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f o BE GIVlUs. V .Y. [To every person seodine for CutWrj-, J. c as i.eiow, we will PRESENT GRATIS Without any extra charge whatever, a liandsom* SILVER-PLATED TEAPOT. We guarantee the goods to be full value tXDE. PENI RNTIIY of the Present, in proof of which we will gladly return the money and pay all expenses if any article fails to give the utmost satisfaction. No. 1—On receipt of the Coupon below, and P.O.O. for 10s 6d we will forward to any address 12 Table Knives, 12 Table Forks, 1 Pair Carvers to match, and present 1 SILVER-PL YTED TEAPOT as above. No 2—On receipt of the Coupon below, and P.O O. for 21s, we will forward to any address 12 Superior White Hone-Haft Self-bala icad Steel Table Knives, 12 Silver-plated Forts, 1 Pair Carvers to match, and present 1 SILVER-PLATED TEAPOT as above. No 3—On receipt of the Coupon below, and P.O.O. for 31s 6d., we will forward to any address 12 Superior Ivory-haft Self-balanced Steel Table Knives, 12 Superior Silver-plated Table Forks, 1 Pair Ivory-haft Carvers, and present 1 SILVER- PLATED TEAPOT as above. No 4—On receipt of the Coupon below, and P.O.O. for 25a we will forward to any address a itrong, handsome well-made Tea and Coffee service Complete, consisting of four pieces, in Teapot, coffee-pat, Sugar-basin and Cream-jug (the two latter lined with gold) all chased, well plated, and brilliantly barnished, and we will preaeat ONE UOZ. iSlLVEtt-PLATKD TEA SPOONS. No 6—On receipt of the Coupon below, and P.O.O. for 81 6d we will forward to any address a well-made, strong, Silver-plated Dinner Cruet, fitted with four out glasses, and will present a Pair of Beautiful SILVER-PLATED SALTS. No 6—On receipt of the Coupon below, and P.O.O. for 5s, we will forward to any address 12 itrong Table Knives, 12 do. Forks, Ac., aud present tne pair Carvers to match. COUPON. On receipt of this Coupon and P.O.O. or Cheque for we promise to forward Lot No. as per advertisement in the ionty. pridd Chronicle, aad to present to I V,' WARD AND Co., Electro-plate and Cutlery Manufacturers, Walkley, Sheffield. Every dascription of Cutlery aa4 Electro-Plated Goods made to order for Hutete, ReateunnU. Clubs, Private Faioiliei, and for general Home and ttxport Trade. Old Quodll (no blatter in what condition) Repaired, Be. plated, and got up equal to new. Upward* of 100 Notice* from the London and Provincial Press, and nearly 3,000 Testimonials from Customers similai to Ute following t TESTIMONIALS. Pendock. Dear Sir—I beg to acknowledge receipt of a case containing Teapot and Cutlery. My wife is very much pleased with it all, and we oonsider tha Teapot as you say is worth ad the money Your* truly, WALTSU WOOD. P.S.—There must be some stiffish profits in the usual way of business between the manufacturers and the public, and probably I shall send to you again. 27, Ctanbrooke-street, St. John's, S.E., 1880.v Dear Sir—We are very pleased with the goods which are certainly worth the money independent of the present. We shall not forget you if anything else is required either for ovrselves or friends- Yours truly, A. J. WAULS. Mr Thomas Wo-A I, Si1 J C.i.m I Ii ■> u t 1' 1 IJU:V, Imu.- i'ile l-ield Cottage, Muswi-.l lii I. M 1.