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LAWN MOWERS, LAWN MOWERS. T. LEMON & SONS beg to inform tke Public that they have just erected a new Patent Automatic Machine for Grinding Lawn Mower Knives and Cutters with the greatest accuracy,, which cannot be done by hand labour. All machines forwarded to them for repair, or to be re-ground and set, will be sent out of their Works quite equal to new, and at moderate charges. The Hayes Engineering Works, CARDIFF. .JO; W. H. KEY'S Reliable w Preparations. — -'K7'7C-'4 K:EfY'S Blood Purifier Clears the Skin and eradicates all impurities from the Blood; it is also an Excellent Spring and Autumn Medicine. -<>- Key's Effervescent COOLING SALINE, A household remedy, perfectly harmless, that can be taken at any time by young and old, and in all Climates. This pleasant and refreshing Saline will be found exceedingly valuable in Purifying the Blood and C<For1Bmoti8yHeaaacbe and all Bilious it will be found very beneficial, acting as a mild aperient and also on the liver and kidneys. Id all Dyspeptic Affections it will act by removing JfiW, dispelling wind,, and thus preventing the disagreeable fulness experienced. i ^Febrile Complaint, it may bo advantage, allaying the fever and proving a most refreshing beverage. — o- KEY'S LAXATIVE ELIXIR, Specially recommended for Persons of Costive V Habit. -.0- KEY'8 SPECIFIC CURE, Ftr Neuralgia, h'heums, lace-Ache, or 'j'ooth-Ache. Ore Dose always relieves. 1w0 Doses always Cure. -0- Key's Concentrated Constitution BITTERS. For I cfi;(-t* A YPetite. Liver Complaint, Gene.ral Debility, Pjfpepeia, &c., these Bitters are in- valuable. Tbev are prepared from the choicest herbs onlv and, while possessing powerful tonic Pr°" are perfectly harmle-e to the most dehoat constitution. JAME& Pectoral Balsam Of Horehound, Marsbmallow, Irish Moss, and Aniseed. James' Aperient Globules. A SUBSTITUTE FOR CASTOR OIL. tBach of these Globules is equal to an ordinary Boø. of Castor Oil. -0 Tsr BVE PILLS. Speedy and ( ertain Care for Tic-Doloreux, Tooth- ache and àl1 Nerve Disorders. f O THE YOL!I,LC LACIES"' PILLS, ofvnnelv recommended for Pale Delicate Youeg Ladies suffering from Debility, &z. w. Fl. CBEMIST 31FF STREET, \q3\j IvEY, A.1) DENTIST, POKTYPBIM. MASTERS & COMPANY e&w B\JP JhWtfht <N" xJbi I "THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS," I I 80, TAFF STREET. PONTYPRIDD. Also at 29 and 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 18 and 19, Castle Street, Swansea 39 and 40, High-street, Newport; 124,High- street, Methyr 11, Canon-street, Aberdare George-street, Pontypool; and 70, Frogmore-steet, Abergavenny. BESPOKE DEPARTMENT. have pleasure in informing our numerous customers and others that we have just completed our arrangements for the coming season, consisting of the choicest selection from West of England, Irish, Scotch, and Yorkshire Manufactures, and feel assured that the high character of these goods will secure the Orders of all those who study economy and wish to be well dressed. i In consequence of the considerable increase in our trade during the past six months, we have not been able to execute Orders so promptly as we could desire and whilst apologising for deficiency in this respect, we beg to assure our Friends that we have made such EXTENSIVE ABBAIVGEMEIVTS to increase our production that such delays we trust will not occur in the future. In addition to our efforts to guard against delay in the execution of Orders we will still give particular attention to the Style and Finish of our garments, and are confident that they will be found second to none in the trade. We take the opportunity of thanking our large connections for the confidence reposed in us for a period of over 20 years and to again express our determination of strictly adhering to the same principles that have won for us the confidence of so many customers. v ✓ 28 & SSO, HIGH-STREET, JOHN JAMES & CO., I General Drapers and Silk Mercers. The Noted House for Millinery, Mantles, and. Costumes. Experienced Dressmakers and Mantlemakers on the Premises, under the management of competent hands. Charges in strict accordance with Ready Money principle. Fit and Style guaranteed equal to any West End London House. JOHN JAMES & CO. are now showing in their various departments the LATEST FASHIONS for Autumn wear. DRESS FABRICS IN ALL THE NEW MATERIALS; TRIMMINGS AND PLUSHES TO MATCH. Mantles, Jackets, and Costumes. A Grand Assortment of High-class Goods. The Models are secured for