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-I'" TO BE SOLD, CHEAP, One Horizontal Engine, 12 cylin- der, 25" stroke, reversing gear; One Winding Drum, 7' 6" diam., oak lagged, 6ft. spur, and 1' 6" pinion wheels, powerful foot brake, clip drum attached 411. diam.; 400 yards I" diam. Plough Steel Rope, with shackles, sockets, &c.; all equal to new; One Second-hand Steam Winch, cylinders 6in i /¡, T. LE MON & SONS, UN GIN BERING YRORKS, The Hayes, Cardiff. r ',0 W. H. KEY'S Reliable 'ti œ Preparations. .0; ■ KET'S Blood Purifier Clears the Skin and •radicates all impuritiee from tbe Blood; it is ako an Excellent Spring and Autumn Medicine. — o Key's Effervescent COOLING SALINE, A household remedy, perfectly barmleee, that eaa be take* at any time by and old, and in all CUvatw. This nleasant and refrwking Saliae will ho Tkkuibla i» the Blood a«i will be foand very beneficial, acting a* a mild aperient Mid Also M ikt liv#r wi kidiflyi- In all Dyspeptic Afectiens it will act by rcmtrimg acidity, dispellinf wind, and this preventing tbe disagreeable fulness experienced. Ia Febrile Complaints it may be firm with great advantage, allaying the fever and preriag a most refreshing beverage. KEY'S I LAXATIVE ELIXIR, Specially recommended for Persons of Costive Habit. a — KEY'S SPECIFIC CURE, For Neuralgia, Bhevmt, TOM-Ache, or Tooth-Ache. One Dw always reliiives. Two Doses always Core. -0- Key's Concentrated Constitution BITTERS. ssj^aawsfsnsstrs raloable. Tbey are prepared from the ohoieest herbs ouiy, and, while possessing powerfnl tonie pre- peaties, are perfectly harmless to the most delicate eoostitntion. -0- JAMES' Pectoral Balsam Of Horehoxina, Marshmallow, Irish Mess, and Aniseed. -a James' Aperient Globules. A SUBSTITtTTS_*oR CASTOR OIL. Eaeh ef these debnle^w an ordinary Dome of Ca850r Oil. _0- NTETRATE PILLS. A Speeiy •sasfM Tic.Dolor",x, 'roo\h. ache, and all Nerve Disorders. THE If YOUNG LADIES'" PillS. Strongly reeeeamended for Pale Delicate Young Ladle. mffariny from Debility, Ac. — o W. H. /s\ KEY, csaaos* %j!l •••«". TIFF STRBWt P0ITYP81DD. "1 I. Order or Bespoke Department We have now completed our ar angiuetits for the comings Season, with a selection g, of the most beautiful and stviish, patterns, being the latest productions of the most 'T celebrated manufacturers of this country. Guir business being now so well known throughout the district, we feel it no longer necessary to refer to the interesting facts associated with the extra- ordinary developement of our business during- the last 19 years; it will be quite sufficient to state that we intend strictly adhering- to the same principles that have woif and retained the confidence of so larg-e a number of the inhabitants of the \l.Jl, '1 Principality. Although trade is depressed, our connection still widens and our business still increases, a discriminating public being- ever ready to avail itself .of the best ¡ market, and recommending it to their friends. to The Special advantages we are in a position to offer in this Department are— A "Better Cut," a Better Fit," a "Better Style," a "Much Larger Selection," and "Thoroughly Reliable Goods," and CHEAPER" "BETTER CUT," Because we pay higher wages, and thereby secure the First Talent. BETTER FIT/9 Because a Cutter with us has more practice in one year than he would have in double that period in an ordinary private trade. BETTER STYLE." Because as First Buyers, we have many patterns and shades specially reserved to ourselves. MUCH LARCER SELECTION," Because it would be impossible for a shopkeeper, doing a small trade, to keep such a. Stock as we invariably hold. r H THOROUGHLY RELIABE GOODS J Becausee,ery garment is made in our own Workrooms, and the process of making is carefully watched, and thoroughly examined and tested when finished. 'CHEAPER; Because we can go direct to the Largest and Best Manufacturer, thereby saving the merchants' profit. We beg to direct your Special Attention to our ranges at TROUSERS, 10s 6d, 13s, 15s 6d. SUITS, 42s, 49s 6d, 59s 6d. A PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED. MASTERS & COMPANY, THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, Complete ranges of patterns of the above and other qualities at I 80, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. I —— 28 and 29, High Street, CARDIFF. JOHN JAMES <S& CO., QElsTEBAL W^E^IEIEECOTJSIEIfc^IEIN". J. J. & Co. are receiving now Daily "Deliveries of Spring Novelties." Which are laid out for Inspection in their various Departments. NEW MODELS IN JACKETS AND MANTLES. The Newest Parisian Fashions in Millinery. A Grand Collection of Long Curtains in Lace-Mate Muslin. SWISS EMBROIDERED GUIPURE D'ART, &c. The Exclusive Sale of many of these Beautiful JJesig-ns have been secured for the Season by J. J. & Co. Experienced Dressmakers and Milliners on the Premises. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS STRICTLY CASH. NO CREDIT. JOHN jr AMES dfc CO,