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0 N5 MILRg: AND CO., CARDIFF. IMPORTERS or AMERICAN & CANADIAN PRODUCE Three Hundred Firkins CORK SECONDS, AND THIRDS, ALSO One Thousand Tubs MORRISBURQ BUTTER, Notice to the Public. E. BAUMAN, Begs to thank hit numerous friends and patrons for their past fuvours, and wishes to call attention to his new and well-selected Stock of LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S JEWELLERY Of every description, Which will be found very suitable for CHRISTMAS and New Year Presents. The public generally would do well to give E. B. a call before purchasing elsewhere, as the prices aie unusually low for this Season, and the quality as usual very GOOD. Also a large Stock of WEDDING lUNGIS And handsome new pattern KEEPERS, which would especially suit young people who are on the eye of entering the happy state of matrimony. All REPAIRS, in Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery promptly attended to. Not# AddressE. BAUMAN, 11, Market-street, Pontypridd. GO TO Brooks Bros., 3, Angel St., Cardiff, And 7t, COMMERCIAL ST., NEWPORT, W1\. FRAME PICTURES at London prices. Always in Stock a large assortment of mouldings oleotpraphs, illuminated texts and engravings. CABINET WORK and VENETIAN BLINDS MADE TO ORDER. JOHN THOMAS, AMoneer and Accountant, 6, CHURCH STREET, PONTYPRIDD Agent to the Provincial, Sovereign & City Life fasnrancs Companies, Alliance Fire lawiraac* Company, The Accident Insurance Cotrpany aad fnmaa Line, Koyal Mail StMmers. from dS to £$00 to be advanced on all av&iktbfai BeCHiitj. NEWTON'S COFFEE TAVERN, JNFAH .THB^RAII.WAY STATION, Porth, Ivhondda Valley. Tea and Ceffee. Hot Dinners Daily. Well-aired Beds. ACCONfiN]ODATION FOR COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS. Horse and Trap on the Shortest Notice. FOR CHEAP Watches and Clocks Of the BEST QUALITY, GO TO HVE BTJP, 2, BANflA H-STJREET, PORTH. Watches and Clocks repaired to satifaction. W. E. V^ueuAN C'- STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, LLANDAFF 10AD, CARDIF! Brand Pstablishments CROCKHBKBTOWN, ) rARDlFF BOTE 8TKEET, j Ci),!Mi RCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. H1MH stEEET, MERTHYR. ].(.,Wt,lt UOAT oTREET, SWANSEA. Agent for Rhondda J t. n. TfaOMA?, HANNAH ST., rORT "BANES Y BEDYDDWYR," J TN MHLITH T OTMBT 0 MOMf yr tpoxtwUon hyd j flwyddyn 1796, lAX Y PAECH. JOSHUA THOMAS. y- awr J'D cael ei gyhoeddi fan B. DAVIES, HKOL-Y FKLIN, PONTYPRIDD Y 17eg ran allaa o'r wasg. PRIW CbvWobeiniog. 0 a a so > BILLIARD BALLI, CHALKS, i) CUES, TIPS, and all other Billiard Table requisite*, at HENNJG BROS., Ivory Works, 11. High Street, Loadoa, W.C Old Balis adjusted of exchanged aD. Tables reo eovered. Price Lists and Cloth and Cushion Rubber Samples Post-free. Established 1862. BOOTS TO SUIT ALL FEET, ALL ROADS, AND ALL WEATHERS. If you wish to obtain a really good boot, go to "\lV. GRONOW, BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, WELLINCTON HOUSE, 61, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. BESPOKE ORDERS Form the principal feature of the business, and Fit, Style, and Quality are guaranteed. jReady-made Boots at Low Prices. REPAIRS NEATLY AND PBOMPTLY EXECUTED.* South Wales Ombrella Manufactory. Walking Sticks, Travelling Bags, Trunks, Umbrellas re-covered WITH SILK, WEEP, AND ALPACCA. Counntry orders per rail or post receive prompt attention. 