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93, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. I JOHN EVANS & COMPANY, RESPECTFULLY BEG TO INFORM YOU THA.T THEIR !r"i!t'T't M 'Tr* WIxsTTIEIR SALE Is now proceeding. Owing to the mildness of the season our Stock is unusually heavy, and in order to reduce it previous to Stocktaking, we shall offer several lines below cost. MANTLE DEPARTMENT this Department we bold a very heavy Stock, and. being pressed for room, we purpose offering in some instances at less than half cost. furs _a_ ;n~ id fur t ir, i im: _m_ i isr g-s. AT CLEARING PRICES. MILLINERY AT HALF PRICE. FEW PAIns BONNETS AND HATS AT LESS THAN HALF CusT. D 1U S8 AND HEAVY DEPARTMENT. About o,C00 yards from 22d. up. Special Value in French Merinos and Cashmeres. Blankets, Quilts, Flannels, Table Linens, &c., &c., at lowes: possible prices. 170 PAIRS CURTAINS COMMENCING AT Is 6±d. CHILDREN'S PELISSES AND UNDERCLOTHING REDUCED. FANCY DEPARTMENT. — Gloves, Ribbons, Umbrellas, Laces, &c., &c., will be offered at a great redaction. Best Value in Hosiery, Shirts, Ties, &c. Oilcloths, Linoleums & Carpets. All parcels to be paid for before or on Delivery. WE INVITE AN EARLY INSPECTION. Mud, Snow, and Rain. To render your Feet impermeable to the above, wear R. I- Ewl BOOTS V J C Sole Agent for Pontypridd and the Rhondda for the Celebrated "K," "Euknemida," and "Thistle" Walking and Shooting Boots. Each Pair warranted Waterproof. A Large Stcck of Boots, Shoes, Slippers and Leggings now on view, thorougbly reliable, at strictly Moderate Prices. í A nice variety of Ladies' and Gents' Dress Goods. K. Lewis for Good Boots, Pontypridd. Porth. Tonypandy. Treherbert. Llwynypia. J ThelBest and Cheapest Shop for Groceries and Provisions IS THE Town Supply Stores, FRESH SUPPLY of Carmarthen Butter Vle-ry week also nice selection of Caerphilly Cheese; Heme cured & Wiltshire Bacon always in stock mild and lean Hams, arge stock of Tin Goods, Jams, Marmalade, Preserves, and Fickles at the very lowest prices; sylendid Flour, at 2s., 2s. 2d., very best 2s. 4d. Teas at Is. 4d., Is. 6d., and 2s Agent for the Pure Ceylon Tea Co., London One Trial secures your regular custom. THE TOWN SUPPLY STORES, 76, Taf-street, Pontypridd, T. W JONES, Proprietor 1 "¡;7" SILOAM GYFEILLON. CYNELIR EISTEDDFOD YN Y CAPEL UCHOD DYDD GWENER GROGLITH, 1889. LLYWYDD- COUNCILLOR WALTER H. MORGAN. PRIF DDARN— I'r Cor, heb fod dan 30 o nifer, a gttono yn oreu yr Anthem, "Dyddiau Dyn sydd fel Glaswelltyn," (iwobr S-5, a Bcttn hardd i'r Arweinydd Buidngol. Yn yr Lwyr bydd pedfonniMl o'r Cantata, Charles olr Bala,), 0 dan Lywyddic etb y Parch. Hagh P. Jonw, Portli j HOUSE TO LET, in Excellent Condition. Newly-Papered Rent, 25/-per four weeks clear. Possession may be had in three weeks — Roki), W. EVANS & SON, TAILORS, SON is now oomplete. We DaveDecial offmi- j. LADIES- RID&G H/BTT ^ICKBTS ° also to RIDING BREECHES, and LIVERIES. SPECIAMTV. — The new Cashmere and PLAIN EVENING DRESS SUITS, from £ 3 3a &m Note the Address— 29, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. — — CADBURY'S COCOA is absolutely cure T> • all the essential of a perfect diet, fs fr'ee from added (matter, and as a soothing, strength-sustahK D iverage, is unequalled. staining During the next few weeks there will be an™. SPECIAL BARGAINS in BOOTS, suitaMeTor the coming season, at G. OLIVER, the Great IW man, 85, Taff-street Pontypridd. 