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IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Chafes in Advertisements SHOULD BE SENT IN BY W E D N E S D AY ? -T(w. SECURE INSERTION. ,AA, Ne.wg should alao be sent, in by Wednesday 11. j.. nigljt. ,.i V,v'v.- ^H 90OKSI BOOKS! BOOKS 'j' r-:) 'I BOOKBINDING, ? BOOKBINDING, BOOKBINDIW "r.' MATLT AID OBUfWr son At v: B. DAVIEW iiC C.4 >tl !t "CDtOIICU" STIlI FlUTM 8m 23 A 24, MILL STRUT, ..c, -0 NTTPBI Db, JJm- PRINTING 8 (,' neatly ?-YisWI A and _4- -j,o. promptly at the \,V,J »51 i WW Snn Pbhbo Too ■1 •- PONTYFBlDlX "qQ ,iMtMBTIII,•» Mi Sou, or uaa, !»♦ r •• V«t> OtiMn, go D*«W rrtatlng Werka, »* 14,1181 Stoeat, t, HUTDBILLa An CIRCULARS for Tradaea*. and Othen, la km or nail aaaifeMV •»YEDITIES«IY S|D BII»S»LRCKW'*LL>#TIEE' TWU Fri»frf W«A«, M A M, Mill Street, Pea»y Pd". "gMHICLS" STIli anfug WOMl TJILL, nrroic*. KHMORANDUM AND NOTI D H1AMNOS, promptly aad tastefully priaurf •I D*tW Steam PriBtisg Works, 2S *4 Mill Street, Jsatjpsidd. Mill Street, Jsatjpsidd. BUrXBUFTDT VOUlfB, Nmm^i of Creditors Hsolings, m4 (Rkfarii of Solicitors' priatiaj mnN M DwW St«M Printing Works, m Mk xm JMpt, Pontypridd. 0- A UdTlONltBlir *ILL8, Catalogue^ cud otba. Oc -mmmBOmmti ti DkrW Steam >dntia# Works, 18 AM, Will Unit. Peatyaridd. > 'J juiu •' Vir hw.53 MLMj/9 ll I SA10D2/9 SJBMM OHIMRf DISEASES: nn, Bfefciy agroo* of by tbe Ntital SS»«aJij,E»ec*iTe where tttardmi ML 8M leeftlncntela fRMjMrMtfl VtMni) wt*M iHmk efttttft, •JftStW&S. a«Mja AI» ad»*x2*ea, i £ £ I This infallible, painless, ill ctttaia tMMlf, I-Dfto. daeed by J. IIUNDAY, has obtained a world-wide wk potation. The effieaey at M Yntssnra nay be by ita bawag-aaaai aatasal mt SO fun' ttmba§» which had r««i«t«d aB other ronediM. It Soceaads wber. all Plastara aai Catatfaa ten failad Iniemwisg botrbaWor soft Cons ad Iluts. la BotAles, VWoo is., by Pait is U. < Frvm lifflt. Harit MulUr. Kr Mnnday, t Amstardaa. Sadaai. Dear Sir,—I boaght hottl* of yaar anrom >ridiBa'' lome cix montlis ago in Puis, which etlrtd ■>«, sad u I m a pTincipal danccr you know taj feet are taf liring. Tka bottl*] bought did the service you recommended It, but I bmol another one afterwards whieh WAS forged and aa faad. Aall want a bottle of oF.Kam for. friend 01 De, who 18 aaailf mad with pain, wiU yoa pleaaeaand me one Ctred t* HdOa. KAKIt K1mLD. From Mr. D Anthony, Sxemmta. 4 Dear Bir,- I myself have suffered with corax, and tYW4 several of the certain cores which people boast they have, bat they &I! foiled in my eue. I then got a bottle of jaoi Viridine," .in 1 by applying tome nightly to the eetn I waji worptitted to find I could draw it clean op I BOW aaeloM stamps for another bottle for a friend ef mine. NOTICE. The great success of my "VIRIDINt" has DI:m'l" worthless imitations into the market, nndet various names as "Corn Cure." The pnblic are, therefor*, cautioned to purchase no other than MUNDAT*B VIRIDINE," and see that my signature it on the ead of each package. PREPARED ON'LT BT J. ImNDAY, Chemist, 1, High St., Carfflft Sold by all Chemist* and Patent Medicine Dealers Loadon Agenir.