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HOOTOX PARK RACES. ~— -+ A GROSVENOR COLOURS VICTORY. Pa,tron: His Grace the Duke of Westminister. Stewards: The Marquis of Cholmondeiev, the Earl of Enniskillen. the Earl of Sefton, Mr. J. Reid Walker. Mr. W. Hall Walker, and Capt. L. H. Jones. Starter: Mr. E. F. Skyrme. Judge. Mr. W. H. Nightingale. Stakeholder: Mr. T. D. Carruthers. Handicapper: Mr. Frank Ward. Clerk of the Scales: Mr. W. E. Bushby. Clerk of the Course: Mr. W. R. Gladstone. On Friday the Autumn meeting at Hooton Park provided excellent sport for a very satisfactory attendance, though in the members' enclosure there was not so large a company as was antici- pated. The going was perfect, and the fields ruled of excellent strength. A sharp frost overnight was succeeded by bright sunshine. Six exonts comprised the oard, and the best was last. Oon- tessa was looked upon ae morally certain to win the Rosemore Three Year Old Hurdle Race of 70 OOVB, and made the runing throughout only to be caught on the post by the Duke of Westminster's Ruysdale, who was quietly tipped as the one likely to beat the favourite, Mr. Hall Walker's Contessa. Proceedings opened by Magenta Boy winning the Sutton Selling, which he did easily. Chit Chat had the reputation of being a very game one, and was known as a winner over this oourse. Appollino was the only one to stand the test of the Neston Handicap Steeplechase of 200 serve. Carrying top weight, Mr. Barclay Walker's horse, handled with skill by Frank Mason, improved on the Aintree show, and romped home alone, although after falling at the last. fence the Irish-trained Darine was remounted and gained the 10 sove. offered for second place. Kolian refused, and Nereus caught the infection. Watcher fell at the open ditch and Dandy Boy at the water. J, Archer, who rode Watcher, had another fall on Marsaba, and was attended at the Hall for bruises. Fortunately no bones were broken. In this race, a Selling Steeplechase of 106 sovs., Simonhatch waa served up hot, and looked all over a winner till the amateur rider on Parsival crossed him at the last fenoe. Mr. Ivor Anthony rode the favourite, and promptly lodged an objection, which was over- ruled, and the JB5 deposit forfeited. In the Autumn Hurdle Race, Salute, who was indeed a dark horse, from being tailed off, beat fanoied candidates in His Lordship, Black Mingo, and Mareden (who fell). Moonstruck made the run- ning, and Royal Winkfield was in attendance with Booty and His Lordship, and the last-named was acclaimed winner at the distance, but did not once again do his best. Mr. C. Bower Ismay's Handley waa tailed off in the oontest for the Eaton Handi- cap Hurdle Race, in which James 1st was home first. Mr. W. E. Bushby, who has acted as clerk 14 tho course at the end of the year. AIE. Bushby is the course at the end of the year. Mr. Busby is also in charge of the Chester and Newbury Meet- ings. Details:— I SUTTON SELLING HURDLE RACE of 70 sovs. winner to be sold for 50 sovs. Two miles. 12 3 Mr. Waudby's MAGENTA BOY, 5yrs Mr. Barton 1 10 7 Mr, Parker s Wild Scent, 3yrs Rowson 2 12 3 Mr. G. H. Jones's Aid bro, 5yrs Goswell 3 11 12 Mr. Steel's Chit-Chat, aged, Mr. Fergusson 0 10 7 Mr. Lutwyche's Horatius, 3yrs .Mason 0 (Winner trained by R. I. Robson.) Betting: 2 to 1 each agst Aldbro and Horatius, 4 to 1 each Chit-Chat and Magenta Boy, and 6 to 1 Wild Scent.