0t I TRAPNELL & CANE, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, 35 & 38, Queen-street, CARDIFF, Rold immense Stocks of every requisite for completely furnishing, at a short notice, houses of any size. TRAPNELL AND GAM FOR BE DST E ADS, Over 50 designs in all sizes to select from. The Invincible Bedsteads, full size with two brass rails, gold ornamentation, 12s 6d; and the "Challenge, a massive bedstead, )at 23s 6d., are made specially for us, and canrot be obtained elsewhere-Best value in Cardiff. TRAPNELL AND 6ANE, FOR BEDDING A large stock in special department of guaranteed purity, Full Size Wool Bed, Bolster, and two Pillows, 8s 6d. Full size Spring Miitresaes, 17s 6d each. Full size Feather Bed, 32s 6d. TRAPNELL & GAffE. FOR DINING AND DRAWING-ROOM SUITES A larger selection than any other firm, at prices ranging from Y,3 15s Od., to 40 guineas. laarxlxu,L AX-gl %4X.I2 FOR BEDROOM SUITES, FENDERS, FIREIRONS, LINOLEUM, FLOORCLOTH, CARPETS, RUGS, CURTAINS, and every requisite for furnishing. All goods marked in Plain Figures, so that purchasers may compare our prices with other firms. See advt. on Front Page of this Paper. TRAPNELL AND CANE, The Noted House Furnishers, 35 & 38, Queen Street, CARDIFF. And at Bristol.] [Established 70 years. A Book for Every Ratepayer. The New Lccal Government Act, GENERALLY KNOWN AS THE County Government Act In clear and concise language, and convenient form, I Price 3d, or free by Post, Bid -0- W, H. KEY, STATIONER, &c., 89 and 90, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. — EIGHT REASONS WHY — :K: FP. Y-' s PECTORAL j BALSAM Has a larger sale than any other similar preparation. "D Tp O A TT Q T? has the extraordinary pro- DliV;aUOili perty of curing Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Hoarse- ness, Difficulty of Breath. ing, and all Diseases of the Chest and Lungs, BECAUSE instantaueons relief; one bottle invariably cures, K H f! A TTST? rt °Perates by dissolving the JDHjVjA U 0 £ j Congealed Phlegm, c?nse- quently caneiug free expec- toration, and promotes the beRltby secretion of the lining membrane of the Throat and Lungs, thereby removing entirely the most severe occasional Coughs, and giving relief in perma. °eQt Asthmatic Affections. K L (I A TTQ7? ^18 PrePared from the recipe -L'-Li ^U O-LJ of a high medical authority on diseases of the Chest ana ljungs. XJXj' fj A TTQT? I' does not contain any inju- U OlJ rious ingredients, and may be safely taken by persons of all ages. K]? P A TTQF has been a boon and a J-J blessing to thousands when other remedies have failed. A TTQI? ia ew^ at a popular price, -D-E^ vA U Ulli thus bringing it within the reach of all. BECAUSE Unh"q7air imil"ti0" b0t BE SURE TOO OBTAIN Key's Pectoral Balsam, And do not be persuaded to try any similar pre. paration. Large Bottles at 7id and Is each. PREPARED ONLY BY PREPARED ONLY BY W. H. /o\KBY, CHEMIST W|H. jAKB DBmST, 89 4 9J. Tatt Street PONTYPBIDD. SPECIAL NOTICE. COMING OF AGE OF MR E, LI. THOMAS. HEATH, CARDIFF. rr HE DIRECTORS of the PONTYPRIDD 1 GAS COMPANY are desirous of drawing the attention of CONSUMERS who might wish to FIX DEVICES for ILLUMINATING PUR- POSES on the above occasion (Several Orders have been received for large devices), that ORDERS for SUPPLYING or only FIXING same should be GIVEN IMMEDIATELY to the Company's Superintendent, or otherwise the Company will not be responsible for the erection of the same. As in every case the gas so consumed will have to be taken direct from the Street Mains, the Directors have resolved to supply the same at a nominal sum, such sum to be determined by the Superintendent at the time of application or erection thereof. By Order, HENRY LL. GROVER, SECTETARY. PONTYPRIDD & RHONDDA VALLEYS DOG & POULTRY SHOW President-His Hon. Judge Gwilym Williams THE SECOND Annual Exhibition Of Dogs and Poultry WILL BE HELD AT THE TO"WisT HALL AND Market Hall, Pontypridd, On TliU USD AY, FEBRUARY li, 1889. Thirty-two Classes for Dogs and Thirty-six Classes for Poultry. Admission—10.30 to 1, 2/6 1 to 6, II-; 6 to 9, 6d. FIRBA NK K.X^ra-,1 Contractor, Undertaker, and Timber Merchant, BEGS to inform the Public that he has a good -D Assortment of COFFIN BOARDS AND BUILDING REQUISITES kept in Stock. Jobbing Work punctually attended to. ADDREss- UNION-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. ASSEMBLY-ROOMS, BRIDGE INN HOTEL, PONTYPRIDD. VERY IMPORTANT SALE OF PRIZE AND PRIZE-BRED GAME FOWLS. MESSRS John Thomas and Morgan have been j favoured with instructions from Mr A. H. Sims to Sell by Auction, on Thursday, February 14, 1889 (Pontypridd Show Day), about 30 of his CELEBRATED GAME FOWLS. Catalogues ready shortly. GLAMORGAN COUNTY COUNCIL. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE YNYSHIR ELECTORAL DIVISION, COMPRISING BLAENLLECHAU, TYLORSTOWN, YNYSHIR, & TROEDYRHIW. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, L Allow me thank you sincerely for returning me unopposed as your representative on the the Council. In return I promise faithfully to exert myself to serve you to the best of my ability and jungment. I remain, Yours respectfully, W. H. MATHIAS. Green Meadow, Ynyshir. Green Meadow, GOUNTY COUNCjL ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE CAERPHILLY DIVISION. T ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, 1 I In compliance with the pressing and earnest wishes of several deputations of the Electors from several districts of the division, I beg to place my services at your disposal to fill the vacant seat on the County Council. If elected, your interests shall have my constant care to the best of my ability. Yours obediently, HENRY ANTHONY. Bryn Cenydd, February 3rd, 1889. Llantwit Fardre School BJlrd Election. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE PARISH OF LLANTWIT FARDRE. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I beg to offer myself as a candidate for a seat on the Llantwitfardre School Board, and assure you that, if you return me, I will do all I can to serve your interests faithfully and economi- cally. Your obedient servant, THOMAS LEWIS. Tea Exchange, Llantwit Fardre, February 6th, 1889. To the Ratepayers of Llanwonno Parish. TRIENNIAL ELECTION OF THE SCHOOL BOARD, 1889. T ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Li The triennial election of the above Board is rapidly approaching, and I beg to offer myself to your consideration for the honour of re-elec- tion. I have served you, as member of the outgoing Board, for the past three years, and I confidently trust that the manner in which I have endeav- oured faithfully to discharge my duties towards you in that capacity during that period has met with your most unqualified approval. Let my conduct in the past assure you of my intentions for the future in your behalf, and trusting to be favoured with your continued con- fidence, I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, HENRY ABRAHAM. Britannia, I February 7th, 1889. LLANWONNO SCHOOL BOARD. TRIENNIAL ELECTION, 1889. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE ABOVE PARISH. T ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, J The period for which you did me the honour of electing me three years ago as member of Llan- won no School Board is now about to expire, and I come to you for a renewal of that confidence which you then so substantially reposed in me. During the time which I have represented you, I have at all times endeavoured to discharge the varied obligations wiiich devolved upon me, in conjunction with my brother members, with efficiency and economy, and I venture to hope that our efforts in that respect have not been un- productive of success, as the triennial report of the board, just published, so clearly testifies. I have paid special attention to the building work in connection with the Board, and my life- long experience as mason and builder has quali- fied me to be of some service to you in this im- portant feature of the Board's work. My conduct as member will bear the strictest investigation, and if again elected the same