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Ruction Btarg. Sales by MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. June 10—At the Boston Hotel, City-road—Furni- ture, Glass, Chma, Linen, &c. June 17—At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street— Household Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. May 28 At the Smithtield, Hooton Fat and Store Cattle May 28-At the Hooton Hotel, Hooton-Farm and Buildinc Sites at Hinderton. Neston May 28—At the Hooton Hotel, Hooton Station- Freehold Property May 29—At the Smithfield, Chester-Grazing Stock and Store Cattle May 29-At the Smithtield, Chester-Hides, Skins, and Fat May 31-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Ten Freehold Dwelling-houses May 31-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Free- hold Properties at Helsby and Chester June 2-At The Beeches, near Sandycroft Station- Household Furniture and Effects June 3-At the Smithtield, Chester-Fat and Store Stock June 7—At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester-Family Residences June 7-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Fully- licensed Public House June 11—At the Grosvenor Sale Rooms, Newgate- street—Oil Paintings & Water Colour Drawings June 11—At the Grosvenor Arms, Ellesmere Port- Dwelling-Houses and Shops By MESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON AND CHALLINOR. June 4-At Beeston Castle Hotel, Tarporley- Freehold Residences on Bunbury Heath June 4-At the Beeston Castle Hotel, nr. Tarporley —Messuage and Cottages on Bunbury Heath June 11—At the Red Lion Hotel, Little Sutton— Villa Residences and Building Site By MR. EDMUND HENRY MANLEY. June 2-At the Royal Hotel, Crewe-Freehold Farms at Acton and Coole Pilate By MESSRS. HALL, WATERIDGE & OWEN. May 30 & 31-At Shrewsbury—Horses June 13-At the County Mart. Shrewsbury—Free- hold Farms at Cardington ,$airs bJ1 Auction. Preliminary Notice of Sale of Excellent HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, Glass, China, Lineu and other FFPUOTS, at BOSTON HOTEL, CITY- ROAD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. have .m. received instructions from Mrs. Grestv, who is leaving the city, to SELL BY AUCTION, on TUBS DAY, 10th June, 1902, the whole of the above Effects. Full particulars will shortly be published. AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK & co. win hold their next MONTHLY SALE of Miscellaneous FURNITURE and EFFECTS on TUESDAY, 17th June, 1902. Early entries invited. BUNBURY HEATH, TARPORLEY, CHESHIRE. MESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON and JjH- CHALLINOR are favoured with instruc- tions to SELL BY AUCTION on WEDNESDAY, June 4th, 1902, at Beeston Castle Hotel, Tarporley, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon prompt, subject to conditions, in the following or other Lots- LOT I.-All that very desirable FREEHOLD RESIDE LNCE, or Hunting Box, situate on Bunbury Heath, near Tarporley, known as "FIR BANK," with Two Fields of old pasture, containing in the whole 6a. 2r. 32p. (Ordnance measure), or there- abouts. The House contains hall, dining and drawing-rooms, five bedrooms, w.c., kitchers, pantry, linen closet, and cellars. The Outbuildings consist of 4 excellent loose boxes, two-stalled stable, coach-house, saddle-room, corn-room, wash-house, large sleeping room for grooms. The Gardens and Grounds are well stocked with fruit and other trees, and the property is now occupied by Lieut.-Colonel Drury. LOT 2.—All that Valuable FREEHOLD RESI- DENCE, or Hunting Box, adjoining Lot 1, containing entrance and inner halls, dining and drawing-rooms, 6 bedrooms, w.c., kitchen, scullery, pantry, cellar, &c. The Outbuildings consist of two-stalled stable, two loose boxes, wash-house, coach-house, corn-room, hay-loft, and coal-house. There is also a well stocked Garden and Crofts, containing in the whole la. 3r. 7p. (Ordnance measure), or thereabouts, and being in the occupa- tion of C. Willis, Esq. The above Properties are situated in the centre of a capital hunting district, and close to Beeston Castle Station, and each have an excellent water supply, the Liverpool main being laid on. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, St. Werburgh-street; or Mr. T. MOORE DUTTON Solicitor, Godstall Chambers, Chester. BUNBURY HEATH, NEAR TARPORLEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON AND CHALLINOR, at the Beeston Castle Hotel, near Tarporley, on WEDNESDAY, the 4th June, 1902, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions, in the following or such other lots as may be deter- mined at the sale :— LOT 1. All that Freehold MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, situate on Bunbury Heath, in the county of Chester, on the east side of the high road leading from Tarporley to Whitchurch, and now in the occupation of Miss Withenshaw. LOT 2.—All that Freehold COTTAGE, situate on Bunbury Heath, and adjoining the last-mentioned lot, and now let to Lieut.-Colonel R. C. Drury. LOT 3.—All that Freehold COTTAGE, situate on Bunbury Heath, and adjoining the last-men- tioned lot, and now also let to Lieut.-Colonel R. C. Drury. The Property is charmingly situate close to the village of Bunbury, and commands good tenants. The Vyrnwy water is laid on. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS; Mr. T. MOORE DUTTON, Solicitor; or to Messrs. DICKSON, BARNES & DICKSON, Solicitors, all of Chester. LITTLE SUTTON, CHESHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON AND CHALLINOR, at the Red Lion Hotel, Little Sutton, on WEDNESDAY, the 11th June. 1902, at 6 o'clock p.m., subject to conditions, the under- mentioned aluable FREEHOLD PROPERTY- LOT I.-The VILLA RESIDENCE, known as No. 2, Hope Villas, Little Sutton aforesaid, situate on the east side of the highway leading from Chester to Birkenhead, with the front and back gardens and outbuildings thereto belonging, in the occupation of Mr. J. Tindal, as yearly tenant. This lot comprises about 736 square yards of land. LOT 2.