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LFMON'S NEW PATENT Chaff Cutters Should be seen by all Buyers before purchasing any other. No Jointed Spindles, mo complicated parts, one quarter of the gearing, twice the strength, takes less power, impossible to choke, and sold at the some prices as old complicated machines. A large stock of Second-hand Chaff Cotters, very cheap. Portable and Vertical Engines, New and Second-hand, and every Implement and Machine in the Market. T LEMON & SONS The Hayes Engineering Works, CARDIFF. i W- H. ICEY, chmiit i Win. AID snmiT, ItAfOJif StreetF0MIPB1DD NEW SEASON'S HOWER AND GARDEN S,- E *•> W. H. KEY Begs to inform his numerous friends and patrons that he has received his NEW STOCK ol the above Seeds from the leading growers of the day Detailed Catalogues will be ready shortly. fte Old Established Seed Warehouse § 89 & 90, TAFF STREET, pOlsITYPB;{-nD. i;»ra ,t ■ .'♦A? t 4 H&STZIIIS Jtc. coMPAsnr. 29 & 30, St. Mary Street, CARDIFF, DEAR SIR, We have pleasure in intimating that our arrange- ments for the Spring and Summer are now complete. ■ ,§is^ The large and varied Stock which we hold consists of a choice selection from the products of the first English, See tch, and Irish Manufacturers, bought exclusively upon Cash Terms, thus placing us in a position to compete, as re- gard? value, with any and ever) house in the trade. We have secured the services of Cutters of acknowledged ability and taste, and are confident that the goods turned out will give the utmost satisfaction. It is an indisputed fact that for many years we have stood pre- eminent for choice, assortment, fit, and superior make. Owing to the extraordinary development of this department of our business it became absolutely necessary for us to erect New Workrooms, which have cubical contents of 50,429 cubic feet, and have been pronounced by competent j.. I authorities the largest, best lighted, and best ventilated in or out of London devoted solely to Bespoke orders. This will preclude, so far as arrangements can, possibility of spreading infectious diseases, it being well known that most Tailors, though they may have workrooms, yet give out hun- dreds ot garments to be made at the houses of their work people, and it is feared that due care is not exercised to ascer- tain that the Goods are not taken into the lower slums of large towns. We assure our friends that all garments ordered from us are made wholly in our Workrooms at Cardiff. We regret the inconvenience caused to onr numerous Customers through the delay in the execution of orders in the past, the demand increased to such an extent that we were obliged to decline several ordersas we could not execute to time required but such are our present facilities that we are enabled to ensur punctuality, and turn out over a thousand prments per week. Always at your commands, We are, Dear Sir, ',0 Your obedient Servants, ft wk £ » V MASTERS ANDCOMPANY, :a THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, P.S.— Flanges of Patterns at our Branch, _0 v>»u. ¡ 80, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. •« -t '♦ #"»••• .i -J1 ,-10("- —BSSSEBL——^jEcsssBa^rsa^aassEsacgaBss as■ «B»8SS5 i' -u—faJBatssacfeaaaaManB ■■ ur h"Ii' "JOHN JAMES & COMPANY. lmo'f Ii S8. 29, & 30, HIGH ST., I 0., lw I k i4 -1 .e; .I I I It A. TRADE MARK. "8FF«3 £ C7VRi>iirir. ¡¡, y.*w»' ill* We are now Showing a full range of j SPRING AND SUMMER NOVELTIES | In the following Departments :— ITE"W DRESS 3T-A-BEICS 3 In Plain Colours, Checks, and the Fashionable Stripes-This Department is one of our Specialities Patterns Post Free—Beautiful Variety in Single and Double Widths. The Largest and Choicest Assortment OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY Out of London. — — ——— NEW XODELI IN JACKETS, MANTLES, AND COSTUMES For Ladies, Missed, and Children. LACE aTEIFM, WAIBIKC tMHTM.-ALIO A LARGE VARIETY OW IPIRIIsTTS. Sj^-TEEIETSI DRILLS, &0. ( i NEW DESIGNS IN LACE, AND GUIPURE D'ART LONG CURTAINS. SPECIAL LINES- Long Lace Curtains, Taped Border (7 yards), Pattens Specially Designed for J.J. & Co., at 4s lUd per pair, A WONDERFUL CURTAIN — FIT FOR ANY MANSION. OUR WBLL-KNOWN RANGE OF PRINTED WASHING ZEPHYRS AND DRILLS At 41d per yard, Fast Colours, New Patterns. DRESS & MANTLE MAKERS on THE PREMISES SYSTEM OF BUBINESS-Every Article marked in Plain Figwret at the Lowest Prices for Beady Money. — Any Article bought and not approved of Exchanged or money returned. JOHN JAMES & Co., ( THE NOTED HOUSE FOB FASHIONABLE GOODS. B°nq(iE THE BEST ARTICLES AT THE LOWEST PRICES. L nø,; 1:0,.1 f.t' Pontypridd, Lintrisut, ud Rhoaddt YaDeyI PEEKAHENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established 1866. Incorporated 1874. e DIRECTORS.— MB. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Fron, Pontypridd. Chairman. MR. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforest, Vim-chair- min. MR. JOHN MORGAN, Llantrisant, MR. WM. GRIFFITHS, Park House, Cardiff MR. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Glasfryn, Pontypridd. MR. KlUHARU ROGERS, Pontypridd. MR. RICHARD LEWIS, Boot Dspit, Tcnypudy REV. WM. PARRY, TalF Street, Pontypridd. M E. MOSES CULE, Pentrabach, Pontypridd. Advances made on Mortgage in sums varying from £100 to £10,000, repayable in monthly or quarterlil stalment* MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID BY" THE 8 JCIETY. Advances made on the Shortest Notice. For further particulars apply to the Seeratary. MR. H S. DAVIES, OLD POST DSTICK CHAMBERS, Pontypridd.. PONTYPRIDD HOUSE PROPERTY AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED. OLD POST OFFICE CHAMBERS, PONTYPRIDD. DIRECTOBS- MB JAMES ROBERTS, Tatr Vole House, Tre- forest, Chairman- MB GEOBUE KNILL, Tonypandy, Vioe- h airman. MB RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. MB THOMAS JONBS. Glanely, Pontypridd. MB EDWIN PHILLIPS. Pontypridd. MB THOMAS THOMAS, Gtrernygerwn, Tra*. forest Secretary—MR H. S. DA VIES, (Mem-Old Poet Office Chambers, Pontypridd. This Company is prepared to receive Deposits of no and upwards, repayable at Three Months' Notice, and to bear Interest at the rate of Four PoaDdø per Centum per Annnm, payable Half yearly. Apply to the Secretary as above. G E R y OROSS BROTHERS FURNISHING ft GENERAL IRONMONGERS SEEDSMEN, &c. 801 First Class Goods at Lowest f Prices. P IEI IL'I-AV GONSIMPTIORf I% hare a paeittTB rowdy for tile above diaeasa j by its me AommIi af awi af «wnntUtiH< •« loaf ataart^ fear* beaa aurad. Xadaad, asatraav iaaqrMlhiillssteq^ taaS I will aead TWO towrm IUI «StsdMT VALUABLE TBBATXSB aa WO dbmw b ONaAMnaaiafiriL Da.A.MJDGmW*mlmt9± -*s vi'.f