the Season by J.J. & Co. FRENCH & ENGLISH MILLINERY. THE CHOICEST AND LARGEST ASSORTMENT OUT OF LONDON. Plain Drapery, Blankets, Quilts, Flannels, and Household Linen at Manufacturers" Prices. I A lull range of their well-known guaranteed French Kid Gloves, at Is. llfd. per pair; in two buttons, two clasps, four buttons, 4 and four clasps Black and Colours. THEIR NOTED CHALLENGE COSTUME, AT 10s. lid IN ALL THE NEW MATERIALS. Fine Selection of FURS in Jackets, Dolmans, Dolmanettes, Capes, Muffs,' Flouncings, &c. LI JOHM JAMES CGIMF^RJlir, The Renowned House for Fashionable Goods. ThegBest —— Article at the Lowest Price. Pontypridd, Llantrisant, and Rhondda Ya 11% PSEMAUEiTT BENEFIT BUILDINC SOilETY. Established 1866. Incorporated 1874. DIRECTORS* MR. RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd, Chairman. 1) MR. JOHN MORGAN, Llantrisaut, Vioe-chair- man. MR. CHARLES BASSETT, J.P., Brynffynoa Ponty pridd. MR. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Fron, Pontypridd. MR. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforest. MR. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Gltvsfiyn, Pontypridd MR. WM. GRIFFtTHS. Taff Villa, Pontypridd. MR. E. C. SPICKETT, Maeayooed, Pontypridd. Advances made on Mortgage in sums varying from £100 to £ 10,0;j0, repayable in monthly or quarterly i stalments. MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID BY THE SJCIETY. Advances made ( the Shortest Notice. For further particulars apply to the Secretary, MR. H. S. DAVIES, OLD POST-OFFICE CHAMBERS, Pontypridd. CASH ADVANCED ON LEASEHOLD AND FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. FOR SHARES apply to JAMES ROBERTS,. ± Inanlrance and Emigration Anent. THE GRAI POST OFFICE, HTGH-ST., PONTYPKIDD. Tne Mertbyr and Dowlais Building Society. Established 1872, and Incorporated under the Building society's Act, 1874. LOANS made on Mortgage at the shortest notion in same varying from ^filOO to £ 10,000, repayable by monthly or quarterly instalments in three to thirteen years, at option of borrowers. Tables of Re-Payments, Costs of Mortgages, and Surveyor's Fees, have been revised, and consider- ably reduced. THE SOCIETY NOW OFFERS SPECIAL AD. VANTAGES TO BORROWERS, the Scale of Re- low "r^dt8 and Frehminar^ oha' ges being greatly The utmost Secrecy maintained. For particulars apply to the Secretary, Ma PETJJB WILLIAMS, at the Office of this Society, 50, Glebelaud-street, Merthyr Tydfil. W. COOPER PEiT" MORTGAGE BROKER, ESTATE AGENT$C, 8, St. John's Square, Cardiff, and Pontypridd. Sole Agent for the MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BUILDIKG SOCIETf CARDIFF, PONTYPRIDD, BARRY, &c. Several Eligible Household Properties for Sale in the Rhondda Valley, near Pontypridd, Cardiff, aud Barry. stsasa ou application, PompRIDD HOUSE PROPER AND INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, ON> POST OFFICE CHAMBERS PONTYPRfDD DIRECTORS Mil JAMES ROBERTS) Taff VaU How, Tn. forest Chairman. Ch^aGnE0EGE KmhU Tonypandy, Yioa. MR RICHARD ROGEfcS, Pontypridd. MR EVAN DAVIES, The Walk, Cardiff. MR EDWIN PHILLIPS, Pontypridd. MR THOMAS THOMAS. Gwom-y-Gerws. Treforcst Secretary—MB H 8. DATI. a. Offices-Old Post Office Chambers. Pontypridd. This Company is prepared to receire Deposits of £ 10 and upwards repayable at Three Months- Notice, and to bear Interest at the rate of lar Founds per Centum per Annual, pqab"- Half- yearly. Apply to the SeoNtar? as abova R. G. SCOTT, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLLER, 37, Hannah Street, Perth, Late W. L. Jones, BEGS to call attention to a f, w Va-M"? li "8 in 1) WATCHES CLOCKS, & JEWELLERY. Extra Strong Kn- lish < hronotneter Balance Silver Lever dust proof, Oap and Extra Jewelled, £558. Ladies' Hall Marked Silver Geneva, Crystal Glass Extra Jewelled, otily J61 If. The above Watehea ire the best %LAlue ever offered. All Watches Id by R.G. are warranted for 5 years. Eight-Day Striking Clocks fiom 18^, Silver Ear- rinza from Is per pair, Silver lirooci'-t-; fr..m Is 6d each. Other Articles too numerous to mention equally cheap. ø- All Accounts owing to W. L. J'wes are now payable to me, R.O. >cott Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery of every description Repaired and Cleaned on tb* shortest notice by competent workmen. All Wat-'hea and ( locks repaired and cleaned at 'be aoo"" establishment ■will be kept in ordor for Twelve Months Free of Charge. All Purchasers of Wedding RinTs will receive a WEDDING PRBSENT of Half-a-aozen best Tea Spoons.