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CORNS CORNS!! egg is (Registered Tude Mark, No. 36996.) Cerain Cure for Corns. i PAIN^LES^ AND HARMLESS. RNS QORNSI! CORNSII QORNS I 0ORNSI CORNS I (jORNsl QORNSl CJORNSj (^JORNS;! QORNS CORNS CORNS I CORNS! 0OTSS QORX4 C )KS! CORNS! CJQRNS QOSNS! CORNS! This infallible remedy introduced by J. MTJNDAY has obtained a world-wide repo The efficacy of VIRIDINE mav be bv its having Cured Corns of over 50 ye-irs' standing, which had resis- tt:d all other remedies. succeeds where all Plasters and Caustics have failed IN REMOVING BOTH HARD OR SOFT CORNS AND WARTS. 1 KSTfM ONIALS. From Mr. HOPKl HOPKINS, Gors- einon, near Swansea. DEAR Sxk,—I heartily congratulate you for your treatment for corns. The bottle of Virid 'ne.' yon sent me some time ago has proved almost rairacnlous to the corns I had on my feet. It is exactly the remedy what von reeomroend it to be, and I hope it will become known in the Princi- pality, for there are, no doubt, hindrecis of persons that would be glad to know of its From Mdlle. MARiE MULLER, Amtferda.n, Holland. Ma Monday, Dsak Si'i,—I bought a tattle of year genuine 'Vu-idiue' some six months &o in Paris which enred ma,and as I am a. princi- pal dancer,von know inv feet are my living. The bottie'l bought did the service yon recommended it. bnt I bought another one afterwards, whvh wa,s foryed and no good. As I want a bottle of genutiie for a friend of mine, who is iaearlyiiad with pain, will yon ona please send me one direct. Mdile. MARIE MLLER. CAUTION.—As there are several imi- tations of this preparation, the public are requested to ASK FOR v M U N D A. Y 8 V ( R I D I N E." And SEE THAT my signature is on the end of each package. By ordering 1 Corn Care' you may receive o(¡e of the many so-called rem edifta' which only give relief, > or some worthless imitation of' Viridine.' IN BOTTLES, PRICE ig.; BY POST, Is. 2d. PEPARKD ONLY BY r. M U NU, A Y C H E M I S Tr 1, H I G H STREET, CARDIFF. Sold by all Cheirtists. ADY|iaTISB y' aOC! i i&VMU VDl'iS ff .1 a in the MwUivoaE'J- aar 3' i ii R o- i C, ii E." t. C £ OHG_l'S eowoEKy. 1-" } t.J t %VITIAOXLY 13, Cosmo Plaoe, Queen's Square, OCT, l*towS>*Z W.Oy- Jaly 21th, 1885. Dear S r, Will yoa piease forward mF1 six of your Infants' eow.IeE-R. A packer. is too much I like to ha«« chem fresh. I fiart^thero invaluable, atd always use them with lhb sanction of • >ur medio. m tu. By so you will oblige, -try s s *? r r — ? i f j? J | Yuars re|p$etfirfly,| j ] f j -"b. ribtoJaofc *• B. A Gkoegk. Esq. A packet f.)rwa.It)d to any address f.)r Is 1* B A GE UiGS, V!edi al Hill, ù TV. \"j: i:iw & Qo SfEAi DIMG AD SOOliaiSG WiRIS. LL A. S D .tK# Li) AO, C Ail 1J1 Braiich Sst — t r. JnKa.HR3 i'O'vTN, 0iLHD[FP. 4J6 [>„T > STA««r J 42, C- -MMKliJLlL S "REST, E'*V P f-) I t'. 88, ti' C.H ^TRBET, ^Er\[POir oTkBKT, for llhi>iniJ>.i: — Kit. J. a IH J & DRAPER, El T 'A »T '.i3 S j P-J -'I Tti. 1-Jr.^a.. F:Vrfly SI^ep^Calml^Li Ql T 1 Fra ids' j A sttim% Poiv Isr Ha3 D9.ft'r f.vilad. iasM-at r.^lifttjin oas«s of BRONCHITIS. ASTHMA, C-KTAIIELEI, WHOOP.ISGMOUaa, Ac. S^v^IH^tinnfeV- friim.Pf Ka^ional Qaiill^o^ And, otho.s ^ho na-^e tt-tei Warvilloaa Ethot of this Powtter. 1d\y .11 Patent M?4viV-»ninM,4nf tios>t 2/9. 416. &, 11/ W-iolegale front W Saffcon i q tn, iii, rch Y ird,l L-,n,i,)n. II Ov.tath-s P ip i-f'or, ""goat ST LBRT, HAYflR OiDWSsT. ¡ WO, RK! Wt) R.K ery ti\l work i-a t-,ta your bl.>>-l i impure, for Iw -ise in 30-11; t >r a other is -f vi > a firca-v hCJid on c lasticafci-) ri..i; 1, Purify yoar withont eael-ky by Uiin^ Blood Pjtw," waic-i £ >.c l1rp't.