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Ratepayers' Protection Association…


Ratepayers' Protection Association Meeting at Porth. THE ELECTIOFS. A largely-attended meeting of the Porth and Dis- trict Ratepayers' Protection Association was held at the Washington Hotel, Porth, on Monday evening, Mr W. Griffiths occupving the chair. Amongst those were the following:—Messrs David Powell, William Williams (Meton), D. G. Davies, J. H. Thomas, W. H. Meredith, Ebenezer Rees, D. Davies, John Davies, Cymmer, Levi Rees, JohH Davies, Porth Hotel, John Morgan, Hafod, Henry Abraham, William Cole, William Howells, John Davies, grocer, J. Williams, T. A. Limbrick. J. E. Lloyd, T. P. Jenkins, J.P. J The Chairman having briefly opened the meeting, called upon Mr Idris Williams, Brynglas. to read a paper upon the "Local Rates and their Bases." Mr Williams complied, and read a remarkably in- teresting paper, which we shall publish in our columns next week. The Chairman afterwards expressed great pleasure at haying beard such an interesting paper, and invit- ing discussion or questions. Mr Levi Rees, Porth, asked if the assistant over- seers or overseers of the parish had to go round the district to assess new property, because in Llanwonno parish a boy about 16 years of age seemed to be doing that kind of work. The Chairman remarked that he had asked that question of an overseer who had been in otdce for 22 years, and the reply given was "No v.e never go to see anywhere at all we only put plenty down, so that you may appeal to the Commissioners if you like." (Laughter.) Mr D. L- Limbrick was ghd to find that the advice conveyed in the paper was that ratepayers should look after their own interests. Mr J. Morgan said he had been speaking to an over- seer as to the duties, and be could get no explanation as to what they were, except to sigu cheques. as to what they were, except to sign cheques. Mr Idris Williams replied that the overseers could I put anydne they liked to do the work, but they were responsible. He believed that, in the past, Ystradv- fodwg parish had been rated lower than the other parishes, and that was been use they had deviated trom therule laid down by the Assessment Committee. .-they took 30 per c<mt. oif the gross rental, whereas in the other parishes they only deducted 15 per cent. A complaint was raised against them the other day-- the Assessment Committee was called together to a consider the question, and the result was that the other parishes were instructed to adopt the same plan as Ystradyfodwg. (Applause.) Mr Levi Rees cited an instance of 50 houses being j assessed at £100, and a charge made of £ 42 for the work. Mr T. P. Jenkins said there was do doubt this ques- tion of rating was intelligible to very few—(hear, near)—and yet it was a most important matter. Com- petition was becoming keener and keener, and profits smaller and smaller. Tile only way in which trades- people could at all meet this pressure was by closely watching, and endeavouring to curtail, expenditure. Mr Davies grec .>r,Fa;d it was necessary to watch the election of Guardians as well as overseers, as if the Guardians voted the money, the overseers were obliged to furnish it. Mr J..Morgan, Hafod, concurred, and said Gnar- dians were too ready, very often, to increase salaries, even in these days of keen competition and small profits. The Chairman said the majority of members elected on the Llantrisant School Board were Libera- tionists, and yet that Board allowed Church people ths use of the schools and gas. Mr Limbrick No politics, if you please. (Laugh- ter and ''hear, hear.") Mr J. Davies Besides, they pay for the light. The Chairman regretted having transgressed the rule. Mr Idris W illiams said personalities seemed to be more thoroughly appreciated by ratepayers than big questions. That seemed to come out even here to- night." (Laughter.) In Ystradyfodwg parish, he remembered a vestry being convened to vote £ 10,000 towards a cemetery yet the attendance was so small that the overseers had to send out for a ratepayer to come in to help them; but a short time afterwards, when X30 had to be voted to the assistant overseer for work done, there was a large vestry, the room being crowded. (Laughter.) ° After some further discussion, Mr D. Powell said there was not a single overseer for Llanwonno parish residing in or near Porth. He thought they should have someone. Mr Idris Williams proposed that Mr John Morgan, Hafod, have the support of the Association. Mr Henry Abraham seconded.—Carried. Mr John Edwards, Brittan iia, complained that the Guardians recently voted an in the salaries of the master of the workhouse and the Eghvysiian relieving ofdcer, and in regard to the latter "the only 9 ground urged by the Rev. D. W. Williams was that he had 10,000 acres to travel. Well, if that was a sufficient reason, all the officers would by and by be asking for the same thing. Yet only five Guardians voted against the increase. They knew who the five were. Mr John Davies, Cymmer, said some Guardians ] had not attended Qnce. Mr Idris Williams remaiked that no more faithful or conscientious Guardians than Mr Aaron Cule and Mr Thomas Jones, Maiudy, existed, and unless some stronger objection could be raised against them than had been mentioned he must distinctly say he would not vote against them. Mr T. P. Jenkins suggested that Mr Williams j should go with the majority whichever way they went. (Laughter and "hear, hear.") Mr Idris Williams thought they might ask the old j members to come to a, luturo meeting and give thsir reasons. Mr W. "Williams (Meton) said all who had read the reports of the meetings of the Guardians, as given in the Chronicle, were competent to judge for themselves, and they had already made np their minds. The ex- planation of conduct, should have been given a. the Board meetings—not here. Mr J. Davies, Cymmer, proposed that a public meeting be held after the nominations had been made, so as tu consider the claims of candidates. This was seconded Ly Mr John Edwards, and agreed to. Ur J. E. Lloyd suggested that nominations be made now, as Monday would be the last day. Mr John Davies Let us nominate whoever we like; it does not matter if there are thirty. Mr Rce«, schoolmaster: ft would be ridiculous to nominate 12 or 13, and then ask them to withdraw. Mr Idris Williams proposed that the nominations be left open. Mr Cole seconded, and it was carried. Mr T. P. Jenkins, Mr J. Davies (Porth Hotel), and others remarked that the feeling was evidently divided upon this question, and it was better Dot to press it. The meeting was then brought to a close with votes of thanks to Mr Williams for his paper aud to the chairman. Mr T. P. Jenkins was invited to read a paper at the nexi meeting.










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