—The VILLA RESIDENCE, known as No. 1, Hope Villas, situate on the south side of and adjoining Lot 1, with the front and back gardens and stable and outbuildings thereto belonging, in the occupation of Mr. A. P. Somerville, as yearly tenant. This lot comprises about 840 square yards of land. LOT 3.—The Plot of Valuable BUILDING LAND, situate on the south side of and adjoining Lot 2, and containing 1,816 square yards or there- abouts, also in the occupation of Mr. A. P. Somer- ville, as yearly tenant. This is an excellent building site. For further particulars and plans apply to Mr. H. P BECKETT, Architect, Ellesmere Port; or to the AUCTIONEERS, St. Werburgh-street, Chester; or to MESSRS. DICKSON, BARNES & DICKSON, Solicitors, St. Oswald's Chambers, Chester. Friday and Saturday Next. SHREWSBURY HORSE SALES. 350 HORSES. 185 Harness Horses, Hunters and Hackneys on FRIDAY. IG5 Heavy Town Mares and Geldings, Vanners. Shire Mares, ^olts and Fillies on SATURDAY. Sale each day at Twelve o'clock. Catalogues forwarded on application. WM. HALL, WATER IDGE & OWEN. Auctioneers (acting solely as Agents). Offices, Shrewsbury. COMLEY, CARDINGTON, SHROPSHIRE, about one mile from Leebotwood Station, three miles from Church Stretton, and ten from Shrews- bury. Two desirable FREEHOLD FARMS, known as "Comley" aiid "Hollyhtirst," situated in the Parish of Cardington, and on the main road from Leebotwood to Cardington, with excellent Houses, Buildings and Cottages. The Properties com- prise areas of about 73a Or. 33p. and 30a. 2r. tip. and are divided into useful Crofts of sound Pasture and Arable Land, well watered, and lying con- veniently together. A considerable outlay has quite recently been made upon improvements and repairs in the buildings, rendering the same in capital order, and most convenient for efficient farming. In the respective occupations of Messrs. Thomas Arthur Rudge and Thomas Jones. MESSRS. WM. HALL, WATERIDGE and OWEN are instructed to SELL BY AUC- TION, at the County Mart, Shrewsbury, on FRIDAY, June 13, 1902, at 3 for 3.30 o'clock, in two lots, and subject to conditions of sale (which will incorporate the Common Form Conditions of the Shropshire Society), the above-described important PROPERTIES. Particulars of sale, with plans, may be obtained from the AUCTIONEERS, High-street, Shrewsbury or from MESSRS. VICKERS, SON & BROWN, Solicitors, Bank-street, Sheffield. i Sales fog guctton. j THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY). HOOTON SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT and STORE CATTLE, Sheep, Pigs and CALVES. Further entries respectfully solicited. This Day (Wednesday). To close a Trust. Highly Important Sale of a valuable, compact, and charmingly situated Freehold FARM, valuable BUILDING SITES, and Accommodation Land, with modern and substantially erected Farm House and Farm Buildings, containing in the whole 102 acres 2 roods 9 perches or thereabouts, known s the "New Farm," Hinderton, Neston, in the County of Chester, and now in the occupa- tion of Mr. J. Newton. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS ARE favoured with instructions from the Trustees to SELL the above Farm BY AUCTION, at the Hooton Hotel, adjoining Hooton Station, in the said county, on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of May, 1902, at Half-past Four p.m. punctually, in one or more lots, and subject to the general conditions of sale of the Chester and North Wales Incorporated Law Society, and to the special conditions to be then and there produced. The Farm is intersected by main roads from Chester to Heswall, or contiguous to the Neston to Birkenhead, and Neston to Raby, to all of which there are extensive frontages, forming an excep- tional epportunity of acquiring beautifully situated Building Sites, with charming views of the valley of the Dee, the Welsh mountains, and the Hundred of Wirral. For plans and particulars, permission to view, and any further information, apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester Mr. H. S. WHALLEY, Hunter-street, Chester or to Mr. T. H. TOWNSEND, Solicitor, Rawtenstall. This Day (Wednesday). To close an Estate. Important Sale of a very valuable compact Freehold Property, situate in the parish of GREAT NESTON, and close to the village of Raby, in the County of Chester, known as "THE UPLAND," containing 15 acres, 1 rood, 15 perches, or there- abouts, with the Farm Buildings thereon erected, and the Dwelling House at present occupied by Miss Elizabeth Gibbons, to be SOLD BY AUC- TION by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the Hooton Hotel, adjoining Hooton Station, on WEDNESDAY, May 28th, 1902, at Half-past Four p.m. punctually, in Two or such other Lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then and there produced. The Property is nicely and conveniently situated to Neston and Hooton Stations, and has a large frontage to the Neston and Raby road. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester or to MESSRS. R. J. JONES & SEPHTON, Solicitors, Levlands Buildings, 34, Castle-st.. Liverpool. On THURSDAY NEXT, May 29th, 1902, at Eleven. Great Spring Store Stock Sale at CHESTER SMITHFIELD. MESSRS CUNNAH & ROBERTS win hold their Great ANNUAL SPRING SALE of GRAZING STOCK and DAIRY COWS and HEIFERS on THURSDAY NEXT. The entries com- prise upwards of 200 well-bred DAIRY and STORE CATTLE, including:- 16 Choice Yearling Shorthorn HEIFERS and BULLOCKS, from Mr. Thos. Smith, Blacon Point. 11 Strong Two-year-old West Highland BUL- LOCKS. 12 Grand Two-year-old Polled Galloway BUL- LOCKS. 8 Well bred Two year old Shorthorn BULLOCKS, from Mr. W. E. Swetenham, Shordley Manor. 