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VESTRY MEETING AT PENTRE. MR IDRIS WILLIAMS'S SALARY On Thursday evening a vestry meeting was held at the long room at Pentre Hotel to consider the action of the Gaurdians in advancing Mr Idris Williams' salary as assistant overseer, so unneces- sarily and extensively as to pass a resolution to petition the local Government Board on the matter." Mr George Davies, Danyrallt, was elected to preside. There were amongst those present-Mr Edmund Thomas (Maindy Hall). Mr Evan Davies (Bwllfa), Mr John, (guardian of the parish), Mr Idris Williams, Mr Hopkin Knill, Mr George Knill, (Llwynypia), Mr Josiah Williams (Treorky). Mr Idris Williams opened the proceedings by reading, at the Chairman's request, the convening notice. Mr Josiah Williams moved: That we, the ratepayers of Ystradyfodwg parish, at a vestry meeting held this 21st of October, 1881, beg to ask the Local Government Board to persist in their determination not to sanction such an entravagant increase in salary of the assistant overseer, believing it to be both unnecessary and excessive." (Loud applause.) It transpired that Mr Idris Williams was paid JE180 a year for the assistant overseership; that the amount had been increased by the Pontypridd Guardians to 2300 a, year, bnt that" the Local Government Board were not willing to sanction an increase to more than £ 250. Mr Idris Williams; the assistant overseer, here made a lengthy statement respecting his duties and emoluments, averring that if the Looal Govern- ment Board had sanctioned the increase of salary voted by the Guardians it would not have been too much for the duties he had to perform, and giving statistics of the proportion of neighbouring unions to show that his salary was not equal to that given elsewhere. A discussion then ensued in which a number of personalities were indulged in. Mr Edward Thomas, one of the Guardians, then gave a resume of the salary question as it was con- sidered by that body. Mi J. R. Hosbon moved as an amendment to the motion—" That having heard Mr Williams's clear statement of affairs, and Mr Thomas's able defence of the Guardians, we desire to express our appro- bation of the conduct of the Guardians, and believe the assistant-overseership is fully entitled to the advance awarded him." Mr Idris Williams again compared the salaries paid to other local board officials with this Board, and argued that the disproportion was great when the scope of his and their duties were borne in mind. £14,000 of the ratepayers' money passed through the hands of the assistant-overseer every year, and he had to give £3,000 sureties. Mr John Davies (Treorky) There must be something wrong in the proposed advance, or why should not the Local Government Board sanction it ? Mr David Jones (Graigddu) seconded the amend. ment. Mr John Davies (Treorky) seconded the motion. Upon being put to the meeting, 12 voted for the amendment. Alai ge majority voted for the motion, which was accordingly declared o. rried by the chairman. There were also a considerable number of neutrals. A vote of thanks to the chairman brought the vestry to a close.