-Wilcox & Co., 239. Oscferd St., W. N-owbary & Sons, Suger, Sutton, Hoveaiea, At. I THE LATEST MARVEL. Mr B. A GEOROK,— Daar Sir,-Be good raoaeh to fnrw»rd me another gross of your 'Congb BMICKTII/ tM aale of which is rapidly inara&attig in this district; indeed, I hare never knewo SAY 'COugh Medicine that has 8e qsiobly abtaiaed so great a sale, and given each aaiTaraal aatisfactioa. I am, dear Sir, Yovra faithfallv, PHTLLIP RALPH. Sigh Town, Hereford, iagaat 27,1878. For Hunting and Rough Wear. BENSON'S SPECIALLY-MADE WATCH, SILVER. the: GLD SILVER.GOLD. FPO. ø. '.u = m o ø. R CD p- = m -;i ê- SIT ENGLISH ;ÈNGL'ISH" j T HALF-CHHONOMETBll BENSON'S FIELD WATCHE 7%e Hunting Editor of THE Fikld says:— ¡. "I can confidently recommend M/ss^rs. BenMp's hhntinf vn^cb as one that can be depended'90.—Fi*i,d, Mai*ch 2J,' ILLUSTRATED PA MPHLET F^REE: v J.W. BENSON, SOLE MAKER | STEAM FACTORY, LUDGATE HILL; 28, 1 IroYÄL ? EXCHANGE; 25, OLD BOND STREEt, LONDON. —— HAVE .rfO Ù R WN WOOL BADE1STP pwm ,6 FTTtOCHBV. PKOTHSinaR, P»T C»Ti.e tor Woo1 pen", thru: frr Karaft* tnre luti tn« r OlettriLlsrl riTl^K",l!Kr TIA*ZZ( Di Bsr> I,RUGOLT! KSITTtSO YARN'S Ae. Higb«Cul<>: w?di!^ •J'-oJwf.. Patl«rh>, fn-a jwrt'nildr* sz t itlmr rfbaired. rf,.¡oi"r "o<.i,&< ";pü.t;on.t" 8M ou* oocapTltiK 400 feet ijiace in IM lnt*rua(iona!Bxhibitioa.Bdicbo»(bCt.Ko«. -1 George's Cough Balsam. ANOTHhR MARVKLLOU.S (Ullf IN THE HOXDDA 1, Ash Ti-rrvco-, Pentte-YnTr»«i. I'fc. 20. 1883. Deur Fir.- 1 have great pleumrrt4 in bear. intf aiiiof-ie teetiraeny to the Vablue of jour ;C« nizli Bal»«tn. For a low? t*rivd I i^nff^rrd fi< tn a ct>l(i in my cn*tc wfcich ,f r-dored me a burden to tnjHelf o-virig to sKortnea^ ,f freatb, bomieneKe, iMuLilitj to lie in bed. Suability to walk, its fact, inability to do «•»> thin* exowpt. si'tif-if itt that. Wofel anoagb very often. Eat ;»fierciluhr, cne bight & fneuu willed to ,?"w me And aeked me if j had tr),.cf :CfI(lrjltl'. ('tI" Bulsaa. I I epnt"d *• WI," laiid beadrierd ate ilea n*r*, to 1n8 goad. So I reaolva^ iw .give it h trial, and I am gistd to atate it iffwre me woodeifal .lld; and. is 111,- I ih*> Yenra, Jlolwx SO.Nv* Prepared only by B. A. GKOKGE, -wo.aievj Flat]. rovotm weA Ibod owry. icharf ia batttaa lEt 18 iia eacda. | | f t §B*CH|tir £ :FILLS. Iff PATENT ct ] \|1 I- ,vta be worth a QajMaTlMK iir biiiaaa aad >a wi lis avdaca, aoeh « waad aad paw ia the ataaiaah, aiak t Visadashe jpddiaeaa fahaeaa Laad awelfcag after aaaala, liliaaiaoaa aod- daewsiwras, laaM eMla, flaahiaga efbaatf leea 9t ayaateto, ahaitaaaa of baeata, eeativeneaa, mnj, UotebM"aa the akin, (Kstarbfd aleep, friffbtfal dream, and all oerveoa aad tremblinga e;ent"-Ainno. &a. Tb«Jratdoae wi#t^Bfetief in twenty miantea. Tbaa ia mn fietiw. for they bare done it ia thoaeaada af saaaa. Rverry wffeiwr ii earnestly invited to try one baK al thila PiHa, aud they will be acknowledged to be WOttTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Jewskn ef aH ages these Pills are mvaluable, as a few &<?»e« carry eff all gfrosa htemours. epae all j obslroetieii?, aad bring fcboat all that m reqnired. Nor feinaie obouldl" witAont them. There is so medictae to be la«Bd Ho e$i»l BEECHAlt'8 Fll^ fat removiag any obatrmtion or irregularity of the