—Won by three lengths; a length between the second and third. The winner wis bought in for 120 guineas. NESTON HANDICAP STEEPLECHASE of 200 sovs.; second to receive 10 sovs. Three miles. 10 7 Mr. B. Walker's APOLLINO, 6y., Mason 1 12 3 Mr. T. Clyde's Darine, 6yrs Walsh 2 11 12 Mr. C. B. Ismay's Nereus, aged TTT Mr. Fergusson 0 i ?7r' ^V 801}'8 Dandy Boy, a., Taylor 0 H »« Vt' Soger's Kolian, 5y., Faulkner 0 11 i Mr. Henderson's Watcher, a, J. Archer 0 (Winner trained by Thomas.) Betting: Evens Kolian, 5 to 1 agst Apollino, 6 to 1 each Nereus and Darine, 8 to 1 Dandy Boy, and 10 to 1 Watcher. -Nereus, Watcher, and Kolian refused, and Dandy Boy fell. Darine also fell, but was remounted and placed second. AUTUMN HURDLE RACE of 400 sovs.; second to receive oO sovs., and third 20 sovs. out of the plate. Two miles and a quarter. 10 8 Lord Cholmondeley's SALUTE, 5yra. „ n G. Williamson 1 0 Mr. Deer's Booty, 6yrs Mr. Anthony 2 11 0 Mr. J. B. Joel's His Lordship, 6yrs.Payne 3 11 6 Mr. R. B. Henry's Moonstruck, 5yr. Tierney 0 11 0 Mr. H. Bottomley's Pollion, 6yrs J. Hare 0 10 13 Mr. A. M. Singer's Caper, 5yrs..Faulkner 0 10 13 Lord R. Crichton-Stuart's Royal Winkfield Conway 0 10 8 Mr. R. C. M'Kerrow's St. Emilion, 5yrs. m o .r T -n. Hampton 0 10 3 Mr. E.J. Percy's Black Mingo, 4yrs.. Mason 0 10 3 Mr. A. Siedall's Marsden, 4yrs. -r-. J. Nightingall 0 10 3 Mr. R. Walker's Kilburnie, 4yrs.Pearce 0 (Winner rained by J. Cannon). Betting3 to 1 agst Black Mingo, 9 to 2 each Marsden and Caper, 5 to 1 His Lordship, 7 to 1 each Pollion and Booty, and 10 to 1 Salute and others.—Won by four lengths, three lengths between the second and third. HOOTON PARK SELLING STEEPLECHASJE- PLATE of lOfoovs. winner to besold for 50sovs. Two miles. 10 13 Mr. Reynolds's PARSIVAL, aged, Mr. Fergusson J 11 1 Mr. Gilbert's Simonhatch, 5y..Mr. Anthony 2 11 4 Mr. R. J. liannain's Ravenseliffe, &Morgan 3 11 4 Mr. G. Menzie's Baton Rouge. 6yrs. S. Menziea 0 11 4 Mr. Sanday's Tortion, aged Metcalf 0 11 4 Mr. Buckley, iun.'s Odran, a .J.Walsh, jun. 0 11 4 Mr. Leslie's Lady Cashel, 6yrs.,Mr. Payne 0 10 13 Mr. Henderson's Marsaba, aged. J. Archer 0 10 13 Mr. Walley's Nether Wallop, aged.. Walley 0 (Winner trained privately). Betting :—2 to 1 agst Simonhatch, 4 to 1 Baton Rouge, 9 to 2 Parsival, 6 to 1 Odran, and 10 to 1 others.—Won by four lengths, six lengths between the second and third. The winner was objected to for crossing, but the protest was subsequently over- ruled and the P,5 deposit forfeited. The winner was sold to Mr. C. R. Hodgson for 230 guineas. EATON HANDICAP HURDLE RACE of 100 sovs. second to receive 10 sovs. Two miles. 12 0 Col. R. L. Birkin's JAMES 1ST, 4yrs. Mr. Payne 1 12 3 Mr. G. Menzies's Donatello. 5yr,S. Menzies 2 12 5 Sir P. Wakler'a Aultbea, oyrs. Sullivan 3 11 7 Mr. Johu Scott's Donative, tiyrs Chadwick 0 11 7 Mr. C. B. Ismay's Handley. 4yrs Mr. Fergusson 0 11 o Mr. M'Kinlay's Atrocious, 6yrs .F. Mason 0 11 4 Mr. G. 11. Jones's King Pluto, 5yrs Goswell 0 11 4 Mr Williamson's Madron. 