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PUBLIC NOTICES. *■;• ■' i ■ x y i » _I' |011 EVANS & CO, DRAPERS, X»OXVX"ITE»Xt.XK»D 0 I 4 •• AV J. ■ .m'i'MOi » v,! .< -i • ■■ -t v ,i i • ) !f V I I TO* LET, GOOD DWELLING HODSES at 'Lewis* Terrace, Graigwen Road Rent, 22/ per Month, clear. Water laid in.—Apply to WIL- LIAM. Painter, No. 1, Lewis' Terrace, Pontypridd. ;1 VTRDDIM D:\ VIES' Fruit Gouffli Balsam A permanent cure of all disorders of the Chest, XiongB, Throat, viz Cough, Difficulty of Breathing, Hooping Cough, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, Influenza, Asthma, Bronchitis, Shortness of Breath, Spitting of BlooS. Its action on children is direct, safe, and certain. -0 J. MYRDDIN DAVItfS, A.P.S., Consulting and Dispensing OBEMIST (By Examination.) (Late Qnalified Dispenser of Medicine of the Apothecaries' Hall, London, 4,' OXFURD STREET SWANSEA. To be obtained o most chemists, in Bottles, Is lid ia 9a, and 4s 6d each. Any Chemist not having it in stock will immediately obtain it if requestedto do so. Loadon Agents: Newberry and Sons; Thompson Millard, & Co., and all other Patent Medicine Vendors. Agents throughout the RHONDDA VALLEY. TREDEGAR CHAMBER OF TRADE ATHLETIC SPORTS. EASTER MONDAY. The following events will be oomp ted for :— 120 YARDS OPEN HANDICAP.—First Prizft, JB4 4a.; 2nd do., £ Is.; 3rd do., 10/6. Entrance Fee, 1/6. 440 YARDS OPEN HANDICAP.-First Prize, £3 3s.; 2nd do., 21 b.; 3rd dlJ" 10/6. Entrance Fee, 1/6. 250 YARDS HUALLM RAC*, (Eight Flights of Hu.rdies).-First Prize, JJ3 8s.; 2ad do., El h. Entrance Fee, 1/- ONE MILK HANDICAP (npel) -First Prizp. £4. 4s 2nd do., Xi Is; 3id do. 10/6. Entrance Fee, 1/6. Hiati JUMP.-YL 18. Entrance fee, 1/- IW Numerous other Events see Bills. All entrie-i to be sent to Mr G. T. Hodge, Tre. degar, on or before March 28th. Admission to Field, 6d., Enclosure, 1/- CAERPHILLY CASTLE. A GRAND llSTEDDFOD Will be held in the far-famed rains of the above Castle (by the kind permission of Lord Bate), ON WHIT-MONDAY, MA Y 21st, 1888 PRESIDENT: SIR MORGAN MORGAN. ADJUDICATORS .— Eos Morlais, Mr. Tom Price. A.C., and Dyfed. Chief Choral Competition: We never will bow &>wn," £ 30. Male Party, £ o; Juvenile Party, £3 Solos, X I each. Chair Prize Awdl on Stanley," 95 and chair, c., &c. Programmes by post, lid. from 2 D. WILLIAMS, Soretary. Caerphilly. J XLLX.A.S. A (Pontoranwe) WORM lozenges! rot Marl} Thirty Tan thta hichty wlmMi Bemedy H hu mat Witt tk* giitwt ■!■■■ Tfc* am Wmk, DeUe»u CUldnB (oftoo ginm u m laaorakb) ia Uk* lUria. 0«tin» rid o( his tornnntin* pacta tor toklac tkaa* |M LoaaiMraa, Ola thla, pla-taeti, lyH CUM >IHHI — «Uwe. heelthy, •»« the pd<K toeteU e« »• eealety, ■■ of tua guardian*. ■ Sir,—I turn lor Mm* attf yew i nthahnlntU, or ■ Warm Lowa* la mr familr, ui And tin a rwjr nth ud «Ai«oloai min for aanarldaa. «4 tWr •fiwuU *M cemoltat form tea pK rioamianitatiim tar Childna. H -W. flnciIIKI, TUar of HvwdM." Ml at ZperbomTi^mot* OmmMt; or/pr l« or U tktmptjr—t ■ ( J. 0AYIE8, Ot £ w«T, 80, Him Sm £ T, SWANSEA. ■ 1 Lifll 01 tymyfw, a& sa AppifawHwi 1 a.' v l HOW TO MAKE MONEY I Ah There's the tub —* HOW 2. NEARLY every sphere of labour is filled, but there are openings and here is one—Bay a Bottle of HAGON'S FLUID HERBS, make sparkling delicious Beer, Sell it at Collieries, Works, Railway?, Foundries, Fetes, Fairs, Races, etc., WHEREVER THIRSTY MEN AaE-TO BE FOUND MONEY MAY BE MADE easily and honestly, giviQgaatisfaction alike to Bayer and Sailer. HAGON'S BJjjER yields a handsome profit even when sold at the low price of a half-penny per bottle. One 6d. Botde makes Four Gallons. One la. n „ Twelve do. HAGON'S FLUID HERBS is a compound of Yarrow, Burdock, Comfrey, Sarsaparilla, Hore- hound, Hops, etc., and is NON-INTOXICATING. Western Mail, August 19th, 1888,—" We can honestly say that the drink (HAGON'S BKER) is thoroughly refreshing and cooling, and supplies a want in summer beverages. No boiling is re- quired in its manufacture; the directions are simple and easily oarried out, and when made the drink will amply repay the trouble." fo SOLE MAKER A.. HCJLO-Olsr, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, 39, BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF, Sold by all Grocers everywhere. Insist on being sapplied with "HAQON's" and note Trade Mark, No. 31*360, without which none are genuine. NOTICE. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. PARISH OF EGLWYSILAN. THE PONTYPRIDD HIGHWAY BOARD is prepared to receive TENDERS for the erection of a CULVERT, and for Widening, Forming, and Metalling approaches thereto, on Castlemartin Road, near Caerphilly. The Surveyor will meet intending contractors on the site at 12 noon on Friday, the 6th day of April, with plans, specification, and forms of tender (upon which forms only will tenders be received.) Tenders to be sent in addressed to E. C. Spiokett, Eeq., Pontypridd, and endorsed "Tender for Road," not later than Tuesday, the 10th of April, 1888. The Board reserves for iiself an unlimited power of selection, and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. By ord6r of the Board, J. GRIFFITHS, Surveyor. Porth House, Porth, 15th March, 1888. rO LET.—Commodious and wall-built HOUSE S L on MBR THYR ROAD.-Apply to Mr. D. Elli s Penbryn, Pontypridd. TMPORTANT TO LADIES.—MADAME WOBTH*« I celebrated GUINEA CORSJSfS (Black 26s.) miy be obtained frcm her Agents, JOB EVANS VSD Co., PONRR^AIDO. I TO HOTEL-KEEPERS, BREWERS, AND OTHERS. A VALUABLE HOTEL FOR SALE. To be SOLD or LET by TENDER, the following Hote1—namely, The ROYAL HOTEL, MARDY; Rhondda Fach Valley, in the County of Glamorgan. This Hotel, with Land to the extent of 4,2251 square yards, is held for 99 years from the 25th of Sep- tember, 1885, at the annual rent of JE40. The tenders must be sent in the following manner:- I.-For the purchase of the Hotel as a Free Hotel. 2.—For the Purchase of the Hotel for the whole term, bat binding the Beer trade to the Vendor. a.-rfor Leasing the Hotel for 21 years from the 1st day of Jane next as a Free House, the rent and premium to be stated. 4.—Far Leasing the Hotel for 21 years from the 1st day of June next, with the Beer and Porter trade tied to the Vendor, rent and premium to be stated. This Hotel is newly built, and is a large and com- modious one. There are only two hotels serving the important town of Mardy, tne population of which at present is estimated to be over 3,000. The parties can tender in all or either of the modes specified. The Vendor does not bind himself to accept the highest or any tender. The sale will be made subject to conditions of sale, which may be inspected at the Solicitors' office, and where a form of lease can also be perused. Tenders to be sent in on or before the 14th of April to the undersigned, marked Royal Hotel Tender." Form:i of tender will ba supplied on application. Messrs. WALTER H. MORGAN & RHYS, Solicitors, Pontypridd. 1^0 BREWERS, HOTEL-KEEPERS, AND OTHERS. 1> SALE OF AN IMPORTANT BREWERY AND HOTEL, AT YNYSHIR, NEAR PONTYPRIDD GLAMORGANSHIRE. The YNYSHIR BREWERY, with the HOTEL ad- joining, is to be disposed of by TENDER, and such Tenders are to be made oat in the following matner:- ™ 1. For purchasing the Ynyshir brewery and tbe Ynyahir Hotei, together with the goodwill of the Ho tel and brewery business the beer trade of the Eagle Hotel, Ynyshir, and the Rheola Inn, Porth, to be tied to the purchaser. 1 2" purchasing the Ynyshir Hotel alone, without the bowery, the beer trade of the house being tied to the Vendor. being tied to the Vendor. 3. for leasing the Ynyshir Hotel and Brewery, the beer trade of the two other hotels being tied to the End'nSnm^n STthe lst of JaQ« *■ Kent ana premiam to be stated. 4. For leasing the Ynyshir Hotel without the brewery for 21 years from the lst of June next, the beer trade of the same being tied to the Vendor. Rent and premium to be stated. These premises are held under a lease for 99 years from the lst day'of January, 1879, at the low annual ground rent of £12 12s 9d. The hotel is an old-established one, and is in the centre at the important and increasing town of place °Qly °n0 0ttlcr botel in tlie The sale or lease will be made subject to conditions of sale, which can be inspected at the Solicitors' Office, and where a form of lease can also be seen. Persons may tender in all or either of the modes above stated, and a Form of Tender will be supplied on Application. — Tenders, marked "Yhyahir Brewery and Hotel are to be sent in on or before the 10th of April to the andersigned, who will supply all information. The Vendor dues not bind himself to accept the highest or any tender. Messrs WALTER H. MORGAN and RHYS, Solicitors, Pontypridd. Li Parliament. -Session 1888. BOTE DOCKS "(CARDIFF) BILL. PONTYPRIDD UliBAN SANITARY DISTRICT, N compliance with a requisition presented to me X in conformity with the provisions of 35 and 38 Victona, chapter »nd the Public Health Act, 1875, I, DaviS Watkin Williams, Chairman of the Local Board for the District of Pontypridd, in the County of Glamorgan, do hereby summon a meeting of the Owners and Ratepayers within the said Dis- tnct, to be held oa Wednesday, the 11th day of April, 1888, at 7 30 o'clock p.m., at the Offices of the said Local Board, Penuel Square, Pontypridd afore- said, to pass a resolution, if deemed expedient, con- senting to the said Local Board opposing in the present session of Parliament the above Bill. 