aya- i tern. If takey. aeeording to tbe-^irecticms given m>h earh box they wth own restore fem alee 8l all agaa to satttd aad robast health. For a weak ateoiack, impaired digestion, aad all dxtovders of the Kver, tb*y act like MAGIC," and a few doses will be feond to work wonders apoa the West Upportant «f)t<MM of the haman raacbiae. Tbay Irtceegthen • tbe whole Biwacnlar systea*, raatora the ooniplesioa, tttev bring back the keen edge ef appetite, at«d aroaee mto aetiea ivith the R08B- + BUD- of heaich the whole physical energy of the human frw»e. These are "FACTS" admitted by tV)9fl3&nde embraein^ all elaeees ef society; and one Ctf the b«"et fcimrantees te tlvo nervoas sail debilitated is. Jiswhaiw's Pills have the largeat aata oi* my patent aaedieiae in the worid. BXCHAMtS MAGIC COUGH PlLLS. As a remedy for Ccogbs m general, Astbna, dsA- eHty of Breathing, Sbortaeaa of Breiath, Tigbtaaaa and Oppression in the Ghaat Whe^eing. Ae., .theee Pilla are nnrivaliedf and any' one labotinag litadec any of the above eomplaints need only try One Box to prove that they are the beat ever offered to the pabha far AnUsmatic a<id Cenaaniptive Coagbs, HoaraeMaaa, wd Oppression .f bUs Chest. They speedfly waow of oppremion aad difficolty af braathiag ahteh nightly deprive the patient of rest., The? jgfcre. aH*OET iaeiant relief and COM fort to thoae aAioted wit<* the above dietreasitig and, when neglected^ Aaa- pere*M eamplaints. Let any person treaaled wm aay ef the abeve eemplainta give Bstcsii/a Cow nm it trial. 0 Ti,i, meet v.^i^nt Coagh will in a short Maaa ba Ie- .t>d. CAinr»«w.—The pnblie are reqeeated te natias that aJa. worde, V..('UAI('II Pitte, St. Hc<CB'< MW <M the Geveraaaent Hkn\p afiixed to each boa of the Pills. If net on they are forgery. Prepared only and sold wheleeale and lotail by the pra^rwtor'T. Beeeham. Chemist, St. Helen's, Laaea store, in bt*v".Ia lid aud 2,i. 1.4d. each. Sent poet free Froprtft^r f«r 15 or U etaaapa.—So& by all 1^* "<«•••* aad Patent Ifedieiae Dealers is the taag- deai. N.B.—Fall hreMioai are givea with each box. • INFANTS' POWDERS. BABIES IN UEHEFORHRHIKE.—The Registrar (jfenertii, i« his re<vntly lar sned Qdaiterly Retnrnf, refers to the fact that the nnmber of deaths of in- fants has beeu far leFS in Hereford. fchire ti.tin in any oth-r connfcy, being v on'y 65 oat of every thousand births registered, while in gther, connfies it rtmffom IMtf ISO- 'per tbbnsand. This great local blessing ia larqely dne pa the general practice of Herefordshicp .mothers giving thaSr infanta'GF^ROB'S A INFA.}# POMDEKS," of which one che- mist alone in Herefordshire (Mr P. Italph) sellt more than all other babies' preparations put together.. The above are a few of the many thousand expressions of the public aa I to the nniversal esteem in which they are- hold: by all who haw tested their nodoubted power upon infants and young children. IMPORTANT.—The Proprietor wishes those that give GEORGE'! 1NF ANTS' PfiWDEES 'oA'# a tria^ to 'understand that^ffrit «> s. dose often produces yo.tbiting, thia 4 roost net alarm ftbemit JØ: J8 only & > proof that the trtedioicfo- ia prodoeiag hopeful effects. CAVTHIK.