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RUNNING THE RAPIDS. Besides the general features, which vary much ac- cording to the geological formations,a rapid is full of important details. Every hidden rock marks the surface in a way that shews the depth of water and the velocity of the current. A rock in a deep slow current figures the quiet surface with delicate lilies and small eddies. In water a little swifter, it makes a round smooth hood of water over its head and small ripples below. In a rapid strong current it makes a foaming crested wave and an eddy setting up stream, and in a steep descent it throws the water into high tumultuous seas. Thus you estimate the nature of the water by signs, forms, and colours of waves and eddies that are quite reli- able guides. But the high wind to-day changes everything. On still waters it rolls up waves that belong to a deep swift channel; on swift clear shoots it makes white capped waves that indicate largo rock" on rocky cour-es it tumbles up the water in cotn;)ete contusion. The rocks thus seem to move ab..ut the stream like sunken monsters seeking piey. So the course is full of surprises. I suddenly lind a huge boulder right ahead, where I believed thtre was clear water. I lie back in imagined safety while running down a uniform shoot, but all at once find a huge rock close to my side. Nevertheless the eye soon becomes accustomed to the change of signs, and estimates the colours and forms on a new scale. But at last I am near the end of the Horse Race. t have not approached the last swift rush of water in the right place in avoiding some heavy seas in mid- channel, I kept too near a large eddy setting-up stream below a rock, and the upward current striking the bow turned the canoe almost about, and so took her out of the course. A glance at the tumultuous breakers and high swells ahead reveals one narrow passage between two boulders. I strike quick and hard, and with the help of good luck dart into the main channel. Here the rush almost takes my breath. For a moment destruction seems perfectly certain. The current is a mass of foaming waves over rocks. But the water is deeper than I thought from its broken and discoloured surface. We rush on through swelia that roll the canoe from one side to the other, wash her decks,and toss us about in the most startling manner. The race was swift, though shprt, and we glide out at last on the still pool below with the elation and gratitude of victors.—Scribner's Monthly.


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