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PUBLIC NOTICES I 93, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD, We have the pleasure to announce that our arrangements for the SUMMER SEASON arc now complete, and that Our Show Rooms are now Replete with the Latest Novelties IN FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY, FEATHERS AND FLOWERS, MANTLES, JACKETS, AND DUST CLOAKS, FRENCH AND ENGLISH DRESS MATERIALS, SILKS, VELVETS, AND PLUSHES, LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S OUTFITTING, MJN'sn.vOES, UMBRELLAS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, L\.CEJ TRIMMINGS, &c., &c. A Large Variety of Lace and Indian Curtains. AMD OI3L CX.OTIIS. Respectfully soliciting a continuance and increase of your esteemed favours, n We are, Madam, Yours obediently, JOHN EVANS & CO. CHEAPER THAN EVER. AMERICAN FRESH BEEF AND NEW ZEALAliD MUTTON AND Ml We beg to the attention "f the Public to the high class Ileat we are now selling. and ask them to coir pare vur i>!ioes with what they will be ch-rged anywhere else. We irnpuit -il our Meat, and offer it direct through our own Shops to the Consumers, thus saving the MidJleixtifp profits.. All the [l¡t!" t we sell is of the very best quality,^nd we gnarauee it tn gi iTe t-erfect satisfaction t, oui Customers. Please fj'.ite Tioketed Pricets in Windows at nndernoted Addresses A MEEICAN FRESH MEAT C O M P A N Y. PONTYPRIDD, 77 Talf Street: 7. (' -torn House Street, 14, Victoria Place, The Hayes, PIO, Clifton Street, ft oath, .°>, I: <>per Street, Cathays, CARDIFF- and at MERTHYR :«), Hi-h Street NEWPORT Iii, Commercil11 Street ABERDA.RE. 20, Commercial Place NEATH 36, Queen street DOWLAIS, 14, Upper Union St. ABERGAVENNY, -24, Frogmore Street LLANELLY -2, Stepney Street SWANSEA 204, High Street and at EBBVV VALE 1, Ida Place 29, Oxford Street TREDEGAR 11, Commercial Road Fiee aud prompt delivery to any part of the Town or Suburbs. Veal and Lamb in -r eason. Pickled Ox Tongues always on hand. 1 LAi'GE quantity <.> £ PEA and BEAN STICKS! ii. To BS SOLD CHEAP.—Apply E. RODERICK,J Ty-y-Berw, Pontypridd. VIJANTED, a Respectable Man to obtain orders V V for Coal and Bricks, and to deliver the same.-Api,ly at the Gruig Post OffiCl", Hig Street, Pontypridd. IMPORTANT TO LADIES.—MADAME WORTH'S 1 celebrated GUINEA CORSETS (Black 25s.) ma.y be obtained from her Agents, JOHN EVAN" AND Co., PONTYPRIDD. LOST a DARK BROWN HEREFORD COW, Ag; d, with Horns turning upwards. Anyone giving iofv>RA:A.ti>n of her to LLEWELLYN THOMAS, Lisworcey, Cuwbridge, will be Rewarded. v FIRM FOUNDED 1745." K (Wurth 0).-In return for a .£.j note free aud safe per pose, one of my own specially made County Keyless Lever Watches, with a CUlll- Vact highly finished THREE-QUARTER PLATE LEVEl MOVEMENT, full jewelled in rubies, elir .n'.met er balance, and soundest keyless work, in massive sterling silver easos, with Hat crystal glass. goi » .vii.oiug button, and gold joi.tis. Xo such ¡," ever. efore beeu uil'ered to the British i> i .c. ',e::¡;; regulated for hot and cold clinates, "U. :,i .• -i.,id the roughest ivear, and give the in IS(,. 1 i) -7*u- movement, of finest finish, in a specially (I hs.-tvy IS-carat sold case. with Hal r 6I..S3. JD. •!) £ HATCHES," in all sues, for Ladies and 0vI' !:)l;deulen, „ie famous timekeepers, and are gur.T- -i.teed hy tl:u firm. S<'), your W,.t -h an -iVwellery Repairs per post (registered) wh,h will fJe ..