3 Choice Pedigree Yearling Shorthorn BULLS, from Mr. J. Christopherson, Hooton Stud Farm. Pure-bred Shorthorn Two-year-old Stock BULL. 3 Grand Young DAIRY COWS, on the point of calving. 3 Strong BARREN COWS, from Mr. Malcolm Taylor, Barnston; and a grand lot of Dairy Cows and Heifers, Yearling and Two-year-old Heifers and Bullocks, Barrens and Store Stock. Auctioneers' Offices :—Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On THURSDAY NEXT, May 29th, 1902, at 3 o'clock. AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS WIN con- duct the usual WEEKLY SALE of HIDES, SKINS and FAT. The Prices were considerably higher this week. Consignments may be sent in any day during the week, and will be sold at current week's prices. Price lists to be had from the AUCTIONEERS, Chester. On Saturday Next. HANDBRIDGE, CHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY T*TESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the XTA Blossoms Hotel, on SATURDAY, the 31st May, 1902, at 3 p.m. punctually, subject to con- ditions:— TEN Freehold DWELLING-HOUSES, Nos. 6 to 24, Hartington-street, Handbridge, in the city of Chester, in the occupations of Williams and others. The Property will be offered in five lots, com- mencing with Nos. 6 and 8, Hartington-street, as the first lot. The property is new and substantially built, and forms a grand investment. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Newgate-street, Chester; or to JAMES C. BATE, Solicitor, Old Bank Chambers, Chester. On Saturday Next. HELSBY AND CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will offer 1"-1 for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 31st day of May, 1902, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then and there produced, the following Freehold PROPERTIES LOT 1. All that newly-erected and charmingly situated Freehold VILLA RESIDENCE, known as "Mount Villa," Helsby, with the grounds thereto, the whole comprising an area of upwards of half an acre, and in the occupation of Mr. Musgrove, the owner. The House contains on the ground floor two sitting-rooms, kitchen, back kitchen, pantry and wash-house, with an excellent cellar; and on the first floor, five bedrooms, with bath (hot and cold water) and w.c. The Helsby Waterworks' water is laid on to the property, and there is a stable, coach-house, and hen-house, with the usual out-offices at the rear. The House stands in a high, healthy position and bracing neighbourhood, and commands extensive and lovely views of the surrounding country, and is approached by a good road leading from the main highway. Intending purchasers can inspect this property on application to Mr. Musgrove, the owner. LOT 2. on application to Mr. Musgrove, the owner. LOT 2. The Valuable FIELD situate immediately behind and adjoining Lot 1, and containing 1 acre 1 rood and 22A perches or thereabouts, also in the occupa- tion of Mr. Musgrove, the owner. This Field has an extensive frontage to the public highway, and is well adapted for building purposes. LOT 3. A Valuable Piece of Freehold BUILDING LAND, situate at Cambrian View, Chester, having an extensive frontage to Saughall-road and Gran- ville-road, containing by admeasurement (including one half of Granville-road and the back passage co-extensive therewith) 1,118 square yards or there- abouts. For further particulars, as to Lots 1 and 2, apply to Mr. Musgrove, the owner, Mount Villa, Helsby as to Lot 3, to Messrs. LOCKWOOD & Soxs, Archi- tects, Foregate-street, Chester and as to all the lots, to the A u en on fa: im, Newgate-street; or to MESSRS. SHARPE, DAVISON & SHARPE, Solicitors, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. On TUESDAY NEXT, at Eleven o'clock, AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS WIN HOLD their usual WEEKLY SALE of Prime Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, & CALVES and Store CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, & CALVES Pigs brought from the County of Chester with a declaration can be moved back again into the county with a license to be obtained from the Inspector at the Smithfield. Entries respectfully solicited To Brewers, Investors, and Others. Highly Important Sale of a Valuable Fully-licensed Freehold Corner Public House, situated in the best position and most populous part of the city, within a short distance of both railway stations and adjoining the Coal Exchange, and admirably adapted for doing a sound business and extensive beer trade. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the Blossoms Hotel, in the city of Chester, on SATURDAY, the 7th day of June, 1902, at Three o'clock punctually, subject to conditions to be then and there produced- All that Fully-licensed Free PUBLIC HOUSE, known as the "GLYNNE ARMS HOTEL," situate and being No. 100, Brook-street, and No. 1, Francis-street, in the city of Chester, and now let on an annual tenancy to the West Cheshire Brewery Company, Limited. The House contains bar, smoke-room, sitting- room, kitchen, back-kitchen, pantry, yard, and w.c.; 8 bedrooms, sitting-room and w.c. up- stairs and good cellarage. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester; or to MESSRS. BOYDELL & TAYLOR, Solicitors, 2, Pepper-street, Chester. í Sales tig Auction. On MONDAY NEXT, June 2nd, at 4 o'clock. SALE of a Portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, at THE BEECHES (one mile from Sandycroft Station), by order of Mr. T. J. Dutton. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. ASH GROVE AND MIDDLE CRANE- STREET, CHESTER. Important Sale of highly desirable and commodious Freehold Family Residences to be SOLD BY AUCTION by \/| ESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the 4.TJL Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 7th of June, 1902, at Three o'clock punctually, subject to conditions to be then produced- LOT 1. The attractive and valuable Freehold Detached FAMILY RESIDENCE, situate and being No. 3, Ash Grove, Wrexham-road, now in the occupation of Mrs. Kirkpatrick. The House contains hall, drawing-room, dining- room, five bedrooms, dressing-room, kitchen, scullery, pantry, large dry cellar, front and back staircases also large coach-house and out-offices. There is a nice front garden and a good kitchen garden, nicely laid out and planted. Chester water and gas is laid on, and there is also a large galvanised water tank for rain water. The property is conveniently situated to the trams, and is in the most desirable residential portion of the city. Early possession can be given if desired. LOT 2. All that Freehold MESSUAGE or DWELL- ING-HOUSE, No. 24, Middle Crane-street, Chester, in the occupation of Mr. Perkins- as monthly tenant at the yearly rent of 218, the tenant paying all rates, &c. The house contains parlour, lobby, kitchen, back kitchen, good yard, with w c., two cellars, five bed- rooms, dressing room, and w.c. This lot is subject to a yearly ground rent 0f 15s. For cards to view and any further information apply as to both lots to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester as to Lot 1 to Messrs. BOYDELL and TAYLOR, Solicitors, 2, Pepper-street, Chester; and as to Lot 2 to Messrs. JOLLIFFE & JOLLIFFE, Solicitors, 13, St. John-street, Chester. WEDNESDAY, 11th June, 1902, at 2 o'clock. PRELIMINARY NOTICE of SALE of Valu- able OIL PAINTINGS and WATER COLOR DRAWINGS, by weU-known artists, at COLOR DRAWINGS, by well-known artists, at the GROSVENOR SALE ROOMS, NEWGATE- STREET, CHESTER. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. ELLESMERE PORT. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will offer J3JL for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Arms. Ellesmere Port, in the County of Chester, on WEDNESDAY, the 11th day of June, 1902, at from 3-30 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then and there produced, the following Freehold PROPERTIES: LOT I.-The DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, No. 20, Dock-street, Ellesmere Port, in the occupa- tion of Mr. Charles Chatburn, at the annual rent of B16 6s. LOT 2.—The adjoining DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 22, Dock-street, in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Hughes, at the weekly rent of 5s. LOT 3,—The adjoining DWELLING-HOUSE and CHEMIST'S SHOP, No. 24, Dock-street, in the occupation of Mr. Rowland Roberts, under lease for 10 years from 23rd February, 1899, at the yearly rent of j625. LOT 4.—The DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 43, Church-street, Ellesmere Port, in the occupation of Mr. J. W. Ellis, at the weekly rent of 6s. This house contains parlour, kitchen, scullery, and four bedrooms, with a small garden in front and a large garden at the back. LOT 5.—The adjoining DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 45, Church-street, m the occupation of Mr. C. D. Price, at the weekly rent of 6s. This house contains parlour, kitchen, and scullery, with three bedrooms, and there is a small garden in front and a large garden at the back. LOT 6 —The adjoining DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 47, Church-street, in the occupation of Mr. William Hughes, at the weekly rent of 6s. This house is similar to No. 45, and has a small garden in front and a large garden at the back. For further particulars apply to Miss HUGHES, No. 18, Dock-street, Ellesmere Port the Auc- TIONEERS, Newgate-street, Chester; or to MESSRS. SHARPE, DAVISON & SHARPE, Solicitors, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. On Monday Next. SOUTH CHESHIRE. ACTON, COOLE PILATE, NEWHALL. WRENBURY & SOUND. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, pursuant to Order of the Court of Chancery of the County Palatine of Lancaster, Manchester district, made in an action intituled 1897, Letter M. No. 9212. In the matter of the estate of John liall Greaves deceased, Mayall v. Leigh, with the approbation of and before the Manchester District Registrar of the said Court, by MR. EDMUND HENRY MANLEY (the person appointed by the Registrar), at the Royal Hotel, Crewe, on MONDAY, the 2nd day of J urie, 1902, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon prompt, in Jots and subject to conditions of sale. The valuable Freehold FARMS, situate in the parishes of Acton and at Coole Pilate, known as "Brine Pits Farm" and "The Old Hall Farm," with suitable Dwelling-houses and Homesteads, also the Impropriate Tithes arising from lands in the several townships of Newhall, Coole Pilate, Wrenbury and Sound, all in the County of Chester. Plans, particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the AUCTIONEER, Aston, Nantwich; Messrs. TWEEDALE, So.-is & LEES, Solicitors, Church- lane, Oldham; Messrs. W. R. & P. S. MINOR, Solicitors, 29, Fountain-street, Manchester; Mr. J. T. DOYLE, Solicitor, 3, Kennedy-street, Manchester; Mr. ROGER A. GARTSIDE, Solicitor, 67, Princess- street, Manchester; Mr. J. H. BELLYSE, Solicitor, Audlem Mr. G. WINTRINGHAM CUTTS, Solicitor, 50, High-street. Bognor; Messrs. MILLS, LOCKYER and MILLS, Solicitors, 5, Finsbury-square, London; or from MR. JOHN LEIGH, Solicitor, 30, Brown-street, Manchester. Ea be SOLD. SPAR GRAVEL, CHIPPINGS, MACADAM, &c., for Drives and Walks.-Robt. W. KiUon, Al, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. 1519 FOR SALE, the property of Captain Forestier- Walker, R.A., Brown WELSH COB, 14-1.— Can be seen by appointment at Rock Cottage, Upton Park, Chester. 1545 LADIES' Cashmere and Alpaca DRESS LENGTHS, handsome designs and colourings, 3/11 carriage paid, patterns free.—Bradford Dress Warehouse, Shipley, Bradford. FOR SALE, a Four-wheel DOG-CART, by "Hewitt, Chester"; indiarubber tyres, in excellent condition.