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TO BE SOLD, CHEAP, One Horizontal Engine, 12" cylin- der, 25" stroke, reversing gear; One Winding Drum, 7' 6" diara., oak lagged, 6ft. spur, and 1' 6" pinion wheels, powerful foot brake, clip drum attached 4it. diani.; 400 yards 1" diam. Plough Steel Rope, with shackles, sockets, &c.; all equal to new; One Second-hand Steam Winch, cylinders 6in T. LEMON & SONS, ENGINEERING- WORKS. The Hayes, Cardiff. W. H. KEY'S Reliable •» fir Preparations. :0: —— KEY'S Blood Purifier tbp. Skiii alld all impurities from tho Blood; it is 801130 an Exoe1l6Dt Spring aDd. Autumn Medicine. -0- Key's Effervescent COOLING SALINE, A household remedy, perfectly harmless, he taken at any time by young and old, and in aU Climates. This pleasant fttd refreshing Saline will be found exoiAy valuable in Purifying the Blood and <J^BmousyHeiaacbe and all Bilious Diwrders it ■will be found very beneficial, acting as a mild aperien ■.ion on the liver and kidneys.. In^nDyspeptic Affections it will act by rem<mn« « £ itv! dfepelling wind,.and tbas preventing the advantale, allayu..g the fever and proving.. moat T*fareahing beverage. t 0 KEY'S LAXATIVE EUXI». Specially recommended for Persons of Costive Habit. -0- KEY'S SPECIFIC CURE, jFcr Neuralgia, Rheums, lace-Ache, or Tooth-Ache. One Dose always relieves. Ilwo Doses always Cure. Key's fonceitrated Coostitition BITTERS, For Loosed Appetite, Liver Complaint, General TtebHity, Byeftpaia, Ac., these Bitters are in- valaable. They are prepared from the choicest herbs and, while possessing powerful tonio Pr** pea ties, are perfectly harmless to the most delicate omstituties. —* -0- JAMES' Pectoral Balsam Of B«ebeM><l, I,iA *•• James' Aperient Globules- A SUBSTITUTE tõR CASTOR OIL. ffeob of these Globules » of Oaetor Oil, -0 NERVE PILLS. a Sneedy and Certain Care for Tic-Dolores*, Tooth °' ache, aad all Nerve Disorders. — O — THE r "YOUKC LADIES"' PILLSO rii itflv recommended for Pale Delicate Young Ladies suffering from Debility, Ac- -0- W. H. 49-; KEY, «.»* Via »«" TIFF STBS89V :JI.. 9 mmonue"pmpu SUMMER CLOTHING. MASTKIIS & CO'S MEN'S SUITS, At 128 lid. 15s Ild, 18s 6d, 218 6d, 2is 6d, 29s 9d, 32s 6d, 358 6d, 37s 6d, 42s OJ, 45. Od, 49s 6d, 55s Od, 69s 6d, 698 6d. MASTKKS & CO'S YOUTHS' SUITS, From 10s 6d to 46s. MASTERS & GO'S BOYS' SUITS, At Is Ufd, 2s lid, 3s lid, 4s lid, 5s lid, 68 lid, 78 lid, 8s )ld, 9s lid. ALL SIZES SAME PRICK. 2 MASTERS & CO'S MEN'S HARD FLEXIBLE FELT HATS. 1* 6d, Is lid. 2s lid. 3s lid, 4s lid, 58 Ud, 6s Hd, 7g lid. ■'> —————■ f MASTERS & CO S BOYS' HARt) FLEXIBLE FELT HATS, 9d, Is, Is 6d, Is lid, 2s 6d, 28 lid, 3s Ild, As lid •— n- MASTERS & CO'S MEN'S AND BOYS' STRAW HATS At 6d, 9d, Is, is 6d, 2s. MASTERS & C C) BOYS' JERSEY SUITS, From 28 lid to 10s lid, i MASTERS & CO'S SERGE SAILOR SUITS, From 2s lId to 178 lld. MASTERS & COMPANY, The Cardiff Clothiers, 80. TAFF STREET. PONTYPRIDD. Also at 29 and 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 18 and 19, Castle Street, Swansea 39 and 40, High-street, Newport; 124,High- street, Merthyr; 116, High-street, Dowlais 11, Canon-street Aberdare George-street, Pontypool and 70, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. ■ j rg—??!■•■ Mi j— » I 28 and ,29, High Street, CARDIFF. I IMPOBTA1TT notice. TOH2TJ"-A3ffES ■* CO.'S Great Half-yearly Sale of Surplus Stock at Lessened Prices. ^|ajam We respectfully beg to inform you that our customary SA^E OF SUMMER ^GOODS at REDUORD PRICES,Jis noir proceeding,* to be continued w nnr ParnJvr System of marking every article in lied Ink beneath the Original (which is always in plemjgure«) showing the exact amount of We have adopted our t ojwvr y lleductinn a.d the benefit offered to our Patrons at the end ofeach Season. w. «Uh nsrticularlv to ooint out to our Custodiers that we Only Reduce Goods left ai the end of the Season to make room for our purchases for the following.