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WHITCHURCH DAIRY SHOW --+-- A RECORD ENTRY. Whitchurch, Tuesday. The seventeenth annual show promoted by the Whitchurch Dairy Farmers' Association, was opaned this morning at the Market Hall. Un- favouarble weather conditions tended to militate against a large attendance of visitors. There was a record entry, the exhibits of cheese. alone numbering about 450, being 45 in exoess of those last year. The weight of the pitch approached one (hundred tons. Competition was stimulated by the offering of substantial prizes to the value of J6515. It ia evident that the Whitclhuroh show, like its Chester neighbour, is st-rongly established as an adjunct to the Cheshire cheese trade. Ever sinoe its institution it has received thje loyal sup- port of both Cheshire and Shropshire makers of cheese. The upward tendency which has been noticeable in the number of entries for several 1 years plainly indicates that dairy farmers now- adays recognise more fully than tney perhaps did in former years, the value of combination m bringing the merits of their products under the notice of the public and securing remunerative prices. All the best makers in Cheshire and Salop were represented. The two open classes were well filled, the entries in the coloured class numbering no fewer than 92. Here the premier award was conferred upon Mr. Harry Denson, Poulton, Chester, a maker who holds a high re- oord of show distinctions, the last of which was gained at N a.ntwioh a few days ago, when he re- oeived the champion prize. Not many years ago it used to be a common complaint on the part of judges at this and other dairy shows in the district that the cheese shewed excessive acidity—a fault whioh makers were ap- parently not easily induced to remedy. To-day a more careful study is made of the taste of the consumer, which is generally in favour of a itich, mild-flavoured cheeae of open texture. For the most part the cheese exhibited at this show ful- filled these qualities. Though there is a universal demand for early ripening cheese it is rather a pity that the association does not see fit to en- oourage manufacture on the long-keeping prin- ciple. The long-keeping olaea, whioh is still pre- served at the Chester show^was eliminated' here aome years ago. During its existenoe the class was liberally supported by Mr. C. T. Dugdale. Its withdrawal was, we understand, due to the general opinion that the encouragement of long- keeping cheese is no benefit either to the producer or the consumer. The experiment of manufacturing that make of cheese has been pronounced a failure, and cheese which has been lately made upon the long-keeping principle has been. found to deteriorate in value through being kept, besides losing weight. Moreover, the de- mand for it nowadays is exceedingly lim ited^ and this is perhaps the more weighty reason why it is not to the advantage of makers to produce it. Cheshire dairy farniers find that early ripening cheese commands the market. The association is under the presidency of Lord Kemycm, and has a number of influential vice- presidents. The secretarial duties were ably oarried out by Mr. T. Nunnerley, and the other offioers of the show were:—Chairman of Coun- cil, Captain Ethelston; vice-chairman, Mr. Geo. Wardle; stewards for cheese, Messrs. Langley, J. N. Joyce, R. J. Nunnerley, John Griffiths, G. C. Hockenhull, and A. Blake; stewards for butter, Messrs. T. Piddord, W. H. Hobson and P. H. Jeffries; judges for cheese, ProfessorDrummond (Kilmarnock), Messrs. G. W. Oubridge (New- castle-on-Tyne), John Pakeman (Derby), H. E. Holt (Rochdale), Cope (Manchester), W. Thomas (Crewe), John Hancook (Manchester), and W. Austin (Nant.wich); judge for butter, Miss. Forster (Worleston Dairy