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FROM CITY CORRESPONDENTS. THE addition of two hundred millions to the Na- tional Debt will have a considerable effect on the price of Consols. What will be the precise amount of depreciation even experts cannot say, but it is believed that it will not be less than five per cent. Whatever may be its influence on the value of Con- sols, the scheme win undoubtedly prevent the pro- gress of converting the debt from being carried out for some years. THE verdict in the Belt case seems to have taken People by surprise. Mr. George Lewis, who was beaten by the sculptor in the famous libel case, is, Of course, jubilant. Then Mr. Belt received damages to the tune of £ 5,000. Now he is sent to prison for twelve months with hard labour. Mr. Belt hat teen quite a figure in certain social sets frequented 1Jy the quality, and ladies of rank have lionised him. lie is very well known in the higher Bohemian cir- cles. There was a good deal about the case which the public could not understand, and the verdict is now all over the town. Mr. Belt was married only a short while ago. ONE of the sights of London dear to a large class of country visitors is the departure of the road coaches from l'jcca dilly every morning in the sum- mer. But even coaching seems on the decline. The smart teams that leave town could not be kept on the road were the proprietors to depend upon the fares receive d from passengers. To each of the road coaches there are subscribers. Gentlemen fond of coachi ng give, say, i.100 a year to have the privilege of driving the coach one day a week, and liad it not been for these amateurs the road revival eould not have taken place. £ ad to say, it is not expected this yellr that there will be half so many coach es as there were a few summers ago. WHIL E painters and chisellers have closely watched the development of the Belt case, doctors, on the other hand, have had their attention centred upon the Bartlett trial. Here the opinion of spe- cialists is divided, though the consensus of belief is that the prosecution will fail. It has yet to be set- tled what the cause of Mr. Bartlett's death was, and it will have to be proved that the dose of liquid chloroform has been the cause of death. The Pal- mer case was the first wherein strychnine was em- ployed, in the famous Cotton case arsenic was the poison, in the Balham mystery antimony was sus- pected, while aconite was used by Dr. Lamson to poison the boy at the Wimbledon school. Sons astonishment has been caused in the sport- ing world by the circulation of a story to the effect that the well-known firm of Messrs. Tattersall were »bout to convert tlieir business into a limited lia- mlity company. The report, however, did not on its face, and it was speedily con- tradicted. Folk who have money to invest, would have been only too glad had it been true, for the profits are said to be worth close upon jE40,000 a The firm, which by the way consists of Mr. £ amnnd Tattersall only, have one of the rarest monopolies in the country. Mr. Tattersall, the principal, is wonderfully popular among all classes, for lie is a cou rteous debonnaire gentleman. Hunt- ing men and racing men alike would regret were he retire from the business and hand it over to the management of aboard of directors. I BAV. received an outline of the Home Rule scheme from a source which is u Bually well informed. I do not pretend to say that it is authoritative, but it probably represents the outlines of the plan which now before the Cabi net. This scheme proposes to establis.i a legislative body, consisting of a single Chamber, in VubH n. With a view to secure the protection of the minority, a system of minority re- presentation will be introduced. Ireland is to con- tinue to be represe nted in the Imperial Parliament Bot in proportion to her population, but in propor- tion to her taxation. The Irish contribution to the imperial revenue will be between two and three millions, and her proportion of members in the Im- perial 1 arJianient will he in the proportion. The Irish police are to Le placed under the control of the JJrish Government mill are to be disarmed. This plan is obv iousl; incomplete, and its guarantees will certainly not satisfy the Imperial Parliament; but it represents a part, at least, of the plan which is before the Government. Timis Queen caused quite a flutter in medical cir- cles when she consented to perform the ceremony w laying the foundation stone of the new Examina- tion Hall. The building, which is to be erected at the foot ot the Savoy, join tly by the Colleges of Physic and Surgery is to be a palatial edifice. The two institutions ,lave great wealth, and the hall is he,n- The ceremonial ought to be Hne> for the Fellows of the two colleges fLW :lr*r;ar ,n tlleir robes. State functions are l)osses»ion wll^t?* and fevr ,,atl S"*rns in their ° 7f,en the gracious message came from the MmrLhoim Jf r<^ roarers to the profession are now %lu» nlivai/ re* 'hose sported by are of crimson. The site of the hall it ia tn lw> I i° l'le west Waterloo Bridge, and not be tjurwl1!61 tllHt .tlie t'»»hle-down viaduct may There is a. 'ts on the occasion, ceremonv • «r ° 8truSS*e *or places to witness the <teed that onTv It"1"/ hilve 1)een tho applications in- members of tU /ilow3 ,lnd ce1"1'1"1 distinguished ballot. ThJ profuS9>°'1 ca" be admitted without in the mori,in„Pr0Cee,,i"S8 will take place at eleven voted to lmw t aild tI,e (,ay wil1 afterwards be de- Cenerally. a,,d bail(luet3> aud high jinks A ■MA ABBR OKD and RUSSELL, who succeeded Theatre are. e management of the Haymarket ♦ ?ut to restore the PJt which their tainment was^? a,WHy» rea,i8inS t,,at 1,i8 enter- tlie mope i,? 6'1 8Pecia"y f°r t,,e edification W* latt tho p nous classes. Mr. Bancroft, when P t ,rjnce of Wales to take possession of EffT?°Me- «'• "4 raised a wafa. tmmonriS1X seats in its place. There for tho iinmi i °us SCene when the house was opened, Sev hJ h^ ,Patr"ns of ti,e ^ama, finding that MIIFATOIIRAHVF T-8ALLER^> DENIOIWTNITED IN A MOST Mt J'0" »nd ,11 f Ie made no pretence to be more than lioiiae on a "8Ilje88> ai>d that he would conduct the T^ttorlv +1,„ ■ys 1 ,nost remunerative to himself, unsuccessful Ve"t"r(-'si°f the management have been mu!« » fnrt.1, urk Days," which would have nroTMl an iirn6 at-a t,,eatre the Princess's,"1 # J> ('m"ii'»us failure. Had there been A ? „n :ieatre' Mr. Comyns Carr's piece might fcave been lucrative; and feeling that they could dobetter with the pit than without it, Messrs. Bash- Russell, with tlie permission of the pro- prietors, will provide for the florin folk. IT is quite clear that we are at the beginning of a lie" glacial period, and we may look for learned essays on the 8ubject in the April magazines. In- idMimj; with the approach of summer, arder and col(]er and m°re un- All enterprise is arrested, work becomes jnore scarce, and out-of-door recreations are out of ,.he questiot,. 1 It is too hard to hunt, too hard to gace, too hard to course, and yet it is hardly hard or skatii.'jr Folks do not want ice in the middle o ilarch, however good it may be. There are other nngs to be thought of. Ladies still go mboutcladin velvet and fur, while their smart spring jBQWRS prepared in anticipation of the ar- >ival of seasonable days lie hidden at home. There "as a large gathering of fashionable folk at the private view of the Holnian Hunt pictures. Here, Lad the weather been fine, would the new browns • yellows and heliotropes liare been sported, as it was, lauies arrived in the attire that has worn throughout the winter, and as a fashion* able function Sphering had no quality. The shop Keepers sing uirges of deep distress, for trade is at "^•t-ill, and win remain so till the frost has twused to grip lIJe eartlu

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