-Whaa yon isk for f- r i -{. GEOEGE'S INFANTS' POWDÉ:as" See that you get them, aa-other appa- rently cheap but worthless substitutes may be offered by unprinoifried par- ties. Every,genuine packet;')iais the- <. proper label,'and the Inventeyi Sig- 1 J na^ore written' oti tjitf Gb^4meu^ J Auri writ( .6 tjitf imeut Stamp. ij NOTICit.-The title GSORGB'S INFANTS' POWDERS Tia copyright, and registered under the Trade Marks Act. Avoid all Soothing Syrups and so. oalled Powders eantaiiiing -(+Piuur,- they kill more infanta than all the diseaaes put, together.L Sold by motd Chem lsU and Medicine Vemlors tvrrjtirliflre, nt yec pari,ft.. E P P S ,s CRATEFUOMFORTlR" COCOA UNEN WHITE jSkfSkA- CLOTHING SWEET j « »>K. "S NZyM0W" j By Authority of Naienty. the Queen, I Under Royal Isttert Putent for, ImporUum slid Pulil-C, Utility. PATENT TRADEMARK I BORAX EHTRACT OF SOAP I' t "PERFECTION." a -<k»«Tt«r-?ottttd |«d Tfaif. Pound Packets of all Grocers. .#>1 I •-—— r-' Known throughout the world by tlil. P.ATENT TRADE MAlIK I lak for Patont BOn36 "d "ftM all otiim J' «A- -V ]«■■ ftpampT op. thjp ;Troiti^ I v^jfol THE PEOIIE^ Provafc that for Valaa, Quality, and Bxeelleac^ I xfltawart Davaon A Co's English Lever Waccbes have no Equal. j \UB WATCHES are CONVENIENT, STRONG I V-* RELIABLE, and EFFICIENT, and are solely our own manufacture, thus the public dealing diree with aa save to ,themselves two large profits^ th< Wholesale Merchants toi^e Retail Dialers. Oar trade mottoes are 4Exce|lence, iffScienay, Tin equalled Velma, Fiee ApprovaL Gnaranteed Satiefac faction, and we assert, without fear of contradiction that we can serve the public better than they oaa b< served elsewhere. SEND FOR OUR CATALOGUE, learn fot yohr'aelvefe"' what yonr neigbKears sag''j ,%t nt our Watches, and not only that, yon will be Hew to Choose a Watd); also learn how thi farm of Stewart-Dawson A Co have become SECONE TO NONE the wide world over as WATCH MANU KhCTURERS, We- wiil forward -OQr Catalegae ei I Horology post free for Two Stamps, cost of postage eoly. B you reqaire a Watch ranging in price from 25a to 425, send at ence to •STEWART DAWSON &. CO., WATCH MANUFACTURERS, LIVERPOO l HAVE! YOLffij WOOL HADE INTO I CUDII 10 .4 A & J. MACNAUG-HT01T, Wivoi.tB* ) r'Tr.ocup.Y. p::r.Tiisnmrc. P»r carriage tor Wool M(nt them for tnre int., their Cel*hra-e<i PITT.OCHRT TWSKOS, DKEHS TWEKD9, II. AN KB'S. BED COVSllS. !>RUCM}ET3, JI'I'' KNITTE NG YARNS. TT! £ W erjo.* ginm« from the Journal Jr>6tt<«-n».. •hon?e<i, & fail particular* as to time requited. (ietd of "tel. Ac., on application aaabo^n. JBM oar Bxhiait oeonprini 400 fact Mae. in ah. £ »VM«ion.l KabiMt^o, nUab^ot, s"Z ■ — e I 20,000 Liyes Lost. AWFUL CALAMITY! CAUSED BY USING ONE PACKET OP Hagon's Po wder. THE GREAT DISTROYER OF Bugs, Fleas, Crickets, Blackbeetles, Moths, Cockroaches, Ants, Lice, and all Insects. Sold in Green Packets at 2d. Eaob, # —6d and is Tins.