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TO BE SOLD, CHEAP, One Horizontal Engine, 12" cylin- der, 25" stroke, reversing- gear; One Winding Drum, 7' 6" diam oak lagged, 6ft. spur, and 1' 6" pinion wheels, powerful foot brake, clip drum attached 4tt. diam.; 400 yards 1" diam. Plough Steel Rope, with shackles, sockets, equal to new; One Second-hand Steam Winch, cylinders 6in. T. LEMON & SONS, BNGINEERING WORKS, The Hayes, Cardiff. 4tOõ. W. H. KEY'S Reliable lar-4r I «ar Preparations. f t 1 J: J. J X:EJY'S Blood Purifier. Clears the Skin and eradicates all impurities from the BIoed i it ia al«o an Excellent Spring and "I Autumn Mcdiiii*. e o m M ''V. Key's Effervescent T. CT COOLING SALINE, A household remtdj, perfectly harmless, that earn b* feken at any time by young and eld, and in all Climates. This plnuMmk aai refreshing Saliaa will be feund exceedingly valuable in Purifying "ti." Blood aal Cooling tu Sjithi. For Bilnu HoriukB aal all Bilieas Disorders it will be foand very beneficial, aoting aa a mild aperient and alae ea the liver and kidneys. In all Dyspeptic Affectieas it will aet by removing aeidity, dispelling wind, and thus preventing tbe disagreeable fulness Experienced. In Febrile Complaints,it may be given. with great advantage, allaying the fever and proving a moat refreshing beverage. — o KEY'S LAXATIVE ELIXIR, Specially recommended for Persons of Costive Habit. -0- KEY'S SPECIFIC CURE, yey Neuralgia, Rheums, lace-Ache, or Tooth-Ache. One Doae always relieves. Two Doses always Care. — o Key's Coacentrated Constitution BITTEES, r^V^*0"*0' Appetite, Liver Complaint, General k Ability, Dyspepsia, Ac., these Bitters are in- valuable. Prepared from the choicest herbs oa J> ana, peesesring powerful tonie pro- perties, are perfectly harmless to tbe most delicate eonstitntion. -0- JAMES' Pectoral Balsam Of Horehownd, MarshmalW Itiak M a Anueea. __0- James' Aperient Globules. A SUBSTITUTE FOR CASTOR OIL. Saehof then Globales is equal to an ordinary Do.. of Castor Oil. -0- NERVE PILLS. A Speedy and Certain Cnre for Tic-Doloreux, Teeth- ache, and all Nerve Disorders. -0- THE YOUNG LADIES"' PILLS& Strongly r«co»njena«4 far Pale Delicate Young Ladies Buffering from Debility w. s. CSCMZST TAFF STREET, \^J KEY, AND BSVTUT, PONTYPRIDD. ► ORDER OR BESPOKE DEPARTMENT, We have now completed our arrangments for the coming Season, with a selection of the most beautiful and stylish patterns, being: the latest productions of the most celebrated manufacturers of this country. II. Our business being now so well known throughout the district, we feel it no longer necessary to refer to the interesting facts associated with the extra- ordinary developement of our business during the last 19 years; it will be quite sufficient to state that we intend strictly adhering to the same principles that have won and retained the confidence of so larg-e a number of the inhabitants of the — Principality. Although trade is depressed, our connection still widens and our business still increases, a discriminating public being- ever ready to avail itself of the best market, and recommending* it to their friends. uU; ■' -j • .— • J. 4-—1 The Special advantages we are in a position to offer in this Department are— A "Better Cut," a Better Fit," a "Better Style," a "Much Larger Selection," and "Thorouehlv <, -» -.j* • ( -t Belia ble Goods/7 and CHEAPER "III BETTER CUT," Because we pay higher wages, and thereby secure? the First Talent. BETTER FIT" Because a Cutter with us has more practice in one year than he would have in double that period in an ordinary private trade. u BETTER STYLE." Because as First Buyers, we have many patterns and shades specially reserved to ourselves V MUCH LARGER SELECTION," Because it would be impossible for a shopkeeper, doing a small trade, to keep such a Stock as we invariably hold. » j. ^^fOR 0 UGHL Y RELIABE GOODS, Because e,ery garment is made in our own Workrooms, and the process of making is carefully watched, and thoroughly examined and tested when finished. • J&ti C*SEA.P R, Because we can go direct to the Largest and Best Manufacturer, thereby saving tbe merchants' profit. We beg to direct your Special Attention to our ranges at A r TEOUSE^S, 10s 6d, 13s, 16s 6d. SUITS, 42s, 49s 6d, 59s 6d. '-u, A PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED.. -v > r *■ rarir—1 — ■ —————r— MASTERS & COMPANY, J'" iwi THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, r ••Y T Complete ranges of patterns of the above and other qualities at 809 T AFFSTREltT.PONTYPRIDD. Also at 29 and 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 18 and 19, Castle Street, Swansea 39 and 40, High-street, Newport; 124,High- street, Merthyr; 116, High-street, Dowlais 11, Canon-street Aberdare; George-street, Pontypool; and 70, :J" Frogmcre-street, Abergavenny. 