43, ss\k^tey CARDIFF. DAVID CULE. GROCER AND PROVISION DEALER AND GENERAL DRAPER) MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Prime Welah Butters, and best home cared BMon always in stock. Millinery, Dress & Mantle Making by Experienced Hands done on the Premise* Tailoring in all its Branches by practical and thorough experiencea hails. AHNT ron MESSRS. CTOTIS & HABVBTS 03LEBEATE) BLASTING POVDn POITTTPBIDD- "'V\ JOHN EVANS & Co. Beg to annouuce that their ANNUAL SALE OF GENERAL DRAPERY, Commenced on Wednesday, January 4th, 1882. The whole Stock will be greatly reduced in prices, so as to effect a Clearance previous to Stocktaking. ALL PURCHASES TO BE PAID FOR ON OR BEFORE DELIVERY. ESTABLISHED 1876. THE PROGRESSIVE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION (LIMITED) CAPITAL: 1100,000, in 20,000 Shares of JES each. CHIEF OFFICE: 42, LOMBARD STREET, LONDON, E.G. SHARE DEPARTMENT. Only 1:2 10s per Share will be called up in the first instance, payable 10s on Application 108 on Allotment, and 30a by three consecutive Monthly Instalments of 10s each. Shareholders may however, at any time, pay up all, or any of their Shares in full. The Dividend for 1880 was 6 per cent! The Ballot Building and Investment Fund For 1882 is now open, and Members may be enrolled daily. The Subscriptions are 2/6 and 5/ monthly. A monthly subscription of 5/ will secure an Advance of £100 by Ballot, free of Interest for 12t yeais, or a Bonus of* 1;25. There are no Entrance Fees, Management Expenses, Fines, or Forfeitures. The next Ballot will be on Friday, 7th APKIT,, 1882. All Certificates taken up by the 30th June, will be in time for the Ballot. Deposit Branch. DEPOSITS are received of 6/ and upwards, withdrawable on short notice. Interest is paid half- yearly at the rate of 4 per cent. for the first year, and 5 per cent for subsequent years. Advances. Advances, from One Month to 20 years, are made on Freehold and Leasehold Property, Stocks Shares, Life Policies, and other realizable Securities. CURRENT ACCOUNTS. The Company supplies Cheque Books and opens Current Accounts with its Members and others. Interest is allowed at 2t per cent. per annum on minimum monthly balances of jE20 and upwards. The Company will undertake the collection of Cheques, Dividend Warrants, &c., for its customers without charge. Prospectuses, fyc., Oil application to the Secretary, or to the following Agents Mr. Thos. Llewellyn, 26, High-street, Pontypridd; Mr. J Thomas, Reading-room, Treorky, and Mr. Jenlcin Davies, Ton Ystrad. B. SHAKESPEARE, MANAGING DIRECTOR. THE TEA EXCHANGE, PONTYPRIDD. J. & I. PROTHERO, Beg to thank the public for the liberal support hitherto given them, and avail themselves of the present opportunity to call their attention to the present unrivalled Stock of GROCERY AND PROVISIONS, S They hold A FEW SPECIALS ARE AS UNDER; FineR Flour 8s Od per score Finest Butter Is Id. per lb. (A trial will convince you of the quality). Fine do. Excellent Quality 1/- „ Good do. 2s. lOd. Finest Canadian „ 10d „ Good Soap 0d. per bar and 2-^d per lb. Very Good „ Special value 84d. „ Crush Sugar 3d. per lb. Pure Lard 7id. „ 2 Brown do. 2 £ d- ^ue American Cheese G|d. „ A Remarkably fine and choice Tea 2s Gd. per lb. Good Useful „ „ 4id. JJ (Drawing a pure invigorating liquor). Best Derby Cheese Sd." A Grand Tea 2s. „ Prime Mild Cured Bacon 6d. „ (Equal to that usunlly Sold at 2/6 ar.d 2/8) Very Good „ 4d. & 5d. „ Bich, Strong Family Tea 18 Gd. „ Corned Beef CUT OUT 6d. (Try a Sample). Prime Mild Shoulders & Hams „ Home-cured Bacon and Hams always in Stock. PURE HOME-MADE BREAD FRESH DAILY. All other Goods equally cheap. A trial will fully satisfy you that our