¡s all ot or v-sn*- tijo ic ■ 1-J. 1} f-, 1- ■ 1 1 ^epdora. 'r ADVERTISE IN T P, dROICLB A tfONDWUL MEDICINE. BEECH AITS PILLS 0 CH l»f \!»\ [ j^i PATENT 1^1 ||? PILLS, ml 1V4, -JW Y £ y £ y Are admitted by thotiond to be worth a Guinea a box for billions and nervoat dis- orders, such as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fallnew land swelling after meals, Missiness and drowsiness 'cold chills, flushings of beat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, coativeness, scurvy,blotches on the skila, disturbed sleep, frightful dreilmp, and all nervous fcnd tremblings, sensations, Ac. The first doae will giv-, re- lief iu twenty minutes. Tbfc is no fiction, ior they havo done it in tboaftandB of cases. Every snfierer :< earnestly incited to trj one box of those Pills, ana tbey wtij be acknowledged co be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX « For feis&Ies of all ages these Pills are invaluable, AS a ffew doses carry off aii gross hnmears, open all obstructions, and bring afeoat all frfcat is required. r.,r female should be without them. There is no msiic# j, to be found to equal BEECHAJI'S PILLS for re- nsoving suny obstruction or irregularity of the system, tf taken according to the directions given with each hu they will soon restore females of all ages to so-and Mad robust health. For a wbak stomach, impaired digestion, and p-11 ikeiders of the liver, they act like "MAGIC," and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the Host important orgMM of Ae human machine. They strengthen the whole Btaoeular system, restore the long lost complexion, ihsy back the keen edge Df appetite, and arooa* into action with the ROS&- BUD of health the Wbol* ghysieal energy of the hnmao frame. Tfwtf ~*M *JfrACT,5" admitted by thousands embracifeK «H 4*"se« of Bociety; and one it the beat guarantees jN» |be nervous and debilitated fa Beecham s P^e lw>te we taxgest sale of any- patent njedicine 1m A* VarMi. BEBCHAJrS lU^IC COUGH PILLS. As a remedy far Qttfh* ia general, Asthma, diffi- mlty of Breathing, pfcoitaesa of Breath, Tightness ujd Oppression in tkf CkMfc, Wheesing, &c., these Pills are unrivalled aa« «b/ one labouring under any if the above ebmplsfots jMMKl only try One Box to trove that they are foe bed ever offered tor tbe public lor Asthmatio and CoxWmptive Coughs, Hoarseness, tod Oppression of the Cheat. They speedily remove hat sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing rhich nightly deprive the patieqt of rest. They give Jinost instant rilkf and eonifaart to tfioie amioted with the above dfjftming and, when neglected, dan- terous complainft. Let any neraon troubled with my of the above ooftrplaints grte Bbbobax's Cocoa Pills a trial. The most violent Cough' wM_ iija .aback Om be emoved- CAUTIOlf.-The public me nqtteo*od to notice that he words, *"P- are OQ he Governmebt Stamp affixed to each box of the Pills. If not tbjy ave forgery. Prepared only, e«d MUTwholeM) and retail tbe croprietoT, T. Beeoham, Chemist. St. Helen's, Lanea- fcire, in boxes la. Ud. and Sa. 9d. each. Bent post He from tbo propiMor tor It or$* aUiirta.—Sold by J1 Druggista aM fstint Medicine Defers ia tbe ^B°-Fi»n llHttwi ar* gft» -4ih «Mh bes. i r-" J i MM 11111 WOOLLEN MAtmFMTUKEM. 00LWOOLLEN MANUFAITURENS, MM 11111 WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, llUUb. ■Tare be«n AWARDED a P&IZB KCKDAIi fot thate Woollen Manalacturc* in the BJ3IKBUBGH IKTKB- Rational exhibitioK, ism. 1 They pay carriaKe of W00I Mntto tbeasteaiaaafaetDfe Utto their celebrated PITLOCHRY TWEEDS, DFESS TWEEDS'Y""t RUGS. &c. J Hlghe*t eulopoin* fnun tfar /oitttel* jftsl* term. Chargei, and fu1!