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Ystrad Police Court.


Ystrad Police Court. KozfzAY-Before Mr Ignatius Williams (Stipendiary), Kr Edmund Thomas (Laneley Hall),and Mr William » Morgan (Ty'nycymer.) ASSAULT AT TKEHEEBERT —Catherine Thomas was charged with nssanlt. Sarah Dypr said on the 3rd instant defendant said she would kill her, and beat her on the forehead with a man's boot nntil she was insensible. She bled very much. Defendant was twitting her abont .viney from America and said her boasted f200 hfld d andled to S8. She was running down her (complaii. M t's) hnsband and she asked de. fendant if he was sucb a low man why she let her son work under him.—Elizabeth Framton, daughter of complainant said she saw defendant strike her another twice with a boot. Witness went to fetch the police. Her mother screamed murder and she went out. P.O. Francis said be called on complainant who aned defendant every bad name she could think of. e neighbours said it was a regular fight between them.—Bound over to keep the peace for six months And to pay the costs. W AGE CASF. AT PKNYGRAIG.—The Naval Colliery Company were summoned for wages. Mr Rosser for the defence. David Morris said he claimed a week's JnODey last Saturday aad they would not pay. John Way stopped him. They paid it the week after. He How claimed for a week that he was kept idle because "Of being stopped work a week before pay without notice. His worship said there was no reason why they should have remained idle for the week. They could have got work elsewhere.—Mr Ropser said the defendant refused to do the work ordered by the under manager and discharged himself.—Case dis- missed.—A similar case in which Charles Lloyd was the defendant was also dismissed. DKI NK IS CH.UIOE OF A Hop ,L.-James Thomas was chained with this offence. P.C. Smith said at a quarter past nine on the 3rd inst., he saw defendant driving a horse and trap so fast as it could go down a bill. Part of the harness Wí1. broken. The wheels 'Went into the ditch two or tl ree times. Two men "Were sitting on the wall at tl e bottom of the hill whose legs would have been < mahed if they had not moved them just in time.—I' iucd 20s and costs. DRT'NK AT TREHERBEUT.—Jutui Churches appeared on this charge.—P.C. Miles ,.id troin information lee received, that prisoner was a.sanltiug girls in Durn- fries Street, he went there ai;d fon^d defendant sit- ting on the ground by a paA shop. He was vqrv drunk and using filthy language.—Told him to go home. but he refused. His mother came. He assisted to take him home lie struck witness, and kicked him several times in the stomach and else where. Defendant called Wiiliom Thomas, collier, Who said he saw defendant and the policeman on the Ith instant. He heard a siraggle and screaming. 1 Saw P C. Miles and defendant on the ground. Miles was on top and bad his finger at his handkerchief. He polled P.C. Miles up and defendant kicked him, which was natural as the policeman was trying to strangle him on the ground. He believed the police- lDan was onder the influence of diink and he con- sidered the policeman was to blanie.-Elizabeth Davies waid she was standing at her door and defen- dant was coming up saying nothing out of the way to -anyone. There were two girls on the other side of the road giving him cheeS- He turned and asked them what they were calling him names for. That all she saw or heard.—Elizabeth Griffiths said the defendant was lying by Mrs Symonds' door and she tried to get him home. She did not see him do anything to the policeman until the constable had him down. Defendant was dead drunk. There was a largc ciowd present. Defendant had gone into his bim down. Defendant was dead drunk. There was a Urge ciowd present. Defendant had gone into his bouse and only just came out again.—For complain- ant Elizabeth Syraons said the servant of the pawn- shop was out and she couldn't eay what she might have 4Hud to defendant, but he came in and accused her of calling him a thief and struck her. P.C. Miles came and offered him to go home. Defendant then struck P.C. Miles. The policeman gave him every chance to Ro home but he refused. She saw both fall to the ground. P.C. Miles wis qnite sober.—His Worship said be had no doubt about the case.—Inspector Thomas said defendant had frequently been convicted before. His Worship said there was no doubt de- fendant struck the officer, and the officer in self- 1 defence put him down. After the officer released him be kicked at him. There was no provocation. —Fined 30s and costs. In all £2 4s !Ià. AFtoLiATiON CASE AT TKEHEKHEF.T.