establish merits are the cheapest in the District. TERMS STRICTLY CASH. TEEFOEEST READY MONEY STORES, TREFOREST. MASTERS AND COMPANY, The Cardiff Clothiers." Pi o the Inhabitants of ONTYPEIDD. GTo the Inhabitants of LYNTAFF. PTo the Inhabitants of EN TEE. CTo the Inhabitants of WMPARK. PTo the Inhabitants of ONTYGWAITH. TTO the Inhabitants of YLOR'S TOWN. WTo the Inhabitants of ILLIAMSTOWN. FTO the Inhabitants of FRWDAMOS. BTO the Inhabitants of LAENYCWM. LTo the Inhabitants of LWYNPIA. ¡ PTo the Inhabitants of OETH. To the Inhabitants of REFOREST. LTO the Inhabitants of LANTWIi' VARDRE. MTO the Inhabitants of OUNTAIN ASH. LTO the Inhabitants of LANTRISANT. rTo the Inhabitants of REHERBERT. rTo the Inhabitants of REORKY. PTo the Inhabitants of ENYCOEJDCAE. PTo the Inhabitants of ANDY. IT To the Inhabitants of -ONYREFAIL. "1 To the Inhabitants of JYMMER. CTo the Inhabitants of EOEDYEHIW. L/r To the Inhabitants of llAESYCWMMWE. -u.- "1 To the Inhabitants of JOEDYMEIBION. J To the Inhabitants of L NYSHIR. XT To the Inhabitants of r T AUN YE EIRW. 1 To the Inhabitants of .EEALAW. .EEALAW. MASTERS & Company, THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS," 29 & 30, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. WE EMPLOY NO TRAVELLERS! WE ALLOW NO COMMISSION OR DIS- COUNT WE MARK EVERY ARTICLE IN PLAIN FIGURES AT THE SMALLEST MARGIN OF PROFIT. All successful undertakings induce imitations MASTERS & COMPANY are no exception to this rule. Our customers are annoyed by being solicitedj for orders, and receiving patterns of Goods in; imitation of ours in style, colour, and everythingj but cheapness and quality. Whenever a customerl of Masters and Company is by this means betrayed into giving an order, one trial has sufficed to show the immeasurable superiority of Masters and Company's Clothing, and that for sterling value, combined with cheapness, whether in the Order] department, or the well made but less expensive; Ready-made Goods, they are not only unonrpassed, but unequalled. I GIVE NO ORDERS UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN OUR STOCK, AND COMPARED THE VALUE OF OUR GOODS. SUITS MADE TO MEASURE IN SEVEN HOURS. MASTERS AND COMPANY, THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, 29 & 30, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Terms Cash-One Price—All Gcods Marked in Plain Figures. DEPARTMENT A.-Bespoke or Ordered Goods. In this department we hold an immense stock of Scotch, Irish and York- shire Tweeds and West of England Cloths. Trousers made to measure from 10s 6d. to 23s 6d; Suits from 42s to 107s 6d; a splendid range os Worsted Coatings from 25s 6d to 63s, the coat made to measure, a perfect fit guaranteed. DEPARTMENT B.—Serge Jackets, Trousers and Shirts, Drabbett and Dan- garee Jackets, Trousers and Jumpers, Duck goods, Mole and Cord Trousers and Vests; every care is taken to insure the work being very strong, and every requisite for the mechanic and working man. DEPARTMENT C.-Hats and Caps of every des- cription, Waterproof Clothing. The Patent Ventilated Waterproof Coat, The! Deloraine." Rugs Portman-1 teaux, Hat Cases, Carpet' Bags, and Oilskin Coats. DEPARTMENT D.-Ready.made Clothing, Sum. mer Overcoats from 12s 6d' to 45s; Suits from 12s lid to 79s 6d Cloth Trousers from 28 lid to 21s 6d; Black Diagonal Worsted coats and Vests to match, 25S k6d to 49s 6d; Tweed and Cloth II Morning Coats, Sacs, and Frock Coats in a great variety of materials, Alpacca, Knssell Cord, Brown Hol. land, and Drill Jackets, Blacks for Mourning of every Bize, style, and price always ready. DEPARTMENT E.