'Dated this 5th day of April, 1888, D. W. WILLIAMS, Chairman of the said Board. ï PUBLIC NOTICE € THE Pontypridd Local Board Election, 1888, TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE TOWN WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,-f cannot refrain ij from tendering to you, without delay, my sin- cere thanks for the honour you have conferred upon me by returning me, through all opposition, to represent you at the Board. I hope that my future eervices will be satisfac- tory, and to the benefit of the ratepayers, whose interests shall have my best attention. lit I am, yours faithfally, MOSES CULE. Pontypridd Local Board Election. TO THE ELECrORS OF THE GRAIG WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—I beg to return JLj you my most sincere and heartfelt thanks for returniug me once more as your representative on the Local Board. I beg to say that my thanks are enhanced a thousand times when I consider the gallant at-indyou took, and the honourable and determined fight you carried out, which has re- I suited in such a glorious victory. I beg further to make this one remark, that we have passed through a most trying ordeal, but ba ng victorious I hope and trust that we shall endeavour to pass by and forget all the evil schemes and machinations of our opponents (the number of which is a legion), and, if we shall live to see another fight or contest, that all intermeddlers will stand aloof, and let us fight oar own battles. On that ground I am not afraid of the result. Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to re-ecbo my unbounded thanks to you for returning me this time again to represent you, and In return I pledge you my word of honour that I shall devote my time and ability to your service whenever those are called for. My motto shall be to serve yon diligently (in season and out of season), and if I am spared to meet you at sthe end of my official term, I hate a faint hope it will be my pleasure, as well as my duty, to give you a full and faithful aooount of my stewardship. Trusting that we sh-ill live to see this. and if so that a retrospec. tive view of our connection will be a most happy one. Thanking you once more, I beg to remain, Your faithfal servant, JABEZ EVANS. The Cottage, Llantwitfardre. L TRIENNIAL ELECTION OF GUARDIANS TO THE ELECTORS & RATEPAYERS OF THE I" PARISH OF LLAWONNO., GNTLEMEN,-The triennial period for which UT the Guardians of the Poatypridd Union were,, elected having expired, I desire to tender you my thanks for the conficlence reposed in me in the past, andto offer my services for the n°xt three y. ars, I have had the honoarof representing you ow the Board of Guardians for the past 18 years, and being a member of every committee of the Board, and also ohairman of the relief committee for tne parishes of LlaAfabon. Eghvysital1. and Llanwonhoj I am practically acquainted with the work of a guardian, and while taking great interest in the welfare of the inmate of the Union Warkhouse, on the one hand, I have endeavoured, to the best of my ability, to guard the interests of the ratepayers, on the other. In offering myself for re-eleotion, I promise that, in the fature as in the past, I will, as far as I can, do my daty. I am, Yours respectfully, AARON CULE. Dynefor, k I V Pontypridd. ,1- O* a. JL A TRIENNIAL ELEGTIDN OF GUARDIANS OF THE PONTfPRIDO UNION. To the ELECTORS and RlTEPJYERSJof the Parish of LLAHWOMO. LADIBB AND GEKTLBMEN, Having been requested by a large and influential Deputation of Ratepayers and Property Owners to offer myself as a Candidate for election to the above Board, I have, after careful consideration, consented to do so. I have been largely connected with the Mining Industries of this neighbourhood for 14 years, daring the last three of which I have resided in this impor- tant Ward, and as a large Property Owner, Ratepayer, and Employer of Labour, have become well-known to most of you. If you do me the bonour of electing me I shall en- deavour to look after yoar interests as if they were my own. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yonr obedient servant, Windsor Hotel, W. R. BEITH. Clive Town, near Pontypridd, April 3, 1888. L