—We Yft WHO pari, cumi j r never buy Hubbish for our Sales. The Greatest Reductions will be found in the following Departments- MANTLES, MANTILLAS, DOLMENS, AND JACKETS. w • tKi Deoartment a Grand Vssottneiit of Hi^h-CUsi Goods, Made Specially for us by the Leading London and Berlin Manufacturers. Every Garment will be tJ j imp Sale heiatr earlv in the Season, ladies will have the benefit of having the Latest Models in Mantles at Prices much below Regular Value." 0 New Bvaded Mantillas at ••• 15s lid Regular Value 25s lid. NEW OTTOMAN SILK DOLMENS.—-The Latest Models 12s lid Regular Value 18s Ud „ 15s lid „ 25s lId „ 21s lid t, 35s lId Very Rich Silk Ottoman Dolman 29* |1 >» 45s Ud Our Soecial Silk Dolman, Riohly Tnmmed.Muced to » G9s!ld BLACK sTOOKINKTTE JACKETS, Brails.—Lot 1. Rednoed to 4s Ud „ 8s lid Lot 2. 65 lld „ iis lid Lot 3. „ 8s lid „ 12s 1 Id Ladies' Coloured Jerny Jacket, in Greuikt, Fiiwn. Brown, Tabse, Grey, at 4s llfd 31s Ud This is a Line worth looking after. Black and Coloured Braided Jerseys.—Reduced to 2s U|d 4s 1 Id 19 ••• »(v ••• aaa «• ••• OS 1 'tu i) OS X Id 4s llfd „ to lifd Children's Jackets, Dolmans and Dust Cloaks. A Large Variety in every size at Clearing Prices, COSTUME DEPARTMENT. In thi. deoartment we have a beautiful assortment of the La«e«t Fasbinns in Cashmere and all the New Fabric#. All reduced to clear A lot of Washing Oan^nc Coa- tlOur Well-known I hallenee Costume Ht I OH I Id reduced lor this Sale to 8s 6fd. Special Line in Costumes—One ot our most Successful Models, reduced to 6s Ud. He^nlnr vaiue. 9; Ud. All Colours. Children's Costumes—a lot to clear at Is llfd VPWfiTT 4 1 Tk ITK«TTRH ITIL'KEKY.—1lie Ol'oiceet ond Larkest Aswortment out of London; reduced to half-prices as usual. Children's Millinery nduced. SPECIAL—We I Rail a Kere OJiecton of F Choice well-.easoned Fur. in Capes ai d Dolmans at Prices mueh below Regular Value. Ladies' Under-Clothing redoo* Several ifcI.'L l»d F.kri.'e '« .fft. ~inf, in Cava, Cloth., Stage.. F»K, I* every piwse through™! our Well-waorted Stock K<X«.d. 48 iiclea wide to cl^ar at Ojd \,<-r yard. Ke«ulHr valne 10fi. In all the new oolours. All Wool French Cashmere, new tints, at 12fd per yard; regular value i8id K»S^id J rd Drese Faliri. —A u. rd Ktn-rg n irliir*-f« r. hiWr« li s Wtar. Hd per yard, regular value 45d. Plain Drees Fabrics in all Colonrs, 2Jd, regular value, 4fd. Plushes, Velvets Silkf &c —Kve'v Cd« nr ano '1 iiit to mau «tu Dsess Fabrics. A v< ry large stock to clear at Reduced Prices. Special line m Striped Silk for Trimming, at 12fd per vard, regular U, iei»i Uts > i Ho n ry G)«n« 8. 1P<< e i t -rtU' Prices. A chiice variety cf Ladies' ard CLildren'p bunsLades. from 8|d. We bave some very choice numbers L Ladies'Sunshades—hard paint.d K««dn.-M» to 10s lid and IF.s lid. regular value 18s lid 29s lid. Plain Drapery and Household Linens—Lot cf Washing Prints, in light and dark grounds, New lattenie,T<dwed t- 8jd. «^ulf,r valiu, Waai-mg borata Prints, Quite New, Fast Colours, reduced to 6id, regular value, 9|d. Washing Cambrics, best Makes. All reduced. Oxford SMrtiutB, Fast i.'olours, 3fd r*nd Ud muob below regular valne. Furnishing Department—Tapestry Carpets, Lot to clear. Brussels do., lot to deer. Tapestry tquares in all sizes reduced. Special I.ot Lace Curtains at 12jd, 18|d, and Is 11*1 per pair. These Goods are fully worth double Long Lace Curtains, taned edges—iednc«d to 2s 113d 1 nd 4s lli<>; regular vshie, 4* llfd ard 6s ll|d. Seme very Choice Designs in Madras and Guipure T) Art Curtains—Slightly soiled, reduced from 'i 25s lid to 15B lid aid 3^s lid to 251 lid. I..