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PUBLIC NOTICES STOCKTAKING SALE. JOHN EVANS & CO. Drapers, Silk. Mercers, Sc., BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT TIIEIR Tj jQlXj c?J WILL COMMENCE Oi WSrr«NP^»"& A¥ iCTf J \MU^Y J3TH w is wW 'i-'?" h^H '.UZM 4^4.$«J "in » SJ[ %at ■•* fil^s ^BS' ■k C iW «'J WHEN •qHi^T HSP-VPTi'W IN IVill be made in order to effect a Speedy Clearance. N.B.—Millinery and Mantles at tlalf the Usual Prices. OFFICES TO LET, Maiket Square, Ponty-I pridd.—Apply to Messrs Smyth and Adkin or Morgan and Male, Pontypridd YNYSYBWL. WANTED to Rent or buy a Houst by the 25th of March. Address—James Lodwick, care of Confectioner, Chapel-terrace, Tylorstown. THEATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF. Lessee and Manager Mr EDWARD FLETCHER. Acting Manager Mr JOHN SHERIDAN. Enormous and Gigantic Success Of Mr Edward Fletcher's Crist mas PANTOMIME- Babes in the Wood u It is the universal opinion of the whole of SO¥TH WALES that the Pantomime of BABES IN THE WOOD Is the Grandest, most Gorgeous, end most Amusing ever- produced in Cardiff. SEE IT! SEE IT! SEE IT! and judge for yourselves. t LAST TWO DAY PERFORMANCES Saturday Next, January 9; Saturday, January 16, at Two o'clock. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. SPECIAL PANTOMIMB TRAINS. THURSDAY NIGHTS, Leaving Cardiff at Ten Minute* past Eleven. For Trehei'tiert and Ferndale, January 21st. Aberdare—January 28th. Merthyr—January 14th, and February 4th. Stopping at all intermediate Stations. SPECIAL REDUCED FARES to persons purchasing Tickets at the Stations for admission to the Theatre on the above days. Ticket Holders admitted by Stage Door and St. }!ary Street Entrance without Extra Charge up to 7 o'clock. Theatre Tickets to be obtained at Stations. Box Plan at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's, Crockherbtown, (Jaruiff. If you want a Really Good A Xxv C 30E In Gold or Silver; or Hall-marked CHAIN OR ALBKRT In any Pattern you like in gold or silver; or JEWELLERY, &-c., Of the latest and moat beautiful design in gold or silver, write to or call upon J. G. WILLIAMS, JEWELLER. Ac., 38, SALISBURY ROAD, C ALTHAYS, CARDIFF, And he will supply you at once with really good articles, and give you TWELVE MONTHS to pay for them. Why should you pay cash to English firms for the same goods you can buy off J. G W., for less money at twelve months' credit ? You should not do such a thing, but you sbruld buy of J. G. W. and thereby save money-" !,1i)neJ saved is money oainei." J. G.W. never sells a Gentleman's Watch unless he can guaraatee it for no less than three years. He never sells inferior goods. £ 1,000 REWARD! £1,000 WTLL BE PAID BY STEWAKT DAWSON & CO., 0 Wafch Man :FR ctnrers, Banelagh Place, Liverpool to aii.; Cnu U' :i. T>ealt rs in the Wide-world, who can produce the same amount of genuine Testimony, and un- solicited Testimonials from their Customers in proof of the qualities t'heir Watches, as can STEWART DA WSON & CO NOTICE!! -N,OTICE This Challenge of Zi.000 is open to the Whole World Let those who have a reputation at stake take up S.D. and CO.'S Challenge, or for ever keep silent. The gigantic operations of STEWART DAWSON & CO. have spread from pole to pole; several years ago they threw open the portals of their Manufactory to the General Public, and have scattered to the winds the Profits of the Merchant, Importer, and Retail Dealer. Write at once for their unsurpassed CATALOGUE of HOROLOGY, in which will be found splendid Engravings of all their Watches, together with a complete description of each Watch Mannfactured by them post free, for two stamps, being the cost of postage only. < S. D. & CO. wish to draw Special attention to their THIRTEENTH HALF YEARLY PRIZE DIS- TRIBUTION which takes place on the 30th June next, when ONE HUNDRED VALUABLE PRIZES are distributed GRATIS to all Customers who pur- chase a Watch, and for which every Customer receives a Free Ticket. Preliminary Announcement hlr, Tom Jenkins (Llew Mod's) COMPLIMENTARY c ox c IP, rr Will take place