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CARRIAGE OP MR. G. P. GAMON ♦ — )n Friday an interesting marriage was ^o-mnisjd at the Cathedral of Singapore, the ^itracting parties being Miss Gertrude Mary oldest daughter of the Rev. Canon Mar- 5n. M.A recto1* of St. Buryan, Cornwall, end of Mr. F. E. Roberts, of Chester; and Mr. .Icere,y porcivai Gamon, fourth son of Mr. Jno. r)<\1ll-on, of Ouster, and la to of Church, R The, ceremony perform&d b— the I ,,>;Sht Ry. tho Bishop of Singapore. The bride, i: Was not attended by bridesmaids, wore a "1, embroidered lace Less with white, chiffon l Laoe hat. Appended is a list of tho prcecnts:MNI a.lc1 Mrs. Francis, dessert knives and forks; tii. T. B. BoMitio, Penzance, silver tea caddy; Rosa, silver jag; Miss Martyn, silver toast Mr. Allan Garnett, silver salver; Miss :rx:m, and gun-niota.! kettle; Mrs. tablecloth, (damask); tho Misses STclbard, ~layer and Hymn-book; Mrs. Laurie, St. Bur- tablecloth; Canon and Mrs. Martyn, re- $.. v_lnS> di.sh; Miss Bedford, Penzance, tabie oon- J6» the Misses Bland, cushion covers and tabdo- W' J ^r*- ar"d Miss Hawke, ebony and silver sot; the Misae« Churton, silver knife rests; B. and A. Martyn, china tea set; Mrs. (,^dorL, silver vase; Canon and Mrs. Martyn, y ™eo cups; Mr. and Mrs. Heaton Smith, sil- ,^r and leather blotter; Mrs. Laing Moffait, sUsnion cover; Mr. and Mrs. Churton, silver ,^a:" basin.; Mr and Mrs. Coulter, Irish linen j,*1ui<>idered bedspread; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. fish carvers; Mr. and Mrs, Okell, silver service; Miss and the Messrs. Gamon, fish tv?}vea and forks; Mrs. and the Misses Sea- silver teaspoons; Mrs. H. Taylor, | r'y morning tea set; Messrs. C and H. Whit.e- jJv'' cheque; Miss Dennis, travelling clock; Mrs. -onck E. Oojc, silver serviette rings; maids j, 3, Sandown-terrace, silver photograph frame mustard pot; Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Roberts, r^rl pendant; the Rev. Mr., Mrs. and Miss Ur^ctt, old Sheffield-plate tea caddy; Mrs. ],'l'pp, copper tea kettle on tray; Mrs. Wil- cushion cover; Mre. W. Bolittio, Pc-n- gold and turquoise safety-pins; Miss Sim- ?p1ds, tab'eeilotb; Mr. and tho Misses Macfie, j}'.Vor cwam jug; Mrs. Renton, table centre.; Mrs afto noon toac'.otli; Mr. and Mrs. Williams. Vf oent.rc< and cushion cover; Miss Day a.nd N. Day, cushion; Mr, and Mrs. G. S. Mar- ji1'- breakfast servioo; Miss Roit and Mr. A. tea service Miss Johnson Roberts, cheque; Ro!t, cream: iug and sugar tongs; Miss v3Jis. silver stamn'box; Mr. F. Scaton, writing v,lHc>; Mrs. and Mrs. H. Gamon, set of carvers; tr* Wright and Miss Sam.'ila.nda, cameo biooch; jP-, and Miss Gvahara, old paste buckle; Mrs. r 'd. cut glass scv3:nt bottle; Airs. Roberts, silver jug; Miss Davis and Miss M. Davis, '"•ooloth and shawl; Mr. Vere Churton. Wor- jug and basin; Mrs. White, pair of vases; l and Mrs. Henry Taylor, sugar basin; Mrs. '-man, copper kettle Mr. F. Milman, plhoto- frame; Mrs. Shone, St. Buryan, cushion ''Overs; Messrs. G H. and C. Dennis, gold watcn ^aeelet; Mr. and Mrs. F. Russell Roberts, si 1- ^,vr crumb scoop; Mr. and Mrs. Cullimore, silver ^Hllesticks Mrs. Price, hot hearth Mrs. Fleet, 3-Llo centre; Sunday eohool teachers, ivory and h'('r Pravor-book; Mrs. Tomson, table centre br. and Mrs Tom Moreton. pearl brooch; the Y. F. and Mrs. Edwards, leather bag; the Misses Okell. pearl and enamel brooch Mrs. Pit- ^i_irn Campbell. Tennyson's poems; Dr. and Mrs fight, silver ink stand; Mrs. Alfred Roberts, ^'Umturo grandfather's clock; Miss B. Dickson, 'er-mounted frame; Madame Hanilcy. fan with rtoiseEhell mount Mrs. Saitor, silver salve, box; "^t. and Mrs. F. Taylor, silver butter laiife; Mrs. vi^Pwith, silver-mountedi smelling salts; the V^ses Ewcn Ir:sh embroidered handkerchiefs; Mr. and Mrs. Richards. St. Buryan, Teneriffe ^oloth; Mrs. Welling, silver crumb scoop; ?'^ids at Moreton House, muslin cushion cover; Davis, silver dessert, spoons; Mr. and ivirs. '^ujiier. silver sait. cellars; Mr. and Mrs. Dennis. Sj^que;' Miss F. Knoles, lace handkerchief; Mrs. v?an and Miss Gamon, Neston, silver candlesticks J^r. L. Garnett, cheque Mrs. and the Misses Ben- i-l'^t. embroidered tablecloths; Mr. and Mrs. G. .• Stuart, silver sauce boats; the Misses Stuart, *ilver teaspoons; Mr. C Graham Rowe, cheque, M Davies, silver buttonhook; bunday ^'bool sdholais, pincushion and glove 'box; Mrs. Russell Roberts, silver chafing d.sh; Mrs. Maylor, 0{ sil-vcr teaspoons: Mr. Claud Garnett, Yflr-mounted scent bottle; Miss Ronton, em- broidered cloth; Mr. and Mrs. 1 armor, silver salt tr'llais• Mrs James Tavlor, silver paper knife; Mis Duckworth, leather address book; Miss J''ynney, silver smelling bottle; Mrs. Lowe., dessert d'oyleys; Mrs. T'regunter, St. Buryan, ^oaclot.h; Mrs. Anglaise. St. Buryan. old china jug; Mr. and Mrs. Penfrellv, St. Buryan. silver- mount.ed sugar castor; Mr. and Mrs. Wilkin, 1511- ver salt cellars servants at the Quillets, toast rack M\s5 E. Rimmer, crystal salt cellars; Mrs. James Frost, crocodile and gold card case; Mr. L. Rolt and Miss Timperley. scent bottle: Mrs. Hunter, parasol; Mrs W. Gamon and Miss K. Gamon. silver butter dish; the Rev. E. and Mrs- Cra^e, silver entree dishes; Miss Geddes, silver cream Jlg: Mr. S. Dennis, cheque; Mrs. Oh as. Gamon, jam jar; Mrs. Hignetit. -,ilN-clr toa- "peons; Mr. and Mrs. Percival Gamon. cheque; Air. Tobii Gamon, cheque; Mr. F. E. Roberts, chequ t. Rüv. T. H. Polehampton, silver sugar bas;n; and sifter • Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton, pepperettes; tl1(. Rev 'and Mrs. Hall, silver-mounted purse; Miss Jovce and the Masters Sydney, John and ^eoffrev' Gamon, Crown Derby service, silver sPoons "and tray Mr. and Mrs. Compton, tour- maline and topaz necklace; Mr. and Mrs. E. Umnis. tortoisesViell and silver dressing table ot.et; Miss Haining. pepper castors; Mrs. KemdeU. chair back and ducbesse tablecloth M'ss deill, embroidered teaoloth; Mr. and Mrs- Iw>bt. Hayes, silver cigarette case; Mrs. J. L. xJediera, cheque; Miss Gamon, embroidery.




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