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# i^iroiioxs's larrAWT Brytbyfryd, Abetavon, Glam., Jan. 81, 1887. DUB SIR, Three years a > o nc- of my little buysj wb<> had been consuls-d for ubont seven we^frp, wax twice given up by the doctor attending, w en, f :I last resomee, I telograpl ed for a ""PjJ', t _<.«mi Powders. The effect of ytving him o"e- Tv-,s marvellous, n less than twelve hours h « < from fits, and has never had one since. 1 nf;C1"¡ ten you I always keep a stock in baiiii, I 11'10 feel obliged by your sending we another :iCKft -stamps enclosed. "Vonra faithf illy, K. W. I I.V.Y.- Mr B A George, kc. OPTICUS OF TEE Pi IU BABIK8 IN HEKEFOBI'SUIKK. — T}i. t Genera!, in hi« recently iw-ued -'Quar M P refers to the fact that the i limber f <*>.■?%•i1 facts has teen far 1..88 in Herefordshire thurs i. any otherconnty, beiri.; oIly tj5 out of e-1 ry 1,000 births legis-tw ed, while in oti,er countit« it 141, from 154 to 180 per thousand. LMs g.eat ioow £1,000 3E&E21V^.XEX» ,1 Will be pa id to any person that will prove the aboye powders 1- contain A Thousandth Part of a Grain of Opium iji a Ton of them. T The Propri» to" ^anranteeB them perfectlyharmbss to the youngest babe, and that they are more active than any in the market, crie. fair and utip- trial will convince the most sceptical. K^pd the remarkable and interesting testimonials around each packet. r Fits, Convul (tflamrnation, Looseness of 'the Bowels "constant Vomittinsj, Bronchifis, S null Pox, Scarlatina, Measles, Fevers, m d all the roaii! .> i.ile Teething, they will be found invaluable if given according to the special directions around each Packet. ,a- PROPRIETOR & INVENTOR— jo 3, J3L. GEOHGE, 0 -armr** fit', .1/rlt *>nitetni$ai Manutacturing- and uispensing Chemist, PJvNl RE and TON, Rhondda Valley. blessing is largely due to the genfljj|J custom of ) Herefordshire mothers giving their 4iifants "George's Infants; powders," or "Earopa Life Preservers," of which one chemist alone in, Here- fordshire (Mr P. Ralph) sells.more than all ottei babies' preparations" put together. Herefori Journal. "<. MR B.GKORGE'SMEDICAL PREPARATIONS.— With al) the advantages of wide publicity, articles in them. selves worthless can have no enduring hold on the public; but if they be of value, then it onh requires to inake them known in order to create and maintain for them the advantages of public demand. This had been the case pre-eminenth with Mr George's ■Medical Prepariitions-notablj his Europa's Infant Powders, which have found their way throughout the United Kingdom, thf English Colonies, and the United States, and art appreciated by all heads of families whoadministei them to tlheir little ones. Mr George, having found a remedy for the many ailments incidental to infante, deserves the acknowledgement of the public for his enterprise in making his preparatioDl known, and we are glad to hear that in addition tr the gratification he must feel by the many testi mooials he receives of the efficacy of his Infants Powders and Cough Balsam, his commercial rf ward is secured,-Merthyr Teleoraph, May 11,188? CORKS CORNH' I MUNID.AYSI "L 0 V I R'l D I N t. (Registered Trade Mark, No. 36996.) A Certain Cure for Corns. PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. CORNS I This InfAllibleremedy introduced by J MUNDAY had obtained ft world-wide reputation. The efficacy of VIRIDlN^ QORPAS xnay be judged by its having Cured Coras of Qver 50 years standing, which had resis- /^ORNS ted' all other remedies. ancceeds where all Plasters and ■r-xz-xD^TQ Caustics have failed QORNS! IN REMOV1NG BOTH HARD OR SOFT CO E NT S AN D W A U TS. rjORNSI 7 KS'I'fM XVfA'L'ff. From Mr. tlOi'KIV LIOL'^INrs, Gors- CORNS I ciuon. uear Swansea. DEAR Sxh,—I heartily congratulate you /0RN9! for your trd&t-uem for corns. I'ho bottlu V- of Viriditie you sent me S'')!B' ciioc usl0 IOOANS I has proved almost ruir<icalou3 to the "orna I had, on my feet. It is exactly the reme-ly CORNS what yon recommend it to be, ^.tdlhopo it will become more kao.vn in tiic L'liuci- /rvwKjca pality, for there are, no doubt, hundreds of 0 persoas that wculd be glad to kuow of its dffcctS* ^JORNS! From Mdlle. MARIE MU-LIifiR, Amsterdam, -Holland. rjORNS MR MUNDAY, DEAR 5IK,—I bought a bottle of your CORNS Igeuuilte Viridiue' some six months a-io in Paris which cared me,&nd as I am H. priuci- /^ORNS !pal dancer,yoa know my feefare rhy tivms. The bottle I boaght did the ssrvico yun CORNS treeotumeuded it, bat I bo'i«ht another ouo A L afterwards, which was forn&d-MvX -to wood. mpWfliAsI want a bottle of genuine forn triosid of \j mine, who is iiea £ rly mad vvith pain, willyoii ».. please aeud maone direct.— Q 5RJNS !• :vl<t,;e. M \KIE MLLGR. CAUTION.—Ae mere are severx.! inu- CORN tatiuijs of tliis pre^ai: ^vi <>i, ;:i ■ RC^IITISTTID tct A5K I. OR 4 £ J0RNS! & C NT 'J V )# /^ORNS AndSRETHATMV SIOJ*AXI;k<: ti thiiaii«) eac^1 pack *e. /^ORNS Ry >i'deriu» 'Corn f v.i HI, ivg f>.ie *of ♦•%»- ww «■ naUaA -i- ai NR ed'ut,' which unly t-iv^ ^>c i Ill" V ott w wortiiiess imitation tJl • V IN HQr-r LIi.;1,PRI:\E: fs.; 21. 7 PHP;PARKD O.NM.Y «T 31 u N '» V ,Y c ti s M i S r. 1, H I G H S T R B a T, O v v v. S<f'd uj 1 tll £ *'l '1' 1 I MEDICAL A DVI I 1 (Beautifully Illuif I Post Free <o t'i St:e> < t < t C'ui-Il, (liil'ler C-jO'is i. '■ Prom J. WTLM\MS, MKorcvr, .'r I 22"M.lRISCfB.L S r" dB U> THE PijCKST MED1J, j '1 Fox the Self-tteatineot of Se>r. i. jr 1 tional AithnefUs,iiiii^edh\f Oner » \m4 4 ^Excesses, and other epei-oatiiu. •« theii- Associated. Etilq.' BY THF A boon to all dC3Ùll!" course to physic or tlrj F4. a- Review. A country parson .vrit ;-> ,i has cured myself and ifoju iy ,> 4 j < £ Safgaiienj jdi i >. t > on various Ailments, ail feee and objectionable ml Vide— Mel A >[• »N t 20 Ptflft » 10 a -%I ORoSii 0AB1- E I'<1a i t SELLING OFF! S JOH^ CROJKGiT\fc U pholste..er,. &c., • S JoaN CROCKNRT & Jo ar- i tli,ti Furniture, Irjn BjJxr.euls, A1 r,res-f and Tables; Watcn -s, Clock Guards, viold tif'joch Pivi JOHN CROCK-ITT & Co. f). a 5.1,>, 1)1f how ohe-iply you o>m oay < I i1 eveiybody koewa trti If the y b Watches cl"au^d an ( repaired md U done in t, -w n md co mtry. cks "¡"i repaired; tJndert^k in < it.. < Sbeltibter Coaches Hears" ¿" f. t CURE FI1 Wfcea J my cui-e I 4o not meun merely to sto, tfane and then have them return again. I mean a I have mads the disease of run, EPTLHWT o 1 8ICKNESS a life-long study. I warrant mr rei tke worst ea«es> Beeauac oth« have failed is D aot now receivtag a oare. Setid at oooe for a t Tree Bottle of mj infallible reiaedy. GiTe Ad. It eoata you totting for a trial, tad I will cure y Dk- H. 6- BOOT, (W Slam VMa ¥aniagdoa-x W. K. V ;tL VN' & C°> fgil DYEING A-'D SCOURING WORKS, LI.AN'DAKF !lOin, CARDIFF. J: tfraurk tablishments:—• 77, Cr-'okhrfrbt .wn.>*nti 218, Bute-st., Cardiff. ,i2i, Cuiu merci.i-~i i- et, and 83, High street, NT.- wp >rt. 27, Castif-j^rant, Swansea. i ut fjr the kmbd la Valley .— Mr J. H. TH< >MAS, Tailor & Draper, Han naii-atreet, Porth. Breath Freely Sleep Calmly!! Francis' Asthma Powder Has never failed. Gives inst-aafc relief in cases of BRONCHITIS ASTHMA, CATARRH, W ¡! 00 {"I Nt.