4yrs.. E. Ward 0 11 0 Mr. Jacob's Sterling Christmas, 4yrs Heaney 0 10 7 Mr. Parker's Kava, 4yrs .Knight 0 (Winner trained by E. Martin.) Betting—Evens Kava, 5 to 1 Atrocious, C to 1 James 1st, 7 to 1 Donatello, and 10 to 1 others — Won by six lengths; three lengths between the second and third. ROSSMORE THREE-YEAR-OLD HURDLE RACE of 70 sovs. second to receive 10 sovs. One mile and a half. 10 2 Duke of Westminster's RUYSDALE Sullivan 1 11 0 Mr. W. H. Walker's Contessa. Chad wick 2 10 9 Mr. W. Westgate's Prejudice.Mr. Payne 3 10 9 (car. 11 0) Mr. J. J. Cowap's Lady Sarah III Mr. Morrison 0 10 7 Mr. W. S. Brechin's Annabel .F. Mason 0 10 7 Mr. A. E. M'Kinlay's Ladle Tierney 0 10 2 Sir R. Filmer's Tats Lawler 0 10 2 Mr. H. Peel's Housekeeper Goswell 0 (Winner trained privately.) Betting: Evens Contessa, 4 to 1 agst Annabel, 6 to 1 Ladle, 7 to 1 Ruysdale, and 10 to 1 others.—Won by a length four lengths between the second and third. SATURDAY. The concluding day's racing was witnessed by an augmented oompany. During the early hours of the morning a keen frost set in, accompanied by some, fog. Owing to there being an excellent covering of herbage on the course, the froet did not affect the going, but in the first part of the, afternoon it was a difficult matter to distinguish the colours of the riders on the far side of the oourse. Matters improved in this respect, how- ever, as the afternoon wore on. The fields ex- ceeded overnight anticipations, many horSC6 ar- riving on Saturday morning, and the racing was of a most interesting nature. The supporters. of favourites had a better time than was the case on Friday, though odds had to be laid on in a couple of instances. The most spirited wagering occurred over the Thornton Handicap Steeplechase, for which seven of the eleven that ran were supported. Consequent upon his performance in the Boecher Steeplechase at Liverpool, where, after winning, he suffered disqualification, Onward was well sup- ported, and he finished up joint favourite with Judas. Onward won readily, Judas being in third place, so the picking was good. For the Cheshire Autumn Steeplechase nine were saddled, and Woodedown, the Irish representative-, dominated the market throughout. His nearest opponent in the betting was Wild Boer, the mount of F. Mason, and the race .tai; confined to the pair a long way from home, but Wild Boer got the better of the struggle, and won by a length. It did not require any special knowledge to know that Rununculue could win the Westminster Hurdle Raoo if ho were in racing condition. He drifted out in the betting in an alarming manner on it being stated lie was only half fit, and justified that statement by finisliing last, Jollybird winning for Mr. Washington Singer in very easy fashion. Details:— I CHESTALL SELLING HANDICAP HURDLE race of 70 ,jon, winner to be sold for 50 sovs. Two miie.->. 11 11 Mr. Barling's MARCOVA, 4yrs.—Lyall I 12 5 Mr. G. Menzies's Viokers. 6yrs.Menzics 2 11 9 Mr. G. H. Jones's Mafra. 5yre.Goswell 3 12 7 Mr. Scott's Donative, 6yrs Sullivan 0 12 5 Mr. G. Howard's Hard Luck, aged Chadwick 0 12 0 Mr. T. Mason's Menelik, aged. Mr. Piggott 0 11 12 Mr. Allison's St. Colon, aged Mr. S. J. Wil 0 10 7 Mr. W. A. Wallis's Carona, 3yrs.Casey 0 (Winner trained by owner.) Betting: 2 to 1 agst Donative, 4 to 1 St. Colon, 5 to 1 Mafra. 6 to 1 each Marcova a.nd Vickers, and 100 to 8 others. Won by three lengths; two lengths between the second and third. The winner was sold to Mr. Heilbron for 105 guineas. THORNTON HANDICAP STEEPLECHASE of 200 aovr, second to receive 10 sovs out of the plate. Two miles. 