-Hosiery, Shirts, Plants, Scarfs, Umbrellas, Ties, Mufflers, Jerseys, Fronts, Gloves, Hose, and Half- hose, Wrists, Towels, Car. digan Jackets, Braces, Handkerchiefs, Collar-, Wool Vests, special line in Blue and White Stripe Shirts, with Collars, from Is lljjd. Oxford, French Cambric, and Wool Shirts. fDEP ARTMENT F.—Juvenile Clothing, Boys' Suits and Overcoats, Youths' Suits and Overcoats, Boys' and Youths' Jackets, Reefers, Vests, Trousers, and Knickers, and every re- quisite for little Boys, Boys, and Youths. The Mall.o' War" Suit is much in demand, as is also the Jersey Suit, of both of which we keep a large assortment. RASTERS AND COMPANY, THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, 29 AND 30. ST. MARY-STREET. 1^ To the Inhabitants of HYDFELEN. :1 GTo the Inabitants of YFEILLON. IT To the Inhabitants of REHARRIS. LTo the Inhabitants of LANDAFF. QTo I he Inhabitants of UAKERS' YARD. NTG the Inhabitants of ELSON. PTo the Inhabitants of ENTYRCH. j To the Inhabitants of vJILFACH GOCti. 17^ To the Inhabitants of ERNDALE. DTO the Inhabitants of 1NAS POWIS. CTo the Inhabitants of ADOXTUN. C3. To the Inhabitants of JKOESWEN. To the Inhabitants of CAERPHILLY. UTo the Inhabitants «f PPER BOAT. YTO the Inhabitants of STRAD MYNA'JH. PTo the Inhabitants of hNTYRCH. To the Inhabitants of /LYDACH VALE. YTO the Inhabitants of NYSYBWL. CI To the Inhabitants of CASTLETOWN. YTO the Inhabitants of STRAD RHOJSDDA. LTO the Inhabitants of LAN DO UGH. LTO the Inhabitants of I6VANE. CTo the Inhabitants of ANTON. WTo the Inhabitants of HITCHURCH. TTO the Inhabitants of AIFS WELL. AIFS WELL. a} To the Inhabitants of ONGWYNLAIS. MASTERS AND COMPANY; THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS." OAK AND ELM COFFIN BOARDS/COFFIN FURNITURE NAILS CLOTII AND DOMETTS ;-r. .-FURNISHING F I E '8 Q T- M,ARY STRE. E..T, C A I F F. R )-Cf: O.N,:API:PL) FUNERAL CARRIAGES OF EVERY I DESCRIPTION ON HIRE. TEAS IPTTIR/IEi! PURE TEAS !j J. ROBEKTS, Bridge House, Pontypridd, Guarantees all TEAS supplied by him to be perfectly pure at Is 6d, 2s, 2s 3d, & 2s 6d per lb., in 61b, 101b, & 201b parcels. j 1882. I ALBION HOUSE, 77, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Great Sale of Drapery at Reduced Prices. WILLIAM WILLIAMS Begs to announce that his SALE commences on SATURDAY NEXT, JANUARY 14th, 1882. And will continue for a FEW WEEKS, during which period CREAT BARGAINS May be secured, as ne.ir.y the whole Stock will be Re-marked and Reduced; it being necessary to clear the bulk of his present Stock before removing to his NEW PREMISES in MARKET SQUARE. W. WILLIAMS reenmnends his customers and the public geneutllv to avail themselves of THIS SALE, as he can appeal with confidence to the public that all his previous Sales were genuine and at Reduced Prices as announced, with no exaggeration as to Quantity of Stock, Quality of Goods, and Amount of deduction on each Article. The Public will find that this Sale will maintain the same character. The Stock is too large to enumerate any class of goods, but it consists of nearly all Heavy and Fancy Goods WELSH AND ENGLISH BLANKETS FROM 7s. lid. PER PAIR The largest Stock in Town of WELSH FLANNELS, amongst which will be sold during this Sale-1600 yards oi Carmarthenshire Check Flannel at 1/3i per yard. A LARGE STOCK OF REMNANTS AND ODLJIENJS WILL HE LAID ASIDE AND MARKED AT CLEARING PRICES. W. Williams's well known system will be strictly adhered to—All Goods marked with lied Ink in Plain Figures. One Price and For