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LAWN MOWERS, LAWN MOWERS. T. LEMON & SONS beg to inform the Public that they have just erected a new Patent Automatic Machine for Grinding Lawn Mower Knives and Cutters with the greatest accuracy, which cannot be done by hand labour. All machines forwarded to them for repair, or to de re-ground and set, will be sent out of their Works quite equal to new, and at moderate charges. The Hayes Engineering Works, CARDIFF. W. H. KEY'S Reliable •» w Preparations. _0:- KEY'S Blood Purifier Clears the Skin and eradicates all impurities from the Blood; it is also an Excellent Spring and Autumn Medicine. o- Key's Effervescent COOLING SALINE, A household remedy, perfectly harmless, that can be taken at any time by young and old, and in all Climates. This pleasant and refreshing Saline will be found exceedingly valuable in Purifying the Blood and ^Foi^Bilious^Headache and all Bilious Disorders it will be found very beneficial, acting as a mild aperient <uid also on the liver and kidneys. In all Dyspeptic Affections it will act by removing acidity, dispelling wind, and thus preventing the disacree&ble fulness experienced. iSTTebrile Complaints it may be given with great advantage, allaying the fever and proving a most vafreshing beverage. 0 KEY'S LAXATIVE ELIXIR, Specially recommended for Persons of Costive Habit. -0- KEY'S SPECIFIC CURE, Fcr Neuralgia, Rheums, lace-Ache, or Tooth-Ache. One DOle always relieves. Iwo Doses always Cure. Key's Concentrated Constitution BITTERS, Appetite, Liver Complaint. General Debility, Dyspepgj^ these Bitters are in- valuable. Tbey are prepared from the choicest herbs only* and, while possessing powerful tonic pre- oeities, are perfectly "tanaleBs to the most delicate constitution. -0- JAMES? Pectoral Balsam Of Horehound, Moea- and -0- James' Aperient Globules. A SUBSTITUTE roR CASTOR OIL. Caoh of these Globules is equal to an ordinary Dose of Castor Oil. G KBTTVE IPIlilis. A Speedy and Certain Cure for Tic-Doloreax, Tooth- ache, and all Nerve Disorders. 0- THE "YOUNC LAMES"'PtLLS. ntrAnfflv recommended for Pale Delicate Young Ladies suffering from Debility, Ac. W. H. onmung Tiff SttBT, -0- 11 W|H £ 33 p-U KEY, W" sowwww PWTIPKIB9. I f SUMMER CLOTHING. MASTERS & CO'S MEN'S SUITS, At 12a lid, 15s lid, 18B 6d, 21s 6d, 25a 6d, 29a 9d, 32s 6d, 35s 6d, 37s 6d, 42s Od, 458 Od, 49s 6d, 55s Od, 59s 6d, 69s 6d. -=: MASTERS & CO S YOUTHS' SUITS, From 10s 6d to 46s. MASTERS & CO S BOYS SUITS, At Is lHd, 2s lid, 3s lid, 4s lid, 5s lid, 6s lid, 7s lid, 8s lid, 9s lid, ALL SIZES SAME PRICK. 2 MASTERS & CO'S MEN'S HARD FLEXIBLE FELT HATS. la 6d, Is Ild, 2a lid, 3s lld, 4s Ild, 5s Ild, 6!1 lid, 7a lid. MASTERS & CO'S BOYS' HAII, It) FLEXIBLE FELT HATS, 9d, Is, Is 6d, Is lid, 2s fid, 28 lid, 3s lid, 4s lid MASTERS & CO'S MEN'S AND BOYS' STRAW HATS, At 6d, 9d, Is, Is 6d, 2s. f MASTERS & OO'S BOYS' JERSEY SUITS, From 28 lid to 10s lid, MASTERS & CO'S SERGE SAILOR SUITS, From 28 lid to 17s lid. MASTERS & COMPANY, The Cardiff Clothiers, 80. TAFP STREET. PONTYPRIDD. Also at 29 and 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 18 and 19, Castle Street, Swansea 39 and 40, High-street, Newport; 124,High- street, Merthyr 116, High-street, Dowlais 11, Canon-street Aberdare George-street, Pontypool; and 70, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. I 28 and 29, High Street, CARDIFF. —,— M :P 0 IE?-, r-C -& IQ- rZ 2JOTICE. JOHN JAMES & CO.'S Great Half-yearly Sale of Surplus Stock at Lessened Prices. Madam "e respectfully beg to inform you that our customary SALE OF SUMMER GOODS at REDUCED PRICES,;is now proceedingito be continued throughout the Month. We have adopted our Popular Sytlem of marking everv article in R»d Ini beneath the Original (which is always in plain figuVei) shoninr the exact amount of Reduction and the benefit offered to our Patrons at the end of each Season. We wish particularly to point out to our Customers that we Only Reduce Goods left at the end of the Season to make room for our purchases for the following.