Institute); ornamental butter and farm produce, Miss Nunnerley (Alport House), and Mrs. Stokes (Richmond-terras). I Appended is a list of the awards made up to the time of writing- PRIZE LIST. Twelve cheese, irrespective of weight, make or colour, made, owned and exhibited by any farmer resident within the specified radius of the asso- ciation's district, and whose occupation does not exoeed 150 acres: 1, John Dutton, Swanley Hall, Nantwich; 2, Harry Denson, Poulton, Chester; 3, Edwin Cookson, Poulton, Wrexham; 4, Richard Mullook. Waverton, Chester; 5, T. W. Higgin- son, Ashford Grange, Market Drayton; 6, Geo. Walley. Egerton Farm, Malpas; 7, James Hulme, Kenwick Lodge, Ellesmere; r, Samuel Dutton, Burleydam, Whitchurch. Very highly com- mended: C. E Parton, Haughton Hall Farm, Tar- ponley; Mrs. Dutton, Old Marton, Ellesmere; Chas. Price, Gnston, Ellesmere. Highly com- mended: Hugh Rutter, Aldersey, Chester; Chas. Hassall, Bubney, Whitchurch; S. Winward, Broughton, Malpas; Wni. Moore, Checkley, Na-nt vieh. Commended: E. Garner, Ash Wood, Whitchurch E. Burgess, Corra, Whitchurch; W. H. Burgees. Lower Hall. Norbury, Whitchurch; Mrs. M. Clarke, Alpraham. Four choose, irrespective of weight, etc, made by any farmer in the Association's district and whoso ho!ding does not exceed 80 acres: 1, Jno. Williams, Hollin Green, Sound, Nantwich; 2, John Craddock, EbnaJ. Hall, Malpas; 3, George Davies., Moreton Wood, Whitchurch; 4, Richard Redrop, Aberburv, Wrexham; 5. Jno. Rigby, Ebna1 Farm. Malpas; r, F. J. Apperley, Darlas- ton Ford. Prees. Very highly commended: Edw. Woodfino, New House Faim. Penybryn, St. Mar- tins; S. Dutton, Haughton, Tarporley; W. Hunt- bach, Stoko, Nantwich; John Perry, Norbury. Highly commended: Samuel Stokes, Top House, North Wood. Wem; Wm. Pinnington, Spurstow, Tarporley; Mrs. Lovekin, Bower Gate, Tarpor- ley. Commended John Jackson, Tallam Green, Malpas; Mrs. Lee. Bradeley, Whitchurch. Twelve white cheese, not. loss than 301b 1, H. Jones, Aldersey, Chester; 2, John Hobson, Moss Hail, Audlem; 3, Wm. Parkar, Rodens Hall, Wrexham; 4. Arthur Willis, Willey Farm, Whit- church; 5. Geo. Walley, Egerton Farm, Malpas; 6, T. E. Hughes, Wood Farm, Malpas; 7. R. E. Bancroft, Beech House, Darnhall, Winsford; r, E. Garnor, Ashwood. Whitchuroh. Very highly commended: Peter Dutton. Hoofield Hall, Hux- ley, Chester. Highly commended, H. S. Walley, Biokertotn Hall, Malpas; Robert Bourne, Bicker- ton; John Fitton. Ightfield Hall, Whitchurch. Commended: Richard Jones, Tilley Park, Wem; G. H. Willis, Stoak Grange, Chester; William Evans, Gate-sheath Farm, Tattenhall. Four white cheese, not less than 301b., mad? by any farmer resident within the United Kingdom: I, John Hobson. Moss Hall, Aud!em, Nantwich; 2. James B'.akei, Calveley Hall, Handley, Chester; 3, John Dutton. Stretton Hall, Malpas; 4, Miss Kinsey, Wettenhall, Winsford; 5, Wm. Lee, The Crease Farm. Malpas; o, S. Lea, Kin- sale, Oswestry; 7, T. G, Lee. Dragon Farm, Handley, Chester; r, Wm. Packer, Rodc-ns Hall, Wrexham. Very highly commended: Geo. Wal- ley, Egerton Farm, Cholmondoley; Daniel John- eon, Lee Brockhurst, Salop; John Reeee, Lane Farm, Bronington, Whitchurch. Highly com- mended: Arthur Willis, Willey Farm, Whit- church John Jackson, Chowlev Oak Farm, Handley. Chester; Thos. J. Marsh, Croesmere, Ellesmere: H. Sandbaeh, The Lunts, Àqton, Staffs.; H. S. Walley, Bickeiton Hall. Maluas; I R. E. Bancroft, Darnhall; Peter Bate, Golden Nook, Hargrave. Chester. Commended: E. Gar n- Ash wood, Whitchurch; Jas. Hulme, Elles- mere; Wm Bebbington, Hack Green, Nantwich; R. J. Nunneriev, Wirswail, Whitchurch; G. C Hockenhull, Ki)grf-n. Whitchurch: Fred Jeff- nee, Penley, Ellesmere W. H. Hobson, Blaken- hall, Nantwich; W. R. Huntbach, Dodsgreon, Aston.. Nantwich; S. Winward. Broug'hton, Mal- pas