Cash. I — *3 CHRISTMAS, 1881. For Seed, Currant, or Sultana CAKE, cheap and good, For Largest and Best Selection of BISCUITS, For BRITISH WINES, Ginger, Port, Sherry, or other kindi, For Purest CONFECTIONERY, and Sweets of all sorts, For Bon Bons, Cossaqnes, and other novelties of the Season, For best White and Whole Meal BREAD, J GO TO J. C O O IMI IB IE S No. 2, Market-street, Pontypridd, MANUFACTURING BAKER & CONFECTIONER, ESTABLISHED OVER 20 YEARS. DAILY DELIVERY. GEORGE GALE, GENERAL SMITH, EHONDDA ROAD, PONTYPRIDD Looks, Qui, Bells, &c., Repaired. RANGIS WIT. HOT & COLD WATER FITTED UP AND BIFAIEED. fcfcDEUS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. IF^you suffer from head-aches, bilious or liver complaints, indigestion, costivenesB, rheumatism, or tic-doloreux, try KERNICK'S VEGET- ABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small require no confinement indoors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who pro- nounce them to be the best medicine in the world. TESTIMONIAL from J. BALBIRNIE, Esq., M.A., M.D., Lecturer on Physiology," Author of "A Treatise on the Turkish Bath," &c :— £ "7 have examined the Pills hnmiil as l\trniclr', Vegetable I certify their composition to be purely vegetable; I have also tried their effect, and consider tl, iii to be one of the best aperient Piut for constipated habits that 1 know of. ( Si'/lied ), JOIIX BALBIRyiE, M.A., M.D." Mr CRANWELL. Apothecary, Monte Video, writing to a Master of a Vessel, savs ;— p Bring me a supply of Kernick's Vegetable I have found them wry efficacious they cured me after m:my other Medicines had failed, and I have since given them to my patients with equal success." Thrmsands of other Te*tinuptials, equally gratifying, rul'jht be pvbii*lf<I. Kernick's PilU" give energy to the xi'stem, neeei no sjiecial nriet trith. regard to diet, surf fire imivrmlly d'elared to be the best Medicine of the hind erer discovered. Sold in hoxet. at 2s 9d, Is li<l, and 7id each, by ruoilt respci table Chemists and Druggists in England and the Colonies, with directions for restoring and preserving health. £ These Lozenges are the Boost efficacious remedy ever introduced for Worms. Being innocent in their character, they may be taken hy children of all depoeel and conditions with perfeet, safety. They are moat useful for children of delicate stomachs and pale oo» plexion, as they strengthen the system by giving aa appetite, f' If Mother's only hntvc the rvalue of these Loiengtt, n» family would be without a box. Sold by tnoet retpecteMl Chemists, in lid and 11 lid boxm. W A NTFn THE PUBLIC OF B.HON- T T All 1 XLiJJ DDA VALLEY TO KNOW That TALBOT & Co., CARDIFF, Have opened Branch Bazaar Shop 4 Exchange Mart for POULTRY, PIGEONS, RABBITS, Ac., AT PENTRE, OPPOSITE SHILOH CHAPEL. Manager: DR. W. C. BUZ. Patent Chaff Machine CUT THREE LENGTHS. Fitted with Patent "Iravellinp Webb, and Patent Oscillating Riddle for Sifting the Chaff. The Machine, by enabling the long endf to be re-cut, prevents Waste and Ensures a Great SaTinc of Fodder. Obtained the first SPECIAL PRIZE for the BEST MACHINE IN THE FIELD, at the GLAMORGANSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW, A UGUbT, 1881. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF STEAM ENGINE AND BOILERS OF ALL SIZES, and all other kinds of JAGRICULTURAL MACHINES KEPT IN STOCK T. LEMON & SONS, ENGINEERING WORKS, Ihe Hayes, Cndiff. FOR HOME MADE BOOTS ( 'id J "T 1 L T S 11 I R E 3 4, MILL S i h L j 7 FO.XTYPRID D. Repairs if evtiv detLi'p'iin pier j-tlv atLei c!ed te