^ u is anan r«qatr«4, field of Vv' vjl. on er a!>o. I\vf. '1) huv 'jr sr,t'rr"' TvrrtKH, ktâua14. a vmtiaef o» i j« t 'k¡¡J.4..a fUI i i R 11-T v r obtained in «. — costs about lid. each doae.. Tabaxacdm and PoDo*HYLrj#—A medicine viltbout mercury, is a mifeure of; jaices Jf4he as in tike and daijdeliOT plar*™, go«a tot heaMOM, totpiditv, costi veness, flatulence, heftrtbum, i-iidig6B- tioin, biiiouBuess, repugnance to food, general gi9- eofafort, depression, &c. Pepper's Taraxacum Podo- shyllin, bv stimulating tbe liver with a mos^ iclion on "the stomach, is the safest, moat -jraUkbit mldicine. Bottles, 2a. 6d. Sold everywhere. Insist on "having Pepper's. 0 fo DarkfjT(5*BY54»;—IICKJEH'S SWE,PHOR liAfV FtBSTollEK pn>dad0§ rfgerfec |ly patftral >ahjpae i*r j teW days. No hair restorer oflWea is Lcfckver'B Sulphur for its tv*■ > ir>K. vteant; 15 action on the hAir, causing it te .OW. Lh g bottles, la. 6d. Sold everywhere. Ossafnkss, Noisaa in the Ears, <fec. Dellab r Essence FOR Deafness is still the only remedy of ituy real worth. Its power of clearing the ear passages and often relieving oid cases has been proved Jilting a quarter of a century. Applied on cotton wool. Bottles, le.jljd., Spid where go A DELH»S*ti. Flavottb. —CrACRori-'s Arkca-Nth Tooth usiiiq, this delicious Aromatic Dentifrice, -of thb -teet-h becomes whiU. joWnd. and pulifhed ike ivory. It is exceedingi.i fragrant, -ir.d .lly need for removing incrusta- tions of tartar on neglected teeth. Sold by >11 Chemists. Pots, Is. and 2s. each. GetjCracroft s. LtVEX Compla'WT.—Three-fourths of onrfauctional derangements «f#.c»nsod ly.lint^rroption offh liver's action. -M fe^9 dcMK^a.o' Dandelion asii OmNiNE, Livt:h Pills, wMmst mercuiy, are a potent remedy. They perform all the benefits of mercury, withoat any of its disadvilntages and dangors. Dr. fling's Pills remove Pll liver and stenmch. com- plaints, biliousness, headache, sickness, shoulder psine, heartburn, indigestion", constipation, so ensur- ing perfect health. These old-fashioned Fills still keap 'ahead of all others as the great liver remedy Sola everywhere. !)&. EiNG's) LiVEB Pn.M, containing dandelion and luinine, wiihcit mercury, are far above all others ts the surestf-Mildaet mains nf rpmoving in/tigpskfltu, biliousness, headache, dyspepsia, obstructions and regularities of the liver and stomach, so eiwormg jerfoct health. Dr. King's Pills are sold every yfaare To Stop Conomna, a few doses of Pbfpbs* Wkitj' 130VOR Mixtuee arrests the most troubieeo me fit of •oughing, restoring relief and tranqaillny ta the rritated membranes and aii^pasaages. Southing, jouaforting, and demuloaut, its action is quite di Jer int frem ordinary Oongb Remediea. Bottles. Sold -Yeiy-where.- FOR Gabglinq THE THROAT AND Mouth, use i?E?PER's Taking Throat Gargle.—An plication of at service for sor^ 'throat, whether ^Uiflilffvmatory. relaxed, or 'Qle.iàt().. Tafanin Gargle-ii strocfcly rö. K»aktiended to speakers, singers, Ac. as greatiy pre ervative and sustaining. It is aleo a valuable ot.rifi-ir u a^o^ftrWReh", bei c-l-g- rec- Able, tattingt-tt, and cleansing. Bottles. Sola fillezy- re Sclphoune Soap is" A Toilet Soap contatoing 3t;J!.PHor.INffi,-H is a delicately refined, chemically pure Soap, {"W ftenfcrftl 'tse, and is free from -.he injurioas-acrtd"oil9 pt-culiar to common, ;mper (ectly prepared soaps. Bulpholice Soap i3 excellent ioc washing at all times and rendering the skin soft, I-a.r, and pliable. Tablets, 6J. each. Sold every ffhere To Enstjkb < Clha3 Bxlu-Salpholine Lotion elea ef all imperfections in a few days. Spots, Bleminbe I f>T|fcauns Objectionable Appearanc«a 9 ?.edneaa flafcfhnesB, Tan, Uncomfortable Skin Diafigure- manta Ac., however obstinate, entirely fade away leaving the Skin smooth, transparent, s&pple, natural and nealthy. Perfectly haxmleaa. S«4pholine if delightfully fragrant, cooling and lefaelhitig coon teracts effects of weather, aofieos, aad preservefl; Bottles 2a. 9d. Sold everywhere. Corns, Bowions, anb Enlarged TOID Joints.