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MR. GLADSTONE'S IRISH SCHEME. JUST as we are going to press the country is on the qui vive for the revelation of Mr Gladstone's Irish scheme. Of course, we do not pretend to be able to say what the scheme is likely to be, whether as drastic as has been prophesied by people who set up as oracles on all such occasions as this, or whether Mr Gladstone may have modified the scheme to suit the views of those who were opposed to it in the Cabinet. A measure, or series of measures, which may have been the means of driving two important men out of the Cabinet, must, whatever they may be, attract a great deal of attention throughout the country. But it would be rash on the part even of the warmest admirers of Mr Chamber- lain to jump to the conclusion that the measure must be bad because condemned by him. He is not infallible, neither is Mr Glad- stone. When the latter has unfolded his plans and the former has stated his objections we shall all be in a position to judge between them. Meanwhile the case stands thus: Heie on the one hand is a shrewd, fartsighted, veteran statesman, a man of matured judgement, who for more than half a century has taken a conspicuous part in Parliamentary affairs, who has earned for himself a popularity never sur- passed and seldom equalled by any politician, who has succeeded in preparing and carry- ing measures which will immortalize his name, and here on the other hand are men, one of whom is but comparatively little known and the other, though well known and very popular, is still little more than a fledgling in camparison with Mr Gladstone. Which of these is most likely to be right ? That is the question which presents itself to us, aud we cannot for one moment hesitate about the answer. There for the present we leave the matter, our opinion being simply guided by probabilities. It may tarn out that Mr Gladstone has made a mis- take, that his intense desire to remedy the wrongs of Ireland, and to afford recompense for past injustice towards her may have overpowered his judgement, blinded him to other interests which should be taken into account, and betrayed him into extremes. If so it will only show that he is not in- fallible.

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