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ATTEMPTED MURDER AT PESTff. F'.O!d L'csth come particulars of a deliberate attempt to n:\n-. CL' I postman, who, as is customary on the coti*.ii.enr, was carrying for delivery a large sum of ini neVjS.ii t > ani"iii*' to 500 florins, besides cheques or the value of 3,UOO florins. The accused are two named William Bull, who comes from Tn.ffe d.ach in Schle-wi. the other Ludwig Otto, "hu i ai;i;,veof Piankenburg, in Saxony. They airiv.d iiith city a few nays ago, and hired a small J ooin ill a widow's house. On the morning of the crime th J :xiou.-?y awaited the arrival of the post- ii^a and >.>-re both at home when he came. Their landlady II "I gone out and when they saw the post- mni itpp'-oacing they sent the maid-servant for Soni'' 11«"T. The postman handed them a regi- ster 1 t' r, and while one of them pretended to be engage. 1 in signing the receipt the other struck the |io.stra n a violetttblow on the head with a letivy g ;:ss bottle. He afterward wounded tho I'ostma': i, h some instrument, which is believed 1 'to have > c. a dagger, and was proceeding to strangle 11 ;o v Lai t-cirlandfady arrived home. This interrup- t ■ t L r plan enabled the postman to make his f ? c. from the room, while the landlady had the J r -enC'M'f mind to shut the door upon her lodgers, vh> were soon secured by the police. The letter, Wiiich; a c i- dng to the dejlaration by the sender, Was^stated to contain 50 fhrin", was found to be empty, I ui-il iiie [-iot of the two prisoners is thought to be cleat. The posttnau has been 11 years in the service, f.nd, rdthough he has been severely wounded, it 13 t>«2*ieved that his life is not in danger. Sir I £ =« 1 d nge Griflftrd.during a discus-ion at the Car- mar hour-hue quarter sessions, proposed recommen- datioini to the Home Secretary relative to the treatment of juvenile offenders, laid sreat stress upon tile n. J "f more reformatory accommodation in the country, and moved that it be urged to establish and maintain a sufficient number of reformatories to Ovet the requirements of the juvenile criminal p--oulation. The motion was adopted. Two hundred workpeople have been thrown out of employment by a fire which destroyed the extensive Jaef factory <>f Mr. Joseph Feartield at Stapleford, Notts. The factory contained a large stock of lace goods an I c itton yarns, as well as a large number et eostlv machines, and the fire, which appears to bave oriein ted in the chimney, spread with amazing irap d-tv. The damage is e-timated at about £ 60,000, of whkh JE7,000 is covered by insurance. At the Marylebone police-court, Robert Hume, 27, s'o-kbrok er, has been brought up on remand ch trged witli the wilful murder of Annie Eliza Button, alias Annie Hai court,21, by shooting her with t revolver under circumstances already reported. Mr. Poha.d appeared to prosecute for the Treasury, by whom the case had been taken up,and,as he had only received Iii- instructions on the previous evening, he asked for an adjournment, which was granted. The Loid Chancellor has he;d a conference in his frivate room at the House of Lords with Mr. linde Palmer, Mr. Jacob Bright, Mr. Arthur Arnold, and Sir Arthur Hobhouse, on the subject of the Married Woman's Property Bill, which is shortly to be introduced into the House of Commons [ by Mr. Hinde Palmer. His lordship expressed his willingness to read the draught bill, and, if he ap- proved of it. general principles, to assist in facilitating Its passage through Parliament. Some f-erious ice accidents are reported from Scot- land. On Oohter Tyne pond, near Crief, a young man was pushing a sleigh in which a young woman j was seated, when the ice gave way. Sir Patrick Keith Murray gallantly went to the rescue, but also fell through. After much difficulty all three were landed, but the young man was still unconscious at the latestaccount.—James Robbie, 12 years of age, son or Professor Robbie, Dumfermiine, was drowned thr"ugh the giving way of ice on Townhill Loch. Saturday last was the 17th anniversary of the birth of Prince Albert Victor Christian, eldest son of their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, and grandson of her Majesty the Queen. Piince Aibert Victor was born at Frogmore, near Wind-or, on January 8, 186<1, and was baptised at Buckingham Palace on March 10 following. He be. oame a naval cadet on board H.M.S. Britannia in June, 1877, being transferred to the Bacchante in Au tust 1879, and is now serving in the latter vessel with his younger brother, Prince George of Wales. Charles Arthur Jenkins, solicitor, has been re- manded from Marlborough police-court, London, charged with obtaining by false pretences, from Ernest Wiliiam Whitehead, a cheque for the payment of the sum of £41, with intent to defraud. Jenkins had been employed b) prose cutor in an action brought against him in respect of aome bills of ale, and it was alleged that he had re- presented to Mr. Whitehead that it was necessary tliat JE41, the sum of one of the bills, should be paid trto court. The money was handed to him, and he afterwards stated that he had paid it into court, whereas lie had not done so. A singular sight may be seen at New Jersey- hatless apple trees still laden with fruit in conse- 1 quence ot the unprecedentedly large crop, which was too abundant to be gathered. The cider mills are Be overloaded with fruit that hundreds of bushels of apples lie rotting on the ground, the number of pi esves not being equal to the demand upon them. AI.pl. jack is almost as cheap as water in two small c unties more than 100,000 gallons have been dis. til ^d. Farmers in Connecticut have offered their orchards to whoever will go in and pick for five cents, a ban el; in fact, they are thankful to get the trees .Chared, as they will be weakened by this unseasonable retard. A writer in Vanity Fair says:—I have received tramintrs from Rome of such a nature that I should not be surprised to learn at any moment that the Pope has died suddenly. Ag extraordinary scene was witnessed at the Cam- bridgeware quarter sessions at the hearing of a case i wnieh. Mr. Carvesy Evans, a magistrate, prosecuted < his lata gamekeeper and a local postmaster-the < fo-mer for stealing cartridges and the latter for receiv- I ing the same knowing them to be stolen. A large 1 number of jurymen were objected to with the view 1 of preventing the case being heard by Mr. Hicks, i 3VJ P. Ultimately one of the prisoners publicly j Objected to be tried by Mr. Hicks, who refused to j retire. Mr. Cooper, a barrister, was applauded by I the jury when he expressed a hope that stipen- diaries would supersede unpaid magistrates. Both Tisouera were acquitted. j-



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