-We never buy Rubbish for our Sales. & The Greatest Reductions will be found in the following Departments- MANTLES, MANTILLAS, DOLMANS, AND JACKETS. We hold in this Department a Grand Assortment of High-Class Goods, Made Specially for us by the Leading London and Berlin Manufacturers. Every Garment will be Reduced. Our Sale being early in the Season, ladies will have the benefit of having the Latest Models in Mantles at Prices much below Regular Value." New Beaded Mantillas at 15s lid Regular Value 25s Ud. NEW OTTOMAN SILK DOLMENS.—'The Latest Models 12s lid Regular Value; 18s lid » 15s Ild „ 25s Ild 21a lid 35s lid < Very Rich Silk Ottoman Dolman 29s lid „ 45s lid Our Special Silk Dolman, Richly Trimmed, reduced to H. 45s 1 Id „ 69s lid BLACK STOOKINETTE JACKETS, Braided.—Lot 1. Reduced to 4s lid „ 8s lid Lot 2. „ 6s lid 9s lid Lot 3. 99 89 11-d „ 121 lid Ladies' Coloured Jersey Jackets, in Grenat, Fawn, Brown, Tabac, Grey, at 4s llfd 2ls lid This is a Line worth looking after. 4 Black and Coloured Braided Jerseys.—Reduced to 2s llfd „ 4s lid 4 — 3s lild 6s lid >» 4s I lid „ 8s llfd Children's Jackets, Dolmans and Dust Cloaks. A Large Variety in every size at Clearing Prices. COSTUME DEPARTMENT. In this department we have a beautiful assortment of the Latest Fashions in Cashmere and all the New Fabrics. All reduced to clear A lot of Washing Cambric Cos- tumes—reduced. Our Well-known Challenge Costume at 10s lid reduced for this Sale to 8s 6fd. Special Line in Costumes—One of our most Successful Models, reduced to 6s Ud. Regular value 9s I I d. All Colours. Children's Costumes-a lot to clear at Is llfd I FRENCH A I* D ENGLISH MILLINERY.—The Choicest and Largest Assortment out of London reduced to half-prioes as usual. Children's Millinery reduced. SPECIAL-We shall offer at this Sale a Rfcre Collection of First Choice well-seasoned Furs in Capes and Dolmans at Prices much below Regular Value. Ladies' Under-Clothing reducd. Several lines in Corsets and Skirts to Clear. Dress Fabrics in all the New Tints, in Cashmere. Canvas Cloths, Bieges, Foule, Ac.; every piece throughout our Well-assorted Stock Reduced. Lot of Coloured Cashmere, 46 inches wide, to clear at 6id per yard. Regular value 10fd. In all the new colours. All Wool French Cashmere, new tints, at 121cl per yard; regular value, 18fd. End and End Dress Fabrio—A good strong mixture for children's wear, lfd per yard, regular value 43d. Plain Dress Fabrics in all Colours, 2fd, regular value, 4fd, PluBhes, Velvets, Silks, <tc.—Every Colour and Tint to match our Dress Fabrics. A very large stock to clear at Reduced Prices. Special line in Striped Silk for Trimming, at 12 £ d per yard, regular value 18id. Several lots of Hosiery, Gloves, Laces, at Sale Prices. A choice variety of Ladies' and Children's Sunshades, from Bid. We bave some very choice numbers in Ladies' Sunshades-band painted. Reduced to 10s lid and 15s lid, regular value 1 lid and 29s lid. Plain Drapery and Household Linens—Lot of Washing Prints, in light and dark grounds, New Patterns, reduced to 3id, regular value, M-d. Washing Sorata Prints, Quite New, Fast Colours, reduced to 6fd, regular value, 9fd. Washing Cambrics, best Makes. All reduced. Oxford Shirtings, Fast Colours, 3id and 4fd; much below regular value. Furnishing Department-Tapestry Carpets, Lot to clear. Brussels do., lot to clear. Tapestry Squares in all sizes, reduced. Special Lot Long Lace Curtains at 12fd, IBld. and is llfd per pair. These Goods are fully worth double Long Lace Curtains, taped edges—reduced to 2s llfd, and 4s Ufa; regular value, 4s llfd and 6s llfd. Some very Choice Designs in Madras and Guipure D'Art Curtains—Slightly soiled, reduced from 25s lid to IDs lid, and 39s lid to 25» lid. Lot. of Toilet Quilts—reduced to Is llfd and 2s llfd. Lot of Soiled Honeycomb Quilts at 2s 6fd and 2s llfd. DRBSS AND MANTLE MAKING.