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-----Rbondda Police intelligence.-


Rbondda Police intelligence.- MONDAV.—Before Mr Ignatius W lliams, Stipe. diary Magistrate, and Mr John Davies, Bryn- fedwen. DRUNK AT FEBNTJALE.—Arthur Reynolds and Lewis Lewis wore charged by P Llewelyn with being drunk and fighting at a quarter past eleven on the 24th instant. Fined 10a each.—James McKenzie was charged with being drunk and rietous at 7.30 p.m. on the 26th ult., and acting in an indecent manner. Oa being acked for his address he said, I live in hell." At a little past 8 o'clock be was again found lying on the road, and at 9 o'clock the constable (Llewelyn) | was called to turn him out of the Maxwell public- house. Defendant, who denied all the charges, is a pensioner. Fined 5s.—David Ishmael and Morgan Jones were charged with being drunk on the 21th ult. at 11 o'clock. Ishmaei had been ii^ktiug in a publio- house and same out without his hat. Joues came out and ordered him not to gn away at the constable's orders. Ishmael fined 10-i, Jones 15s.—William Jones, j charged with ht-ing drunk at 7.40 p.m. OIl the 27th of last month and cursing and swearing. He gave a wrong name. Fined 10s. DBUNK.—Patrick Egaii was charged by P.O. Hur- ford with being drunk on Sunday, 2,sLh ult., in the street. He ran atter some saiall girls, using bad lan- guage to them. He wanted to take off his coat le fight but his landlord prevented him.—Fined 15a and r) costs. DUUNE AT LLw \xPiA.—Pbillip Bevan and Benjamin Bevan charged by P.C. Markham with being drank. Last Monday evening he saw defendants outside the Pandy Inn very drunk, abusive, and wanting to fight. Phillip Beavan fined 15s and Benjamin 10s. 9 DRUNK AT MAKDY.—Edward Lewis was charged with this offence. P.C. Williams proved the case.- Fined 10s.-Samuel Phillips was charged by Sergeant I Llewelyn with being drunk at 4 o'clock on the 1st instant, and refusing ta quit. Fined 10s. SURETIES AT DINAS.—Joseph Brittain was sum- moned to show cause why he should not be bound over to keep the peace. Ann Ellen Meredith said en the 22nd ot last month defendant came to her house and said he did not care a d-- for any of them, and said he would kill them all. Defendant's brother had been lodging with her mother. She had lent him 3 pounds of bread which had not been returned but which he said had been returned. He tried to strike complainant. Defendant denied having at- tempted to strike either of them. He only went to pay what was due and paid Is 6d too much.—Ann Booth, stepmother of witness, said defendant came to her house in the morning and asked for his shirt which she gave to him. He came again in the after- noon and then a dispute arose abont whether all that was due had been paid. He threatened to kill them all, and went into the front room and said he would smash everything there. His sister in law came and took him away.—Mary Evans said a fortnight to day she went into Mrs Booth's house and defendant was there. Mrs Booth was outside. Defendant's sister- in-law had hold of him and was trying to put him out. —Defendant called Emily Brittain (sister-in-law to defendact) who said defendant went for his things and Mrs Booth said to him Get out of the house you blackguard." Defendant did not make any row or use any threats.—Mary Ann Wiltshire glive similar evidence.—Bound over in t5 to keep the peace for six months. THEFT AT TREHERBERT. — Charlotte Hughea, Thomas Hughes, and William Peters, were charged with stealing coal at the Rhondda Merthyr Colliery. —P.C. Bryan said about 4.30 p a;, on tl;e 5th instant, he saw Thomas Hughes on the uoiler o; a wagon at the colliery throwing down coal from off the wagon. He came dowr. afterwards, roli i the i-oal to a wall close by. and his sister was there receiving it. Peters was there witn them. The COlt; w as taken to Peters' house, and two lumps were carried from there to Hugbes' house. The whole of the coal weighed 85 lbs. The girl sells coal.-Charlotte and Thomas Hughes fined 10s. Peters adioataed, as the mother said he was'ill. THEFT AT PORTU.—Thomas Kidney was charged with stealing candlesticks. Mr Rhys for the defence. -Ruth Bence, servant at the Carpenter's Arms, Porth, kept by Mr Thomaa Rogers, said she saw de- fendant several times at the Inn on the 1st of March. He was in the tap-room and the bar. In the tap- room, on the mantlepiece, there were six brass candlesticks. They were safe there between 8 and 9 o'clock that night. The candlesticks produced are three of those which were lost. The other lost one was a little burnt. The two left are a smaller pair. The value of trie four is 8s. When P.C. Davies brought the three she at once identified them.-Mn Isaacp, pawnbroker, said defendant came to her shop and asked her to give him 2s on four brass candle- sticks which he had. She told him it was too late and she did not believe they were his. He said My mother sent me te pledge them. She told her girl to fetch a policeman. As the girl was going defen- dant ran away up Hannah Street taking the candle- sticks with him. She did not have them in her hand. Defendant was drunk at the time. Elizabeth J. Thomas, servant to Mrs Isaacs, said she saw defen- dant at the Ehop door last Monday week. She refused to take the candlesticks because her master was out. She left the door and her mistress went there. She went for a policeman. When she re- turned with p. policeman defendant was gone.- Sergeant Davies said he arrested prisoner at his lodgings, Ynyshir, on Tuesday evening. On being charged with the theft he said he knew nothing about it. The three candlesticks were handed to him (witness) by Edward Francis, 21, Taff Street, Porth, who said he found them on the side of the road in Hannah Street, near the pawnshop, that morning. -For the defence Frederick Hern was called, who said he was in the Carpenter's Arms on the night in question, and saw the defendant leave the bar a little before 10 o'clock. He had nothing in his hand. -Case adjourned.




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