¡ven on" skiifnl workm(;u. Estimates sent before uoing the vvor. a.. I tak.-risk and cost "f carriage bai: k. "WATCHES £ t TO £ 100" (I:.LL.vrmrsD PAMPHLET SENT FRKK ON APPLICATION.) Hailway Fares Piud when d.) not exceed 5 per cent, on Watch Purchases. LLR- T. R. RUSSELL, MAKER TO fHE QUEEN, JATIiEDIlAL WORKS, is. CHCHCIl-T., LI VKRPOOL. WANTED, AGENTS. Industrial Assurance and Sick Benefit Socie; Fernla.'e, PvPeiUyrch, freharris, Maul ■= tain Ash, and Districts around. Books vacant. Splendid renj operation to ex perienced ason. Security required. Send business records, and full particulars of past experience, with Stump to MANAOEII, 6. ST. Joan's SQUARE, CARDIFF. "FOB THE BLOOD 18 THK LIFE."—CLARKE S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE is warranted Ao cleanse the blood from all impurities from what- ever cause arising. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Skin and Blood Diseases, and sores of all kinds, its effects are marveiion8 Tnousands of testimonials. Sold in 1 4s' 2s^ or 33 stamps, and lie each ,by Chemists wd Patent Medicine Venders everywhere. Preliminary Notice. A ORAND BAZAAR Will be held at the I NEW MARKET HALL, PONTYPKIDD, Oa Thursday and Friday, 23rd and 9 u 2M Sepamber, 1888, In aid of ST. {DAVID'S, English Calvinistic Methodist (Presby-I terian) Church, Pontypridd. GEORGE'S IKIFA NTSI POWDERS, i s TESTIMONY FROM LUNDO*. 13, Cosmo Place, Queen's Squar-, I London, W.C., July 24>th, 1885. Dear Sir, Will you please forward me)ix of your Infants' Powders. A packet is too much; I like to have them fresh. I find them invaluable, and alwas use them with the sanction of our medical man. By so doing you will oblige, Yours respectfully, C. EDWARDS B. A. ORGB:, Esq. A packet forwarded to any address for Is lid. B. A. GEORGE, Medical Hall, Pentre, Pantypridd, Glam. KENDAL AND DENT'S GOALD MEDAL WATCHES. WATCH CLUBS. MEMBERS of KENDAL AND DENT'S farfamed CLUBS have the advantage of subscribing fo* toe following Goods besides Watches: All kinds of Jewellery, Clocks. Silver Plated Goods, Musical In- struments, Barometers, Opera and Field Glasses, Cutlery, Optics, Sewing Machines, Perambulators, &c., Ac., at Is per week. Everyone should join one of KENDAL AND DENT'S CELEBRATED CLUBS. Splendid value for money. The largest Club busi- ness in the United Kingdom. Gold Medal, Paris, 1885, for excellence in Watches. No other English Watchmaker bus received this high hanour. KENDAI AND DENT, Watch Manufacturers, and Wholesale lewellers. 10f5, Cheapside, London. Agents wanted. The trade nnpplied. Agents wanteJ. Agents wanted. Splendid value. Splendid value. Catalogues free. "Nothing succeeds like "toi■»'ss." -W_ L,n_ I.. Sdj | Cure, fund* e„,v.-6 •From |J. WILLIAMS, P.M.V., | -n, MARIbCUAL ST., ABERDEEN. j I THS POCKET MSDiCIL ADVISES, j :bor tae $elf,tféa.tmout of .Va"fia, (L,ul FllllC. | j^or the SeH-treatmeut of 5fer<-oa>i a.ui Fane- j tio¡¡a.l.!¡1¡¡¡c,¡f8,i/dlt('ed¡¡!I 'h'erwod. Excesses, and o'her enereatiuq influences, ancl •, tlie.i,- Anso'iiated Eeil*. S Sir TfiJi NSW LOCAL TREATMENT. I 1 Ijj-rui to all desiring self-cure without re- I II course to physic ur the family doctor.