— See that the name HAOOW ia on every Package, ind note that the Lowest Price Packet is 2d. "So 1-i Ttria made, of Ragon's Pdwdet." Sold by the Following. N-en' ts TREFOR EST—HU1, (ienofalDsaler BONTYPRIDDr-Davifes,! ph^nist; D. Wil1, I -29, Hill Sltki. HAVOD—Mrs Morgan, Grocer, Trehavod Road, I)avid Morgan,, 20, XrehaVod Rood E. Themas, -Trehavod Road; Jaftiej Saichards, BtlnnlSkop, Britannia. » i. t, PORTa-Do.vies, Grocer, l'outypridd, Road; Samuel Griffiths, 5;"», Hannah Street.. •• TREALAW—Thomas Joues, ALiskia Shop; D. J. Rees, Grocer. -T,ONYPANI)Y- ,Prothero, DunravEm Street; Pegler, Duaraven Street; Thomas, M. Dunraveu Street. LLWYN PIA-E. Meredith, Grocer. TREORKY-E. Jones, 172, High Street. HEOAJFACH, YSTliAD-J. Jones Grocer; Brimble, General Dealer. RB^T^oa^ titdpmoogetf, Botte Str«<ii*- "d R. T. 127, striet. M J "*• SALE! iSE! SALE .1- /TlttEAT ANNUAL SSfcLB at the oM.estabHstied '1 and nuted cheap HOUSE FUKNISHlNG WAREHOUSE, 7G, IKOCKJI.JCUUIOWN, CARDIFF. A splendid opporfrfnitrfor parties abbift to furnish.1 « f,tLeiVuLF,ABL^ STOCK of Furniture, garnets, Bedsteads,Bedding, Linoleutna and Oilcloths, Cutlery and Electro Plate, Glass, China and Earthen- ware,General Fancy Gotds,, Ac., <fcc., specially marked do^ afi;considerably Kfclt>UCED PRICES. >' I '» Dpnt £ ail to "too. the t4%ai^s, an^l ji^dga for yourselves. J r.;s- All Goods CAKRIAGB PAID at- BERRY A CO.'S, 76, Crockherbtewn, Cardiff. HEALTH ?0R ALL! L HO"L 0 PILLS I i ll fhia Great Household Medicine ranks amongst the leading necessaries of Life. These famous Pills; purify the BLOOD, and act ftftt powerluily, yet soothingly on the Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, and BOWELS, giving tone, energy, and vigour to I Jfccse great UAIN, SPRt.NG§„0f LIFE. They are confidently recommended as a never-failing remedy (n all cases where ,the constitution, from wjiateycr cause, has become impaired or weakened. The are Wonderfully efficacious in all ailments incidental to Females of all ages*; and as a GENERAL FAMILY MEDICINE, are unsurpassed. l "I lailtium I Its SdiLrehiag, and Healing Properties .c known throughout the World. For the cu of BAD LEGS, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, Sores and Ulcere it is an infallible remedy. If -effeetually rubbea- on the neck and chest, as salt into meat, it Cures SORH TJH ROAT, Bronchitis. Coughs, Colds, and: eveft ASTHMA. For Glandular Swellings, Absce Piles, Fistulas, Gout. Rheumatism, and every kind of SKIN DISEASE, it has never been known "tii faiL Sold at.Pwfeisor HOLLO WAY'S EstaUishaent, ,?•» Now Oxford St (lata 533, Olflord St,) London; A a"isel>y nearly every respectaWe Vendor of Medicine throughM^t the Civilised W', ia Bases and Pots, at IS. SK, as. 9d. 4*- 6d-, i»s., aaa. aad 33s. each. r* minted difc^uoiis ar» affixed to each. Pa»«and Baa, lA«-iivfei ftratia, at Hie abora address, daily, Wtwaaa the bean af 11 aad f. or by latter. m r.1 r » tryhy to do baaiaeas witHwit. adrertiaiaf is like wiakiay !■ the Mrkc yea at ay knew vhat yoa art daft liii sowy *W dam t" THE SPRIN9-T|ini 07 THE IrtA Zp j j mr YOUR Best F Ft I F- N D 1 jaw bas W weak«M uj ef the trials ef the past iriatar, ot otherwise, to 1 Gfilp Evans's QUININE BITTERS.1 I" The FAX-HEM KRIBNB Ifh ftas bean overworked, or if bealtb skews, aby aigns of breaking ua after the trials of the past Winter, is uadoabt- edly Gwilym Evans's Quinine Bittera. frwiUbraevapageta the failing bodily powers; fortify the system against