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c2m- LAWN MOVERS, LAWN MOWERS. T. LEMON & SONS beg to inform the Public that they have just erected a new Patent Automatic Machine for Grinding Lawn Mower Knives and Cutters with the greatest accuracy, which flannot be done by hand labour. All machines forwarded to them for repair, or to de re-ground and set, will be sent out of their Works quite equal to new, and at moderate oharges. The Hayes Engineering Works, CARDIFF. J W. H. KEY'S Reliable w Preparations. —■» av: ZECIEIT'S Blood Purifier Clears the Skin and eradicates all imparities from the Blood; it is also an Excellent Spring and Autumn Medicine. o Key's Effervescent COOLING SALINE, A household remedy, perfectly harmless, that mb be taken at any time by young and old, and in all Climates. This pleasant and refreshing Saline will be found eeeeedioely valuable in Purifying the Blood and ^F^BiUon^HwISaehe and all Bilious i>i*ied«rw it vtM be foand very beneficial, anting as a mild aperient wd also en the liver and kidneys. Ia all Dyspeptic Affections it will. by removing aoiiity, dispelling wind, and thns preventing the iMa^eablelalnessexperieneed. In Febrile Complaints it may be IÓftD with great advantage, allaying the fever and proving a most refreshing beverage. o KEY'S LAXATIVE ELIXIR, Specially recommended for Persons of Costive Habit. o KEY'S SPECIFIC CURE, Far Neuralfia, Rhevmt, Icux-Aoh*, or Toeth-Ache. One Dsse always relieves. two Doses always Care. -e- Key's Concentrated Constitntion BITTERS. For Loasof Apnetite, Liver Compta* Oe«ei«al Debility, Ac., theee »" vataable. They ate prepared (reat the choicest herbs «* and, while pcaeesaiag powerfal tonis aestiee, are pwfeetlj harmless to the moet delicate eoastitatie*. — o — J AHEEr Pectoral Balsam Of W* »d -0 James' Aperient Globules. A BUHSTfTTXTl FOB CASTOR OIL. via* se *Am OlbWft is eqwq to @A wrdhmy Dom •f GaaberOiL -0- NERVE PILLS. A end Certain Core foe Ti#-Dolowsi( Too4h- A srtbe, Md ftU Nerve Dieordsra. 0 — T" "YOUNG LADIES'" PILLS. atroMly reoocncModed ofr PeIo Delicate Toong aaficKing from t>eIJiü" &0. — -*■ w. S. Wt Sttffif, (w|H.. KEY, .s ranntas. I ■ — f; !f .( MASTERS & COMPANY _ll: e.¡- He PRESENTING THEIR PRICE LIST OF BLACK AND WORSTED CLOTHING bave every confidence in stating that for VALUE, STYLE, FIT and DURABILITY, these Goods are unsurpassed in Great Britain t MEN'S BLACK WORSTEi) SUITS, 17s lid, 21s 6d, 25s 6d, 298 9d, 35a 6d, 42s, 49s 64., Sf, 6d, 6,. 6d ME.N'S BLACK WORSTED COATS & VEbTS, To match, 18a 6d, 21a 6d, §5a 6d, 29a 6d, 35a 6d, 42a, 48a 6à. MEN'S BLACK WORSTEI) TROUSERS., 6a lid, 8s 9d, 108 6d, 13a, 15s 6d, 18a 6d, 21a. MEN'S BLACK WORSTED VESTS. 39 Ild, 5a lld, 6a 6d, 8s 6d, 9a 6d. BOYS' BLACK WORSTED IMPERIAL SUITS, Prl-c,e, 5s Prettily Braided to fit boys' from 3 to 9 years old, all sizes same price, 5s lid. Better Quality at 7s lid. Superior 9s lid to 25s 6d YOUTHS' BLACK WORSTED SUITS, From 14s 6d to 46a. Black Worsted Suits, to Measure, a Perfect Fit Guaranteed, 42s, 49s fid, S9s 6d, 67s 6d, 72s 6d, 75s, 79s fid MASTERS & CO PANY, The Cardiff Clothiers, 809 IF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Also at 29 and 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 18 and 19, Castle Street, Swansea 39 and 40, High-street, Newport; 124,High- street, Merthyr; 11,^Canon-street Aberdare George-street, Pontypool; and 70, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. ¥ L jg-mgan3«giwi- an. ■ K=s^aaKBsss^amtss ,MMn^0^anBM™BlllnaannaHB<RIBn»ean9ES9nw 28 29, HIGH STHEET, CARDIFF JOHN JAMES & CO., General Drapers and Silk Mercers. The Noted House for Millinery, Mantles, and Costumes. Experienced Dressmakers and Mantlemakers on the Premises, under the management of competent hands. Charges in strict accordance with Ready Money principle. Fit and Style guaranteed equal to any West End London House. JOHN JAMES & CO. are DOT shoving in their urioii departments the LATEST FASHIONS for Antunn vear. DRESS FABRICS IN ALL THE NEW MATERIALS; TRIMMINGS AND