} CÖÚG ft, &c. Sea Tbstim ^niitls from Professional Gentlemeti and Olbeis who have tested the Mai'vellaus Effect of tftij Powder. < S Sold by ali P itent Medicine Vaalora, in tins at 2,9, 4,6, & 11/ Wholesale from W. Sutton & Son, 10, Bowchurch Yard, London. Or to the Proprietor, GOAT STREET, HA.VERFORDWEST.t • ":JF n • Y .f | lAUiXAC. ajid^PodosjiyuivJi-A livei medicinf without mercury, is a mixture of juices of the jjsnndrake atd dandelion piuuts, ^ood ior heidaoh*, WriLoidit costiveness, f!%tn)encp. heartburn, iiidiges- Mon. bilionsnesis, rep to iood, general dis- -jovtifort, depresaion, Ac. Peppers I ^.rax&cTim Podo nhyllin, by stimulating the liver with a most Kentlt- vH't) OD the stomach, is the Hateat, most rttliabu iM idicine. Bottles, 2s. 6d. Sold everywliore. iusi»< au havinc Pepper's. # To r)ARIIILI,.q Gjtvy HAm-Locryva'a SNF.RAU. B.m> Hkhtokbii produces a fforiuC'.iy u»iural_ ibi'd.i in few days- har test,,ror Li.ckyer s Suiphur for ito bo.»i a > -jic'tu- n aittiiu on tS'-e hair, ean«inc it «'•<•<• to K- ,w- '• K oottles, 1E. tid. Sola every wuort. DFAPNKSS, NotSBS IN THF, EAKH, ,\i¡;l)¡"l..Jü' Ssskncr FOh DBAFNKSO is still we only reursdy ú *uy real worth. Its power of clearing the ea: jH-:pat;es and often reiievinp. old cases has been provef J'sriLi^r a quarter of a centnrv. Applied on fvttoi ,voal. Bottles, Is. lid- Sold every where A. Dsmobtfi-l FLAVOUR.—CRACROFT's Arf.CA-Nu L'OOTH P AHTE.-By using this delicious Aroinati i).mti frice, the enamel of tbh teeth becomes whit, ",and, and polifhed like ivory. It is exceeding r £ vr»nt, jr d specially nsed for removing incrusM ioni) M, tartar on neglected teteth. Sold by u; sts. Pots, Is. ard 2s. each. Get Cracroft's. Livaa Cc-WFUAiHT.—Three-founhs of our functionu i ;n:eniei5ts are caused by interruption of tb er's action. A few doe,,s of RING' DANI)SLIOIA AN. :-n; LIVER PILLS, withont merenry, are a poter iy. 1 bey perform all the benefits of mercurj f'noat' any oft its disadvantages and danger }" Y' I^'R Pills remove all liver and stomach cotr «ms, biliousness, headache, sickness, should; us, t-.eartburn. indigestion, con&tipation, so eneH n irfect health. These old-fashioned Pills, stir H-liead of all others as the great liver reméc1, -erywhere itno's LLVBR P-li ■ ■■>, without, mercury, are far above all othei -rarest, mildest mains of removing indige iun ■ess, headache, dyspepsia, obstructions a.:¡ 11 ities of the liver and stomaeh, so onBurin health. Dr. King's PiHs are sold ever op CotroHiNa, a few doses of PWm-i Wro IrxTURE arrests the most troubleso me fit 4, restoring relief and tranqnillity to ti. membranes and oir.;pasBages. SoJthin,. •jp, and demulcent. its action is quite dilfe ordinary Cough Remedies. Bottles. So: ere. F ABOLCTO THB THKOAT AD MOUTH, US 3 TANttX THROAT GAaeui.—An application ( rvice for sore throat, whether iniiammator; or alcerated.- Tannin Gargle is alrurgly r ded to speakers, singers, Jko. as greatly pn a and sustaining. It is also a valuu.4> Its a lliOutl1 wasTi, bai ufj singularly agrceabl. ..t, and cleansing. Bottles. Sold eiel:) olinb SOAP is A TOILHT SOAP CONTAINIK r LINE.—It is a delicately refined, chemical] ap, intended for general use, and is free'frcn .nous acrid oils peculiar to common, imper ■repared soaps. Sulpholine Soap is excelien thing at all times and rendering the skin sof and pliable. Tablets, 6d. each. Sold eveIJ, To~E^» «Cl.« Sra-Sulpholine Lotien ole, of all im perfections in a few days. Spots, Bl«mtt»i I*iUating Objectionable Appearancea "*r,* bSB- Bottlei to. 9d. Bold everywhere. m Conns, BC*IO*S, A!*D B>UR8«D niiSs COM AKB BUHIO* PLASTSM if. Thev differ from all piasters, shields, .