—David Evans W £ a summoned to show cause why he should not '•contribute towards the support of the illegitimate child of Rose Fry. Mr Ros3er, for the defence, said the child was all but still born, and as it died before the application the court bad no jurisdiction. The case stood over for consideration. THEFT AT TREHEHBERT. Elizabeth Condon was charged with stealing a trousers.—Nathan Phillip Tanchan, assistant pawnbroker to Mr Marks Trine, at Treherbert, said last Friday at 7 o'clock defendant came to the shop and took a parcel out of pawn. There were goods on the counter and amongst them the trousers produced by P C. Harris. About half- am-hour after he left be missed the trousers. He gave information to P.C. Harris who brought pri- soner back to the shop with the trousers under her -am.-P.C. Harris said about a quarter to eight on Friday night he arrested the prisoner on the side of tlie mountain at Tynewydd on her way home. He found the trousers produced in her possession. On being charged with the theft she said, No, I did not steal them. I picked them up off the floor in the aJaop." Fined 10s. ASSAULT AT FERNDALE.—David Evans and Joseph Evans were charged with assault. Mr Rosser for the defence. David Williams, collier, said defen- dants beat and kicked him last Thursday week at Lianwonno, outside the public-house by the Church, because he prevented two little boys fighting. It Was about six o'clock in the evening. He was struck down and w hile down defendants kicked him. He was net yet able to wcrk. He had the marks of two kicks on the forehead and his shoulder was bad. Dr. Parry had been attending him. Had never had a word with them before.—Cros3-er:amined He did not fight that day at all. He did not fight with Joph Evans. Both were letting at hie before be talL He was not a fighting man. He did m see some- one striking at an old mau in tbe public noose. He did not on coming out of the public house challenge anybody to fight andlstrike one of the defendants. He did not have a stand-up fight with David Evans or with Joseph Evans. Thomas Daties and someone «lse took him into the inn and w ashed his face. He did not after that challenge Joseph Davies to fight. -Thomas Davies said he was with Williams and went to the funeral at Llanwonno and afterwards to the public house. Saw two young men named John Evans and Griffith Mason going to fight and Williams went on to try to prevent them. David Evans struck him down. When he got up Joseph Evans struck him. After that complainant was again knocked down by David Erans who kicked bim on hia shoulder and on the head. H- was kicked three times altogether. He (witness) picked up Williams who was covered with blood and took him into he inn. Afterbeing washed be went out and was again assaulted, and atter that was carried again into the inn and left lying there till eleven o'clock.—For the defence Griffith Mason said he was present at the ti.rn.s- John Evans wanted to tight him Mca-ase he passed him by and did not give him beer as he was already drunk. David Evans prevented him. Wil- liams then came out and said he Mas the best man in the pit, and then knocked David Evans in the eye ifivs-ns thnl knocked him down. They then had a iiirht. Afterwards a3 the defendants were going home Wi'Siajns challenged Joseph Evans to tight and th^y br'ih stripped and fought four rounds. Williams was then taken to the puMic-house. David Evans did nothing in the second fight.—David Evans was fined 20B and the other 10s. FRA-UlDiULII.N-i, ALTERATION OF A TICKET AT FJLKNDALE. —Richard Jaynes was charced with this offence. Mr Rhys for Messrs David Davies and Son.—John lie wis, clerk of No- 5, Ferndale Colliery, said there is » draw every week and payment .ce a month. De- fendant worked as an outside labourer. Witness made out the draw ticket. He made out defen- dant's ticket for the draw of Saturday 10th. There was 5s *Ju3 to him. The ticket prodnced was the one. The figure five had been blackened and a ggvre one put before it, making 15s. The ticket was baseed in to Mr W" alter Jones who gave it to Mr B«v&a to examine, and Mr Bevan asked him (witness) to compare it with the draw book. He then fcund it bad been tampered with. Mr Bevan gave informa- tion to the police.- Remanded.







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