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FRIENDLY SOCIETIES. 4 MANCHESTER UNITY OF ODDFELLOWS. The Annual Movable Committee of the Man- chester Unity of Oddfellows was opened at New- castle-on-Tyne on Monday, when Grand Master R. J. Vullender delivered his inaugural address. The Grand Master said that at the end of last year the membership of the Unity was only 3,466 short of a million, and the capital stood a.t £ 10,750,854. Tho income o' the society was now £ 1,760,388, and the payments of benefits to members £ 1,399,763. Immediately following the Grand Master's address, the North London District raised a question with respect to the action of the Board of Directors in refusing to register a district- aided sick pay rule, under which a levy is made upon the whole of the lodges to maintain the benefits of members in deficiency lodges. An excited discussion ensued, the North London representatives contending that the directors had acted ultra vires. SONS OF TEMPERANCE. The 47th annual sesfion of the Order of the Sens of Temperance was held on Monday at Bolton, when delegates were present from ¡¡..II parts of the United Kingdom. One delegate had come all the way from Port Elizabeth. Bro. W. Gleadowe, of Hull, presided. Bro. W. Wight- man, London, the Chief Secretary, reported that the adult branches had been increased by 43, the juvenile by 42, the adult membership by 4,901, the juvenile by 4,043. and the capital by over £ 20,000. The members now numbered 54,188; the juveniles 25,929, and the capital was £ 242,659 12s. The mortality was remarkable, having regard to the risks incidental to employment of ) many members. This year the mortality had j fallen to 5.9 per 1,000. The close of business was marked by an interesting ceremony, when Bro. ) William Clarke, of Manchester, P.M.W. scribe, was presented with a testimonial in recognition of 26 years' service in the interests of the Ord-:I. Bro. Wightman made the presentation, wmch took the form of an address, in book form, and a purse of gold. In the afternoon the delegates were received by the Mayor and Mayoress (Alderman and Mrs. Miles) in the Town Hall. They were afterward.. entertained to tea by the Mayor, who presided at, the concert which followed, and extended a hearty welcome to the delegates. WELSH GOOD TEMPLARS. The Grand Lodge of Wales (I.O.G.T.) com- menced its annual sittings at Carnarvon on Mon- day, under the presidency of Chief Templar Rees Evans. In the evening- there was a formal TO ception of between 200 and 300 delegates from all parts of the Principality by Councillor R. O. Roberts, the Mayor of Carnarvon. The report, oi the Chief Secretary shewed the total number of adult members to be 4,318, an increase of 414. while the juvenile lodges shewed a remarkable increase. Eleven new lodges had been estab- lished throughout the Principality, and there was an increased membership of 935. The various lodges were urged to exert themselves in the direction of cutting virgin ground. Reference was made to the efforts made to reduce the num- ber of public-houses, and to the fact that several drinking olubs. especially in the mining regions, should be abolished. It was stated that these clubs flourished mostly in and near Wrexham in North Wales, and in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales. The fact that many "bona fide travellers" went by train to get drink on Sundays was commented upon, and the lodges at Abergele. Maestef, and the Rhondda Vallev were urcred to exercise greater vigilanco. Public meetings were held in the evening. GRAND UNITED ORDER OF ODDFELLOVIS. The delegates to the Annual Movable Con- ference of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows assembled in Burnley on Monday. The financial statement shews that at the end of 1901 the num- ber of active branches was 4,917, an increase of 73 on the previous year. The total gain in mem- bership during the year was 3,659. Eight counties have increased, while two have de- creased. Lancashire has suffered a loss of 329, broua-ht. about larerely through branches being expelled for refusiiiar to register their rules in accordance with the Friendlv Societies' Act- and | general rules of the Order. The sum of £297,688 had been received in contributions, etc.. for meeting sickness and death claims, and £ 164,737 has been paid, leavinsr an increase in receipts over payments of £1;"2.951. The total mombership is 330.452, and the capital account stands at £ 1,067,093.

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