28 and 29, High Street, CARDIFF. TCfrmT JAMES & CO., I"' GENEEAL 'WJLK/EECOTJSEl^EaST'. I j.<. <i J. J. k Co. are receiving now Daily "Deliveries of Spring Novelties." Which are laid out for Inspection in their various Departments. NEW MODELS IN JACKETS AND MANTLES. The Newest Parisian Fashions in Millinery. A Grand Collection of Lonjj Curtains in Lace-Mate Muslin. SWISS EMBROIDERED GUIPURE D'ART, &c. ,.1 The Exclusive Sale of many of these Beautiful Uesigns hare been secured for the Seascn by J. J. & Co. Experienced Dressmakeis and Milliners on the Premises. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS STRICTLY CASH., NO CREDIT. JOBIV JA.E1& CO. Pontypridd, Llantrisant, and Rhondda Yalleys PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established 18C6. Incorporated 1874. DIRECTORS s- MR. RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd, Dhsli man MR. JOHN MORGAN, Llattrisant, Vio&K}faurB xnin. MR. CHARLES BASStTT, J.P., BrjiiffjiMM>» Pontypridd. MR. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Pron, Pontypridd. MR. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforwt. MR. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Glasfryn, Pootjwidd' MR. WM. GRIFFITHS, Taff Villa, Pontypridd. MR. E. C. SPICKETT, Mae«r3oedf Pontypriad. Advances made on Mortgage in sums wxryin§< from, £ 100 to £ 10,000, repayable in monthly or quarterly instalments. MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAffi BT THE SOCIETY. Advances made on the Shortest Notice. For further particulars apply to the Secretary, MR. H. S. DA VIES, OLD POST-OFFICE CHAMBERS, Pontypridd. PONTYPRIDD HOUSE PROPER AND INVESTMENT COMPANY lIMITED, OLD POST OFFICE CHAMBERS PONTYPRIDD DIRECTORS MR JAMES ROBERTS, Td Vale House, Tie., torest Chairman. Ch^ma^f0^ KNILI To»yPMd7. MR RICHARD ROGEStS, Pontypridd. MR EVAN DA VIES, The WalkCarSlff MR EDWIN PHILLIPS. P«S«ii iTH0W raoHAs-gSr-V^^ Treforest SecretMy-MB H g. OAVIErf. Offices-Old Post Office Chambers Tontypridi. This Company wr prepared torec«ir« Deposit*- o £ £ 10 and[upwards repayable at Three Months Notice, and to bear Interest at the rate of Fivo yeaily Centum Per Aanam. payable Half- Apply to the Secretary as aboTe If yw want a Really Good w A *x" c a • ra Gold or Silver; or HaU marked CHAIN OR ALBERT In any Pattern you like in gold or silver; or JEWELLERY, AC., Of vbe latest and most beautiful design in gold or silver, write to or call upon J. G. W'ILLIAKS, JEWELLER, 4c., 88, SALISBURY ROAD, CATHAYS, CAR IFF, An dbe wills apply yeu once with really goodi articles, and give yoa TWELVE MONTHS to, Pfor them. Why shoold you pay cash to English firms for the same goods yoa can buy off J. G W., for lew money at twelvemonths'credit? Youshouldnot- do such a thing, but 18U should bur of J. G. W. and thereby save money—amv«i it money fa/in# £ J. G.W. never sella a Gentleman's Watoh unless he can guarantee it for no less than three years.. He never sells inferiot goods. High Class Education for the Daughters of fantlemen. BELGRATE HOUSE, iCltvedon, Somerset. A limited number of Pupils received. Resi; deut English and Foreign Governesses, and visiting Professors. Preparation for Public Examinations if required, also for Soutl Kensington School of Art, and Royal Academ of Music.—House large, detached and healthij1 situated. Every home comfort and attentio High moral training, Lawn Tenxus Grounds. Ri^'p Application to— JMTXSS SMITH-, Successor to Mr* E. Saringtnn Cl> Book, Music, Furniture atcb- Clock, and General ? Formed for procuriny ON EASY TE'R'S, Family Bibles, Pilgrim's pius, Life. of Christ, Blicot'a and ether Cassell's Popular, Technic^ anf ? Educators, Historic* and othe*j eFMyl/' Stan- dard Works, and Hants PIANOFORTES, HAW? cal Boxes, an^Iibum^^OT'J^j Musical Instruments. ^rovbLlw: Mangles, Pictures, Si BICYCLES, Watches, c«o«¥(Vfaf^?t6d)' J ewellery ofevery poription. FURNIPKE. Payments fortnightly lAtid upwards; 5 per Qent. »IEfGoods. For terms and all infarction apply to T. EtWARDS, 8, Man-street, PoitjpriiJ. I