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Riots have taken place among the bricklayers and stonemasons on strike at Mayenco, and the police had to be called out before order could be restored. The Government expert sent to inspect the ruby mines in Burinah has returned to Calcutta, and reports that the mines at ilogouk are of exceptional richness. The wife of Mr. James Davies, the late editor of the defunct Bat, has been left a fortune of £ 200,01)0 hy her father, Mr Joseph Andrade, who recently^ died abroad. The Akkas, a race inhabiting the Monbulfca country, Central Africa, are the smallest people in the world. The average height of both sexes is stated to he about 4ft. 5iin. Dr. Neild, of Melbourne, the other day extracted from the liver of a lunatic named Smith a much oxidised sewing needle, 2iill. long, and a German silver fork with contorted prongs. It is slated that t-heconnnoners of Epsom have .li:t,i-rmiticil to bring an action against the Jockey 4. lob for encroachment. A distinguished Q.C. has been retained by the club. That remote and historical dependency, Norfolk Wand, has now a population of about 800 souls, ail descended from the celebrated mutineers of tho liounty, and almost all bearing their names. Despite the extremely unfavourable season last -ear the tobacco yield of thj 4,220 plantations in the Crimea amounted to 5,770,2001b. The planta- tion* cover approximately 11,000 English acres. A calf has been born ia Mooroopna (New South Wales) with three eyes, two mouths, and two ton- gues. Two mouths two tongues! "A heaven- ordained. M.P. exclaims a Now South Wales journalist. At Emiis, Mr. Dunleary, editor of the Clare hvh p<>iideut, charged with assaulting a constable, de. clined to enter into his own recognisances to cumo up for judgment when called upon, and was there- upon sentenced to fourteen days' imprisonment. After having been on short time for more than twelve months, the ironworkers employed by the London and North-Western Railway Company at Crowe have been restored to full timo, notices to that effect having been issued by the directors. According to a Vienna newspaper, the Queen has invited the King and Queen of Italy to visit her at Windsor Castle at an early date, and that theiri .Majesties have accepted the invitation, if political! \tFairs should permit of their absence from Italy. [ A detachment of Cape Mounted Rifles is about C'3 be despatched to Walfisch for the protection' -f Europeans, owing to the menacing abtitude of he natives under German protectorate in thab dis-1 uicb. The Mayor of Manchester has unveiled a statue, bo the late Bishop Fraser, who occupied the see. for fifteen years. The statue, which cost X4,000,1 was raised by public subscriptions, and stands in Alberb Square. t An accidenb by which two men losb their livea. occurred at the Day Hall Colliery, near Wrexham.'( The deceased were working in the new seam at No. 2 Pit when a sudden fall of coal killed them instantly. Seakale is being introduced on New York dinner tables—quite a novelty in American markets. Hitherto the vegetable was scarcely known through- instantly. Seakale is being introduced on New York dinner tables—quite a novelty in American markets. Hitherto the vegetable was scarcely known through- out the United States, but lately it has suddenly appeared growing wild along the coasts. The Petit Journal points out how largely France deals with England in the matter of fish. Last year imports into Paris alone were approximately 5,567 tons, and included cod, salmon, trout, mackerel, herrings, and turbob. At Northampton, Coleman, one of the principals in the recent prize-fighb at Nobottle Wood, has been bound over to keep the peace, and two others for assaulting the police on the same occasion wore sentenced to six months' hard labour. Society women in America sometimes adopt journalism as a profession. The latest lady jour- nalistic neophyte is Miss Ethel Ingalls, daughter of tho Kansas senator. She will shortly take her seat in the press gallery of the United States Senate. The newspaper editors of "Russian Poland have just been granted the permission to receive foreign newspapersdirect through the post, instead of being obliged to-get them through the Censorship. An exception is made as regards Austro-Hungarian newspaper; Thomas Melville (42), has been killed while at work in the engineering sheds of Mr. Campbell, William Moult Street, Liverpool. He got entail- gled with some of the machinery, and was terribly mangled, death ensuing almost immediately. The body was removed to the Northern Hospital. The other morning a fire broke out in a house and shop at Liverpool Road, Crosby, occupied by a general dealer named William J. Parsons, and tile three sons of Parsons were rescued with con- siderable difficulty. The damage is estimated at from £300 to £ 400. Sub-Lieutenant Saunders was arrested on board tho West African stelamer Calabar, on her arrival in the Mersey, the charge being that of deserting his ship on the West Coast of Africa. He had suf- fered terribly from malarial fever, and his resigna- tion not being accepted, he left his ship. Some soldiers of the Derbyshire Regiment, at Limerick, the other night broke a number of win- dows with stones, and forced their way into a house where a corpse was being waked, and created a disturbance. The police were called in, and several soldiers were arrested. The Queen has approved of the appointment by the Home Secretary of William Harry Nash, of the Oxford Circuit, to the Recordership of Abingdon, vacant by the recent appointment of Mr. Bros as a metropolitan police magistrate. Mr. Nash was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1S73. At Southwark, Henry Stimpson (19), a well- dressed young fellow, was charged with being concerned, with two other men not in custody, in r breaking into the dwelling-houeo of Samuel Brown, and stealing therein A3 in money and a quantity of clothing.