—Apply to Colonel Hamersley, Hoole Lodge, Chester. SLEEPERS! SLEEPERS! SLEEPERS! for ks posts, fencing, &c. BUXTON & WELSH LIMES.—Robt. W. Killon, Al, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. 151b ■ ADIES' dainty BLOUSE MATERIALS and .1 J Washing Fabrics, all new styles, 4^ yard. Carriage paid, patterns free. Dress Warehouse (B 91), Darlington. BARGAINS.—Stylish Buifaline Cord DRESS LENGTHS, in old rose, greys, browns, &c. 3/11 paid, patterns free.—Clark's Dress Warehouse, Hull. TjTnOR SALE, a four-wheel DOGCART, by JO Hewitt, Chester; india-rubber tyres, in ex- cellent coiidition. -AI)pi'y to Colonel Hamersley, Hoole Lodge, Chester. rfllO BE SOLD, ROAN MARE, by "Lord JL Derwent," dam by Old Bedford," 15 hands, 6 years old, a good hack, steady in harness, and sound.—Apply to Mr. R. L. Barker, 10, Eaton- road, Chester. Y>EPAIRS to Steam, Gas and Oil ENGINES. JL\i MOTOR CARS Repaired and Stored. Port- able Engine on Hire. New Steam Engines of various sizes also Saw Benches, Shafting, Pulleys, etc., always in stock and progre.,s.-Lancoleys, Engineers, Brook-street, Chester. ARM.-VALE OF CLWYD, North Wales.- Very Desirable^ Freehold DAIRY FARM, within half-a-mile of the City of St. Asaph. Good House and Buildings, Cottage, and about 36 acres of rich Meadow Land, on which there are splendid building sites, and excellent fishing in the river Clwyd.-Apply Messrs. Norris & Miles, Solicitors, Tenburv. FREE CYCLES Marvellous Bargains 2,800 Cycles, CYCLES Motors and Accessories. Bargains in CYCLES Ea(lie's and B. S.A. Machines. FREE to CYCLES any address, the most interesting 50-page CYCLES Catalogue in the trade. Secoad-nand CYCLES Cycles from 30s. 2,000 New Machines CYCLES Cycles from 30s. 2,000 New Machines CYCLES from £ 2 17s. 6d. Plated Rims, Rim CYCLES Brake, Free-wheel Machines from £ 4 10s. CYCLES each. Every class of Machine in stock. CYCLES Accessories Hilf-price-50 per cent. CYCLES cheaper than others. Marvellous bar- CYCLES gains; Agents Wanted; Trade Supplied. CYCLES Don't buy before you have seen our CYCLES 50-page new illustrated catalogue, which CYCLES will be an eye-opener and money-maker to CYCLES all interested in the Cycle Trade. This CYCLES Catalogue FREE to all.—WARRILOW CYCLES and CO., WESTON-SUPER-MARE. RAT POISON.—Farmers say it is the best ever used Rats are found dead. Also Poison for Dressing Stacks for Mice, and Poison for Moles. In boxes 1/2, 2/ 3/ post free, of SANFORD and SON, isANDY. Sold by Chemists. prospectus. This Prospectus has been filed with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, in accordance with the Companies Act, 1900. The SUBSCRIPTION LIST WILL OPEN on TUESDAY, the 27th May, and CLOSE on or before FRIDAY, the 30th May, 1902. HE BRITISH INSULATED -1- WIRE COMPANY, LTD. (Incorporated under the Companies Acts). SHARE CAPITAL AUTHORISED. £ 1,000,000 of which there have been issued and fully paid 100,000 Six per Cent. Cumulative Prefer- ence Shares of £ 5 each £ 500,000 100,000 Ordinary Shares of S5 each- £ 500,000 ki, 000, 000 ISSUE AT PAR OF J-v250,000 (Balance of an issue of £ 500,000). FOUR AND ONE HALF PER CENT. FIRST MORTGAGE DEBENTURE STOCK. Payable as follows On application 5 per cent. On allotment. 15 On 31st July, 1902 40 On 30th September, 1902 40 100 Payment in full may be made on allotment, and interest will then accrue on the full amount from the dates of payment. The Debenture Stock and interest thereon will, as part of a total issue of J3500,000 First Mortgage Debenture Stock, be secured by a trust deed con- stituting a first mortgage to the trustees for the Debenture Stockholders on the whole of the Com- I pany's freehold, copyhold, and leasehold property, and a floating charge upon the whole undertaking and other assets of the Company both present and future, and providing that no mortgage or charge shall be created ranking in priority to or pari passu with the Debenture Stock. By the Trust Deed, dated the 22nd July, 1901, the Debenture Stock was limited in the first in- stance to £250,000, which amount has already been issued, but the deed contains power to issue further stock, to rank part passu with the original issue, so long as the total amount of stock does not exceed one-half of the paid-up capital of the Com- pany, upon the Company satisfying the trustees that the value of the Company .s property has been increased beyond the sum of £ 1,090,726, by an amount of at least double the amount of the fur- ther stock proposed to be issued, and upon the Company complying with certain other conditions as to executing a further deed and arranging for the vesting of the Company's additional freehold, copyhold, or leasehold property in the trustees, and the trustees certifying that these conditions have been complied with and that the Company is entitled to issue the further stock. The present issue of Debenture Stock is made under this power, and the necessary certificate of the trustees has been obtained. The Directors intend, under the powers of the Company's Articles of Association, to carry the sum of £5,000 per annum to a Debenture Stock Sinking Fund, although this is not required by the Trust Deed. The stock will be transferable in multiples of £ 1. It will be redeemed at the price of JB105 per £100 of stock on the 1st January, 1925, and will be redeemable at any time, at the option of the Com- pany, after the 1st January, 1810, at the same price, on six calendar months' notice, and in case the Company goes into voluntary liquidation at any time for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation, or for any other purpose, the De- benture Stock will not be redeemable at less than £ 105 per cent. Interest on the stock will be paid half-yearly on the 1st January and the 1st July, the first pay- ment calculated from the dates of payment of the several instalments, to be made on the 1st January, 1903. TRUSTEES FOR DEBENTURE STOCK HOLDERS. THE