— Dbllar's Corn Al(D Bunion Plasters,are .the only, remedy. They differ from all plasters, shields, or compositions ever invested. By instaatly softnoing the callous surrounding the pain goea at once, the son soon follpwing. Bunions and enlarged ointa require mofe tieae for. perfect cure, hat the vction ia oertaia. Boxaa. Sold 1 Ckamiat* ft a* ..y I Qg5 u- J^mo hi j is ir^< fr05 ea!«sf; lOljSj OiUk —^ eb3 j^i- StPj-^o: ?*fl Z8 Pontypridd, Llantrisant, and Rfiondda YaDeys PERMANlNT BENEFIT BUILOING_S_0^ETY. Established i860. I>h:orpor"ted 1874. DIRECTORS!- Mil. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Pron, Pontypridd. Chairman. MR. JaMEIS RICHARDS, Treforest, Yice-chair- ■* vtR. JOHN MORGAN, Llartrisanfc, MR. WK. GRIFFITHS, Park Honse, Cardiff MK. DANIEL WILLIA MS, G)nsfryn, Pontypride. MR. RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. r MR. RICHARD LKWlS, Boot Depit, Tonypandy KEV. WM. PARRY, Taff Street, Pontypridd. MR. MOSES CULE, Pentrebach,|Pontypridd. Advances made-on. Mortgage in si £ ms varying from f,100 to 910,000, repayable in monthly -"■ ■■ or quarterly i. stalmeftU MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID Ð'J THE 8JCIETY. Advances made, the Shortest Notice. < FJor farther particnlars apply to the Secretary. MR. H S DA VIES, OLD POST-OFFICE CHAMBERS, Pontypridd. -0 I'M, t, S,TIFF&C- BRISTO PtULllP R. JAMES, PONTYPRJDD ANDgRHONDDA VALLEY. I Bill-poster and Town Crier I. RENTS ALLjTI^E pRINCrPAL POSTING STATIONS IN PONTYPRIDD AND RHONDDA YALLEY. HRSESand TRAPS kept for Hire, PIA^fr^ORTE ON HIRE. "Offices: Penuel Square, Pobtypridd. A MADE with BOILING WATER. E' El r r b S ""GRATEFUL—COM FORTINQ. '—— COCOA MADE WITH BOILING MILK. South WileisEmigratfoii Office, Pontypridd. JAMES ROBERTS LICENSED PASSENGER AGENT, Books toall partb of tht-j world and by all lines of steamers. Amtiacan Passes exch*.nged free ot cost, and his rasafepgere are pet in Liverpool by responsible Agent •on thdr rirfrVaJ. aiid conducted to'tbe Steamers LOWEST FARES TO ALL PARTSOi? Tr £ 3 WOILI,L- QUOTED PONTY FKIDD "OKN CROCKETT & Co. tn&BTJuuuu, lit Sosse Fai nishers. t :f Adulf Funnral*. 'Coack"fdt Viildren't Funerals. Wreaths in great pcu iti§ -■ ■ 1 i 11 r ■ i.,IhUdrm's eafam how M 7ri. .^ulU 'CoffiM A 258. oughed Oak Coffins with White Tria. 60a. ?n»Ilibier to carry 8 Innde and oofia rat- side from Poatypridd, Hoaka«t«WB, 'CdadiiieiiMaent vh«miroAa aad Tie-' forwt to Oemetary £ 1&b loMh to mrrj € inrld* »«d lUMa eoAs eaferidefiromibonpUoea tofliaitw. Oft« 30 IN OABDIFF R. B. BOULTON, ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DENTAL SURGEON ACTON HOUSE, ROATH ROAD, Opposite University College, OARDIFF., Having had great experience both in English and A.merican system3 of Dental practice, is enabled to give his patients the benefit of such experience in a manner which bat very few Dentists can offer; and being the Inventor of the Patent Composition) by which only a perfect impression of the mouth can be obtained, he is enabled to supply beautifully fitting Artificial Teeth of guaranteed workmanship, of natural appearance, and which defy detection. No Sea-horse Ivory Testh. No 3s. Teeth. X) Ribbish of any