—Prisoner was remanded for inquiries. Haruko, Empress of Japan, the wife of Muteu Hito, the reigning monarch (or Mikado) of that far-distant country, was born on April 17, 1S50, she has thus completed her 38th year. Her mar- riage with the Emperor was solemnised in 1802, at the early ago of 12 years. Five thousand union men employed in beer breweries in New York have been locked out, owing to the refusal of the employers to submit to certain rules of the Union. The breweries are consequently closed, and it is expected that they will gradually re-open with non-union men. fi Trie death is announced of M. do Mikloulio Niaelay, the well-known Russian traveller. The rates for emigrants from New York to the West are being reduced. The report that the Bulgarian reserves have been called out is untrue. Jt is rumoured that, in view of the unfavourable L-hange in Cite Emperor's condition, Queen Vie- toria will not visit Berlin. letters of Atiotmcnt of the Kansas City, Wyan- dotte, and Nortli^Vestei n Railroad have been 1'0"'1 till, it is stated that a newspaper prosecution is probable for comments on Mr. Justice O'Brien's charge to the jury in the Lixnaw murder case. 11 r, John H. Ionian has been elected president of the Richmond all.1 Westpoint Railway Com- pany. A pulpit, crected to tho memory of the late Bishop of Manchester in Atherton Parish Church, has been dedicated by a special service. A telegram from Vienna says :-The conference on the ailairs of Morocco will meet in Madrid on May ]. A telegram from Halifax says :-The French fishermen are seeking to obtain supplies of baib from Nova Scotia. Mr. R. Sexton, J.P., has been selected to contest) the vacancy in St. Stephen's Green Division of Dublin, caused by the death of Mr Dwyer Gray. The barque Gunhild, from Kragdroe for Liver- pool, with pitwood, has gone ashore at Totnes, and will probably be a total wreck. The crew are safe. The steamer Vena was sunk the other morning off theGoodwin Sands, in collision with the steamer Biela. Only the men where saved. A Newry correspondent states that Constable /ames Owens, who has been stationed there for iiome time past, has resigned, as a protest againsb the Crimes Act. A New York telegram states that during a three weeks'cruise in the Pacific, H.M.S. Caroline hoisted the British Hag on the Fanning, Christmas, and Penrhyn islands. A telegram from St. John's, Newfoundland, says: The departure of the Newfoundland delegation to Ottawa to discuss the question of union with the Dominion is now fixed for June 10. According to a Calcutta telegram, an attempb has been made to assassinate the Governor of Candahar, who was fired ab and had his camel killed under him. According to a Hamburg telegram. Professor Schweninger has advised Prince Bismarck to leave Berlin for change, owing to illness from nervous- ness and overwork. A Berlin telegram says :—I learn from a very good source that the marriage between Princess Victoria and Prince Alexander of Battenberg will kake place in any case. Mr. John Shufflebotham, who was recently ap- pointed an examiner under the Mines Act, has been killed by a fall of roof in the Diglake Colliery, Audley, North Staffordshire. At the Arundel Police Court, the Rev. Robert Blight, B.A., Vicar of Ferring, Sussex, was -fiiied the full penalty of JE5, with 12s. for being drunk and refusing to quit the New Inn, Ferring. Queen Nathalie of Servia, with the youthful Crown Prince Alexander, will arrive in Vienna ab the beginning of May, and will then proceed bo Baden, where her Majesty will spend the summer. The Bishop of Ripon has appointed the Rev. F. J. Jayne, vicar of Leeds, to the honorary canonry at Ripon Cathedral rendered vacant by the death of Canon Crosthwaite, vicar of Knaresborough. The Etheridge Gold Field, Queensland, Limited, have declared a dividend for the pasb six months of Is. per share in cash, and a bonus of 4g. in fully- paid shares of the Elektron and Canadian Gold Companies. Mr. T. Bennetb, a well-known sporting gentle- man in the South of Ireland, was thrown from his horse while riding in a steeplechase at the Limerick Redcoat races, and died from the effects of thE injuries he received. Mr. John Dodd Weallans Flotterton, Rothbury, was following Mr. Selby's foxhounds at Burradon. Northumberland, the other day, when he was thrown from his horse at a fence, and died shortly afterwards. Tho liody of a man, nearly naked, and terribly emaciated, has been discovered among some timbei which was being shifted at the Canada Dock, Liver- pool. Death had evidently been the result of star- vation. A Drogheda telegram states that a'large force of police has been drafted there from all parts of Louth. It is cupposed that this is in anticipation of the iirrest of Mr. Dillon, who, it is thought, will be brought to Dt'ogheda for trial. Au StrtLfoi-d, Essex, Ellen Shipton, who described herself as the wife of a Liverpool merchant, was remanded oil a charge of being drunk and dis- orderly. Some of the prisoner's escapades were described as of an extraordinary character. The Canadian Government has agreed to make a gi ant of 250,000 dols. on account of the claim put forward by Prince Edward's Island in reference to the dispute as to cable communication between that island and New Brunswick. A Bombay telegram states that Abdul Hakk. who has held several positions of high trust in Hyderabad, has been suspended by the Nizam on account of irregularities in connection with mining enterprises. According to the Kreuz Zeitung, a general strike among tho various trades in Germany appears imminent. Alreally the shoemakers, glassblowers, burnishers, nailmakers, blacksmiths, bricklayers, and stonemasons of Berlin have struck. By a fire which broke out in the sugar refinery and soap works of Lieut. Colonel Cowan, Hafhmer- sniitli Bridge, London, damage was done to the amount of £ 00,000. It is believed that the fire was caused by a workmen while smoking. The Bolton branch of the Iron Trade Employers' Association the other afternoon resolved to advance wagos in July next so as to equal the 71 per cent. reduction imposed in February, 1886, which caused the grekb strike extending over six months. A Times Vienna telegram says :—The curious phenomenon of "red snow" was observed the other day in the Gail Valley, Tyrol. It appears the size of the hand on the white surface of the snow, and when left to melt on a piece of paper there remains a brick-coloured sediment. Henry Alexander (30), who lodged in Everton, has been admitted to the Northern Hospital suffer- ing from internal injuries received by having been run over by an omnibus in London Road. Alexander died almosb immediately after admission to the hospital.