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LLANWONNO SCHOOL BOARD. '1 he monthly meeting of this Board was held at the Vestry-hall, on Wednesdar afternoon, when there were present: Mr T. Idwarda (iu the chair), Rev. J. H. Prothero, Rev. T. P. Thomas, Messrs. D. D. Joseph, Id«s Williamsy and W.Johns. >' f FILLlxa THE VACANT SEAT. The Chairman said he did not know whether there was anyone present to move for a member for Ferndale in phice of Mr Beavan, who had re- tired it there had been one he supposed they would have elected one for that district. Ponty- pridd was without a. member on the Board, but he thought, looking at things in the light of the last election, that Pontypridd should vindicate itself better. He would have been in favour of carrying out the plan adopted by some other Boards of electing those who stood at the time of the election next to the successful candidates, but, uufortu- nately, there was a doubt as to the eligibility of the first gentleman on the list. Mr J. VV. Jones remarked that it would not be fair to elect another member for Ferndale, leaving Pontypridd still without a member. Mr Idris Williams agreed, and proposed the election of Mr A. Cule. Mr J. W. Jones seconded the motion. The Chairman thought Pontypridd ought to be left to vindicate its position. As far as claims went, Mountain Ash was as much entitled to a member as any place, unless they went by rote with the candidates. The Rev. J. H. Prothero thought they would not be far wrong if they followed the voice of the people as expressed at the last election. The Rev. 1'. P. Thomas said that if the first candidate was not eligible, or if there was a doubt about it, he would propose that the next on the list, Mr T. C. Phillips, of Mountain Ash, be elected. This was seconded by the Rev. J. H. Prothero. Mr Jones said he did not know that the Mountain Ash members had intended putting in a claim, and he had the greatest respect for Mr T. C. Phillips. Considerable discussion ensued, and when the question was put, the amendment was carried, and Mr Phillips declared elected. REPORTS. The Clerk presented his report, in which he complained that the attendances at Ferndale and Mountain Ash were not satisfactory, and that the work of attendance officer was getting too heavy for him. A census of Mountain Ash children had been ordered to be taken, which would be a great addition to his work just at present. The Board empowered the Schools Management Committee to appoint someone to take the census, and Mr Idris Williams gave notice that inasmuch as the Clerk stated that his work as Clerk and attendance officer was too much, he would bring the matter before the Board at the next meeting. THE BYE-LAWS QUESTION. PROPOSAL TO ABOLISH THE FIFTH STANDARD QUALIFICATION. The Clerk reported that the reply he obtained to his query as to the joint schools at Mountain Ash was to the effect that the children would be governed by the Bye-lyws of the Board under whose jurisdiction they were: Aberdare parish children by Aberdare Board bye-laws, and Llanwonno parish children by the bye-laws of the Llanwonno Board. Mr ldris Williams moved that the Board apply to the Education Department for power to lower the standard. Mr J W. Jones seconded, and remarked that if they obtained permission to reduce the standard he understood the Aberdare Board would very likely follow suit. The motion was carried unanimously, and the School Management Committee were appointed to assist Mr Shipton in drawing up the memorial to the department. YNYSYBWL SCHOOL-ROOM. The Rev. J. H. Prothero presented a petition signed by about 60 inhabitants of Ynysybwl, praying the Board to grant the use of their School- room for holding Church services on Sundays until a new church is erected. It was stated that there is on the books a resolution that the schoolrooms be used for the purposes of education only. Mr Prothero gave notice that he would move the rescinding of that motion. NOTICES OF MOTION. Mr J. W. Jones gave notice that he would call the attention of the Board to the exclusion ot the Bible from the Board schools. He also gave notice that at the next meeting he would move the rescinding of so much of the resolntion recently adopted engaging the teachers at the Miskin and Newtown schools, Mountain Ash, as related to the salaries. There was no other business of importance.


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