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a fl T L I U K r t r k, 't" Though you:- Vt Rub! Rub! Rub! And you:- I ¡. Scrub Scrub! Scrub You'll find that .T.L"'d i, If. It's not in your power Cd In the old-fashioned way I, To do in a day r Hudson's W*ll do 'n an hour! "tA t 00 U U, Vi E: J. Soap in fto HUDSON'S SOAP is excellent for washing Flannels and Woollen Underclothing, as well as Linen, Shirts, Collars, Sheets, Table Cloths. &c. HUDSON S SOAP is Sold Everywhere, in 1 lb. | lb., & J lb. packets. For Family use, in parcels containing six or twelve packets; also in 14 lb. & 23 lb. boxes. -A- ZPOTTItTID A. PACKET- T • l v ,]. — *-7^ ■>=* i- ..a- 'Ii_J ,SJkx AT ISAAC PROTHERO, Pontypridd and Treforest, IS AT PR6.SENI OFrERJ\G i EXTRAORDINARY GOOD VALUE L Jn Flour, Potatoes, Bacon, Cheese, Tea, Patent Medicines, and Toilet Requisites. 1 i L Do uot fail to Sije the quality ofbis good?, and the price at which be sells them, before you go elsewhere, li is a fact that you will be quite ASTONISHED at the MARVEL- LOUSLY LOW PRICES be quotes especially when you take into consideration the StTPEEIOR QUALITY of the goods offered. FLOUR- Of good colour and quality, makes a fmt-rate loaf, 2s per score. FINES, a splendid qualty 2s 2d per score. POTATOES- Best magnnms 24 lbs for Is. SUGAR- Brigbt Crystals, 2d per lb. Light Brown Udperlb. TEA- KAEVHiSOUS VALUE. Bid per quarter lb. A fine, rich, strong Coogcu, rotbing in 2 Z5 tuwn to m tcli it, 4|d quarter lb. COFFEE- Fiae French, in tins. only 10 per Jb. OHEESE- FiDe American only 6d per IK BACON- FINEST FRESE: Mild Cured, 6d per lb. Shoulders, JOB LOT, 31d per lb. Ali other Goods EQUALLY CHEAP, Genuine I 'atent Medicines in Great Variety at Manufacturer's Prices. | ■ I A SPLENDID SHOW OF <' .F:' CONFECTIONERY, CHOCOLATE, BISCUITS, AND FANCY GOODS, :'> ,4'jf, Uf. COOMB FCSV si: .(:. ¡" — CONFECTIONER, '?" t k .■• c Market street, Pontypridd. > i i, TRY OUR CAKE, IT IS THE BEST AND CHEAPEST. ■; >• /j J FOR YOU Ft 'I '}. CAKE AND MINCE PIES GO TO HOPKIN MORGAN, Baker & Confectioner, 74 J Taflf Street, and 5, High Street, PONTYPRIDD.! NEW MUSIC SHOP IN PONTYPRIDD New Hire System for Pianos, FROM 10s. MONTHLY, THOMPSON & SHACKELL, r LIMITED, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF, J &c., &o., &c. '1 New Hire System for American Organs FROM 10s. MONTHLY, THOMPSON & SHACKELL* LIMITED. New Hire System for HARMONIUMS, FROM 10s. MONTHLY, THOMPSON & SHACKELIv ¡ t,"1\. LIMITED. Largest and Best Stock out of London to select from. New Catalogue, with Photographs and hill particulars, sent post free on application to- THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, LIMITED, =*S, TAFF ST., N. H. List of Bargains for Cish just published. Tuning Orders attended to. H LKSVBK Sit?SRT^V?J^A^"?^Lr8Hl 0NE B0X 0F CLARKE'S B 4lPILLS~iT^r- m « AGT^jranted to cure all d.achargea from the Urmary Be=t English Levar w'atr.? S' clleaPe8t "ud OrRaua. in either aex (acquired or constitutional), n V* o>TdS- ^^vel and Paina in the Back. Guaranteed free from Watch Jewelled u T Lever Mercory. Sold in Boxes 4s. 6d. each, by all Chemists 1UW, SI n rp0lM;W1it Chronometer and Parent Medicine Vendors; or sent for Tixtv Oimp Proof. All the Material stamps by the makers, The Lincoln and Midland T^SSuHSSSi Tnsf/r n .« Coon ties. Drag Co.. Lincoln. Wholesale B^layl casesi 415. (Cl«b and Ublr^us SSffPi tl'u™ F*rrw«doa 8t- and ftl1 Wholesale Honsea. tothe Printed by Daviea Brother!, 23,24, and 25, Mill Street, Liverpool.. Street, Pontypridd, in the County of Glamorgan. on Friday, March 8,1889.