disease, and enable theFatherl to bear no in the future bet- ter ch.aQ -W the past. The STUDENT'S FRTBND when iij danger of breaking down entirely after or during a course of severe stn&taCr it tiie confinement toyOfkpks tbreafens a constitntitm, al- e4-a,.iy delicate is, be)'Ónl.'ft doubt, G wilym Evans'sQuin- me Bitters. It directly eOatl veracts the injurious effects of over-study, helps to baild up fresh, healthy tissue in the body, purifies the blood, and tiijfe*clear* v tbe bfqtin, #&# assists to MNiure that reserob jf strengtb whiifh 'the de- mands of close application to study necessitate. { I Q- W I T-i -y ivi i ^3 V'AM S The CHILDREN'S FRIEND, If tbay are growing rapidly, aad are net &s strong as they ased to bet or i* tbeyj appear-delicate after tbe severe Winter | wo have gene through, is certainly i Owilyn Evans's Quinine Bitters. There; ia nothing like it for purifying andj £ SPcJ*ing.jhe bl#od, a«d thus producing glowing healtk ia weakly frames. Try! *• • • | I The Best Remedy of the Age. EVERYBODY'S nmND, if he wants to be reernited in health, if be! wants to rid the eysttaa of the weak., I n esses entailed by the bard Winter, if, he wants to be strong andenjoythei pleasures ef health is «nde«btedly Gwilym Evans's Quinine tittm: fe I U-, :EJ I BIT T E B.S r 1 Tbe MOTHER'S FRinV #1 the cares of the family are weMte* I ifig heavily on her, er if aayW 1 raugeraent of the nztanl DaV 1 Uons is eaualog anxiety, M | Gwflym Evans's Qtiinine IHMaaa (t restores the fiiiling hetdk. 4w the body, gives atrengith iaaCMw ■if weakness, an<t infiises new Sfe into the bfood ^v^rv 'MsAaS sheuld nse it. # lT»e WORKMAN'S FKmS,H he 1* exposed to the w^atbar, 4E works for l°ng hoots in etoarfK ventilated roonta, ar breaftMt the impare air" the furnace, or tha faeievy. W Gwilym Evaaa'a Qatawf Bitters. The timely aaa w this invaluable madiaine bag [many a time aaved te Ana family the Workman's eaeSS ings, ai, without it, ha have been compelled to #* £ |np his. work. IthaasaMK falliag baak on the nl<i. pud has reduced the doetmabol It has donn lie for ( will do so for yba it peAW it a fair trial. Being a happy combination of the active principles of the most famed and most valued medicinal plants known to modern science, and being, fa the process of manufacture, specially adapt* human needs. Everybody who has tested it in any way, or seen it tried, has a good word t#saw far it. The Analysts declare it to be pure and harmless; the Doetors prescribe it as being safe meA, certain; the dhemists sell it as being popular and trustworthy; tbe Patients use it am betar A positively unfiling remedy; and everybody deelares it to be 'J The Best Remedy of the Age o or Affections of the Chest, for Diseases of the Blood, for Qeaiplainta of the Liver, and for trnwfcfc* of all kinds in the St^atfec h. As the universal teatiofcoay j, that there is nothing equal to G, Evans's Quinine Bitter» for removing effectually all thaae complaints, see that you get this. Me# this only. Other preparations, to some of which somewhat Similar titles have been given, are ilbsi efered for sale for the sake of extra profit. Purehaaera eaiuMt be tee careful not to be mariaA Remember that