kin L RELIABLE TEETH: Partial Sets.from 5s. to 30s. Each. Sets Upper or Lower 11 50s. to 20 Guineas Inventor of the Al Amalgam Stopping, as usei by the best Dentists in Europe and America TEETH SA. VD by fillings, which last from 10 to 40 years, at Moderate Fees. Nitrons Oxide Gas administered daily at Cardiff by the best & safest method. Repairs Executed promptly on our own, or upon work made by other Dentists. lxtract from the" Chronicle," December 24/A, The work of the well-known Dental Surgeon, Mr R. B. Boulton, of Acton House, Cardiff, is very highly finished, and is the boat work we have ever seen." HOME ;ATTENDANCE DAILY FROM 10 TO 5. ,j ZLTOTICIE. And at Mrs. tr.l&RU'S, Chemist, Merthvr, the Second Wednesday in eachllmontbT f, from 12 to 3. {. 31, DANVILLE ROAD, DENMARK HILL, LONDON. rt;«i .iu->i:rh'v. oftJn&iiLtrs I vb^al< UJ;i e> >r« «gUk-. i vra ii. mt "U Printing'! Printing-! i ■i í ^fOt^sed at the I iao l Office of this Paper, tdofifttR riuo Se srviotsH ;o 1 *1 A T—.0 F_V;- G-EORG'S PILE AND GRÁVEL PILLS. i { E ;A MARVEiiLOUS REMEDY. WHAT WILL ITaDO»' It is more than Gold to me, -it saved my Life." WHAT WILL IT DO ? WBAT WILL IT DO J WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DOP WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WdAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL I» DO? WHAT W\LL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHA r WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL If DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT VO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT-WILL IT Do? WHAT WILL IT Do? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT-DOP WHAT:WfLiL IT POP WHAT*WILL IT DO. what'will it do WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO P WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHXT WlfcL iT • WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DOp -nI, A T, ,WlLrIT DO? ^-HAf WILt.1T DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL JT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT wnL IT-DOr WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL I3VDQ ? what Will it do? WHAT WILL IT DC If yon suffer Pain in the BACK and LoiNs, or between the SHOULDERS, this remedy will effectually remove them. If you are troubled with Irkitation of the Bladder, SappRBSbiof and Retknttok of the water, STONB or Gravel, the only Sakh & effectual Remedy ever Offkrkd TO THE WORLD is Georghj's p. and Gravkl Bills If tiae wnter is High Coloured, Thick, and depositing mnol; Sediment, lose no time, procure a box of Gkobge's PILLS, and you will soon be Eight again. If your JKidiieys and Liver are sluggish and out of order, this Reiaedy will gently stimulate these important organs, open 11 up their Clogged PASSAREC-, and promote the secretion of health) bile anti other vital tivildri. If you are a martyr to Xl>digestion, ItilioUttlteM*, and Constipation, you have a Sues Eemedy in GRoRojes Pills. If you suffer from any Bowel disorder, such as Plies, Con. stimton, Flatulence, Colic, you have here a Remedy you can always rely upon. If you suffer from Palpitation, and are afraid that yonr HEART is affected, yon will find these Pills an EFFICACIOUS Behboi. If yon suffer from Headache and Giddiness, Gecrge't Pills will remove these PAINS sooner than aoy other knows medicine. If you have Pain after Eatinjf, and feel, Drowsy nd Listless, one dose of George's Pills will act like a charm. If your Food turns lour and rises into the mouth, a. fdw doses of this Remedy will make your troubles a thing of the past. If you feel .e..vens. Excitable, and Low Spirited a perfect