—Medical I Ilecie/o. .1 country parson writes thus:—' Your Guide has n-ired myself alld maay [JarihiOIl"i''3.' I SuFriiiUERs shoald procure this handy Referee on various Ailments, and thus avoid doctor's < | fees and obi' vUonable medicine.—Gazette j l I EVAN D. RODERICK, Architect, Measurer, aid General Estate Agent, TY-Y-BERW, PONTYPRIDD. And Robert-town Estate Office. Bills uf Qutf-ifitctii'Sf K^ptscijVi**thti)fiSy anci Esti- mates prepare I, Sales negotiated. .=- -Visitors to Oardilf May SAVE 20 PER GENT. by Purchasing their F IT tl. 1T U Li fcj, Bedsteads Bedding, Carpets, Pianos, Pier Glasses, Fenders, Fire Irons, Glass and China, General Fancy Goods, Ac., at- XT. aSaal" AND CO. 8 Old Established House Furnishing Stores, 76, Crockherbtown, CARDIFF. SPECIALITIES. Parlour Saites, i) pieces, in Cretonne or Leather Cloth, sonnd make, £3 18s 6d. Gipsy Tables, black aiad Gold, or Walnut and Gold legs, Is i)Jd each. New Music, lid per copy, post free.—Inspection respectfully solicited. NOTICE: The PRIZE DRAWING for the Benefit of John Davies, collier, In consequence of the time losing to) short and the Whitsun holidays occurrirg, the management committee has decided to postpone the Dimwit);? until the 2ND OF AUCUST, 1886. Jobn Davies begs to offer his sineere thanks to those who have purchased ticket, and hopes to have the patronage of all who can possibly afford a sixpence. RICHARD EVANS, Late of Ynisybont, Cymmer, BEGS to thank the Public for the support he has D received frotn them during the 20 years that he was io business at Cymmer, and to inform them that he has NOW TAKEN the WELSH HARP, PONTYPRIDD, Where be has every accommodation both for man and beast; and hopes, by strict attention to busi- ness, to continue to receive the support of the public which they have hitherto so generously- accorded him. Trying to do business without advertising is like winking in the dark: you may know what vou ai-,r doing but nobody else does. t. ELECTION ADDRESS. > TO THE ELECTORS OF THE EASTERN DIVISION OF THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. GENTLEMEN, I beg to tender my grateful thanks for the honour you have done me in returning me unop- posed as your Parliamentary representative. This signal honour demands my best exer- tions in the fulfilment of the responsible duties imposed upon me, which shall be most cheerfully aceorded. I am, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, ALFRED THOMAS. Park-place, Cardiff. PUBLIC NOTICES. George's Cough Balsam. ANOTHER MARVELLOUS CURE IN THE RHONDDA!! No. 1, Ash Terrace, Pentre-Ystrad, Dec. 20, 1883. Dear air,— 1 have great pleasure in bear- ing sincere testimony to the value of your Cough Bakam. For a long period I suffered from a cold in my coest which rendered me a burden to myself owing to coogb, shortness of breath, hoarseness, blood-spitting, inability to lie in bed, inability to walk, in fact, inability to do anything except sitting in the corner, and that painful enough very often.. But mercifully, one night a friend called to see me and asked me if I had tried George's Cough Balsam. I replied No," and he advised me to try it, that it would be sore to do me good. So I resolved to give it a trial, and I am glad to state it gave me wonderful relief; and, in my opinion, there is nothing like it for the above ailments. Yours, JOHN JONES." Prepared only by B. A. GEORGE, Medical Hall, Pentre, and sold every- whe;-e in bottles at