from all^plasters, shields or compositions ever invented. By instantly softening the cations Bar. rounding the pain goes at once, the corn soen follow- ing. Bunions ahd enlarged toe joints require moze timtt fox peifeet euro, but the aotion is certain. Boxes Sold by Chemists, Ac., everywhere. WORK! WORK! WORK! Very little work yen can do white your blood is impure, for disease in some form or other is gain- ing a firmer hold on your constitution daily. Purify your blood without delay by using HUSHES' Bl/OOD PILLS," whioh far surpass all otner reme* [ dies for the blood- Price Is. lid., 2B. 9d.t and 4e, fd., of all medicine vendors. N.BERRY & CO'S. Great Winter Clearance Sale, NOW PROCEEDING AT 1 34, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. Special Attention Is drawn to the fact that N.B. & Co. have only two Clearance Sales during 'the year, and that it would be impossible for them to offer such Substantial Bargains if they fol- lowed the general custom of having several sales during the year. -1 Country Buyers Will find this an excellent opportunity for purchasirg their requirements with satisfac- tion and profit to themselves, as the whole o N. Berry and Co.'s ENORMOUS STOCK has been Fpeciallj marked down at from 15 to 25 per cent. olf their usual lew pricep, and consists of grand assortment of Dining Room Suites In Leather, Velvet, Saddlebags, &c. Drawing-room Suites, in pine, pitch pine, walnut, ash, and satin walnut, Chest of Drawers, Duebesse Tables, Wash Stands, Cheffioniere, Sideboards, Cabinets, Wbatnotj6 Canterburys, Loo Tabte", Writing Desks* Music Stools, Ovfrma titles, Pier and Toilet Glasses, Bedsteads, Carpets, Linoleums, Oil Cloth, Hearth Rugs, Fenders, Fire Brasses, Fire Dogs, Saucepans, Kettles, and General Ironmorgery, lilectro Plate, aDd Cutlery. Intending purchasers may rely upon find- ing exet llent Bargains in each departmental N. BERRY & COMPANY HAVE THE REFUTATION OF GIVING THE BEST VALUE OF ANY FUR- MSHING HOUfE IN CARDIFF. Visitors to Cardiff SHCULD NOT FAIL TO SEE N. BERRY and Co.'s GRAND G DISPLAY Of Class,; Cfeiia, and Fintuinrt, Now being shown in their windows at ( 34, QUEEN STREET, O -A. 23. D X IP Consisting of Several Tons of Mejolica Vases, beautifully decorated in a great variety of Designs, China and Earthenware Tea Sets, Bread Trays, Dinner Pets, Toilet Ware, and a grand collection of other useful articles, all marked in plain figures, sets of Jugs, large size from 9|d., sets of Jugp, small size, from 6 £ d., Thousands of Beautiful Mar jolica Vases, 4jd each, usual price, Is. Largest & Cheapest HIS T O C K EVER1 RECEIVED FROM THE. I Staffordshire potteries I f ALLLGCCDS PACKED FREF, AND.SENT 16 CARRIAGE PAID „ fio&• [DURING AEQVE SALE. mi — TERMS— Lowest, Possible. Prices for Ready Money Only. N. BERRY & CO., 34, Queen Street, Cardiflj