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_Un -+- TARVIN. SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL.—In connection with the S.P.G. (Tarvin Branch) a meeting- was held in the Manor House Room on Wednesday night. There was a fair attendance, including the Vicar (the Rev. J. H. Wiloodkson), who pres ded; the Rev. H. Greenham, missionary from Newfoundland; Mr. Colt Williams, treasurer for the Diocese of Chester; the Rev. J. S. Luxmore, Mrs. Wilcock- son, Dr. and Mrs. Moreton, etc. The Vicar, in his opening remarks, spoke of the great work that the society is doing in all lands, and said that the criterion of the spiritual condition of a parish was gauged by the amount of the contri- butions given to help forward the work. The, amount contributed from a long list of box- holders amounted to C10. 8s. 2d., and there were others to come in. Mr. Colt-Williams spoke of the deep interest he took in the society. Tho Rev. H. Greenham (deputation) gave a descrip- tive aoooiurt of the work in Newfoundland. The usual votes, of thanks concluded the meeting. e met THE LATE MISS ELIZABETH LEA.—The funeral of the late Miss Elizabeth Lea, of Stapleford Hall, took place on Wednes- day afternoon, and was conducted by the vicar (the Rev. J. H. Wilcockson) and the Rev. T. J. Evans, of St. Peter's, Rock Ferry. The choir was in attendance and the service was choral. The 39th Psalm was sung to a ohant, and the hymn "Peace, perfect peace" wa« sung during tho service. Mrs. Wilkes (organist) played funeral marches as the cortege entered and left the church. The chief mourners were Mr. J. Lea. (father), Mrs. Willie, Mrs. Bowers, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Sacre, Miss Lea, Miss Marian and Miss Lilian Lea. (sisters), Mr. William Lea, Mr. T. W. Lea, Mr. A. J. Lea, Mr. A. Lea (brothers), Mrs, W. Lea. Mrs. T. Lea, Mrs. A. J. Lea (sisters-in- law), Mr. W. W. Bowers, Mr. Roberts and Mr. H. M. Sacre (brothere-in-law), Mr. J. Sherwin (Bostock Grange), Mr. A. Sherwin, Miss Gladys Sacre, Mr. Lionel and Miss Mary Lea. Mr. Lea, Roberts, Miss Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Dutton, Mr. and Mrs. Willis. the Rev. J. and lUrs. Walker (Silloth Rectory), and NureQ Faulkner. Among others present in the church" and at the graveside were Dr. T. W. E. Moreton, the Rev. D. Manuel (Waverton), Mrs. Wilcock- son, Mrs. T. J. Evans, Miss Kingston, Miss A. Loach, Mr. J. Leach, Miss E. Faulkner, Miss Dutton, Mrs. P. Darhngton, Mrs. Hall, Messrs. G. Gunnery, W. Wilkes. R. H. Willis, G. H. Ikin, P. Darlington. T. H. Lang-ford, etc. Four workmen (Messrs. J. Vernon. H. Woodcock. R. Nield and W. Meakin) acted as bearers. The coffin bore the following inscription:—"Elizabeth Lea. Born November 24th. 1873. Died November 25th, 19C5. "The grave had been beautifully lined with evergreens and flowers by the sexton, Mr. E. Johnson. Among a large number of wreaths. sent were the foli'oNvi-ig: From the sorrowing- parents," "Brothers and Sisters," "Will and Sallie," "Rachel and Will," "Pattie and Lillie," George and Mary Roberts." John and Annio and the children (The Gorstella)," "Lucy ancf" Harry," Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin (Bostock Grange), Mrs. Lea and family (Duddon Hall)., Mr. and Mre. Hammond (Malpas). Mrs. Robert Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Brassey, Mrs. T. H. Willis, Mr. Sherwin and family (The Moss and Iddonshall), the Rev. T. J. and Mns. Evans, the Rev. J. H. and Mrs. Wilcockson. "Gladys," Miss Veysey, Mr. and M. Harold Hilton, servants and work- men at Stapleford Hall. etc. The funeral arrange- ments were carried out by Messrs. J. Smith and Son. Chester. CHURCH FESTIVAL.—On Thursday in com- memoration of St. Andrew's Day there were special festival services at St. Andrew's Church. At 8 a.m. there was a celebration of the Holy Communion, with special intercession for mis- eions, and a short address by the Rev. E. Green- ham (of Newfoundland). At 3.30 p.m. a short thanksgiving service was held. Unfortunately the weather was most unpropitious, and this no doubt hindered many from a distance being pre- sent. Nevertheless there was a large oongtrega- tion. The service was fully choral and opened with the hymn "Ye holy angels bright" as a professional. The prayers were intoned by too Vicar (the Rev. J. H. Wilcockson). The choir gave an excellent rendering of the anthem "The King shall rejoice" (Sir John Goss). The tenor solo was taken by Mr. A. Langford, who was 'heard to advantage. The chorus was g-iven witiv precision and taste. Mr. J. T. Hughes, assist.ant; organist, of Chester Cathedral, presided at the organ, and at the conclusion gave a recital, which was a rare treat for a Tarvin congregation. The following programme wa", rendered:—Con- oerto, allegro, modorato, andante, allegro (Han- del); vooal solo, "He was despised" "(Messiah), Mrs. Hammajid; (a) Watchmani's Song (Grieg), (b) Romance (Elgar), Andante, symphony in D i (Hadyn); vooal solo, "Hark! my soul" (Parry), Mrs. Hammand; pastorale, "Bethlehem" (Sulli- ivan); andante. 5th quintet (Mozart) march, (Meyerbeer). Mrs. Hammand, always a favourite with her Tarvin friends, has never been more enjoyed, her fine voice being clear and distinct. At 7 p.m. there was a very large congregation: for the festal evensong, but a keen disaopoint- ment was in store. The Lord Bishop of Chester was announced to preach the eermon, but owing to sudden illness was unable to be present. The service was therefore gone through miinus the sorm-emi "Lord, her watch Thy Church is keep- ing" was sung as a processional. The prayers were intoned by the Vicar, the other clergy tak- ing part being the Rev. F. H. La,hrobe and the Rev. J. S Luxmore, who read the first and second lessons. The Psalms were sung to chants, and the Magnrificat and. Nunc Dimitttls were sung to a setting by Ed. Bunnett. The choir again a.c- quitted themselves admirably in the anthem "These are they that came out of great tribula- tion" (Dr. Stainer). At the conclusion Mr. Hughes played the following pieces: Offertoire on Two Christmas Carols (Guilma.nt; allegretto (Wider); vocal solo, "0 rest in the Lord" (Elijah), Mrs. Hammard; bridal music (Lohen- grin) air with variations and fanfare (Lem- mans); march, "Ruins of Athens" (Beethoven). Between the services a. tea was provided in the Manor House Room. The following ladies as- sisted at the tables: Mrs. Wilcockson, Miss Wil- cockson. Mrs. Atkinson, Mm Moreton. Mrs. Piatt, Mrs. &hurrock. Mrs. Bull Mrs. W. Wright, Mrs. Linnell and Miss Burgess.