~j £ Hr,ars-o=^ CI a T, Di f'l A ffOHDZSFOL MEDlGiiU BLECHAM'S PILLS 0 C, H (*$/ /PATENT rl VS[ PILLS. I ——JSJ Are admitted by thonged to be worth a Guinea a box for billicus and nervous dis- orders, each M wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache,(fiddiness,fullness and swelling after meals, iineiness and drowtioeMk cold chills, Bushings of beat, loss of appetite, sbortues* of breath, costiveneet. scurvy ,blotcbes on the skifc, disturbed sleep, frightful dreamR, and all nervous and tremblings, sensations, Ae. The trat dote will flivfe re- goija twenty miautcs. This is no fcctlon, lor they bavo dene it ia thoneands et oases. Every sufierer ii earnestly invited to trt one box of these Piils, and they wiU be acknowledged *o be WORTS A GUINEA A BOX. For feesales of all aces these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses carry off all gross humours, open all obstructions, and bring abo4t ail that is required. go female should be without them. There is no medic#, to be foand to equal BEECHA&t'fl PILLS for n, Moving any obstruction or trregdfafity of the system. if taken according to the diren^oas otven with each bee they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and ^robust health. £ er a wbak stomach, impaired digestion, and all (ieetsders of the liver, they act like "kAGIC," and a. few doses will be found- to. work wonders upon the most important organ of the human machine. They strengthen the. whole ttseealar system, restore the long loajt offlnpieriee, tk«y bdac back the keen edge of appetiM, and TP—a ato action with the ■ ROSE- BUD of health tf* IWi jhysie^ energy of the human frame. TftM mm *9aGT3" admitted by thousands ombraft A oloom of society; and one »f the best gaaraatXss t» «e nerroas and debilitated is Reecha^s Ins (Ate hogest sale of any PILLS. As a remedy for CjwAs im general, Asthma, diffi- mlty of Breathing, PSbtpass of Breath, Tightness md Oppression in is Ofcieat, Wheesing, &c., these Pills are nnrlvsiOe#; MM aasr one labouhng under any if the above eomplalMt HH only try One Box to ve oom-pl is )rove that they are bett ever offered to the publio 'or Asthmatic and Gonenmptive Coughs, Hoarseness, »nd:Oppression Of the Chest. They speedily remove Lai sense of oppression jitnd difi&culty .of breathing vliich nightly deprive this patient of r«St> Thev give dmeet instant relief and eomfort to those afuicted with the above adetreMint and, when neglected, dan- gerous comptMntt. Let any person troubled with INY of the above oomplaints give BBECHAX'S CMSB PILLS a trial. JpgT The most violent Ooagh wUl is short tiiMMie emoved. V' CACTI on.—The public are lequesSlttta notioe that he words, "IBMBCILWB Pn-M. fit are on he Government Stamp affixed to tedl box Oi the Pill 8. If not they we forgery. •• Prepared only, and sold wholesale Md retaiJjKf ttbt •ropnetor, T. Baecham, Chemist 8SU^elen>, Lanoa' ihire, in boxes to. l|d. and ta. 9d- e^h. roe from the proetwor for t6,or 36 stan»»«.—Soldby Jl Druggists and nUat IfdBfiine Pwlin ia the Cingdom. > N .B —Full iU go- weglvwmtfosmhbow DR. RICHTER'S PAIN EXPELLER Tra^'e Mark 44COMET" lb the quickest A safest remedy RHEUMATISM, GOUT, LUMBAGO ST"^T Joints, —S jbURALGIA, Has br^-T^^K^Mk'SCIATICA, relief and ciin even^s^el rgs. SPRAINS, in eases of old standCn COLDS, A trial -will prove its unsu &C. IlIl &- :? of an Chemists, or Pot ipre- t/i 3' from Loudon Depot, 65, rcnrfiurch-St., E.C. 1MB Beware of Substitutes bearing a simaar Titie. lug CAN BE OBTAINED OF W. P. KEY, 89 and 90, Tag St, Pontypridd. ly CONSUMPTION AND ITS FINAL CURE. Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Copies have nov been issued of MR. G. T. CONGREVE'S Work on CONSUMPTION Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, ft othe; Chest Diseases, SIXPENCE (Post Free), from the Publisher, EUIDT BTOCK, 62, Paternoster Row. London, E.G. JUST PUBLISHED, the APPENDIX To the above Treatise, being a reprint of between Two and Three Hundred INTERESTING & AUTHENTIC CASES teleeted from those which have appeared in the Weekly Journals from 1861 to the-present time. NOTES are appended to many of these eases which prove the Cure to be II FINAL and PERMANENT." This Appendix tent P08T FREE on application to the Author only, COOMBE LODGE, PECKHAM, S. E. (Pontardawe) WORM LOZENGES VOI Muh thirty Tmm lUs kldb 11M1 I«MI> k» ait via ft* imM MMa Xh* AS >aoa W«k, ■ DcliesU CUldM (often |(wi mp m iMnwI k KH lUfie. 0«ttlnc lUWhk WoaaHif pull to takiaf > HI ■ Lomf«. <1m thia. ssto^aO, inilm.ti SUIA iinni •treat, h^Jthjr, ml wnlj, a> f*Ua, hilrt t€ Ib* mWy, othinwH— •Bif-I lm« Maat >wa»|wt Worm Luwaeas, la taj (utlly, ui tnd IkM a nry fiilr Md ifleMiNi nn n* MmidM, m< th^r hiimMi im H eMTMteat fans to • fi—t MeonuaaadBttaa tor flilMw ■ 'WilMMIMeS.HMKHllfci'J Sold ml 9td„ ttid.nd la. M. JW bam. H bmI OaM; H or Jar 14 tr M iKf ijtwi i. OA VIES, OHCMIST, 80, HMM Smff, SWANSEL ■ A List ot TtlawMi, Hy»n><«—, to a AnltoMia J I ■GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. A MARVELLOUS REMEDY. WHAT WILL IT DO? -I dt t. II It is more than Gold to me,—it silved my Life." WHAT WILL IT DO I WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DFK? WHAT WILL IT DOT WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WD AT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL ir DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT UO ? WHAT WILL IT DO I WHAT WILL XT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? VVH.XT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT no? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO?. WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO* WHAT WILL IT Do? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT POP WHAT WILL IT DO. WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? .WHAT WILL IT DO? :W,BAæ,;WILL IT DO? W £ AT WILL IT DOp .■ WFTAA^TTLII IT Do? WHM^FTLLL IT DO WHAT W5LL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? -AT WILL IT DO ? -WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT UO? WHAT WILL IT DOp WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO If you suffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, or betwaen the SAOOLDKRS, this remedy will effectually remove them. If you are troubled with IRIfITATION of the BLADDER, SPPPBKSMO* and RETENTION of the water, STONB or GRAVEL, the ONLY SAFE «KU> effectual Remedy EVER OFFKRED TO THE WORLD is GEORGE'S JVI and GRAVEL PILLS. If the water is HIGH COLOURED, THICK, and depositing muok SEDIMENT, lose no time, procure a box of GEORGE'S PILLS, and you will soon be RIGHT again. If your Kidneys and Liver are sluggish and out of order, this Remedy will gently sti Ulate these important organs, open up their CLOGGED PASSAGES, and promote the secretion of IieAltJty bile aual other vital Aula. If you are a martyr to Iltflig*e§tion, Bilioiisnea*. and Constipation, you have a. SURE Remedy ia GEORGE'S PILLS. y If yoa suffer from any Bowel disorder, such as Piles, Con* 8.tp.Uøn ".latalence,. Colic, Y0ft h1.ve hare a Remedy yon can always rely upon. If you suffer from Palpitation, and are afraid that your HEART is affected, yon will find these Pills an EFFICACIOUS REMEDY. If you suffer from Heartache and Giddiness, Gecrge't Pills will remove these PAINS soouei' than any other known medicine. If you have Pain ntlter Eatinsr, and feel Drowsy and Listless, one dose of George's Pills will act like a cnarm. If your Food tlirns !llitnu. and rises into the mouth, a faw doses of this Remedy will make your troubles a thing of the past. If you feel lervons, Excitable, and Low Spirited a perfect ANTIDOTE.will be found in George's Pills. 