PLUSHES TO MATCH. Mantles, Jackets, and Costumes. A Grand Assortment of High-class Goods. The Models are secured for the Season by J.J. & Co. FRENCH & ENGLISH MILLINERY. THE CHOICEST AND LARGEST ASSORTMENT OUT OF LONDON. Plain Drapery, Blankets, Quilts. Flannels, and Household Linen at Manufacturers' Prices. A fall range of their well-known guaranteed French Kid Gloves, at Is. llfd. per pair; in two buttons, two clasps, four buttons, and four elaspt; Black and Colours. THEIR NOTED CHALLENGE COSTUME, AT 10s. lid, IN ALL THE NEW MATERIALS. Fine Selection of FURS in Jackets, Dolmans, Dolmanettes, Capes, Muffs, Flouncings, &c. JOHN JTAJMESS COHCPil.IVT, The Renowned House for Fashionable Goods. The Best Article at the Lowest Price. )I'. :]1[. Pentypridd, Llantrisut, and Rhondda VaBeø PEBMANENT BENEFIT BUILDINC SOCIETY, Established 1866. Incorporated 1874. DIRECTORS i- MR. RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd, Chairman^. MR. JOHN MORGAN, Llantriaant, Vioe-chaifw man. MR. CHARLES BASSETT, J.P., Bryoffyliew Pontypridd. MR. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Pron, Pontypridd. MR. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforest. MR. DANIEL WILLIAMS, llagfryn, Pontypridd* MR. Wm. GRIFFITHS, Taff Villa, Pontypridd. MR. E. C. SPICKETT, Maef.f3oed,; Pontypridd. Advances made on Mortgage in sums varying from £100 to £ 10,000, repayable in monthly or quarterly V stalments. MORTGAGE AND SUB VEY FEES PAID BX THE SJCIETY. Advances made < t the Shortest Notion For farther particulars apply to the Sooretarr. MR. H. S. DAVIES, OLD POST-OFFICE CHAMBERS, Pontypridd. CASH ADVANCED ON LBASEHOLD AND FREEHOLD- PROPERTIES. FOR SHARES apply to JAMES ROBERTS. JL Insutraooe and Emigration Atrent. Taz Gkais POST OFFICE, HTOH-ST., PONTYPRIDD. The Merthyr and Dowlais Building Society. Established, 1872, and Incorporated under tu- Buildingr Society's Act. 1874. LOANS made on Mortgage at the shortest notion in uma varying from 4100 to £ 10,000 repayable by monthly or qoarterly instalment* in thw. to thi. teen years, at option of borrewera. of Re-Payments, Costs of Mortgaffes, a", Surveyor's Fees, have been revised, and consider- ablv reduced. SOCIETY NOW OFFERS SPECIAT. All- VANTAGBS TO BOKHOWEKS LH. ASW lowenNJ1 aD ^>ra^miriar7 oharges being greatly The almost Seereey maintained. For particulars apply to the Seoretary, II. PSTAI& WILLIAMS, St the Office of thil SooietT. IO Glaboland-street, Merthyr Tydfil. „ W. COOPER PENN, MORTGAGE BROKER, ESTATE AGENT, AT 8, #t. John's Square, Cardiff, and Pontypridd. Sole Agent for the MERTHYR AID DOWLAIS BOILDIKG SOCIETf. CARDIFF, PONTYPRIDD, BARRY, &e. & f#r ^'e in the Rltoadda I*"pplicSuoa? Pr aBd *■ FM P^ticulare R. G. SCOTT, IF lID JEWELLER, 87. Hannah Street. Forth, Late W. L. Joaas, BHGS to oall attention to a few leading lines i» WATCHES, CLOCKS, k JEWELLERY. Extra Strong English Chronometer Balance t i, d9Mt PToot' °»P »»d Extra Jewelled, Ladies' Hall Marked Silver Genara, Crystal Glass Iztra Jewelled, only jgi The abQve Watohes are the best valve mr fo^rjeart" Wmt°heB ,oW b? M QS- wanaated. for G years. Sight.Day Striking Cloaks from 18s, Silver Km* n»M from Is per p* silver BroMhsa from lTS eaeh. Other Articles too numerous to meatioa M«aUr cheap. W A iU iMmts owing I. W. L. Joan mv owW IMyable #* ow, JLO. Scott Watahes, Cloeks, asd Jewellery ef avery des«Hptfa» Repaired and Cleaned en the Tkrilsit eompeton* wsrkmen. All Watches aad ClookJ repaired and cleaned al the a hove — will be kept ia order for Twelve Months Free Charge. All Purchasers of WedAisr iliswo wiU reeet.. a irapDrao mun ,f Hur-iSo!.™ JSTSI Bpooms. Best PORTLAND ^MBNT IN CASKS 4001L i*. ewnswie or Thorns? Cua1 8-. FIREBBIOKS, piRJT CLA8S. at 28s. per 1000, meaeoriaff by t> i V.8 HOU8H OOAU Delivered to any part ef the District at 9j% aer To^ f3T Orders taken at the GaA" Poar Omom, PONTYPRIDD. ====5Mg- FRONOLEU HOUSE. tBLUWAfltAD ROAD, POSTTFlUlS** uo raott in loob odib. n8Ad1- "OÇ room misses RElla ? me so* Iwo s0mmon m tomaw. sorl v&1