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YSTRADYFODWG SCHOOL BUARD. The last meeting of the outgoing Ystradyfodwg School Beard was held on Monday. There were present-— Mr David Evuns, Bodringallt (chairman), the Rev. W. Morris, Messrs J. W. Jones, E. H. Davies, A. Hood, and Edmund Thomas. A letter was rtoeived from Mr J. J. Evans, C.E., Tre« rky, late architect to the Board, requesting the Board to send a remittance of t6 10s, balance of moneys which he said were due to him. The Board expressed surprise at the claim, and directed the Cierk to convey to him their repudiation of it They had, it was implied, bebav. d towards Mr Evans with some liberality in squaring up the aocounts. The new school regulations code was passed, ordered to be printed, and copies forwarded to the respective board school teachers. As an encouragement to school teachers, the Board resolved to allow head teachers in their employ two-thirds of we grant earned by them for specific subjects. Upon the recommendation of the school manage- ment committee, Miss Margaret Hughes was appointed sewing mistress for Ynyshir school. The school Superintendent (Mr Ho wells) reported that last Friday's hurricane had impaired the Ton school buildings. He had taken remedial means. Mr hees, the Board architect pro tem., report- d that in connection with the Ynyswen sehool, he had ascertained hat there were extras for work done already, t567 6s, and there would be an additional extra of £200 incurred in the building of another wall. The contract price of the school was £ 3,336. i The iU v. W. Jones: There was a change of site, and this made a great difference in the cost The Chairman: 1 was quite unaware of these extras. The Rev. W. Morris: Mr J. J. Evans, the arcm. tect, said nothing abott them. The Chairman: We cannot unfortunately belpi ourselves. In this opinion the Board generally acquiesced. The next matter on the agenda was to conside. the remuneration of the architect and the terms o his engagement." (Mr Rees retired whilst the matter was being discussed.) The ex-architect had been paid 2i per cent. on the work already done at the sohools. The Chairman suggested that Mr Bees be offered li per ceut. upon the balance of the contract price of the work which remained to be doue. (This wouin br ng the archi tec iwal cost of the scbouu buildings to 4 per cent. upon the work.) It was proposed, seconded, and carried that the chairman s sugge tion be adopted. The Rev. W. Jones: 'lhis step does not mean that we engage Mr Hees as our architect. The Chairman: Certainly not. Mr Bees .will merely superintend the completion of the unfinished school buildings. The financial stateinent of the Board was ordered to be signed by the chairman. It applied for the half-year euding 29th September last, and showe i the expenditure for that period to have been £ 7,750 10s 8d; oat of which there was to be deducted £ 1,166 16a 9d Parliamentary grants, and ;&.1,.686 4s 10d capit.,l charges met by loai*. This brought the net expenditure to A:1,908 9s Id. The receipts for the half-year, including £ 4,590 loan, ami £ 5,14 J balance in hand on the 25th March ast, were £1,342 14s itlid. Ihe loan from tbt, Public Works Loan Commissioners outstanding were 1:22,463 9s 4d. The Chairman in felicitous terms acknowledged he co-operation of the Board with him daring the ast thtee years Rev. W. Morris feelingly referred to the energy, i act, ana perserve ance of the chairman—a better chairman could not be found. (Loud applause.) Air Hood warmly seconded the motion, and it was cordially supported, and enthusiastically passrd. ) 'l'he Chairman thanked the Board. The educa* ion of the children at the Board schools had not coat anything to the ratepayers the last year; th4 ex enditme on this head had been £ 1 5s, against about £ 1 7s in the United Kingdom generally.