« liiilrmari begs to inform Mr Wanl tllllt II. g< oils ;uiiveil Bdi'ely, and very much pleased inde-vd with them. MKS. JOHN }SA:KMAX. Iligh street, Runcorn. Dear Sir—I received goods all ligh on Tliursda-, and was very well satisfied, I consider tiiev are veiy clionp, everyone tha.t I have shown them to, is astonished at the value. I think you will receive 'Y. IK r orders—Yours, &c., Jxo. BKEHETON. To Mr Ward. Scruton, Bedale. Sir,— I received the goods all right, and am per- fectly satisfied, they are so good and so chenp-l am yours truly, P. SPIXK. Wliittlesford, Cambs. Sir-The articles have arrived safe to hand and are very much approved of, they are quite satis- factory, and I shall show them to my friends, so as they favour you with their orders— Y ours ti uly, EZRA AIYNOTT. Gentle Shepherd Grove, Battery Row, Greenfield, near Hoi* xoll. Sir-We received the parcel on Saturday last, and are satisfied. The Teapot is a splendid piece of workmanship. JOHN WILLIAM. To Mr Ward. Abernethy Hotel, Strathspey, N B. Dear Sir — The goods arrived aU right, and t ey are very good, the Teapot is worth ull the cash paid for the whole-Yours truly, To 1 hookas Ward, Sheffield. JAMKS GRANT. Basque, Guildford Surrey. Miss S. Lunn writes to thank Mr Ward. She received the goods quite safe, and I think it is wonderful cheap the teapot, and the knives are very niqe—I am, yours truly, S. LUNN. January 13th, Wollaston. Dear Sir-The goods arrived safely yesterday. We were well pleaded with them. I shall recom- mend them to all my friends. ESTHER C. LEACH. 360, Pumbarton.road, Glasgow, 14th January l'enr Sir—I beg to acknowledge receipt of the goods as advised by you. I am very much pU-ased with the articl s. Be good enough to let me know in course, at what sum you can supply Coffee Pot tc match teapot, and a dozen of dessert knives and forks, with carvers to match the cutlery already received—Yours truly, B. MORRISON. To Thos. Ward, Esq., Sheffield. April 26l*i. Sir—The goods arrived safely oh Wednesday the 21st and I was quite pleased with them. 1 shall tell my friends about them-Yours truly, JOHN SIMPSON. SW/I'IAVE. 8ir—The goods arrived to-day, "lid 1 nm II nit. surprised how you can render f oda FI>. <( Y hope to give yon another order soi n ■ u; respectfully, J- I-OSK. Sillertane. Dear Sir,—I received the articles sent, and I am very much pleased with them The teapot s very hands. me-Yours tflllv. 8. M. PATTISON. To Mr T. Ward, Sheffield. Campsall S'r—We received the goods on Saturday quite safe, and are very pleased with them, especially the Teapot, which ;1 a beanty. I have shown them to several, and I think you will have another ordei this week. Should I want any thing more, I shall, with rileasnre, send to you-I am vours truly, Mis STKVKNSOX. Stoke Gabriel. March 2nd 1880. Sir-The go ds arrived safely at Paianton on Saturday but as I reside in Stoke Gabriel I could not acknowledge itsreceipt till to-day, and I nsure yr 11 that the articles it contained give entire satis- iauuuu-Aiud am, Sir, your obedient servant, P. GENTECOST. an*dale, Kiatyre. Sir,—I duly received the goods on Saturday afternoon, in good condition, and am highly pleased with them. Indeed, they are really worth the money to look at. I hope Mr Ward will please accept my best thanks for his kindness—I remaia, yours truly, Wx. CAHILL. Thomas Ward, Esq. Kirkland Wigfcon Sir—I received the psclcnsre all right find Mrs Armstrong was highly pleased with its c ntents. She considers them very chett p- I an. yoats respectfully, GEO ARMSTRONG. Mr. Ward. Mrs Capes, Silver-street, Burden Sir-I received the p reel on Saturday, and I am well pleased with it. It will give me arewt pleasure to recotnmentt. thfm wherever I cati-T rf n f yours respectly, MART ANN RIM E." GreenilfM-street. Holywell. 8ir—I T>eg to acknowledge'receipt of5 box. aa l T stin very innoh pleased with the contents. I shall show them tos. my frieada—Yours, ite. E: JoNF.n. 92, Ne.wlsnd, Lincolhi- Mr Ward, 8ir-We received per goods of cutlery lIafe two uoi'»iag, aid we are perfectly satisfied with tliein, in fact, re muck pleased. Shall recommend them all we can. All g well ihall give you another order IIhortly. Ynuno t-< ttfully, E. S. RoBJKaofpot •Ar J»ID«8 Coleman received the lcnives, forks, and tea all v«tt«r4*y. He ia ataeb £ M*ed witk theiu, and tkioks U>< ( veapotaloMis wMtiitfaf auMMy. Wanen-tauStSwaaai*. Applphy, Brigg. Lincolnshire. Sir-I beg to acknowledge the i-eeeipt hand this morning, am well satisfied with tliein. and sh;i: show theiii to friends. Shall perhaps give another orJer b' and by—Yours, &c > RICHARD WEIGHTLY, 28, Cleveland-street, Ilolgat*, Yo'k. Sir— Articles of Cutlery, &c., to hand. Allow me to ptaf that I am ,rv well pli ased with them. I think them < marvel of ckeapness-I remain, yours, &c. W. BI-CKLE. 43, Raeilgli-street, Nottingham, Jan. l'.Hh. Sir-We received the box to-day with knives and fOI complete with teapot. We are very pleased with tliein; the teapot alone is warth the money. We will recommend tin in to our friends. We shall lie very glad to patronize you at some future time—Yours truly, J. JùYQE. Jack's Green Farm, Takeley,, kssex. Sir-I received the Box quite safe on Saturday, and I am very pleased with them, and think the Teapot especially beautiful. Should I want any thing for the future 1 wil lend to you-Yours respectfully, WM. HUMPHREYS. 1.8, Southgate-road, Islington, London. Sir—The goods came to hand last Thursday, and I thin* them very good and cheap for the mouey-Yours truly, Mr Ward. WILLIAM HUQHKS. Brown Moss, January ISth, ISSO. Sir-Tile box of Cutlery arrived all safe, and am wel satisfied with the articles. You can make a CoiTee P: It. t. mateh the Teapot, and one dOlen of. small Knives and F i k to match our others To Moss Side station iieurlj\-tli,.titj you will oblige-Yours truly, Miss CArt Mr Ward 14 Post Office Orders and Cheques to be pqy able, a d all communications addressed WARD At 00., Electro-Plate Manufacturers, Wa kley Sheffield. 1000 BOXES SOLD WEEKLY OF THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE- JONES' (TREMADOC) APERIENT & ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. ESTABLISHED 1839. A PRACTICAL trial of Forty-three years by the afflicted Public, has now established the reputation of these PILLS. Composed of the most rare and EXPENSIVE VEGETABLE PUIPAKATIONS of the British Pharinacopaea, combined with a valuable SNOWDONIAN HERB, forming a. MILD, LAXATIVE, 'IONIC FTKMKDT, admitted by those who have tried them to be superior to all other similar preparations, as a Preventive and Cure for all disorders resulting from a disordered state of the- Stomach and Liver, and impurity of the idlood Ac.; Sold by all the wholesale Houses, and at the: Pill Depot, Tremadoc, l\orth Wales.: Retailed by all respectable Medicine Vendors, in1 Town and Cou try, in boxes at Is lid, 2s 6d, and 4s 60 ehch Great saving in procuring large boxes. *&' Should you fail to obtain the Pills in your neighbourhood, send 14 postage stamps for the Is l td Box, 33 fur the 2s 6d, or 57 for the 4s 6d, to the CAMBKIAN 1 ILL DICFOC, TtLEMADOC, NOIATH WALE", and the Pills will be sent by ieturn ol post, free. Beware ot Fraud See that the signature of Bobt. I Jones be on the Government Stamp round each box. No less than a whole box of the genuine Pills sold. FBKSH STOCK OF JONES' TREMADOC PILLS sent regularly to these districts, and genuine testi- monials o be had from the Agents. IMP 0 R TAN T TO SINGERS, #c. JONES' (T it EM ADO C) AROMATIC VOICE GLOBULUS, For Restoring and Clearing the Voice, 'removing Hoarseness, q-c. Instantaneous and certain in their effect. Prepared only by R. 1. JONES, Cambrian Pill Depot Tremadoc, N. W. In boxes, Is lid fcnd 2s 9d each. .-old by all the Wholesale aI:d Retaii Druggists, and may ue hau dnect by return of Post trom Tre- maduc, 011 receipt f Is 2d, or 3s in Stamps. Agent for Lhe saie ut the Pills and the Globulus, Mr W, li. KfcY, Chemist, Pontypridd. I B. DAVIES, I Steam Printer, &c., 23 & 24, MILL STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Printing neatly and promptly executed at Mill Street Steam Printing Works, PONTYPRIDD. j K Ic^l F.RS OP all SP.BS, IM ONI, TWO, JL oh Ai KK to LOIRS. l;<> to Davies's Mill I-¡'l'f:! bteatn Printing Woiks, 23and24, Jdlli Stieut. Pontypridd. jj/NDUlLLS AND CIRCULARS »oa tl KADKKMEN and others, in laige or small numbers expeditiously and cheaply done at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Wwkfc ? and 24, Mill Street. Pontypridd. BIF,L, INVOICE, MB MORA N DUM^A ND NOTE HEADINGS, promptly and taste># fully printed at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, II and M, Mill Street* Pontypridd. BANKRUPTCY POBMS. NOTICES of Credi- B torx Meetings, and all kinds of Solicitorle printing executed at Davies's Mill Street Steam i rinting Work*, U aad U, Kill Street, Pontypridd. A U' PIONEERS. BILLI. CATALOGUES, and a. oilier announcements at Dariee's Mill Street Steam I mg Works, tt and Mill Street, Potttypriud. hONC T. EISTEDDFOD, LECTUEE, TEA \j 1 Y, and other TICKETS. Orders for these should be takes ot sent to Daries's Mill Street Steam Printiaf Works. 23 and 24. Mill Street. Pontypridd. BUSINESS AND SHOW CARDS in GoTi) and B till.via, CoMWMt or BLACK IXIs, on plain er enamelled Cards, may be obtained at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, IS and 84. MiU Street. Pontypridd. nESMIT. INVOICE, TIME BOOKS, CHXQTJ* J. 13000, Pay Bills, Wagon Tickets, &c., for Collieriee and other Works, at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 29 and !I, Mill Street, Pontypridd. hoOKS, PAMPHLETS, REPORTS, STATI<- |3 MINTS, Club and Colliery Rules, & > 'n English, Welsh or Dnoglott, got up at Davies's Kill Street Steam Printing Woike, 18 and 24, Mill Street, Pontypridd PTPER BAGS, TEA PAPERS (PLAIN OR t IIIIIUSTSATKN), and all Shop requisites sup- plied at BRISTOL PRICES at Davies's Mill Street Steam Printing Works, 23 and 24 Mill Street, Pontypridd. THE ONLY STEAM PRINTING WORKS within a radios of Twelve Miles. B. DAYIES, Steam Printer, &c., 18 4 s4 MILL STttljPI* SOUWWMWfc STRENCTH IPOR THr, WEAR. The attention of the feeble, and those in failing health, is particularly oalled to one of the greatea* I disooveriee of modern times, known as LIEBIG'S CHEMICAL FOOD. OR WINE OF PHOSPHATES, A Nutritious and Invigorating Essenoe, highly reoommended by the most eminent of fclte Medioal Profession for the Cnxe of Nervous Head and Mind Complaints, Coughs, Asthma and Inoipieat Con- mmptira, Nerroneness, Weakness and Exhaustion, Dimness of Sight, Shortness of breath, HMMitohe, Depression, palpitation of the Heart, Drowsiness, Indigestion, Singing aoiaee in the Head aad Ears, rrembling, Low of Memory, Want of Appetite, Keuralgia, Paine and Aobel, Wasting Oiseaees, Loss of Energy, Impaired Nutrition, Inactivity of the Brain, with dulnees of ptfewptie* Md dsAasieae and all other low statee of the system iadieatrag tha preeenne of disease, wbioh it not attended to in time may beoome serions. Testimonial from Sir CHARLES LOCOCX Physician to the Queen. I have for some vsars reoommeaded LIMBIWB "CHEMICAL FOOD in cam of generalill- health with the most boneftial modtio. I find "h to be a very pore preparation, containing M amongst other things free and "PhewphorM highly diffused, and wiMm per- eevered with has always seemed to give fresh "life to the languid and exhausted, aad haalth, obongth, ana energy. By its use the dwH the sluggish, the lasy and languid arise ia tIk. meraing well and refreshed, with an appetite "flor food, and fit for study, society or business. "CHARLES LOCOCK, M.D." UEBM'S CBEttiCAL FOOD b the true strength-giver and health-restorer, nourishing both body and brain, supplying men- tal and physical power, and nerve ana brain food. It ic not all like medicine, being entirely different to anything over before introduced to the public, and tastee like some balmy, fragrant, aad deli- cious nectar. LIEBIG'S CHEMICAL FOOD Purifies and enriches the blood, thereby rendering the skin clear and transparent, sharpens tht intellect, strengthens the constitution, re-csta blishee the health, thoroughly re-vitalises the rtem, and is the one unfailing remedy for do 'a' bility from whatever cause arising. LIEBIG'S CHEMICAL FOOD Will also be found highly beneficial in a disease rf the Heart, Chest, Livsr, Lungs, Kidneys. Sto- mach, and Bowels, and there is scarcely a dissaso but what will be benefited hy it, and in aD probability cured. While all other preparations of Phosphorus are dow and uncertain in their action, taking dajrs ind sometimes weeks to produce an effect, this CHEMICAL FOOD (Wine of Phosphates) tots at »nee and givee strength in one boar. and has been known to restore health in less than a week, -men after the failure of the usnoJ remedies. This remarkable preparation not only contains ùl the ssaterials necessary for the foundation of a new eeSMstitutioa aad for preventing or curing iiseeaa, hat alee evolves everything required for 4ormin rich, pure, aad healthy bloc* msscis, ftenh toon. Virgin. Ac., and coetmna tA ■ 7, o'umeti'v# It Li rv This wine is perfectly free f- ",1 an4 eatorettothe system whateve: r. Um absence pi which oftan CSUKO; ^vilify. Thj iccretitfiis are all brought to their rmtutai ttealth] :oadition, and physical decay arrested. This vine is as certain in its action as that watei inenches thirst and its benefits are lasting. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Far superior to beef-tea, port wine, and all cnic medicines."—Lancet. A medicine alike suited to young and old, that annot harm the most delicate, and very streng- ,hening." -PNmttcm. Nervous Debility, caused by the constitution taring been injured in early life, can be' cured by jhis remedy if take. judiciously."—'Medical Times. "The neareet approach to a cure for con- sumption that has yet been dinovore$-British Medical Journal. Particularly adapted to the female system." -11. York Journal of Medieine and ffur^sry. Seems to be a specific for every form of weak- ness aad cures moat diseases."—Dublin Medical Now. "A mild remedy of universal application, and a good family medicine."—Monthly Journal 4 Fharmacy. Lays the foundation of health ia the young, Md soon builds up a strong constitution." Dmttft farfsons' Vado-Meevm. Will save tea timee Ms cost ie decten' M!h."— American Pharmaceutical Journal. "ItitOMef the few preparations that can be depended upon, and must, la oourse of time, en- tirely supmsede quinine, iron, cod liver eil, tonic* bitters, aad the thousand and one faahioaable, dear, and doubtful remedies."—Ofcemwt t IV-wyftot Sold in Bottlea, at 2s M., 4e 6d., and lis., and also in 33a. aD..6 Gaaaa. Any Oheaiist met having it in Steok will ywwn it 6.- -8- -a .a..L_- !t- -OL I I X: a «WR| SH awn M a great savmg M buying the larger sisss. to prevent confusion when yea aek lor JIIBIGKB OHBMICAL FOOD ese that yea it, as our Agents sell all 8U Nutritives Preparations which are anaieraas lemember that TIBBION OHBMIOAL FOOD te a medicine sold in bottlee aad hssrlns tha Cetera- meat Stamp, Loatfoa Ageatei Barclay aad teas, II, Far. riagden Street ( Edwards aad Boas, 117, Ques* Victoria Street 1 Newbory and Soae, 17, Newgate Street; Millard aad Sous, 40 Charterhouse Stosn| Banger and Sons, ISO aad ttl, Oxford Stress | Hovenden and Sons, 6, Great Marlbsroagh Itwst, W., aad tt and 96, City Road; Sutton aad 0. 10, Bow Churchyard; Butler and Orispe, 4, Oheapeidei Maw, Son, Md ThemptMt, 7 to II. Aldersfata Street; Lynch and Co., 171A aad 171s, Aldsrsgats Street; William Mather, Farriagdon Road | aad i 0. Thompeon, ltl. Now North Boad. ORDBR OF ANY CHEMIgT. LIEBIG & CO., WANDSWORTH ROAD, LOTOS W Chemists are cautioned against making or p«rr*»g for sale preparations and 0ailing them ChamieS Food," as it was decided in the own of « Scully, that we were the originators of the own and had the sols right to use it, aDd all [isranae selling other articles by this name not only nsla themselves liable to an aetiea for gtt but ottc to Cbaneerv proeeediaaa. One was a traveller for a New York house, and the other was a Detroit business man. As they came up on the car from the Central Depdt they were talking abeut some elopement case, and a fox-eyed old man on the rear platform with a thin satchel at hia feet did his beat to catch every word, and seemed considerably excited. When the business man got off at Griswold-street the old man followed him, and slapped him on the shoulder and said, "My friend, I would like to speak to you in private. Please enter this stairway." Amazed and astonidhwl, t'ne citizen complied, and when they were out of <5arfthot of the street the stranger began, Are you a inarrieii man? "lam. "So am I. I see we a^ree perfectly as to the blessings of matrimony. You believe your wife devoted to you?" "Of course." "And I believe the same. Our souls seem to be in sympathy thus far. Now then, if a man should come to you and ask if yon had.any sunpicions of yonr wife's fidelity, what would you do?" "I'd knock him down!" "So would I, and then step on him to boot. Did you ever see two souls blend to- gether as ours do? Perhaps we were born in the same house. But to continue: Have you per- fect confidence in yonr wife?" "Yes, sir. So have I in mine. Lands alive but here is a verit- able case of two hearts that beat as one! Isn't it astounding?" "Who are you, sirt." sharply In. quired the citizen" TompklD8, and if that should also be your name, I'd be done for." But it isn't my name; and now I want to know what you mean by all this talk. Why did you follow- me and ask those questions ?" "Prompted by sudden impulse," was the cool reply. "Did you have one. too?" I'll prompt you with my boot, you old skulk 1" shouted the indignant citizen, as he prepared for action. Just exactly as I'd serve jrou under the circumstances 1 I tell you there's a tie betweeen us some-" Three stout kicks must have snapped it, for after they were delivered the old man went around the corner at a gallop, and the citizen kept straight up the stmeL-Detroit Free Press. Piinted and publis ed by B. Da>its, 23 and 24, Kill **ti*e»t, Pontypridd, in the ooasty of GlaaMVgaa SATURDAY], 0a«sksr 2», 1161.