—We manage this Branch of our Trade in conjunetion with our Dress Department on Strictly Cash Principles. We employ the Best Talent to be Procured for Money, and Guarantee Style and Fit equal to any of the West End London Houses. Our Charges are very Low. JOZS3MT JTjSlMES dfc CO. I, Pontypridd, Lhmtrisait, and RMda Yaflayt PESMANBNT BENEFIT BUILDINC SOIETY" Established 1866. Incorporated 1874 j" DIRECTORS MR. KlCBAKB ROFLCRS, Pontypridd, Chairman. MR. JOHN MOSGAN, Llanfcrisaot, Vioe-ohair- min. MR. CHARLES BASSETT, J.P., Biynffynou. Pontypridd. MR. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Pron, Pontypridd. MR. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforest. MR. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Sl&afryn.fPontyppidd MR. W*. GRIFFITHS, Taff Villa, Pontypridd MR. E. C. S PICKETT, Maespsoed.i Pontypridd. Advances'made on Mortgage in sums varying from ZCIOO to XIO,000, repay abU^jkinionthly or quarterly » stalmentf,? MORTGAGE AND J K VJCY FEES PilB BY THE JCIETT. Advances mide < t the Shortest Notice. For further particulars apply to the Sooretary, MR. H. S. DA VIES, OLD POST-OFFIQE CHAMBERS, PoRtyprid d. CASH ADVANCED ON LEASEHOLD AND FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. FOR SHARES apply to JAMES ROBERTS, ± Insurance and Emigration Agent, THE GSAUL POST OFFICE, HTGH-ST., PONTYPRIDD. Tfle Merthyr and Dowlais Building Society. Established 1872, and Incorporated under the, Building society's Act, 1874. LOANS made on Mortgage at the shortest notice in sums varying from £ 100 to £ 10,000, repayabte by monthly or quarterly inatalmenta in three to thirteen years, at oDtion of borrowers. Tables of Re-Payments, Costa of Mortgages, and Surveyor's Fees, have been revised, and consider- ably reduced. _THE SOCIETY NOW OFFERS SPECIAL AD- VANTAGES TO BORROWERS, the Scaleof Re- loweredtS Pre'iminary charges being greatly The utmost Secrecy maintained. For particulars apply to the Secretary, lIB PETS* WILLIAMS, at the Office of this Society, 60, Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tydfil. PONTYPRIDD HOUSE PROPE. t AND INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, OLD POST OFFIOK CHAMBERS PONTYPRfDD DIRECTORS MR JAMES ROBERTS. Taff Vale HOUM, Tm- forest Chairman. MR GEORGE EVILL- Tonypady. Yloi Chairman. MR RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. MR EVAN DAVIES, The Walk, Cardiff, MR EDWIN PHILLIPS, Pontypridd. MR THOMAS THOMAS. Gwcra-v-Gerw^ Treforest Secretary—MR H S DAVIEcs. oee"-Old Post Office Okambers Pontypridd. This Company is prepared to receiv* Depoatt* of JB10 and upwards repayable at Three Hontha Notice, and to bear Interest at the rate of Four Pounds per Centum per Annum parow 1Iatr- yearly. Apply to the Secretar* u abara If you "aut a Really Good "\JT.T -186 1 T lic J T; Gold or Silver; or Hall marked CHAIN OR ALBERT In any Pattern you like in gold or ailreri or JEWELLERY, &c., Of the latest ai>d most beautiful design in C*U or- silver, write to or call upon J. G. WILLIAMS, JEWELLER, he, 38, SALISBURY ROAD, CvrHAYS, CABDIFF, And he will sapply you at onee with raally good articles, NU4 you TWELVE MONTHS to pay for them. Why should you pay caah to English firms for the same goods you can buy off J. G. W., for laaa money at twelve months' credit. You should not do such a thing. but YOU Slaodd buT of J. G W. and thereby savo money—"Money -vsd if tsm*y gained." J G. W. never "Ild a Gentleman's Wateh unless he GAIl guarantee it for no leas than three years. He never sella inferior goods. -RONOLEU HOUS5- 446. « £ ZJJWA8TAD ROAD, PONTVPRID6- oar SOON, PFLI ma LID" 1 RUM. Missis REM The MET TARA LTATF, May We