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THE CREATEST TRIUMPH AN UNPARALLELED SUCCESS t ,¡J>¡.l.; THOUSANDS DELIGHTED! f' v INIMITABLE EXCELLENCE! The magnificent and world-renowned Watches Viannfactured by H. SAMUEL have left all competi- tors in the race for distinction far behind, and have attained the proud and envied position of being atone at the goal of perfection. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! The unanimous and spontaneous testimony of the thousands of wearers in all classes of society have indisputably proclaimed the undoubted superiority of B. SAMUEL'S marvellous WAtches over all others. BEWARE being entrapped by .prolix and wordy notices into sending for worthless imitations, got up for sale only, by unprincipled t^ad?"-„ AVOID ALL RISK by purcbasiBg direct from H. SAMUEL, Manchester, the Celebrated Manufacturer, Uld be assured of obtaining one of THE BEST WATCHES IN THE WORLD. THE HIGHEST AWARD, In the continued hearty and increasing support of all classes proves the -wise discrimination of the public, and the high and well-known character of H. SAMUEL'S productions. IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE to become the possessor of one of H. SAMUEL'S Marvellous Watches! TB13I Errand and beneficial advantages of A the ready cash system of trading in effecting a giving to the pnblic cannot be better exemplified than by the WONDERFUL SUCCESS attending the efforts of H. SAMUEL to bring before the public genuine batches of guaranteed excellence at whole- sale prices. H. SAMUEL'S name as the LARGEST MANU- FACTURER is now so well-known as to need no further remark, and the extreme and astonishing ac- curacy as well as the remarkable finish of the watches Hearing his name (which is sufficient guarantee of good faith) are so universally appreciated that com- ment is unnecessary. The following letters selected from thousands speak tor themselves:- The Commercial Cable Co., Waterville, U.S.A., JI. Samuel, Esq.. Jan 3, 1886. Dear Sir,—I have much pleasure m informing you that the Silver Watch I purchased from you some time ago has given me every satisfaction. It is won- derfully cheap, and combines neatness of appearance, With excellent timekeeping qualities. I shall not fail V> recommend your house to my friends.-Yours res- pectfully, T. J. DENNERY. Mr. H. Samuel. Halifax, Jan. 6,1886. Dear sir,—The watch came safely to hand, and on Unpacking it my most sanguine expectations were far Exceeded by its beautiful appearance. Before acknow. ledging receipt I thought I would try its timekeeping "capabilities. It has now been going some time, and Rivea me entire-satisfaction in every respect. I shall fteavomend your watches whenever an opportunity presents itself. Also please accept thanks for the good and useful present. I appreciate it very much. -Believe me, yours truly, J. BABTBK. 3, Gladstone-road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex/ &. Samuel, Esq. Jan. 13,188b. f Sit,—Having purchased one of your superb Hunting "Acme" Watches on February 8,1884, for only £ 1 lis W, which has kept correct time ever since, I beg to inform you I am indeed still pleased with my bargain, and I therefore enclose order for jrnothgr. You are at liberty to make any Use of my name, and can publish this nir and wide, that all may see H. Samuel's Wafeche* canset W beaten anywhere. Better value was-nevar received, for one-half the money is saved which would have to be paid to retatlers.—I am, dear gir, your obedient servant, ROBT. WAIKHMAN. Every purchaser should write for PamphletB (over 700 engravings, and 100 pages of interesting informa- tion.), ;and witness the actual and starting reductions effected by H. SAMUEL. A;£5 5s ENGLISH LEVER. tplan-") RETAIL PRICE did finish, jewelled movement ,with I £ 5 5s. dust and damp-tight cap,fitted in solid SENTTO AD Silver Hall-marked cases. A marvel | DRess post free of workmanship. LADY S small J.