ANTIDOTE will be found in George's Pills. If you have a Disagreeable Taste in the mouth, a Single Dose of George's Pile and Gravel Pills at bed-time will clear the tongue before the dawn of another day. r' If Sleep ails to give yoa Itest. Try George's Pills. Ttley will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and Revive your Strength. If you feel unfit for Exertion, eali, and Xiintp, thie Remedy; will restore r yaur, Energy a t Strength, and will make ahouv atid Exercise th^ ^H^^KKNT of yc li. If vou are troubled with Mausea a 1 Vomiting* at thE tborpbt of en-ting, a bq4),f. George's ifilis ill make your meat and drit.k bell P>vottb.y and PLEA3ANT. IfybVi Blood is impure, it will keep pen all the importao ouilets of the bedy, and thus give free exit w 11.11 Gross Humours and ito <9>o&* JBlood Impurities will be seen burstipo through the Skin in Pimples, JUlotches, Mores Boils In thousands of case*; it haB removed from t^e Blood, rout and branch, Ktitelignat-le, Scorbutic, ScrolTuious Tainte alil otuer.I;Aunedieq. If yon have a tendency to Dropsical Swellings, this Remedy, by its action upon the Kidneys and SKIN, will soon bring u Jh^ou l|avjB »ilBcuUy of Breathing*, this remedy wiL prove a friend to you in the hour of need. Ic will change your constant ailing to freedom from pain. It will change the sallow complexion to the bloom of health. It will change your dicklines6 to vigour; your languor to activity and your general debility to firmness of sinew and muscle. It is Aperient, and therefore will remove ConstI- pation. It is Antihilious, and will, therefore, correct all rregnlaritiee £ the Liver. It it Diuretic, and will, therefore keep open the water passages. It is Tonic, and will, therefore tone and. vigour to the Digestive Organs. It is Bloed: PariO inr aad A ervemt§trenglheninir: it is, tbvefore ALL YOU WANT. These World-renowned Pilk art sold everywhere, in Boxes 1/11 and 2/9 eaeh. 6 OUGll BALSAI. For tle cure of Cengbs, OoUi ,As,rKrn«, IJohrsoness, Wh, 18- 7 A >pittina of Blood, Connuuqow Ii (I, r^ronohitiq. Whooping Cougk ) "^w-nhy of Breathing, and aU AASW t-u'-CH oi the Chest. and Lunga. ("; F.xtrsordinary Care ef a Omgif j; :x 'i es t/ standing, declared befovs weg. h to Administer Oatfaa ir, -»i>ixa.e Ccurt of Jodioata>% 1 Ri-r-KY .fAMES GAMMAGE, flf f i • i16 A 117, WideroarBh>atrMt» thi- itv of Hereford, Gontraotor J¡ i'ectntor, do solemnly and via .j ^«.C] ,re HR fallows :— but eight years ago 1 had a f ise • sttftck of rheomatic fever, front ■ hm I had recovered, I had a bad wild the mer/ical man who «.t ten ■< i tre, who is one of the Visit- \;1, ) I" ireons to the Hereford Infirzo- r y, I'! ed me that I never could be tr.or<,Kuhly cored from it. 2 Fsooi 1 but time until about two" jpirc 'i" I have pnilared more or lew Lloo, t;, KHtne cough, which at times worse than Rt others. I especially wus1 affected by i t i r, the m orni in ge when i cc>i v.p, when sometitnea I coughed u ti1 I Mnp «lrooRt suffocated, and I I eii,,uld I)e. stifled. 3 Dtinr;g those years I consulted aevt :<ii medical trAT), from following whose advice ohtsiced no relief, and ï" I taken vsrioue patvStmed>tSM with the SliU:P reanlt, and I è- gil—. op all hope of alleviating the cough. 4 A bout two ars ago I was reootn* oi«nded by a friend to buy a bottlaof '¡; George's Cough Balsam, And althoneh I hid no faith ia it* proving efficacious, I gave way to my friend's importunities, and purchased t a bottle. 5 From the FirstfBottle of George's Cough Balsam took I felt gteatly relieved, and I bought another bottle, which I tooII. and which effectually cured my oough. and since tL,, time 1 had no return of the conch. 