«4 of T«il*t Quilts-teduced to Is Ilid and 2a Ilid. Lot of Soiled lfoneyoonrb Quilts at 2s bfd and 2s llfd. DRESS AND MANTLE ftiAK^Q-We usance t <np Branol. of ov.r Trsde in cot jaoction with our Drees Department on Strictly Cash Principles. We employ the Best Talent to be Procured for Money, and Guarantee Style and Fit equal to any of the West End London Houses. Our Charges are very Low. JOBXVJAMS2S C30. ,t Faatypridd, Ulitrisut as4 Rkoidia Yftflcji PSSMANBNT BSNSPIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Bstab&gli-od 1866. Incorporated 1874. DIRECTORS a- Ma. KlCHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd, ChainsMu MR. JOHN MO KG AN, Llantriaant, r. ■1 in. MR. CHAHLRS BASSETT, J p., Brynffyooa Pontypridd. MR. THOUiS MORTtiN, Y Pron, PontndM. MR. JAMKS RICHARDS, Trofareert. MR. D^NIFCL WILLI&IIS, Otwo.Ecyu.!Pomsypwidd MR. WM. GRIFFITHS, Tal: Villa, P»a6jprMd. MR. E. C. SPIOKEtT, Maespidsd, Pontypridd. AdvancesTmade on Mort#aga id sums varying from £ 100 to jG10,0(X),. repayaM+pg^monthly or quarterly* stixlmftntTr MORTGAGE AND J liVBY FI5SS PilD BY TH8 JGIflPT. Advances m ide > t the Shortest Xt4im. For further particulars apply to the Secretary, MR. H. S. DA VIES, OLD POST-OMOE C?IAMBHR8, Pontypridd. r-jffiMiDD HOUSE PRO i AND INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITEI, OLD POST OFFIOK CHAMBBRS PONTYPRf^O DIRECTORS MR JAMES ROBERTS, Taf Vale 11-. Tr^ forest CbA, tala. MR GEO&GE KlnLt, Tenypaaiy. Vie*. Chairman. AIR RICHARD ROGERS, Foctrpridd. MR E V A.N DA VIES, The Walk, (Mil, MR EDWUl PHILLIPS, Fentypridd. MR THOMAS THOMAS. Gown-y-earwo. Treforest Secretary—MR H & OAVIBmt Offloea—Old Pest OS. Obtaben rao^fWi This Company is prepared to reesfa* Penssits of JSIO and upwards repayable at Ihm Bevdha Notice, and to bear Interest at the rate of t1' nr Pounds per Centum ner Annua, payable Baft- yeaxly. Apply to the Seeretarv as ebw» If you want a P.,¡>.AUj; Good ATCHZ xbold or Silver; or HaU marked CHAIN OR ALBERT la Pattern Ion like in geld or silrerf or JEWF.LLKRT, Ao., Of the latest atd most beautiful design in gtUL m- silver, write to or can upsn J. G. WILLIAMS, JEWELLES, *«.. 38, SALISBURY ROAD, CvTHATS, CARMM, And he will supply you at eoee with really good articles, and give you TWBLYB MONTHS to pay for them. Why should you pay cash to English flrtns for the same goas you can buy off J. Q, Wfor loss money at twelve months' credit P You should ■•t do such a thing, bat yoa skowid bay of J. 0 W. and thereby save mouo,y-" M*Oft mv" « monty gatnai." J 8. W. never sells a Gentleman's Wateh wiless Waas guarantee it for ao tees tMD three yoars. He never sells infessor goads. f RO h O L i. -J H UUbi. «« ». !• »r-WTYFRitttt. fUCT SCHOOL fUB Wm rJ.DlU, aeaaeoait itY TU*. MaSSeS F F- SL TIM naxt Twin enaiewueee oa Mondsy, May W. GEORGE'S INFANTS' POWDERS. TESTIMONY FROM LONDOtf. 18, r#itna Place, Qo «o'P Sqaam, Losjon, W. j., Jotv !M,b, I880 Deaf 8ir Will yoo pleass forwatd me nij o< your "^2 IntfJBts' AiW tflMi, A ticket is %&■< r noh I li^e to have w fresh. I 'hem in^jJn<»lilo. and a'ww nee tbeoi «? «• the sa»?ti<m of ur medioal mlloU. BY doing yor will oblige, Yours respectfully. C. HOWARDS B. A. GBOSQF, Beq. A paoket forwarded to any address for Is 1)4, B. A. GEORGE. Nfedic-al Hall. Pentre, Pantyprid<i, Qkun.