1, If you have a Disagreeable Taste in the mouth, a SINGLE DOSE of George's l'ife and Gravel Pills at bed-time will th6 tongue before the chwa of another day. *•. If *e<»p ails to.^ive you Stest.'Try George's Pills. Thtay wi 1 make your b.jd easy, sl -vip refreshing, aai RKVIVK your STRENGTH. If yoa f >«1 mflt I"M- Exertion, c*veaU, and Limp, tbis Remedy will RESTORE your ENERGY" and STRENGTH, and will make ahour and Exercise the ENJOYMENT of your life. If vou are troubled with *ansea a 1 Vo;t»Hin<r at the thor^bt of #>at,in$r, a box of George's Pills vill make your meat and drink Lett Sh,ox-,P.y and PLEASANT. If your Blood is impurt5, i; will keep open all, the importan onUets of the b-.dy, and thus s^ive f.- ie exit t nil ^Gaoss Hcrnooav and no mor.} itibod Icnpurities will be seen bursting through the Skin in Piaaples, Blotches, Mores, Boils. In thousands of case.: it has removed from the Blood, root and branch, Rheumatic, Scorbutic, Scrofulous Taints that had defied all other Remedies. If you have a tendency to Dropsical Swelling's, this Remedy, by its action upon the KIDNEYS and SKIN, will soon brino Relief. B If you have Difficulty of fireatlainz, this remedy will prove a friend to you in the boar of neHd, Itf will change yonr constant ailing to freedom froai pain. It will change the sallow complexion to the bloom of health. ¡}-i; It will change your sickliness to vigour; your languor to activity and your general debility to firmnes3 of sinew and muscle. It is Aperient, ar.d therefore will remove Consti> pation. Io is Antibilious, and will, therefore, correct all rregularities of the Liver, it it Diuretic, and will, therefore keep open the water passages. It is Tonic, aad wiil, therefore^ give tone and vigour to the DCGBSTIVS ORGANS. It is Blood. Purifying: and Serve-Streitff (.a^iliax it is, therefore ALL YOU WANT. These Wocld-reao^rasi PilU a** sold wdwwhict. ia -5 >c3 5- L'U- iai if? qac h THE HAVELOOK STEAM AND HYDRAULIC PACKING COMPANY, IZIAAII MANUFACTURERS OF Steam, Hydraulic and Puiap Packing's of the best qualities, PACKINGS Engine, Hydraulic, and Pump of all kinds. INDIA RUBBER GOO 1)8: Valves, Washers, Buffer Springs, Sheeting !5 (solid & insertion), Rubber Hose of all sizes. ASBESTOS GOODS: Millboard, Asbestos and Sub03p Sheeting, ditto with Wire, &c. z Waterproof Garments made to order. RED LUOPE POINTING. Samples and Prices on application. Local Agent—MR. E. PENN, 228, Newport-Roa OARDIPF, GiORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. For the Cure of Coughs. Colds, eMtma, SotMeness, Wheezing, hifiuenza, SflftKfng of Blood,. ConsumptiotJ. .SOTot^vhitis, Whooping Cteph, Dittionl-y of Breathing, and all Affectiomrof the Chest and Lunga. Y Extraordinary Cure of a Cough Óf Six Years' staning, declared before Commissioner to Administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature England. -T—JBLEJNJBY JAMES- GAiLMAGBr^f 116 & 117, Widemarah-street, in the City of Hereford, Contractor and Decorator, d» solemnly and sinserely de- clare as follows :— 1. About 8 years ago. I had a severe attack. of rhenmatic fever, from which, when I had. recovered, I had a bad Cough, and the medical man who atttended me, who is one of the Visiting Surgeons to the Qetefor4 Infirmary, informed me that I never eoulct be thoroughly cured from it. 2. From that time until about twoyeari ago I have suffered more or less from the same cough, which at times was worse than at others. I especially was aflfeoted by it in the mornings when I got up, when sometimes I coughed until I was almost suffocitted, and I thought I should be sti- Red. 3. During those years I consulted sev- eral medical men, from following whose advice I obtained no relief, and I have taken various patent medicines -vith th* same result, and I had given ap all hope of alleviating the cough. 