^Y H. Samuel aize, in elegantly engraved silver cases on receipt of similar movement, but fitted with I P.O.O. for dust-tight rim caps. A most hand- "d.. °°!"p"!ed j £ 2 12s. 6d. RETAIL PRICH«' VERY BEAUTIFUL LADY'S £ & 6s. HEAL GOLD WATCH, i-plate Sent to any ad- movement, extra jewelled, fitted in dress post free elegantly engraved gold (warranted) J by H. Samuel uases. "A Beautiful and Inexpensive on receipt of Adornment." Aecaratelv Timed. P.O.O. for R3 3s. Od. 3*he"CONSTABULARY WATCH. Retail PRICE, A superb massive English Lever, £ 7 JOS. hunting cases, extra heavy and Sent Post Free j^al Silver (Hall-mirked), highest fg avy address movement, jewelled and W jj Samuel with dust and damp-tight cap. ~on reCeipt of >noBt compact and complete Watch, P.O.O. for ^inently adapted for use by mem- bra of the Constabulary, the Army, qa *vy, «fee. Thousands in wear. CELEBRATED Trne Timekeeper. 1 RHT £ 8 8^RI0B' Passive ENGLISH LEVER, Ckro- %ent tQ a lometer balance, extra jewelled, fitted ^ddr* post *»ith dust and damp-tight cap. and yr«« 6y H. latest improvements. Heavy Silver QamMei on re- Hall-Barked cases. Timed to most ceipt of P.O.O. extraordinary accuracy. A wonderful ,'or prodt,cti0n- JJB4 4s Od. DRIVER," a Magnificent-S RBTAIL PRICK, MAK^AN^ Lever of soundest £ 9 93. oniah, combining the ex- Sent to any ad- servants ece8SB,ry fort"lwa^ dress post free qtren"th'reanii. greatest amount of by H. Samuel .1:work or the exigencies of m receipt of S,h Jewen Ta to a minnte a PO.Ofor ™ h« 1 mm «xPan- sion balance, tempered hairspring, OA 1A- very cssis. • J AT lUS. H. SAMUEL'S SPLENDID »* T>T.1 RBTAIL PRICK, DESTRUCTIBLE." A; I ±'8 8=>. English Lever, crystal BESELFLA,T ^|K8G' Wtll be sent by bands set at back, cut EXPANSION &AWTU«L ON balance, tempered hairspring, r receipt of in 3 pair extra. For clerks, trade^mejj P.O.O. for 5J»d official wear—the most popular Watch iu the world *4 15s Od WONDERFULEIJGLISH LEYER ^B*^LPMCB, PONOGRAPH Heavy-1 Silver ment' V PLATE> EXTRA jewelled m9Je' to any nddrCS8 ACTIOLC^APH balance, side stop ybf/ B ^muel for ^^Cering watch invaluaoie on receipt or to one FIS PTOSES. Indicates time p.O.O. for1 portunity .°F A SECONA- GRAND °P* 0. J JB417s. 6d. POT IF PATKMI ELE3A.NT IACT-1 RETAIL PRICE, 2?^;RFNL DRS^T LEVERS. Most *S8s. ment, extra l £ ^plate Post free to any balance, exquiA& D' EXRFTNSI°5 .«ddres» from cases (stamped), go^ VH. Samuel on MS XJnequalledelse 1 H sImOTL ?.PriM cb"e"d b? i5 5s JBE EBNOWKED AnpiurR" ■»-. JFATCHES, |-PL»TE, EXTRA JSVELLED^ RET^L.JRICE> MOVEMENTS of PCST W°ikmanship, fit- O F" v M in Solid Silver <VAS^^D UMED fent P°st,/re* great accuracy. LAJJI^S' small F A^DRE><) ^E, WITH tinted or PLAIN dial as de- S GFED and exquisitely en?TAVED CA3EG on receipt of ?ENTLEM#I1'8 large size M handsome F-U O" FOR cases, -^xtraordinaiy NA R Val«e /.J £ 1 5s. Od. ■Every Watch Warranted far Five Years, and 8upplied on a Weelc s Free Trial. hesitation need therefore be felt, as these unequalled eon- ditioas prevent any dissatisfaction whatever. BSMSMSBR FI. SAMUEL'S WATCHES ETAVE THE LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. Order, therefore, only from the Manufacturer, and save the exorbitant j>rices charged by retailers. Fltry PER CENT. SAVED, A»d the Purchaser obtains a grand and unparalleled Watch, which will alwiys give the highest satisfaction dDSOO Will be distributed in Prizes amongst all Purchasers on JUNE 24th NEXT. H. SAMUEL'S Grand Prize listribntion Consisting of Gold-cased Guards, Albusis, Writing Desks, Electro- Silver Tea and Coffee Pots, Nickel Clocks, Magnifi- cent Gem Ring3 (real gold), Silver Bracelets, &c. A FREE TICKET, entitling the holder to partici- pate in this great Distribution, will be enclosed to each purchaser of a Watch from now until that date. 'ch so Write to-day'for Pamphlets, and read the astound- ing testimonials from all parts of the world. Sent gratis and post free on application to any ad- dress. Beware of imitations, and purchase direct from H. SAMUEL, LEVER WATCH FACTORY, 97, MARKET STREET, MANCHESTER. INSTRUCTIONS.—Cut out and enclose the Coupon be- low with price of Watch required, and it will be sent by return of post, securely packed, and at our own risk, with key complete. All P.O. Orders to be made payable at G. P. 0., Manchester. CHRONICLE COUPON. The holder is entitled to any of the Watches specified above at the reduced rate of ;E212s6d,! zC3 3s., £4, 94 49" £ 4 10s., £415; X- 4 17s. Gd., t5 5s., and £1 5s. (Signed) H. SAMUEL. Lever Watch Factory, 97, Market Street, Man- chester. P. 0. Orders to be made payable at G. P* O. Manchester. Manchester.


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