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V C ft JLERFUL RES U L T I '■ OF USING HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS, Are constantly reported from all parts of the civilised world. The most obstinate diseases caused by IMPURE BLOOD are cured by this REMARKABLE REMEDY. HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS eare unsurpassed as an effective REMEDY for an those :1)ÁN- GEROUS DISEASES which have their origin in DISTEMPERS and IMPURE BLOOD. Testimonials from all parts of the world have been received testifying to their power in curing the following Diseases SCURVY, SCROFULA, BOILS, ) NERVOUSNESS, SORE EYES, I COSTIVENESS, WOUNDS BKIN BASH, llEADACHE, FITS. RHEUMATISM, I ULCERS, BILIOUSNESS, NEURALGIA, J DISTEMPER, GIDDINESS, I &o., &o., &0., HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS have proved to be the most effectual of all medicines -Aiswvered in the Nineteenth Century. .i. The Marveu-ous Cures wrought continually viz HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS Have been so numerous and complete that the Poets are moved to sing their praises, of which the following is a proof:- HwnS- BLOOD PILLB for the manifold ilia That assail the human frame,— Have been tested at large through valleys and hills, And have earned a world wide fame: They're potent in vanishing every disease, That affects the vital Blood; Bestoring the patient to weal and ease, And make his condition good. No man whose Blood be infected with corruption, Can ne'er enjoy a healthy constitution; But most be in pain, and restless night and day, Till the foul malady is driven away HUGHBS' BLOOD PILLS will this great boon effect, -And from the system seeds of death eject. Their fame is gone to many a foreign land, And is admitted now on every hand 2 From cot to mansion do their praises sound And testimonials reach us from all round; HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS receive no empty praise, But are commended by the great and wise. So important duty it is to keep the blood, In perfect order and condition good,- That I would fain adviBe the sore afflicted," To guard against its further being neglected; HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS will soon effeot its cure, Of this to all concerned I can assure. I HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS. This noted medicine acts direetly upon the Blood and Juices of the human system which they Strengthen and Purify. By so doing the Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Bowels, Brain, and Nerves are renewed and toned to such a degree that their functions are perfectly performed, securing a the man healthy days. field by all Cbemiats and Patent Medicine Vendors, at Is lid, 28 9d, 4a 6d. By Post Is 3d. 21 11 ud 4s 9d, from the PROPRIETOR and DISCOVERER, JACOB HUGHES, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, Penartl-, Cardiff. Ask your Chemist to get them for you. NAt 1. "¡, "'> Xitebif* Extract of Meat and Extract ol Mall: Nutrition!. Strengthening, Stimulating:, Fleth-forming, and Heal.h- sestoring; tumble for the Robust in Health aa weU the Invalid. •irately rtrnmmtnOU <*• Ht4Uoi Important unsolicited Testimonial from E. HOPKINS. Esq, L.R.O.P., L.F.P.S. Hundred! bays been r..8in4 troa 1184ieal VOL S4, Alton Road, N., Birmingham, Deoernbar 17th, ISM. DBAK SIKS,—I bag to acknowledge receipt of OF 70 Extract of Meat and Malt Wine," also one yoa iot s ahort time back. I have now Quite Twenty Patients tab-in g it and aa a flesh-forming, a*9 rtrength producing atem.l consider it second to none, being equally BMIU! taia-i foriai of debility, Yours faithfully, EDWARD HOPKINS, Maura. Coleman 4 Co. L.R.C.P., L.V.P.S. Bold by all Druggists, Wine Merchants, and Patent Medi- cine Vendors in the United Kingdom, in Bottles 2s. 9d. and U. ftd. each. Ask for COMMON'S LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT AND MALT WINE, and 11 see that you get it." "t there is any difficulty in getting the Wine, write direct to the Manufacturers, who will forward .1. Pint Bottle free by Post on receipt of 88 (tamps. Dose& Rail n 801. IOLJI MAHtTPACT ft CO., St. fJOIfOBTHm System of Memory Training is the OKúY one by which the Katnral Mamory can be.. mads iapiwrad dot ths System, an a Dlnce, will be a* aoti oMded. yATfET TWADit (Mr. S. L. Clemens) says at Profeeux tyiiettoi "He 1 bowed me how to gnf>ii LIGHT CP tfco 1>A cellar of my Memery." liriinDw Unlike mnomoniM. Praapeetna, •ontaiatag ■T Iwll 111 I opinion* ot Papila who hava PASSED KXAJQ* ■ ■ >AXlol,B( ^,1 0{ mambeis of the Medical, Sake. 1—tie. fltafad, Unitary, and other jctIIIHI IMS, jal IN, now < FREDERICK PEARSE, Builder and Monumental Sculptor Marble, Granite, and Stone Works, PONTYPKIDDt