AT HAFOD, ON THE 11th OF FEBRUARY, 1885, When some of the Most Eminent Artistes of Wales will take part. TEN "OCULIIEEDZ SABRIKGS NO MOBfi 80RE EYE3 AN pavens ffagaring from the above diBtresatrv Matpkfciat ahrtftld at ocoe try F. FILiPPINTi OnUHVi GtM EASR<N«8. FRIOOA— £ 8,6, i and 6/ per pair. F. F I LTP PINI, I WATCHMAKNR, ETe., MASKlST STREET. PONTYPRIDD, High Class Education for the Daughters OF Gentlemen. BEL Gil A VE HO USE, tclevedon, Somerset. A limited number of Pupils received. Resi- deut English and Foreign Governesses, and visiting Professors. Preparation for Public Examinations if required, also for South Kensington School of Art, and Royal Academy of Music.—House large, detached and healthily j situated. Every home comfort and attention. High moral training, Lawn Tennis Grounds, Riding.— I Application to- M" ISS SMITH, Successor to Mrs E Sarington, Clevedon f j GRAND MUSICAL AND LITERARY TREAT. Rare Combination of Eloquence, Poetry & Music CARMEL CHAPEL, PONTYPRIDD. Mr Powell Thomas London, The well known Popular Pleasing, and In- structive Lecturer, Musician, & Elocutionist, Whose visits to the various literary and mechanics' institutions,in the country are looked forward to with so much pleasure has been engaged to give TWO REFINED AND ATTRACTIVE Welsh and English Musical and Poetical .i T IN M N T t:, t h Ii l: .1 Comprising National Songs, Instrumental Solos, HUMOROUS, PATHETIC AND DESCRIPTIVE READINGS, Popular Recitals from the Best Authors, and GEMS OF WfcljsH MELODIES! With favourite selections of ENGLISH, SCOTCH, AND LUSH NATIONAL AIRS. Thursday and Friday, 28th and 29th Januarj, 188G Chairman—Thursday Evening, Alfred Thomas, Esq., M.P. Chairman-Friday Evening, T T L. GORDON LENOX, ESQ., J.P. Admission each Evening—Reserved Seats, 2/- Second do., 1/- Gallery, 6d. Family Ticket to admit six-Reserved Seats, 10/ Second, do., 5/ Gallery, 2s 6d. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7.30 p.m. WILLIAMS' SHORTHAND CALLED ALETHOGRAPHY. Easiest to learn, read and write; Compendium 2d complete Is Sd; on enclosing stamps to- IRs. J. WILLIAMS, Ashfield Terrace, Llangollen. WONDERFUL CURES I Have been effected by Davies' Specific Pills and Ointment. ■ ASTONISHING CURES Have been effected by DA VIES' SPECIFIC Specific Pills, and Ointment These remedies never fail to cure any kind of Sore, Eruption, Pains in the Chest, Side, or Back, Glandular Swellings, Piles, Gravel, Rheumatism, &c. Mr DAYIES, MASON, Wood-road, Pontypridd, was cured of a bad arm in one week, after being under two doctors for 12 months, by one lot of Davies' Specific, Specific Pills, and Ointment. Mrs Powell, llbiw, Pontypridd, states her little girl was cured of a most severe gathering in her neck by one small Bottle Qf the Specific, the In flammation leaving her in a few bours.. Testimonial from Mr J. n. Snooks, Llwynpia :— "I received much benefit from your Specific, after trying several remedies without effect.—Mr John Davies. Pontypridd." Mrs Grey, Llantwit, was cured of a bad foot by the Ointment and Pills, after suffering 16 months Prepared only by- M. DAYIES, 82, High Street, Pontypridd. Price of Specific, Is 9d, 2s 9d, 48 bd, and 11s per bottle; Specific Pills and Ointment, Is 1 d, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis per box. A considerable saving in the Larger Sizes-See that you get Davies' Specific, Specific Pills, and Ointment LLANWONNO SCHOOL BOARD. TO MASONS AND CARPENTERS. lT ANT ED. to commence duties March 1st next, y a CLERK TO THE WORKS, to super- intend the erection of ROBERT'S TOWN SCHOOLS, near YNYSYHWL, and any other works the Board may require to be done. The appointed candidate will be required to devote his whole time to the duties of the Board. Applica- tions, accompanied, with two original recent testimonials, must be in my hands not hter: than Wednesday, February 3rd next. Salary, 12 per week. Canvassing will disqualify the applicant. S. 8111P UON, CLERK TO THE BOARD, Penrbiwceiber, Mountain Asb. SALE BY AUCTION. North Road, Porth, fthondda Valley. