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BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. ♦ — HAWARDEN. The fortnightly meeting of the Hawarden Boord of Guardians was held at Broughton Workhouse on Thursday. FINANCES. The Clerk stated that the treasurer had re- ceived jE4 lls. 6d. from the collector. There was a balance in hand of LI,289, and the amount re- quired was J6117 13s, and JB2 14s. 3d. asked for by the School Attendance Committee. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported 76 inmates during the fort- night, as against the same number in the corre- sponding period last year. The number of vagiants during the fortnight was 21. The Master also reported that Lady Olivia Fitzpatrick visited the house on Monday, and kindly brought the old people tea, sugar and tobacco.—The best thanks of the Board were accorded the visitors, on the motion of Mr. John Jones, seconded by Mr. J. right. SEALAND OVERSEERS. The Clerk informed the Sealand representatives, who were present, that their district was in a most unsatisfactory state. (Hear, hear and laughter.)— Mr. H. Hassall said the assistant overseers had been appointed, but he did not know where tney were. (Laughter.)—Mr. W. Shepherd then moved that the two appointments, namely, those of Messrs. Littler and H. H. Carrier, be confirmed by the Board.—This was done. The Registrar-General wrote that he y*a(i r6^ ceived the resignation of Colonel Evans-Lloyd Oi the registrarship of the Chester district, which would take effect in August next. He was now prepared to receive applications. He would not approve of the office's being in the same place as the clerk to the guardians' officc.The Clerk (Mr. H. Goodman Roberts) contended that the office should be offered to the clerk. The guardians must provide another office for the purpose. It 0, was decided that the whole of the Board form a committee, to meet before the next fortnight y meeting. ANNUAL APPOINTMENTS. A letter from the Gainsborough Board of Guardians suggesting that all officials should be engaged for one year only in the future was read. The Clerk asked the Board not to consider the matter as they would never be able to get any self- respecting and competent officer of the guardians to accept twelve months' engageinents. —Mr Wilcox matter as they would never be able to get any self- respecting and competent officer of the guardians to accept twelve months' engageinents. —Mr Wilcox moved that the letter be thrown under the table. (Laughter.)—No action was taken. DATES OF THE MEETINGS. The date of the usual fortnightly meeting occurring on the 26th June, it was agreed on the motion of the Chairman to hold the meetmg on the The Chairman proposed that after the last meet- ing in June the meetings be held on alterna e Fridays, commencing on July 11. Thursday was a very awkward day for the clerk. It was^ not tor his own convenience that he moved this. Ihe Board were losing a large amount of money because the Board meetings coincided with the magistiates' meetings either at Broughton, Hawarden, or Caergwrle. If they asked themselves what was the most convenient day for the majoritv of the Board he thought they would find it to be Friday. After some discussion it was decided, on the motion of Mr. John Jones, not to alter the date. VACCINATION FEES. The Clerk read the report of the Vaccination Committee. They recommended that the Is. üd. now paid in respect of children (Class A) be reduced to Is. in an urban district but that it remain the same for a rural district. For primary vaccina- tions and successful re-vaccinations they recom- mended 5s. in an urban district and 5s. fid. in a rural district, when the vaccinator attended at anyone's residence, and 2s 6d. where the applicant attended at the vaccinating station. Mr. A. Wright moved that the committee's report be adopted. Mr. E. Sidney Taylor protested against the fixing of what were practically the minimum fees the Government Board allowed. They were not dealing liberally and he questioned if they were dealing with justice. The committee's report was adopted. WHITCHURCH. A meeting of the Whitchuich Board of Guardians was held on Friday, the Chairman (Mr. R. P. Ethclston) presiding.—Tne Relieving Officer's re- port shewed that the out-relief during the fort- night was as follows: -6th week, 162 out-paupers relieved at a cost of £ 14 9s. 2d.: 7th week, 16- at £ 13 10s. The corresponding period for last yea was: 6th week, 182 at £ 16 5s. 8d.; 7th week 181 at. L15 9s.—Mr. W. H. Smith A very hea.tny Iû duction. (Hear, btar.)-The Master s books shewed that during the past fortnight- there had been 34 inmates in the house, against. 70 for the corresponding period of last year; and that 196 vagrants had been relieved during the same period, against- 129 last year.—The Master reported that a casual had been sentenced to ten days for tearing up his clothes.—Thomas Sheridan, aged 56 years, had died on the 14th inst.—The officers asked leave to take their holidays at convenient t.rncs.-Ti)is was agreed to on the usual conditions.—The ques- tion arose as to the best method of treating the inmates oil Coronation Day, and the Master sug- gested that a "Christmas" dinner, with tobacco, sweets, tea, and sugar, etc., should be given to tho inmates; he thought that a repetition of the Christmas programme would b2 genei-aily appreci- ated.—It was pointed out that the children would have their tea in the town with the other children, and it was therefore thought desirable that the dinner in the house should take place on the other day.—The suggestion was unanimously adopted, and on the Master's reporting that a new flag and pole were- necessary (the other flng having come to grief), it was decided that a fresh one should be procured.

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