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THE MOBBS' ESTATE. The dispute with respect to the Mobbs' estate at Hoxton has assumed a new feature. The case was before Mr. Justice North, in the Chancery Division, the other day. Reed, the plaintiff in the present action, who holds some property at Hoxton under a lease from Lord Alington, asked for an injunction to restrain the defendant, who is a bricklayer, named Salmon, from receiving the rents of 15, Clift-street, Hoxton, a house which is let out in weekly tene- ments. The circumstances are peculiar. The well- known Mr. Mobbs claims to be the owner of Hoxton property, a portion of which is the house in question. The tenants refused to pay rents, as there was a dis- pute as to the ownership of the house,and defendant got the plaintiff's authority not only to collect the rents, but to distrain on defaulters. He received 18s., and paid the amount over to the plaintiff; but he took possession under a distraint, and then claimed as lessee himself under a lease granted to him by Mr. John Mobbs. The plaintiff sought an injunction against him, restraining him from collecting the rents, and also asked for an order against the defendant prohibiting him from representing himself as tho owner of the house. The defendant aBked for a re- ceiver, as there was a dispute as to the ownerships Mr. Justice North restrained the defendant from col- lecting the rents or interfering with the plaintiff or hif agents. He said he could not restrain him from repre senting himself as the owner of the house but if hl thought.he had any case he could set it in a counter. claim.

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