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR MOSES CULE will SELL by PITBLTC AUCTION at tbe Porth Hotel, on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1st, 1886 at Seen o'clock in the ever- ing, in SixLotf, or as m'ty be decided upon at the tirnii of Sale, all those 41 SIX DWELLING HOUSES, SHOP, Bakehouse, Stable,, and Outbuildings, Situato in North Rrvul, Porth, the property of Mr 1 Dtivid Evans, bnilder, now in the occupation of Messrs Jol-,n Williams, David Evans, Thomal Hop- kins, Herbert Griffiths, David Jenkins, and Mrs Lewis This premises are held under a lease granted by Mr Idris Williams and others, dated Janelst, 1885, fo" the terjii of 9i) years from January 1st, 1885, at the low aauual ground rent of E-ll los 9d, which wiil be apportioned at the time of sale. The bouses are well built and conveniently ar- ranged are let to respectable tenants, and pro. .duce the annual rent of 2118 6s. They are all supplied with plenty of water; drains, w.c.'s, &c., al! in fitst ckas condition. The situation is very favourable, and tne houses are worthy the atten- attention of purchases of property of this descrip- tion. A poj i .n of the purchase money may remain on the security of the property, if required. Furthor particn'ars of the Auctioneer, at his Offices*, Penfcrebach, Pontypridd. Fok THE HLOOD IS THE LIFF,CLARKE S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE is warranted to cleans*; the blood from all impurities from what- ever canR arising. For Serofala, Scurvy, Skin and Blood Diseases, and sores of all kinds, its effects are marvellous. Tnousands of testimonials. Sold in bottles, 2s9d or 33 stamps, and 11s eacb ,by Chemists and Patent Medicine Venders everywhe .u- Trying to do business without advertising is like winking in the dark: you may know what you art doing but nobody else does. ANNUAL SALE OF I Drapery I AND Outfitting -o- W. Williams & Go. Beg most respectfully to announce that cl their usual CLEARANCE SALE OF D RA PER Y & OUTFITTING Will commence ON Saturday Next, January 16,1886, When they will have the bnlk of their LARGE STOCK re-marked in RED INK at Reduced Prices. The Departments are classified as follows :— Manchester Goods Department- Contains Calicoes, Sbeetings, English Flan- nels, all kinds of Linen Goods, English Blankets, Quilb, Counterpanes, Table Covers, &c., also their REAL WELSH manufactured Goods in all kinds of Flannels, Blankets, Shawls, &c., at lower prices than at any previous sale. O Dress and Fancy Department: In this department we shall have the cheap- est lot of Dress Materials we ever had to offer. Clean Goods (neither soiled nor faded) at 4d, 5fd, 6fd, and 7!d per yard. 4 4 4 Black JIerinoes and Oashmeres from 9f d to 3s 6d per yard. The public will find all our Merinoes and Cashmeres from 3d to 0d per yard loiver than they have ever known them before. The Dyes of our Black we guarantee perfect. All our Fancy Wool Goods will be marked at very low prices to effect immediate clearance. A special lot of Ladies' Kid Gloves at Is id per pair. Some of these Goods under half their original price. Ribbons, Laces, Embroidery, Trimmings, &c., &c all at Reduced List Prices. o Show Rooms: The entire stock in these Rooms will be reduced regardless of cost. Our whole stock of Mantles, Jackets, Ulsters, Fur- lined Cloaks, Mackintoshes, Children's Outfits of all descriptions, Corsets, Fur Capes, &c., at extremely low prices. All Millinery Goods, Hats and Bonnets, (Trimmedand untrimmed),Flowers, Feathers &c., at our usual extraordinary Clearing Prices. Silks, Plushes, Satins, Velvets, &c., all at List Prices. — o- Outfitting Department (in Taff Street, All our Men's and Boys' Clothing, Hats and Caps, Umbrellas, Tiea, Collars, Shirts, Drawers, &c. (which include our own made- up Welsh Flannel Goods) will be offerpd at Reduced Prices. In this Department we invite comparison in Quality, Workmanship, and Prices of our Goods with any house in the trade. We buy under beat advantages, and sell at lowest profits. 20 & 21, MARKET SQUARE, AND TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD,