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ST. DAVID'S CHURCH BAZAAR, PONTYPRIDD. The bazaar in aid of the funds of St. David's Presbyterian Church, was opemd on Thursday, and was continued on Friday. The Market-hall had been splendidly decorated by willing hands, under the supei vision of Sergeant Busby, of Tredegar. 1 o hide the roof of the Market-hall, a ceiling made of chains of coloured paper had been fixed. There was a telephone communication from one end to to the other of the hall. The stal s contained articles of all kinds, and were in the following order: 1st, Mrs Drlaney, and Miss Jones. 2nd, Mrs. Ross, and Mrs. Lougher. 3rd, Alib-s Rosser, Miss Spickett, and Miss Merchant. 4th, a scent stall in the centre of the hall, Miss Gwen Rosser. 5th, a farm produce stall. This wab got up similar to a country farm-house, with a thatched roof, and contained a choice selection of poultry, butter, cheese, and a quarter of a sheep, bred and fed on the Uelliwyon Farm. This was kept by •MISS Davies, Gelliwyon Mrs John, (Union), Pontypridd; Miss Davies, (Union); Mrs Morris, Glyncoch Miss Powell, Graig School. ihe refreshment stall, which was the most nicely got up we ever saw, contained almost everything in the way of refreshment, except intoxicants, was kept by Mrs Murgaus, confectioner; Mrs Williams Miss Morgans and M:ss John, irallwn. '1 he turn table kept by Mr Fred Cooke, and the •' Wild beast show." by Mr Griffith Griffiths, outside of which a hand organ, or what is vulgarly called, hurdy guidy (minus a leg. to make up for which a lew lads are put to carry it) is being played by Air D. U. Davies Mill-street. ihe^azaar was enlivened by the presence of a band which comprised a violin, pianoforte, cornet, picolo, and vioiincello, and were played by Mr Walter Williams (violin), Mr Mc>»urray (piano), Mr Wm. Crockett Ipicolo), Master Leonard Wil- liams (vioiincello). The proceedings commenced by Mr Rosser singing God toave the Queen," ably accompanied by the baud. Air Rosser then called upon Mr Gwilym Williams tv open the bazaar. Mr GWILYM WILLIAMS then ascended the plat- form, and, addressing the ladies and gentlemen pr sent, said that it was a great pleasure for him to be there to perform the ceremony of opening the bazaar. It was a duty which was also necessary to be done by someone to declare the proceedings of to-day legal, (daughter.) Be sincerely hoped that it would be a success He being himself an old son of Methodise he telt with them, and was unchanged and unchangeable. Unlike some people. he rllther approved ot bazaars, although some high ecclesiastics had said that bazaars were not right, but he would not take upon himself to state that it was not rig"t. If there were young ladies there who would make a little bargain for themselves. they were not to be blamed, for, of course, all of those that were there who had not perpetreted that bargain, were most anxious to do so. The causi- for which the bazaar is held ia good, and he conid S\ m. athize with them, it was the glory of Wales. People that visit Wales always spoke of the number of places of worship which were there; and they were elected by that class of people which were not usually veiy rich-the working classes. After a few more remarks, he said that now he declared that the law would be suspended and permission oiven to the stall holders to pillage the British public. (Laughter). And he would also remind the B.P., an abbreviation for British public, that it would be no good for them to go and try to obtain legal redress for their wrongs during these two days. (Applause). He wished to say another ti ing. He would hope that the Church of England friends would respond to this movement as heartily as the dissenters had done when they (the Church) had held their bazaar. (Here, here,) He then declared the bazaar opened. No sooner had Mr Gwilym Williams descended the platform than business was commenced in real earnest, and several costly and fancy articles were disposed of in a few minutes by the stall holders and in raffles. The hall was well attended duiing the whole of the afteinoon, and bids Lir to be a grand success.

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