HONOURABLE ARTHUR STANLEY, M.P., Knowsley, Prescot, Lancashire. SIR JOHN A. WILLOX, M.P., Huyton, Lanca- shire. SOLICITORS FOR THE TRUSTEES. Alsop, Stevens, Harvey, and Crooks, 14, Castle- street, Liverpool. DIRECTORS. hDMuND K. MUSPRATT (Chairman). S. Z. DE FERRANTI. J. CARLTON STITT. J. S. HARMOOD BANNER. JAMES TAYLOR. G. CROSLAND TAYLOR. BANKERS. Parr's Bank, Limited, Prescot, Liverpool, St. Helens. And at all their Branches, and at their Londun Office, Bartholomew Lane, E.C. SOLICITORS FOR THE COMPANY. Hill, Dickinson, Dickinson, Hill, and Roberts, 10, Water-stroet, Liverpool. BROKERS—Faithfull Begg & Co., Bartholomew House, London, E.C. AUDITORS—Chalmers, Wade, & Co., Chartered Accountants, 5, Fenwick-street, Liverpool, and 7, Lothbury, London E.C. SECRETARY-W. Kerfoot. REGISTERED OFFICES and WORKS- PRESCOT-La ncashire. LONDON OFFICE—Lennox House, Norfolk-st., Strand, W.C. PROSPECTUS. The Company has, with a view to a complete amalgamation of the two businesses, acquired the assets and undertaking of the Telegraph Manufac- turing Company, Limited, the Britannia Tele- graph Works, Helsby, near Warrington, and the constantly-growing business of the two Companies necessitates the provision of further capital. With the view of providing such capital, the Company is making the present issue of £ 250,000 First Mort- gage Debenture, Stock. The Telegraph Manufacturing Company, Limited (whose business was established in 1836), haa been a most successful undertaking, and the Directors are satisfied that the amalgamation will be to the advantage of both Companies. The issued capital of the Telegraph Manufac- turing Company consists of:- 20,000 jE;5 fully-paid Preference Shares.. Ord' 25,000 £ 5 „ „ Ordinary 125,000 £ 225,000 At the mean price between the highest and lowest quotations of the three months ending the 4th April, 1902 (the prices of the Telegraph Manufacturing Company's shares being taken from the printed lists of the London Stock Exchange, and the prices of the British Insulated Wire Company's shares from the printed lists of the Liverpool Stock Exchange), the shares of the two Companies may be taken as under:— Mean price Mean price of £ 5 prefer- of £ 5 ordi- ence shares nary shares British Insulated Wire Company, Limited. EG £ 9 10 0 Telegraph Manufacturing Company, Limited 82 The purchase includes the whole of the assets and undertaking oj the Telegraph Manufacturing Company, other than a sum of 1;12,354 3s. 4d., due as dividends to its shareholders; and the whole of the purchase price payable to the Telegraph Manu- facturing Company has been satisfied by the issue of 20,000 fully-paid £5 Preference Shares and 30,000 fully-paid J65 Ordinary Shares of the Com- pany, such shares being taken at the mean market prices as worth, in round figures, L400,000, which, at the mean market prices, is the approximate value of the 20,000 fully-paid £ 5 Preference Shares and the 25,000 fully-paid £ 5 Ordinary Shares of the Telegraph Manufacturing Company. Tho Company has aiso undertaken to pay and satisfy the debts and liabilities of the Telegraph Manufacturing Company, including Directors' re- muneration, up to the 31st December, 1901, and the costs and expenses of winding-up that Com- pany, if it goes into liquidation within one year, and to make good the claims of any sharchoidc-rs who may dissent from or not be bound by resolu- tion of 'the Telegraph Manufacturing Company (if passed) for the division in specie among its members of the shares acquired by that Company. The consideration for the purchase of the under- taking of the Telegraph Manufacturing Company has been arrived at as a whole, and no separate amount has been ascertained or can be stated to be the consideration for the good- will. With a view of making the amalgamation com- plete, Messrs. James Taylor, J. S. Harmood Ban- ner, and G. Crosland Taylor, three of the directors of the Telegraph Manufacturing Company, have joined the Board of the Company, and its name will be changed into one embodying the distinctive- features of the names of both companies. The Balance-sheet of the Company for the year ending 31st December, 1901, audited and certified by Messrs. Chal- mers, Wade, and Co., on the 9th April, 1902, shows that the property and assets of the company (including the sum of £ 91,919 11s. 3d. for patents and good- will, but excluding the sum of £ 3,338 19s. lOd. appearing in such balance-sheet under the head of Expenses of Deben- ture Issue) amounted to £1,290,640 The undertaking of the Telegraph Manufacturing Company, Limited, has been acquired on the linei above stated, at a price equivalent to 400,000 Since the date of the balance-sheet the Company has issued for cash 10,000 —5 Preference Shares, and the balance to be derived from such issue and from the present issue of E250,000 First Mort- gage Debenture Stock will, it is esti- mated, after payment of all expenses in relation to the amalgamation and issue, be not less than 285,000 £ 1,975,640 The Net Profits of the businesses of the two Companies (after writing off an ample provision j for depreciation and deducting all outgoings prospectus. except Debenture interest) have, as shewn by the audited balance-sheets, been as under Year ending Year ending Year ending 31st Dec., 31st Dec., 31st Dec., 1899, or 31st 1900, or 31st 1901, or 31st Total of March, 1900, March, 1901, March, 1902, three years. as the case as the case as the case niay be. may be. miy be. British Insulated Wire Co., Ltd. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. (year ending 31st Dec.) 57,063 8 3. 88,218 19 1. 59,247 0 10. 204,529 14 2 Telegraph Manufacturing Co., Limited (year ending 31st March) 34,997 0 2. 