10 12 Mr. T. Clyde's ONWARD, 5yrs Walsh, jun. 1 10 3 Mr. Henderaon'e Ash ton, 6yre Seymour 2 11 2 Mr. B. W. Parr's Judas, 4vrs Lynn 3 12 3 Sir P. Walker's Flutterer, aged.Sullivan 0 11 13 Mr. Brechin's Lady Malta, 6yrs.Tierney 0 11 12 Mr. A. Buckley, jun's Doctor Charlie, a M. Waleh 0 11 6 Duke of Westminster's St. Benet, 6yrs. Faulkner 0 10 13 Mr. Aflhton's Cold Arbour, 5yre Lawn 0 10 12 Lord G. Grosvenor's Noble Lad, 6yrs. Conway 0 10 9 Mr. F. Bibby'e Shoot, 5yrs. F. Mason 0 10 3 Col. J. C. Cotes's Casse Tete, 5yre Goswell 0 (Winner trained by M'Naughton.) Betting: 7 to 2 each agst Judas and Onward, 4 to 1 Casse Tete, 5 to 1 St. Benet, 7 to 1 each Noble Lad, Shoot, and Flutterer, and 100 to 8 others. Won by a length; two lengths between the second &nd third. CHESHIRE AUTUMN STEEPLECHASE of 400 sovs.; the second to receive 50 sovs. and third 20 sovs. out of the plate. Two miles and a half. 10 11 Mr. F. Bibby's WILD BOER, 5yrs. Mason 1 10 11 Mr. Purcell's Woodsdown, 5yrs Mr. Manley 2 10 10 Mr. J. Edwards's Mintstalk, aged Taylor 3 11 9 Mr. Menzies's Fairy Soene, 4yiw S. Menzies 0 11 4 Mr. H. T. Moore's Wild Fox, 5yrs. Walsh, jun. 0 10 10 Mr. H. Bottomley's Adansi, aged.Jones 0 10 10 Mr. J. Edwards's Yenikale, aged M. Walsh 0 10 9 Prince Hatzfeldt'e Rathvale, 4yrs.Evans 0 (Winner trained by Thomas.) Betting: 7 to 4 agst Woodsdown, 4 to 1 Wild Boer, 5 to 1 each Adansi and Fairy Scene, 6 to 1 Wild Fox, and 10 to 1 others. Won by a length; eight lengths between the second and third. LARK HILL SELLING HANDICAP STEEPLECHASE of 106 sove.; winner to be sold for 50 sovs.—Three miles'. 11 5 Mr. W. Paul's PIERRE, aged Ownier 1 12 2 Mr. A. Buckley, junr's, Odran, aged Walsh 2 11 13 Mrs. Brown's SheernesB, aged Lyall 3 12 6 Mr. Miller's Trefoil II., aged Mr. Miller 0 12 3 Mr. G. Clayton's Brantingham, aged Mr. Bissell 0 12 3 Mr. G. P. Sanday's Tortion, aged Owner 0 11 12 Mr. A. Scott's Rathoannon, a. Owner 0 11 12 Mr. G. Steel's Chit Chat, aged Mr. Fergusson 0 11 12 Mr. D. A. Leslie's Lady Cashel, 6yrs Mr. 1. Anthony 0 11 11 Mr. Walley's Nether Wallop, aged Walley 0 11 1 Mr. D. J. Cogan's High Wind, 4yrs Mr. MUTphy 0 (Winner trained by Biokley.) Betting: 7 to 4 agst Chit Chat, 6 to 1 Odran, 8 to 1 eadh Pierre, Sheerness, Rathcannon, and Bratingham, and 10 to 1 others.—Won by four lengths; six lengths between the second and third. The winner was bought in for 55 guineas. WESTMINSTER HURDLE RACE PLATE of 100 sovs.; second to receive 10 sovs.—Two miles. 12 6 Mr. W. M. G. Singer's JOLLYBIRD, 5yre Faulkner 1 11 3 Mr. C. B. Ismay's Farndon, 4yre Sewell 2 11 3 Lord Fitzwilliam's Brineoge, 6yre Capt. Rasbotham 3 11 3 Mr. Nolan's Ranunculus, aged F. Mason 0 (Winner trained by Davies.) Betting: 7 to 4 on Jollybird, 5 to 1 agst Brine- oge, and 6 to 1 each Ranunculus and Fairndon.— Won by three lengths; one and a half lengths between the second and third. MERSEY MAIDEN HURDLE RACE of 70 sove.; second to receive 5 rovs.-Two miles. 11 10 Mrs. B. C. Russell's FLYING STAR, 4y Mr. Murphy 1 11 10 Mr. T. Coulthwaite's Bedlingtoin-, 4yrs. Tierney 2 10 5 Mr. G. Cooper'* Tal y Bont, 3yrs F. Mason 3 (Winner trained by Russell.) Betting: 6 to 4 on Flying Star, 2 to 1 agst Tal y Bont, and 5 to 1 Bedling-ton.-Won, in a oanter by thirty lengths; twelve lengths separ- ated second and third.

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