Is lid eacb. gHERWOOD |J O T E L,| ADAM-STREET, (NEAR CH ARING-CROSS ), STRAND, LONDON. The London Sunday Times sayp:—"This is one of the beat and cheapest Private Hotels in the neighbourhood of the Strand." Th is Hotel is much frequented by South Wales people. PROPRIETOR—W. H. PRUST, (LATE OF SWANSEA.) F U It N I T T FUTI N'IT TTRE FURNITURE 11 THROUGHOUT, FOR CASH OR EASY PAYMENTS, AT WHOLESALE PRICES. SLATER & CO. 53, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. THE LARGEST & CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE PRINCIPALITY. OVER 2,000 FEET OF SHOW-ROOMS. Intending Purchasers should call and see the real articles, as manufactured by them, before buying elsewhere. Acknowledged by all to be the cheapest ever offered. DRAWING-ROOVl FURNITURE, .$'7[1 DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, BEDROOM FURNITURE, FITTING-ROOM FURNITURE, $3T KITCHEN FURNI. URE, HALL FURNITURE &c., &c., BRASS AND IRON BEDSTEADS. FEATHER AND FLOCK BEDS, At Prices to Defy Competition. TERMS: For £5 worth of Furniture pay 2s 6d weekly. ,,£10 „ 4s „ 915 » „ 5s „ £ 20 „ „ 7s 6d „ £ 30 „ „ 10s 950 „ 16s „ zeioo „ „ 208 „ ANY AMOUNT SUPPLIED ON PROPOR- TIONATE TERMS. Five per cent. Discount allowed on Deposits paid on account of Furniture, &e,. No guarantee re- quired. No publicity. Strictly confidential. Being Manufacturers, purchasers SAVE RETAILERS' PROFITS, Besides get-ing a superior class of goods to those usually sold elsewhere. GRFA r REDUCTIONS ARE BEING MADE DURING THE SALF. No T): THE ADDRESS :— SLATE It & CO., ;);1, CROCK HERBTOWN, CARDIFF, PARISH OF LLANTKISANT j VILLAGE OF GILFACH GOCH. | SEWERAGE WORKS. i fPHE Rural Sanitary Authority of the Pontypridd J. Union invites TENDERS for Supplying and Constructing, in the above Village, 242yds. of 15in. Pipe Sewers, and 270yds. of 9in. Pipe Sewers. The Surveyor will meet intending Contractors at the Blandy Arms Inn, Gilfacbgoch, on Thursday, the 15th instant, when Plans of tr.e said Sewer may be seen, and Forms of Tender obtain'd. Tender* must be in the hands of the Clerk, Edward Colnett hpickett, Esq., at the Court House, Pontypridd, not later than Tuesday, the 20cli iastaat. The Authority does not bind itself to acoept any tender. (Signed) JOHN EVANS, Surveyor to the above Authority. Navigation, 7th July, 1886. SALES BY AUCTION. I HOUSES FOR SALE In the Rhondda Valley, &e. I I FREALAW. A Double house. Shop and Bake- house, No. 132, -Niiskin Road; Two double dwelling houses, with land adjoining, Nos. 118, 119, Miskin Road; Six dwelling houses, Nos. 1, 5, 6, 14, 15, & 16, Wain- graig Road; Five dwelling houses, Nos. 23, 24, 25, 26, & 27 Hillman's Row Seven dwelling houses, Nos 15, 16, 17,20,21,47 & 48, Williams. town Road, (near the English Wesleyan Chapel). TONYREFAIL. Two dwelling houses in Gollenna Road. DINAS. Dwelling house No. 28, Dinas Road, opposite the Half-way House; Five dwelling houses, Nos. 65, 66, 69, 70, & 71 Dinas Road. TREORKY. Two dwelling houses Nos. 106 & 107 Dumfries Street Stable at rear of last named. PENTRE. Two dwelling houses, being Oak Tree Houses, top of Churchfield Row, (one being a double house). YSTRAD RHONDDA. Double dwelling house No. 136, Ystrad Road; Five dwelling houses Nos. 22, 23, 24, 25, & 26, Tyntyla Road, (near Gel!ygaled Inn). PENCOEDCAE. Four Dwelling houses. LLANTRISANT. Large Dwelling