MonumeRts, Tombs, Tablets, Tombstones, &c.; of any description to order. LETTERING (Tulftid with lead or otherwise) Accurately and Neatly executed. -Estimates given for all classes of Work. REPAIRS VNDEllTAKEJf, FOREST WOOLLEN FACTORY Ithirt, and the Market, Pontypridd. S. G. JONES, Woollen Manufacturer of Cloths. Blankets Coverlids, and every kind of Plain and Fancy Welsh Flannels, Stockings. Yarns &c., all home-made at moderate prices. Country work promptly attended to. (ESTABLISHED IN PONTYPBIDD 15 YEARS), ADVERTISE IN THE < CHRONICLE., S OUT HERN RUBBER CO. :Hl'l t; ;') 'i r; :fd a er Poo 8 Waterproofs, W t p f TO BE SOLD AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. During the months of March and April we purpose Clearing out the whole of our Surplus Stock at. GREATLY REDUCED PRICES CONSISTING OF Gentlemen's Waterproof Tweed Coats fromI3s6d\ Ditto Ditto with capes „ 14s 6d Gentlemen's Waterproof Tweed and other Leggings from Is lid Ladies' Waterproof Mantles, best Make „ 48 lOd Waterproof Carriage Rugs of various qualities ——— from 6s 9d Waterproof Nursing Aprons ». „ Is Oilskin clothing in all qualities and vMoas prices. Footballs of Best Quality 3s ld to 8s 6d HOT WATER BOTTLES, CUSHIONS, AIR PILLOWS, BED SHEETING, &c. AT CLEARING PRICES. The above Goods, forming the surplus balance of the present Season's Stock, are in splendid condition and of excellent value, and must be cleared out to make room for S-UM-MM-R GOODS. Wholesale buyers liberally dealt with. THE SOUTHERN RUBBER CO.. 801 High Street, Pontypridd. A SPLENDID SHOW OF Confectionery, Chocolate, Biscuits, AND FANCY GOODS, f AT J. COOMBES, Market steet, Pontypridd. TRY OUR CAKE, IT IS THE BEST AND CHEAPEST, ESTABL81ED 39 YEARS GEORGE GOODMAN Pawnbroker, Clothier, Jeweller, and Furniture Dealer, 3 & 4, TRAM-ROAD, PONTYPRIDD In coosequence of the low rate of wages existing at the present time in the neighbourhood, will offer his Large and varied Stock of New and Second-hand CLOTHING, JEWELLERY, WATCHES c., At Prices that will meet the requirements of all Classes. Intending purchasers of any of the above Goods will be welt repaid by a visit before pur- chasing elsewhere. A good assortment of New and Second-hand HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE BEDDING, &c. To be Sold for Cash, or payable by WEEKLY INSTALMENTS, to suit the Purchaser. Money advanced to any amount on Deposits of Deeds, Diamonds, Plate, Jewellery, or any other Securities. GEO. GOODMAN. 3 8f 4, Tram Road, Pon typridd .>. K V illi 1 F I T S ¡fi v't" fè a a a I Whira I say "lire I dO not mean merely to stop them for a time 411.1 then lirtve thetn return again. I mean a radical cure. I have mida the disease of FITfS, EPILEPSY or FALLING STO !CN7VJS A lifts-long study. I warrant mv remedy to cur* tiio worst caxea Because otha n have failed is no reason for not now receiviii# .1 imro. Soul at once for a treatise and-& Free Bottle of my infallible rt-i ipdy. Give Address ia falL It costs you nothing for a trial, T will cure you. AddrMt n«- H. O BOOT. 6. PUm 'AH Ot.. Farriafdon-et.. u>ndn% ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warrari ted 4o cure all discharges from the urinary organs, ir either sex (acquired or constitutional), gravel, and Sains in the back. Guaranteed free frem mercury old in boxes, 4s 6d each, all chemists and patent medicine vendors or sent for sixty Btamps by the Makers, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Co., Lincoln, GROCERY! GROCERY! GROCERY! FOR GOOD QUALITY IN Groceries and Provisions At very Low Pricee, go to the Town Supply Stores. Home Cured Bacon & Best Carmarthen Butter always in stock. Their Teas at 1/4, 1/6, < £ 2/ is uuequalled. THE TOWN SUPPLY STORES, 76, Tafi-street, Pontypridd, T. W, JONES, Proprietor, A CARD. AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERT is announced In the Paris Figaro," of a valuable zeinedy for nervous debility, physical exhaustion, and early decays. fhe discovery was made by a missionary in Old Mexico it saved him from a miserable existence andan early grave. We learn that the Rev Joseph Soiree, Bloomsbury Mansions, Bloomsbnry Square, London, W.O., will send the prescriptions free of charge, on receipt of a self addressed stamped envelope. "FOR THB BLOOD IS THE LM.; -Contamination of the blood—the result of Contagions Disease, heredi- tary taint, or foul matter of any description—posi- tively carried out ef the system by taking "Clarke's World-famed Blood Mixture." For scrofula, scurvy, eczema, skin and blood diseases, and sores of all kinds, its effects are marvellous. In bottles, 2s 9d and 118 each of all chemists. Purchasers of Clarke's Blood Mixture, beware of worthless imitations. I




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