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HOOTON PARK RACES. Stewards: His Grace the Duke of Westminster, the Right Hon. Lord Rossmore, Mr. J. Reid Walker, Mr. W. Hall Walker, and Capt. L. H. Jones. Handicapper: Mr. R. K. Mainwaring. Starter: Lord Arthur Grosvenor. Judge and Clerk of the Scales: Mr. W. H. Nightingale. Clerk of the Course and Stakeholder: Mr. W. S. Gladstone. Deiightful weather favoured the Hooton Park Whitsuntide meeting on Monday, and the execu- tive are to be congratulated on the excellent man- ner in which everything passed off. The unpro- pitious outlook in the morning would, it was thought, militate against the attendance, but this tear proved groundless, and the financial result should be satisfactory. Among the company present in the club enclosure were the Duke and Duchess of Westminster, Lord Arthur Grosvenor, Lord Enniskillen, Mr. H. M. Wilson, the Mayor and Mayoress of Chester (Mr. and Mrs. James Frost) and Miss E. Frost, Mr. J. J. Cunnah, Mr. CDLingwood Hope, Mr. H. C. Chambres, Mr. H. ,I.y, Mr. A. 13. M'Culloch, Mr. W. Rathbone, Mr. P. L. Roopor, Mr. G. E. Lockett, Mr. T. G. Boscawen, Colonel W. Hall Walker, Captain L. H. oones, Mr. R. C. Drury, Mr. Hubert Potts, Mr. W. Trubshaw, etc. The opening race saw six runners under silk, and Lakota had the market call at fractionally worse odds than Thremhall, and the pair finished second and first respectively. Still and his joc kev came a bad cropper at the first obstacle, and Wexford Boy ran out when opposite the paddock, and jumping the rails, threw his jockey, Scott. Five was the main in the West- wood Selling Hurdle Race, and Shepherd King and Snarley Yow divided favouritism, only to be beaten by Deportment, for whom there was plenty of money. The Mersey National Hunt Flat Race followed, and again five went to the post, the Duke of Westminster riding his horse Child Waters, who opened at 2's and finished at iTs, the odds-on favourite, Raymond, beating Rochdale by two lengths, with Child Waters a couple of lengths away. Details are appended:- PRIORY HANDICAP HURDLE RACE of 80 sovs. Two miles. 11 12 Mr. C. Mynor's THREMHALL, 4yrs.F. Lyall 1 11 13 Mr. F. Kitchener's Lakota, 6vrs E. Matthews 2 12 7 Mr. S. B. Joel's Gorgonzola, 5yrs Mr. F. Hartigan 3 12 3 Mr. J. A. Bradshaw's Cutler, aged G. Goswell 0 10 12 Mr. A. Sherry's Wexford Boy, 4yrs R. Scott 0 10 0 Mr. S. Coleman's Still, 4yrs Glover 0 Betting 2 to 1 agst Lakota, 5 to 2 Thremhall, 9 to 2 Gorgonzola, 5 to 1 Cutler, and 10 to I others. —Won by a length; six lengths between the second and third. WESTWOOD SELLING HURDLE RACE of 100 sovs. Two miles. 11 3 Mr. T. Southall's DEPORTMENT, 5yrs G. Goswell 1 11 7 Mr. Rogers's Snarley-Yow, aged Mr. J. T. Rogers 2 10 7 Mr. M. Harper's Shepherd King, 4yrs Owner 3 11 2 Mr. A. J. Gilmour's Hippolyta, a.Kelly 0 10 2 Mr. J. Bickley's Wild Novice, 4yrsMetcalfe 0 Betting 7 to 4 each agst Shepherd King and Snarley-Yow, 9 to 4 Deportment, and 10 to 1 others. — Won by two lengths; four lengths between the second and third. MERSEY NATIONAL HUNT FLAT RACE of 100 sovs. Two miles on the flat. 11 9 Mr. F. R. Hunt's RAYMOND, 6yrs Mr. Peebles L 11 0 Col. H. Walker's Rochdale, aged. Owner 2 12 4 Duke of Westminster's Child Waters, 5yrs Owner 3 11 4 Mr. T. Wadlow's Broad Sanctuary, 5yrs Mr. INugent 0 11 0 Mr. R. Walker's Equator, 4yrsMr. H. Huut 0 Betting: 5 to 4 on Raymond, 3 to 1 agst Roch- dale, 4 to 1 Equator, and 5 to 1 others. Won by two lengths four lengths between the second and third. HOOTON HALL HANDICAP STEEPLECHASE of 200 sovs.—Two miles and a half. 12 7 Mr. J. Habin's BELL SOUND, a., Matthews 1 10 11 Mr. J. A. Scorror's Belmont, aged .Lyall 2 10 9 Gen. Sir R Palmer's Mysterious Lady, tiyrs Goswell 3 11 7 Mr. B. Walker's Ship-shape, a.Haswell 0 10 12 Mr. W. H. Walker's Hill of Bree, Gyrs Phillips 0 10 11 Mr. C. Macdonald's Vincent, aged Mr. Nugent 0 10 10 (in. 101b ex.) Mr. R. Brown's Domineer, 5yrs Scott 0 10 10 Capt. Buller's Willie, aged .Barry 0 10 7 Mr. W. Edwards's Warlock, a., R. Gordon 0 10 5 Mr. J. Muddimer's Sequel II., a., Mr Hunt 0 10 4 Mr. G. W. Morrison's Irish Chief, (iyrs Latham 0 10 0 Mr. F. Kitchener's War Game, 5y., Brady 0 10 0 Mr. If. Kitchener's Peterfield II., aged Glover 0 Betting: 7 to 2 agst War Game, 5 to 1 Vincent, ti to 1 Bell Sound, 7 to 1 each Ship-shape and Willie, 10 to 1 each Laplander, Belmont, and War- lock, and 100 to G others. Won by two lengths same between the second and third. SELLING STEEPLECHASE of 150 sovs.-Twoiiiilei. 12 0 Mr. F. Kitchener's SHACKLEFORD, aged E. Matthews 1 12 0 Mr. S. B. Joel's Mareha Real, Gyrs Mr. F. Hartigan 2 11 7 Mr. C. H. Tinsley's Haskeval, 5y., Phtllips 3 12 0 Air. H. C/arnikow'sTrueno, a., Mr Bletsoe 0 12 0 Mr. Haigh's Hoylake, Gyrs G. Goswell 0 Betting: 7 to 4 each agst Marcha Real and Shackleford, 3 to 1 Haskeval, and 10 to 1 others. Won by three lengths; a bad third. Winner bought in for IGOgs. BIRKENHEAD STEEPLECHASE PLATE of 45 so v.— Three miles. 12 2 Mr. Allerton's The Panther, a., G. Goswell 1 12 2 Mr. R. Walker's Erik, Gyrs .F. Hassall 2 11 6 Mrs. Hunter's Maude's Pride, 6yrs, R. Gordon 3 11 3 Mr. M. T. Martin's Caracalla Mr. C. Piggott 0 Betting: 2 to 1 on The Panther, 5 to 2 agst Jaiacalla, and 10 to 1 Eri c and Maude's Pride. The winner made all the running and won by live length a bad third. length a bad third.



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