Thos. Jackson. Middle House, Hampton, Malpaa; Hany Danson. Poulton, Chester. Four coloured cheese of any make, not less than 301b., made by any farmer resident within the United Kingdom: 1, Harry Denson, Poulton, Chester; 2, Geo. Walley, Egerton Farm, Malpas.; 3, Mrs. Kinsey, Wettenhall; 4, John Fit-ten, Ight- field Hall, Wnitchurah; 5, Jos. Owen, Chclmon- deley; 6, John Barnett, Norton Word. Market Drayton; 7, Wm. Dutton, Brfndley Hall. Nant- wich; r, Geo. Walley, Egerton Farm, Malpas. Very highly conimended: Benjamin Dutton, Baddiley, Nantwich: Joihn Bate, Worthenbury; Thos. Matters head, Werk; H. S. Walley, BLdter- ton Hall. Highly .commended: Jas. Hulme, Ellesmere; Robt. Bourne, Bickerton; John All- wood, Wrhitchurch; Geo. Walley, jun., Bioker- ton; John Hoboon. Moss Hall, Audlcm: T. Cbarlesworth, Baddington, Nantwich; J. Hob- son, Coole Pilate, Nantwich. Commended: T. Wilson, Alkington Hall, Whitchuroh; C. E. Par- ton, Haughton Hall Farm, Tarporley; Saml. Lea, Oswestry; T. G. Lee, Dragon Farm, Handley; H. R. Dutton, Spurstowte Lower Hall Farm, Tar- porley; J. Taylor, Lees F&îTI, Malpas; Mrs. Dutton. Ellesmere; J. H. Acton, Bole-sworth Hall. Tattenhall; Mrs. Salmon. Chevely HaJJ. Huntington; John Griffiths, Dearnford Hall, Whitehur th; J. Roos, Whitdhuroh. Six half-pounds of fresh butter, salted for market, exhibited by makers within the asso- ciation'"? district, whose occupation exceed# fifty acres: 1, S. Winward. Stamford Heath, Chester; 2. Mrs. Faulkner, Norbury, Whitchuroh 3. B. Stockton, Penley, Ellesmere; 4. J. Platt. Til- stone, Tarporley; 5, J. Darlingtin, Myddle. Salop; r, S. Peate, Evton, Wrexham. Very highly commended: Wm. Fox, W-m: T. B. Cooke, Tattenhall; Mrs. John Bate, Emrai Park Farm, Worthenbury: Mrs. H. Reade, Gradelev Green, Nantwiah; Mrs. T. Jackson. Middle House, Hampton, Malpas; Mrs. T. Parsonage, White gate Farm, Malpas Six half-pounds of fresh b'ltte-. raited for market, exhibited by makers within the associa- tion's district, whose occupation does not exceed fiftv acre*: 1, Philio Reade. Swanlev. Nantwich 2. Mrn. G. B. Robinson. Badd;'ey. Nantwich 3, Mrs. G. Harding. Snurstowe. Tarporley; 4. Mrn. Joseph Stokes. Tilstone Heath. Tarporley: 5. Mrs. Hardincr. Baddiley. Nantwich: r, Mrs. C. Ashley. Tiverton Heath. Tnrnorley. "^erv hiehlv oomrnended: Mrs. Birehall. New Wood Hotises. Whitchurch: Mrs. E. Bndmek, Ravens- moor. Nantwich. Highly commonMns. G. Strvokley. Ilowman's Green. Whitchurch. ¡ Two nonnds of butter, made up and exhibited by in agricultural labourer not keepine- mom than three cow: I. T. WoodaU, Bnrland. Nantwich; 2, J. RtoJresw TiWitone Heath. Tarporley; 3. Mrk G. B.'ftobtnaon; 4, Mrs. A. Ridgeway, BaddUey. Nantwich; 5, Mrs. Parker, Stoneley Green, Nant- wich; r, T. Jones, Poole, Nantwich.. Very highly commended: Mrs. A. Butler, Whitchurch; Mrs. G. Evans, Nantwich; Mrs. E. Shone, Nor- bury; Mrs. G. Platt, Win.,ford; Mrs. E. Badrock; Mrs. M. Sumner, Norbury; Mrs. L. Wilkinson, Poole, Nantwich. Highly commended: Mrs. Pugh, Norbury Common, Whitchurch; Mrs. S. Ridgeway, Edleston-lane, Nantwich. Ornamental butter: 1, Miss M. Bennion, Barthomley. Crewe; 2, Mrs. G. Scott, Byford, Edleston, Nantwich; 3. Miss F. J. Wardle, Old Fens Hall, Whitohurch; r, Mrs. L. Hockenhull, Danson's Farm, Whitchurch. Ornamental butter, without decoration: 1, Mrs. Scott, Byford; 2, Miss N. Bennion; 3, Mrs. WTilliam6, Horseman's Green. Whitchurch; 4. Mrs. G. B. Robinson; r, Miss A. A. Wardle, Old Foris Hall, Whitchurch v he, Miss J. Hockenhull. Kilgreen, Whitchurch; h c, Miss Hockenhull; c, Mrs. John Bate, Worthenbury. Collection of farm produce: 1. Mrs. Hockenhull; 2, Mrs. G. Sfockley, Horseman's Green; 3, Mrs. Maddocks, Alkington.




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