4. About two years ago I was recom- mended by a friend to buy a bottle of George's Cough Balsam, • And although I had no faith in its proving efficacious, 1 gave way to my friend's im- portunities, and purchased a bottle. 6. From the First Bottle of George's Cough Balsam I took I felt greatly relieved, and I bought another bottle, which I took, and which effectually oared my oough, and since that iiTi-i time I have had no return of the cough. 6. If I find I have tikan cold I tike a"" dose of the Bals-tm as a preventative, and I im now, aad hwe been since I took George's Cough Balsam, 0 As free from Cough as I ever was in my life. 7 '■ f And I make a solemn declaration, con- solentioUBly believing the s-rtnfc to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of au ct made and passed in the fifth and ffixth years of the reign of his late Majesty King William IV, intituled "An Act to repeal an Act of the present Session of Parlia. ment, intituled An Act for the more effec- tual Abolition of. Oaths and Affirmation taken and made in various depirt aauts of the State, and to substitute Djclaratijna in lieu thereof, and for the more entire suppression of voluntary and extrajudicial Oatbs and Affirmations, and to make other prcwis.ons for the abolition, of unnecessary Oaths." Taken and deckted at 16, Bedford-row, in the County of Middlesex, this 9th day of October, 1880, before me, 0. LOCKE MULlS, a Commis-ioner to Administer Oaths in the Supreme Court 01 J ádiëB:ta.re:. HY. SMITH GAMMAGE, llr B. A. George.—Dear Sir,—Please send me three gross of Cough Balsam at once, as I shall b9 qijjte ont in a few days. Tfie sale dating the. present winter has been the greatestT have yet lad, as many as thirty bottles having been purchased ac my shop in a day. Tnis has been caused entirely by the recommendation of those who have tested its efficacy. I am, dear sir, yours faithfully, PHILIP RALPH, High Town, Hereford, January 17, 1886. CAUTION. The Publio are particularly requested to observe that the words "GEOttGfi'Ap OOUGH BALSAM" arp stamped on eaflK Bottle. 'Notie are Glnufne withotui. f The "COUGH'BALSAM" will be found peculiarly serviceable for RELIEVING ALL PAINS, fl"om whatevor cause pris- ing, such as TOOTHACHE, HA-KAOHE, PAIN IN THE CHEST Otf, BOWELS, c DIARRHCE A &c., <tc. f- T Sold in Bottles, at 1/L J- and 29 each, byfmoat Chemiataand Medicine Vendors in the B. A. GEORGE, MEDICAL HALL, PENTRE, PONTYPRIDD, Glamorganshire. PHILLIP R. JAMES, PONTYPRIDD AND RHONDDA VALLEY. Bill Poster and Town Crier RENTS ALL THE PRINCIPAL POSTING STATIONS IN PONTYPRIDD AND RHONDDA VALLEY. HORSES and TRAPS kept for Hire, PIANOFORTE ON HIRE. | Offices: Penuel Square, Pontypridd. TUTONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL OF SALE.—A Private Gentleman is desirous of making advances upon Promissory Note alone, at 5 per cent. interest, to male or female, without sureties and strictly private, for any term not exceeding 10 years. Apply for prospectus and scale of re-payments to G. H. SHOVS, Esq., 21, John Street, Adelphi. London. W.O. ADVERTISE IN THE '='i CHRONICLE.