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Pontypridd Police Court.



RHONDDA JOTTINGS. (BY RAMBLER). The inhabitants of Ystrad Rhondda, to the nnmber of about 4000, have suffered great incon- venience for many years for want of railway facilities. The principal part of the locality is situated half-way between Ystrad and Llwynpia stations. In order to reaoh either station they are bound to travel this distance, and this is folt as a great hardship, and particularly so during the wintor months. Distressing circumstances often unfortunately compel many familiesto travel bythe morning trains. Old people and children must suffer much unpleasantness. Some months ago this with other various potent reasons induced an influential deputation to wait upon the Taff Yale Railway directors anent the grievance. The deputation consisted of the following gentlemen: The Revs. William Lewis, vicar of Ystradyfodwg T. H. "Williams, Home Missionary; Messrs D. Evane, Bodringallk House; E. W. Lewis, Sur. veyor, Ystrad; E. H. Davies, E. Richards, Thos. Thomas, grocer; D. Lloyd, grocer; D. Ware, Boot Warehouse; D. Yorath and Gomer Thomas. The directors received the deputation very kindly. After the subject was fully discussed the directors promised to consider their prayer carefully, and requested plan of the spot where the station should be established. This was done in a few days, viz., a plan was forwarded. Since, nothing has been heard of the matter. Notwithstanding this the inhabitants hold out a hops that their grievance will have due consideration, they feel sanguine or success as the directors heard their voice in such an agreeable manner. The Ystrad Reform Society has been warmly supported by the Ystrad Chamber of Trode. A question has been asked whether the members belonging to the first society have folded their arms. To this we venture to offer a reply that the members have not allowed the matter to drop, bat they are of opinion they should approach the question with care and respect. Of ljta th9 directors have been embarrassed with the amalgnmation of toe- Bate Dock Scheme, &c., and as the deputation who. waited upon them re railway booking office at Ystrad Rhondda are conscious of this they are anxiously ''pegging awoy," as suggested by one correspondent. However, the society will soon move in the matter again, but they wish to do so in a way th»t Avili eventually prove satisfactory to both parties. We will refer to this matter more fully, or rather add the reasons adduced in favour of establishing a railway booking office in the neighbourhood just mentioned. We hope t'e in- habitants and many others who are deeply con- cerned in the movement will not receive an an- swer from the directors in the negative. A The Ystrad Board of Health election will scon be upon us. I hear that an influential com- mittee was held at the Pentre Hotel, on Friday evening, in favour of one of the candidates, viz., Mr E. Wiliiam Lewis, surveyor, Rhondda Rise, Ystrad Rhondda. Several tradesmen and work- men were in sympathy with the movement. Mr Lewis has resided in the valley for upward" of twellty years,and has been engaged as surveyor by Messrs Crawshay Bailey. One matter of great importance will come ere long under the notice of the Ystrad Board of Health, namely the Sewerage Scheme, which will involve the expenditure of some thousands of pounds. Consequently the rate.payeis will show wisdom if taey chosp n. gentleman of his tact and experience to watch their interest. The aid of a surveyoriof standing would of necessity be of great service. Irrespec- tive of this Mr Lewis could with sound judgment advise equally as well on other matters. I know Mr Lewis p;raonally, and we can safely say that ho is entitled to a warm support by the inhabit- ants of this ward. I know him to be a kind- hearted gentleman, who hasftalways evinced bis generosity to those in need, and always ready to foster every good cause in the district. He has rendered valu ible aid ir endeavouring with others to obtain a station for Y&trad Rhondda. Upon j him devolved the greatest p ict of the work, viz., in preparing a map of the neighbourhood. I hear that a central and SUtJ-cowmitlee have been ap- pointed, and the programme is likely to be carried out effectively. It is announced that Mr E. H. Davies, I'entre, will in all probability contest the seat, which Mr Lewis tries to secure. .*oJt The success which hag attended the efforts of those concerned with the children's concert at Tonypandy has been often tile subject for a plea- sant discussion. The appearance of the children elicited wirm approbation. Indeed, they were beautifully equipped. The training they had UL- dergone reflected great credit upon their instruc- tors and themselves. The object was good, viz. the proceeds for the first two nights were in aid of the Teachers' Orphanages nnd Benevolent Funds, and the sum of about ZCIO (che proceeds of Friday evening's concert), was given to a blind man named Juned, of Trealaw, who about nine months aero met with an accident^which has caused him and his family to suffer adverse circumstances. While upon this head, we cannot understand why the good people of Tonypandy and the surrounding neighbourhood do not establish' a Town Hall. L attended one of the concerts, and can therefore siv (I, little on the inconvenience caused to the iisUntis. The EtjRuezor Chapel is a commodious editice. notwithstanding which it was crowded on mcT i than one occasion. When a concert is an- nounced, it is patronised by different classes. We have on record that some persons have attended places of amusement with no other object than to create a disturbance, We are far from thinking any one attended these concerts wi .h this ob- ject but we <*au say this much—had anything happened accidentally, and a person had been ter riiied at the incident, a great, confujion might huve b[>en the result. To must of our chapels we have one, and in some cases, wo exits. It has come to my nund very often that had anything happened in the way iudic-ited, a serious calamity wouid have inevitably been the result. Independent of this it causes great ;noonverue,;ee to persons at- t,.nding such plaoes, by the passages being blocked by persons for soma time, w-.ica hinders people from reaching their h LLies in proper time. Loot- itog at these matters in their true light we are of opinion that large halls should be aL the disposal of couc-evt ppers, & in every district, lilo* Treor- ky, Porth, Tonypandy, &n. In one of the topical verses that were gt.rg it was hinted that a own H..11 would he in ex.stence a,, l onypatdy w ri it would be" required in the moon," or something to that > fleet We are of a different opinion, the goed men of Tonypandy, like "urMCives, feel tiie need of o';e at present, but such a step cannot be m'lde in such a hasty rnnnner. However, I respectiuily suggest to the itjh*bif:»nts the desira- bility of adopting fiurh course to, add credit to t.he place, besides offering better facilities in carrying out good objects to a successful issue W,, t-ius u move in this respect will soon be m ide in T.. :yp.t,dy.



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