6 If I- fiiid I have taken- oold I taka a dose of the Balaam as a preventative and I am now, and have been since X took George's Cough Balsam, t5 As free from Cough aa I ever was IS r my life. And I make tilia,solems deelaratioB &dnnimi.i,moly hmievi4g thn aante to be true, aDd by votne of the preft. sionfl of an Aot made and passed in tbe 40- fifth atid sixth years of the r-Oign of bit late Majesty King William IV, inti- tuled "An Act to repeal an Aot of do present Session of Parliament, Ut tnled ae Aet for the atore effeotaat Abolition of Oaths and AM taken and made in various de ments of the State, and to nbatitmte (: Declarations in lien thereof, and fc* the more entire snppreesioa of volmw. If> tary and extraj udicial Oatbs and AfiSrw matlona, and to makwother provisions for the abolition of unnecessary Oaths." f- Taken and declared at 16, Bedford- row, in the County of Middlesex, this < 8th day of October, 1880, before C. Loot* 'Mules, a "Ovanmisslonwr. to Administer Oaths if the Supraaa %urt of J ndioature. 1: Hlr. JUTE Giiaueik Mr B. A. Objbge.— etar Spr-pPleaw send me t&eetgross < Cough Balsani <t at onoe, asNL wall be jpiite dot in few days. The sale raring the pxo. sent winter has been the greatest I have yet had, as many a thirty bottlaat having been purchase at my shop ia v S day. This has beei aansed entirely by the recommendati a of those whr have TMted its efSoao I JIFD, dear air, yoi a faithfully, Philip ALPII, High Town Hereford, J anary 17,18Mw OAUTK 8 Tfo Pnblio atai parti* Jarfy reqaestad to observe tfi^afrMie wo it"«BORQE,a COUGH BALSAM" i re stamped on eaoh Bottle. None G. Attina without. The "COUGH BA ÆAM" will be footid peoniinrly serr sesble for B&. LIEVING ALL PAH S, from what* ever oausing arising, i ieh as TOOTH- ACRE, FAFACIIE,. lAIN IN TU8 OllItS I- OR BOWELJ. DIABBHCBA, Ac., Ac. Bold in Hbttles, atl if and 2/9 eaoh, by most v i enaista an« Medicine Y* .t"8 in til World. B. A. GEOI IGE, MspiCAL ALi, gi PENTBE, PO TYPRIDD, ( lAMOBdA HBBm l' George's Cough Balsam. Members of Parliainect, Military Commanders, Clergymen, Pablio Speakers end Siuge/s, Oaptaius of Ships, School rni*rsters,,in d others, upon whom the aggravations of a bad cough bad imposed tLa necessity for relin- quishing cheir euy>loypenc, have beeq enabled by taking George's Cough Balsam. LAMBING SEASON CORNER'S DE VOxVSHI RE OILS For Sheep, Horses, and Cattle. STAND anrivalied in vAh-io ia the SEASON OP LAMBING. ThooHaDds of Ewea and Lambshavr beeu.saved by their use ui c-jiste cof Oc^de, laflam*- tions, Swollen auB Black TJddcrtf,' Scoar, and to ma vent Heavinir. Eatablisned 55 yc-Asy.—Prompth/ used is unequalled for any exttrnal or internal aalmeu', or accident A fine EMBROCATION for Brokon Kueee, Galls,Chans Bruises, Swellings, Inilammatious, Sprains, Lanse^* ness, Sprang Tendons, &c. Sold everywhere. 2s wine size. Scour in Lambs mastered bv the DE VOW- SHIRE COMPOUND. (Never fails.) 2s hYnnrt 4a6d.—CORNER'S FAMILY EUJIROCATIONfor Colds in the Chest,Rh3umatism,Chilblains,Accidents &c., Is lid.-Writo for Testimonials, Propriety Richard Corner, Wellington, Somerset, whose siir- nafcure 18011 eacir-Bottle or it is spurious. Raaittnr^ Trade Mark ".IjEVONSHlRE." Colliery Oiiices, Cardifl, February 13th, 1883L e Mr Riohash Coknsk.—Doar Sic,—We have pie surei n stating thai we havo for some time past eee. using your DavoNsixiAs OiLs for our Horses, and one people advise ns, with very satisfactory results. Wa have over 70 Horses at our Colliery. We have seat; you a renewal of our Orders.—We are, dear Sir maK truly, GEO INSOLE A SON: 7