fidelity to your general interests as in the past will regu- late my conduct in the future. ° Again asking for a renewal of your confidence at the approaching election, I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, tt f WILLIAM WHITE PHILLIPS, iiafod, » February 6th, 1889. LLANWONNO SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE ABOV15 PARISH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, L I am a candidate for a seat on the Llan- wonno School Board. Being well known to you all, and also a large ratepayer in the parish, I need not herein state my views, but if elected I shall apply the same principles, in the adminis- tration of school board matters, as I have always done in connection with my business during the whole of my career, that of efficiency coupled with economy. I am, Ladies ancf Gentlemen, Your obedient servant. „ EVAN GRIFFITHS. JtJrynteg, Pontypridd, February 6th, 1889. Llanwonno School Board Election, TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE PARISH OF LLANWONNO. I" ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, L I beg to offer myself as candidate for a seat on the Llanwonno School Board, and trust that my iong residence in your midst, extending over a period of 3o years, has given you ample appor- tunity to enable you to judge whether I am capable of watching your interests, and, if elected, serving you faithfully. While anxious to combine economy with efficiency, I have no desire to introduce revolution- ary projects, but feel strongly on one point, viz the importance of Bible reading in the schools. I Yours obediently, „ ,JJ3 JAMES COOMBES. Pontypridd, February 6th, 1889. LLANWONNO SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION. TO THE RATEPAYERS. LADIES AND GENTEMEN, lJ We, the undersigned, on behalf of the Work- men's Committee of the National Colliery, Wattstown, most heartily recommend the REV. MORGAN" HUMPHREY JONES to the notice of the sons of toil in the whole parish as a candidate for the School 13oard. THOMAS DAVIES, Chairman. DAVID SHELBY GEORGE, Sec EVAN THOMAS, THOMAS JENKINS Members FRED. MARSHMAN,' i„ of REES DAVIE S Committee Llanwonno School Board Election. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF LLAN- WONNO PARISH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I venture to appeal to you for support at the rorthcommg School Board election, feeling sure that many years' practical acquaintance with school work is a sufficient apology for my offering you my services. 3 If elected, no effort on my part will ,be wanting to secure the efficiency of the schools, and the comfort of the scholars, and I shall endeavour to have this done with the least possible expenditure of the public money. e Lady members now sit on some of the largest boards in the kingdom, and I trust that the first >Veifh .w.ho aspires for School Board honours in this district will be returned triumphantly. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, 28, Mill Street, ELIZABETH A. SPENCE. Pontypridd, February 7th, 1889. Llanwonno School Board Election. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF LLAN- WONNO PARISH. T ADIES AND GENTLEMEN Jj Having served you for twelve years as mem- ber of the above Board, I beg to offer myself for re-election. If you do me the honour of returning me, I will serve you faithfully and honestly. ° I beg to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, t* » IDRIS WILLIAMS. Bryngl&4, Porth, February 5th, 1889. WANTED, LADIES WHO CAN KNIT, DO EMBROIDERY, CREWELS, Ac., to'send tneir Name and Address to the Providence MUls Spinning Co., Bradford, when they will receive WOOLS & KTTK'q" SPlendid- a,et of patterns of WOOLS$bILKS, and particulars showing the „j*Vln?v 4in the Shilling, in some cases more) by deaJmg Direct with the Spinners.—Mention this raper.