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MARRIAGE OF THE ABCHDEACOH'S KEPHEV UD MISS KBILL, TOHYPAM. On Tuesday morning, in spite of the rain, the Tonypandy folks were all on the qui vive, and fall of interest :in the family of Mr Knill, Parade, Cardiff, and Postmaster, Tonypandy. Mr Knill is one of the most esteemed citizens in the district, and as postmaster has won the confidence of all, while his local position is highly icfluential. He baø officiated as charcbwaden for many years, and has served also on the Board of Guardians. The interest arose from the wedding of Mr Knill s only daughter, Miss Jenny Knill, to the Rev. Compton Strim, curat* of Llanraboo, and nephew of the Venerable Archdeacon Griffiths. The wedding OPremony took place at Yatrad Church, the oiBciat- ing clergyman beinst the Toner-ble Archdeeeon Griffiths, Llandaff, assisted by the Rev. W. Lewis, Vicar of Ystradyfodwg and Roral Dean, and the Bey. T. Rogeis, B.A., Vicar of St. Andrew's, lilwynpia. The father gave the bride away, the best man being the her. T. Jenkins, carat* of St. John's, Cardiff. There were four young brides- maid3, first oonsias of the bride, whose dresses were the admitation of all: Miss Agnes Thomas, aged 12; Miss Helen Thomas, aged eight, daughters of Mr. John Thomas, Llwynpia; Miss Varetta Thomas, 11; Miss Sally Thomas, nine, daaghters of Mr Edwin Thomas, nnole of the bride. The bridesmaids were dressed in cream silk bonnets, with pale blue satin buws, cream dresses to match, with bine sashes, bine satin stookinars and slippers. The bride was dressed in travelling costume of grey cashmere, trimmed with plash and bonnet to matchi and carried a magnificent bouquet of camelias mixed with maiden hair fern. after the ceremony the breakfast took plaoe, the Archdeacon presiding, and the hearty way toasts were proposed and received testified to the esteem in which the bride and her parents Mr and Mrs Knill are held not less so the bridegroom, related as he is to the well-kuown 4tad ever popular Archdeacon. The priwvta were numerous and costly. We append a list :-M r and lira John Thomas, beautiful clock and ornaments to mateh in eases; Mrs Griffiths, Cardiff, toil*t cloth 31re Morgans, Tredegar, teapot cosy Mr Bodge, Cardiff, crotchet shawl; Miss Hodge, silver hot water jng; Mrio Baikti, plate basket; Mrs Cavies, Abraeron, wrought fender stool co,.er J Mill Maretta Thomas, two brackets; Mrs Phillips, outfitter, pair of fith carvers; Her. T. Rogers, B.A., band pointed desert servicee; Miss Jones, Malady, Abergavenny, biscuit jar Mrs Vlnnday and Miss Evans, breakfast cruet; Now. D. Francis, hand- printed jogs and goblets to match; ldrs -,Morris, Tonypandy, pair of silver flower stands; Mrs Griffiths, Cardiff, silver sugar basin; Mrs Ball, ohina egg stand Mrr Edwin Thomas, silver dinner out glass caator; Mrs Penduck, breakfast oraet stand; Mrs Williams, Tonypandy, silver pioirle fbrk Dr. Jones, Tonypandy, pair of silver salt oellars; lit J. Pngh Daviea. Aberaeron, breakfast eruet Mr Oanstill, silver sagar basin; Rev. T. Jea- kins, Cardiff, ofiver biscuit box; Mrs Lewis, Vicar- fte. biliverwater jng; Mr* Evans, London, silver dinner gnag; Mrs Stewart and Mr sister Miss John, silver biecait box; Mr Reea, Tonypandy, oaaa of silivr ant markers; Mr* James, Cardiff, pair ef wrought math; Mrs Thomas, Cardiff, elaret jag; Krs Young, biscuit jar; Mrs Griffiths, Aboryiotwiti4 Asit cellars and mastaid pot; Miss Edwards, Aberystwitb, &ilvor inkstand; Mrs Fred Richards, stsrsaUds Stand; Miss Baker, Cardiff, faa; Mr J. Morgans, butter kail*; Miss Parry, Tonypandy. ytokl* im k Ids D. B. Joaes. Aborawas. pick- I* fork; lira Da vies, draper. pair of oak-mossted salters; Hr Davios, Aborseron, brrakfaat toast rack and Or aat asaad eoaibiaed; Mr Nork, joilver napkin rings; Mr* Archdeaooa Griffiths, Neath, case of nilww apooa*; the Pest OS** assistants, silver to-or stands; Miss Morgans, pair of ornaments. 1In Blown, tea and Coffee service; servants of the ( bwa*, lower staad; Mrs Evans, cas* of teet-spoons ipoUlei); Mrs Jon* Tonypandy, s*tof ware; In Jenkins, biecnit jar; Mrs Cooling, looking glass; Mr* J. Jones, breed tray and ornaments; Kn Evans, mannalade Aerid; Miss Ellen J. Evans, Aberaema, pickle fotks; Capt. Jcnee's daughter, .Abenwr. D, silver salt cellar; Mr Davism, Aberaeioqi tftttew knife; Mia* Sally Thomas, photograph frame; )(i88 Aaa Davie*, preserve spoon and hotter; Jlr. Taraer, hot water jug; Miss Evans. Yooygraig, pair bconse ornaments; lire Lax, LI-YaPini.: beaatital pearl handled silver batter kaifl*.

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