what everybody acknowledges as the best remedy ot the age is Gwilym Jtvaaaft Quinine Bitters., v Sold Everywhere.' Praised by everybody. Age^s ia alljiarts af the Worldt Prioas ITgMhti I 2a 9d; double aize, 4s Sd; cases ef three large bettlas» 11a 6d. Te had ef aH CheaMl a4 Yet.dore of Patent Medicines, or will be sent at above jiran te aay sd&#gk:fM, MA sale ag? Parcels Post, secure from observation, direct from the ,¡' Pro*ietCT-i^r GWILYM EVANS. F.O.S., Danelly, South Wjy 30YAES C^X>X jfr-qp. R. B. BOULTON, | ENQLISH AND AMERICAN DENTAL SURGEON. '| ACTON HOUSE, ftpATH (Opposite Uniremity College), v H CARDIFF, d ¡;' h Haring had great experience both in aSnglish and Americas systems of Dgctal mmtkmr ia enabled to to his paUento the benefit of such experience in a waiak fesX °W.- ?Mer > and being the Inventor of the Patent CompoeitM% |v ^hich aaly a- ptFfect impression of the mouth can bo obtained, he is enabled to tmadm beantifnlly fitting ArtiiErcial Teeth of gaaranteed workmanship, of natnral appea(urn. and whiak defy detection. 1 •<! A, No In-he* Teeth. HO 3s. Teeth. 110 RublM tf uj kWL -7 RELIABLE TEETH. I Partial Sets .from 5s to 30a Each. Sets Upper or Lower 60s to waaa«MiMa«iMi|( £ ?•• *S at tod bp tko ba»t Dmtitio in Swept f Awmitm my ■ — TEM SAVED by "fit V-" Which last from 10 to 40 years, at Moderate Faasu HITROOS OIIDiGÃSdminted dajlJ it Caitiff bj tie bat at safest%m. ^tepaira Eixainted {irmnptiy on our own, or apoa work eude ( t,) by other Dentista. .¡ Jr Extract from the "Chronicle," December 24th. "The work of the well-known Dental Surgeon, Mr. R. B. Bonlton, of Aeloa gowmft Í8 TeIT Nghly finished, and it the beat work we have eyer ioan." t } i .Æ-.h. OMIC- ATTIENDANCE DAILY FROM 10 TO 5. nsroTKiJfifii. SMOVfJSD frOsa St. CA-therineo Street, to AIL NMTt, 77, Tall Stifet, PssfjuiMT Attendanoo-the first Wednesday 19 "0 asonth Irons 2 to 4 f Mm at iba. Wrntss, Ohemista, Ao, Mmtaia Aak, Ms day from lftjt to 1 s'fltodk. AMMii at JIa. Hiaais's, OhemUt, Methyr, tho go"ad WednMaw in each mama fl r'. from 1i te ^n^ville I«<>;u|. Denmark Hill, London. ijtif JABBiuas.' NO MORE SORE EYES! AH patMae MtMiog from the abeve diatresaiaf soaptant abould at onoe try i r. FIMPP;Z Oculimede Gold Earringi IWaee»-^S/-» Per pair. F. FiLiippiJsri, r WATCHMAKER, Ike., Market Street, Pontypridd I' \ttONE\ iy WAY of LOAN. TC 1BADESMEN AND OTHBBS. VTB. W. VOBO N, 1 —* fhnrnb' fit—«>, /A Pontypridd, has had placed at his dispesaE (he scna of JBSOO, te be lent in eumaof At teJB5k ^payable by instalments. Tradesmen 'f«irou of temporary ecaoi&ry iim'lhinit M « aecommodaUMl on ap lioation peraonallw «r la ^tter to the above. The atmost seerecy may be ralied nisil ~'M W. MORGAN, deemmttmi, Murch Street. PeatnKiA^ SPECIALLY ,SUITABLE Flit 's INFANTS'JOWOERS, Marvellous are the effects of "GEORGE'S INFANTS' POWDERS" Upon the Infant System. They we not only tie very best and safest Medicine mothers can give their littla ow«s aduriag the anxions period • of leethmp, bat they aot an a f Specific for Rts, lifianoiitiM, Bronchitis, Kir !ill, Sull-pox, ScarkliMa *c., to. Edd by BNsMnMmlats* ih pokota-st 1/lit or from the Proprietor, 'f 1YB. A. GEOME, HBftrAlDlt