28,341 2 1 29,061 17 0 92,399 19 3 Total £ 92,0C0 8 5 £ 116,5G0 1 2 £ 88,309 3 10 £ 296,929 13 5 Average per annm fIlnj the united businesses £ 98,976 0 0 The interest payable en the total issue of £ 500,000 First Mortgage Debenture Stock will amount, per annum, to :c22,500 0 0 The Company's Debenture Stock, Preference and Ordinary Shares are quoted in the official lists of the London and Liverpool Stock Ex- changes, and application for a settlement and quotation of the present issue of Debenture Stock will be made in due course. The Contract for the sale of the undertaking of the J-elegraph Manufacturing Company is dated the 28th April, 1902, and is made between John Brotherton, on behalf of the Telegraph Manu- facturing Company, Limited, of the one part, and the British Insulated Wire Company, Limited, of the other part, and was sanctioned by a resolution of the Telegraph Company passed on the 9th May, 1902. A preliminary contract, dated 21st March, 1902, and made between E. K. Muspratt and James Taylor, the Chairmen of the two Companies, was previously entered into. The conveyance and assignment of the undertaking of the Telegraph Manufacturing Company is dated the 12th May, 1902, and is made between the Telegraph Manufacturing Company, Limited, of tne one part, and the British Insulated Wire Company, Limited, of the other part. The whole of the stock now onered has been underwritten, partly by Messrs. Faithfull Begg and Co., and partly by Messrs. Horsfall Brothers, by underwriting letters signed by them and addressed to the Company, both dated 28th April, 1902. The Company was formed in 1897 as a recon- struction of a former Company", and on this re- construction 5,530 fully-paid Preference Shares and 29,935 fully-paid Ordinary Shares of the Com- pany were issued to the shareholders of the former Company as part of the consideration for the sale of the undertaking of the former Company to this Company. Copies of the audited balance-sheets and reports of both the Company and the Telegraph Manu- facturing Company, Limited, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the trust deed securing the Debenture Stock now offered for subscription, the further trust deed containing the trustees' certificates relating to the present issue, the above-mentioned contracts, conveyance and assignment, and underwriting letters, and the form of Debenture Stock certificate, can be seen at the offices of the solicitors. If no allotment is made the deposit will be returned in full by post, and when the amount of stocic allotted is less than that applied for, the available balance will be appropriated for the payment due on allotment, and any excess will be returned by post to the applicant, all payments being made by the Company's crossed cheque. Interest at the rate of £ 5 per cent. per annum will be oharged on all overdue amounts. Failure to pay the amount due on allotment, or either of the instalments when due, will render the stock and all amounts paid thereon liable to forfeiture. Application must be made cn the form accom- panying' the Prospectus, or appended to the Newspaper advertisement, and forwarded to the Bankers of the Company, with the amount pay- able on application. Prospectuses and Forms of Application can be obtained from the Bankers, Brokers, Solicitors, and Auditors, or at the Offices of the Company. Prescot, Lancashire, dated 21st May, 1902. This Form of Application may be cut out and used. DEBENTURE STOCK. Application No. Allotment No RPIIE BRITISH INSULATED WIRE JL COMPANY, LIMITED. FORM OF APPLICATION. 4\ PER CENT. FIRST MORTGAGE DEBEN- TURE STOCK. (To be retained by the Bankers). Issue of £ 250,000 (Balance of an Issue of 2500,000) 4 per cent, First Mortgage Debenture Stock at par. Default in payment of any instalment when due will render the amounts previously paid liable to forfeiture. To the Directors of THE BRITISH INSULATED WIRE COMPANY, LIMITED. GENTLEMEN, Having paid to your Bankers the sum of £ being a deposit of Five per Cent. on an application for £ 4^ percent. First Mortgage Deben- ture Stock, I hereby request you to allot me that amount upon the terms and conditions of the Company's Prospectus, dated 21st May, 1902, and I hereby agree to accept that or any less amount allotted to me, and to pay the instalments thereon as the same become due. In the event of my not receiving an Allotment, the amount deposited to be returned to me in full. Name (in full). Address Occupation or description (Please say if Mrs., Miss, Rev., or other distinctive description). Usual Signature Date 1902. Established 1832. pART and LURRY TARPAULINS, LONG and LOIN CLOTHS for Horses, COAL and CORN SACKS, equal in price and quality to any in the kingdom. Ladders, Blocks, Pulleys, Rope of all sizes. TENTS suitable for all purposes, Decorations if required. Prompt atten- tion to enquiries either for Sale or Hire of above.— Apply DAVIES & SONS, Crane-street, Victoria road. and 4, Coal Exchange, Chester. DR. SCOTT'S PILLS THE 8AFWST MEDICTNE, MILD, BUT EFFKCTUAL. CONTAIN TH; FINEST DRUGS TitAT CAN HE PRODUCED. DR. SC0111"S PILLS CURE HEADACHE AND SICKNESS, CHIlE INDIGKSTION AND WIND, CUKE FLATULENCE AND HEARTBURN, CUiiE ALL IilLlOUfJ AFFECTIONS. DR.. SCOTT S PILLS AUK A TONTO PUUIFIER. STRENGTHEN TIH; WHOLE SYSTEM. INDUCE OH ER, FULN ESS. INVALUABLE AS A FAMILY MEDICINE DR. "SCOTT'S PILLS"' CUBi: LOSS OF APPETITE. CURB DEPi?,i;Ss;ION OF SPIRITS. CURI ALf, DISORDERS OF THW BLOOD. CUKE JASSI1 UDE AND NERVOUSNESS. DR. SCOTT S PILLS should be kept at hand by all of Households, to resort, to on any sliprht occasion of piling "n the part of those under their charge, as by paying attention to the regular action of the Stouinch, lover and Bowels m'my tl severe illnü;11;¡ is nvoi<ied or mitigated. They will be found in slight, cases by a single dose to restore health to the body with a happy frame of mind. JM. SCOTT'S PILLS Are prepared only by W. LAMBERT, 173, SEYMOUR PLACtf, LONDON, W. Do not be per uad d by anyone to buy any other Medicine instead, but insist upon having the right thing, wluch is wrapped in a square green package. By pos^ for 1," or 33 stamps. SEASON 1902. STUD CARDS TASTEFULLY PRINTED AT MODERATE PKICKS AT THE COURANT PRINTING WORKS, THE CROSS, CHESTER. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS JL OF THU FOLLOWING CLASSES — HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, are now inserted in The Chester Courant at the following rates:- NOT EXCEEDING TWENTY WORDS- I ONE INSERTION 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1/6 THREE INSERTIONS 2/- NOT EXCEEDING Ti-iiltTy-FivF, WORDS- ONE INSERTION. 1/6 Two INSERTIONS 2/6 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- Co be ilet. T 1ST OF RESIDENCES, ISSUED MONTHLY, SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION TO W. & F. BROYVjN & CO., CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, EASTGATE ROW, CHESTER. t>HYL, 57, West Parade.—A Lady, after JL\j several weeks stay, can thoroughly Recom- mend above good cooking and attendance given.— Apply Mrs. Harrison. 1540 f I LET, ROSSLYN, on City-road, near JL General Railway Station three entertaining, six bedrooms, box room, te.-All modern conveni- ences.—Stubbs, City-road. 1543 |_> ATHMINES," NESTON. Semi-detached JLwJ HOUSE three entertaining rooms, eight bedrooms, bath, lavatory, separate w.c., kitchen, scullery, butler's pantry on ground floor, good cellars rent E45 per annum nice garden unobstructed and extensive view. Milnes & Son, 57, Hamilton-square, Birkenhead. Tel. 337. 153C Manteb. P' DRESSMAKING.—WANTED, at once, ex- perienced BODICE and SKIRT HANDS.— Apply Mr. Hamley, Bridge-street Row. 1542 HOUSE-PARLOURMAID (experienced) JL-t- WANTED, for small family.—Apply by letter, with references, &c., Mrs. J as. hepherd, Stockton Lodge, near Warrington. 1533 URSE (experienced), age 20 to 30, for young J3I baby and child of 2-1 years. No under nurse 2 kept.—Apply to 6, Waverley-road, Sefton Park, Liverpool. 1538 ■ TlIRST-CLASS WHOLESALE MERCHANT Jj WANTED as BUYING AGENT for this district for large Chocolate and Cocoa Manufacturing firm.—Address ''Buyer," c/o "Courant Office. OOD plain COOK WANTED for Birkenhead, four in family, must have good references.— Address Mrs. M., 4, Kingsmead-road, South, Oxton, Birkenhead. 1537 WANTED, in an Officer's family, LADY NURSE for one little girl about two years old willing to go abroad if required.—For par- ticulars apply Mrs. Littler, Trinity Registry, Chester. 1544 COOK (superior) for High-class Cafe in Shrews- bury. One accustomed to private family cooking preferred. Sleep out. Good references. State salary required, &c.—Address C 64, "Chester Courant." ADIES.-HaN-izlg purchased a. manufacturer's JU stock of DRESS GOODS, shall offer some Armures, Cashmeres, Cords, Cloths in summer colorings, at one price all round, (-, the dress length carriage paid. Large assortment in Blacks. Patterns free.-v eiitnor-street Warehouse, Leeds. AGENT, with good sound connection amongsb wholesale bottlers, brewers, mineral water manufacturers, and wine and spirit merchants, WANTED to represent Old-established Firm of Importers and Manufacturers. Liberal commission to suitable applicant.—State references to Agent," c/o Seigle, 30, Lime-street, London. 1522 WORTH READING.—An interesting and fully illustrated article dealing with the SAVING OF RENT will be sent post free on receipt of post card (mentioning this paper) to The Manager, 72. Bishopsgate-street Without, London, E.C. It will only cost you a halfpenny to write for it, and it may be the moans of saving you many pounds. 1540 WANTED, good FAMILY RESIDENCE, on gravel soil, within easy distance of Man- chester, not exceeding one and a half hour by rail, and near main line station. If adjacent to good town, preferred. Must have four good reception- rooms besides billiard-room, good hall, and not less than eight best bedrooms, besides dressing and bath- rooms, and servants' accommodation; good gardens; stabling for five or six lodge, and with or without some adjoining land for shooting.—Address, giving particulars, rent, etc., Parkyri, Oaktield Hal], Dukinfield, near Manchester. 1534 INCREASE YOUR INCOME.-There are many JL men who at the present time are earning only a small weekly wage who would be glad to have an opportunity of adding to their incomes. To such men, if they are intelligent, active, and able to spare a few hours daily, this advertisement is ad- dressed, and anyone who wishes to know how his earnings may be increased and his interests advanced, will be supplied with particulars free upon applica- tion. The work need not interfere with any present occupation, and an hour or so per day regularly employed in this particular business has been found by many who have commenced by taking up the work in their spare time sufficient to make a splendid start, which has encouraged them after learning the work to devote their whole time, giving up other employment. Residence in any part of the United Kingdom is no objection, as the work can be localised. For particulars address "Result," Courant Office, Chester. 153U CHESTER STEAM LAUNDRY. victoria ROAD (CLOSE BY THE NORTHGATE STATION). All tho arrangements are 011 the most approved modern system for Washing, Ironing, Drying, Packing, &c., and the management most efficient. W. H. LIPSH AM, Secretary & General Manager (Chester Steam Laundry Co., Ltd.) Inspection is specally invited on any day excepting Mondays and Saturdays. THE FINEST HEALTH RESORT IN NORTH WALES RHOS ABBEY HOTEL, —— RHOS-ON-SEA, COLWYN BAY. Facing the sell, pure bracing air, delightful clilrate, cbnrmiug scenery, water supply and sanitation perfect. Elegant apartments, every home comfort; all bedrooms sea view. Excellent golf links by the sea within half-a- mile. Hig-h-class cuisine. 'ferms moderate. Tariff anply Fr. MEIEIt, Proprietor (late at the WINDSOR HOTEL, GLASGOW).