house near the Turnpike Gate, David's Town, Llantrisant. FERNDALE. Block of three dwellings, Commer- cial Street, and one dwelling house Upper Row. PONTYPRIDD. Two dwelling houses, Wood Road Also, houses in OGMORE VALE & ABERDARE,— particulars of which can be obtained of the underme utioned. The houses can be sold separately, of in lots, as may be required. Ninety per cent. of the purchase money can remain on mortgage, repayable in easy in- stalments, if required. For full particulars apply to Mr H. W. Hughes, Preswylfa, Penygraig; Messrs Griffith and Lambe, Solicitors, Cardiff, or to Mr Petei Price, 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. Board School, Cymmer. A GRAND DRAWING OF PRIZES (In aid of Mr Henry Hughes, JUIl., Glynfaeli Road, Cymmer) who met with an accident February 14th, 188i# which has disabled him for life to follow any toilsome labour. THE DRAWING Will take place at the above school on SATVSSAT SULT 24th, 1886, under the patronage and super- vision of the following gentlemen :—Dr. H. N. Davies, Porth J. Lewis, Esq., Ty'nycymmer Hall; H. Abraham Esq., manager, Hafod; 1. Williams. Epq., Brynglas; Mr J. Morgan, ironmonger, and .Nir T. Davies, chemist, Porth. hraioinr/ i/'illhr. for the following Prizes, which Tilt hare hern yu'eii gratis by friends in the neighbourhood:— A handsome Watch, 2 Silver Teapots, a Glass Life- boat and stand, an Alarm Clock, a Child's Tunic, a handsome Table Lamp, an English Flannel Shirt, Half-a-dozen Teaspoons, at. Iced Cake, a handsome Pipe, a Silk Handkerchief, a handsome Picture, a handsome Pair of Vases, a handsome Bible, a hand- some Pioture, a handsome Teapot, a Cigar Case, ODe pound of Tea, a Small Chest of Drawers, a Pair of Clothes Brushes, a Woollen Square, and a Moustache Cup and Saucer. TICKETS: SIXPENCE EACH. A BOOK OF TWELVE TICKETS FOR 5s. The Winning numbers will be published in the Tarian y Gweithiwr," Y Gweithiwr Cymreig," and Pontypridd Chronicle," the following week. Wiorers living at a distance must pay carriage. All Duplicates and moneys to be returned and paid to Mr. Henry Hughes, Glynfach Road, CYMMER, PONTYPRIDD. 20,000 Lives Lost. AWFUL CALAMITY! CAUSED BY USING ONE PACKET OF Hagon's Insect Powder. INSTANTLY DESTROYS Bugs, Fleas, Crickets, Blackbeetles, Moths, Cockroaches, Ants, Lice, and all Insects. CLEARS HORSES, DOGS, CATS, FOWLS, &c., OF VERMIN. In 2d. Packets, and 6d. & Is. Tins. t £ §F TH GENUINE ONLY TO BE HAD FROM A. HAGON, CHEMIST & HDIRlJa-G-IST 39, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. N. 8.—BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. FIRE BRICKS, FIRST CLASS, at 28s. per 1000, measuring 9 by 1. 4! by 3 inches. Also, best I HOUSE COAL, Delivered to any part of the District at 9/6 per Ton. S^- Orders taken at the GBAIG POST OFFICE, PONTYPRIDD. PONTYPRIDD ACADEMY. E. DUUMOR EDWARDS, M.A., Master. SPECIAL PREPARATION for Examinations. U TERM BEGINS on TUESDAY, JULY 27th. W COOPER PENN, MORTGAGE BROKER, ESTATE AGENT, AC 8, St. John's Square, Cardiff, a,iL^ Pontypridd. Sole Agent for the MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BUILDING SOCIETf, CARDIFF, PONTYFKIDD, UARRY, &c. Several Eligible Household Properties for gal* in the Rhondda Valley, near Pontypridd, Cardiff, and Barry. Full particulars on application.



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