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We regret to learn that Mrs. Griffith-Boscawen, of Trevalyn Hall, is indisposed. The Counter of Selkirk, in consequence of mourning, was unable to be present at their Majesties' Court on Friday evening. The date of the ball to be given by the Duchess of Westminster at Grosvenor House has been altered from Tuesday, the 1st, to Wednesday, the 2nd of July. The Bishop of Chester and the Bishop of Liver- pool will visit St. Aidan's College, Birkenhead, on Thursday, and will be entertained at luncheon by the chairman and council of the college. The Duchess of Connaught has arrived at Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, on a visit to the Marqnis and Marchioness of Ormonde. Her Royal Highness, who travelled from Adare Manor, where she has been the guest of the Earl and Countess of Dunraven, was accompanied by Princess Margaret of Connaught. A marriage has been arranged, and will take place in July, between Mr. Stephen Leech, Second Secretary at l>is Majesty's Embassy at Rome, younger son of the late Mr. John Leech, of Gorse Hall, Cheshire, and of Mrs. Leech, 4, Kensington Palace Gardens, London, and Alice Florence, second daughter of Lord Elibank, Darn HaH, Peeblesshire. The Bishop of Chester will open a Church Army Lodging Home at Birkenhead on June tith, in con- nection with the already existing Labour Home. The Mayor will preside over a public meeting. Of thirty-five labour homes for men scattered through- out the land, twenty-two now have lodging homes attached to them, and it is hoped to still further increase the number, in order that the work of reclaiming the criminal and outcast may be rendered yet more effective. On the second day of the Welsh Industries Exhibition in Grosvenor House, the sale was opened by the Duchess of Beaufort. There was a far better attendance than on the previous day, as it was known that the Princess of Wales intended visiting the exhibition. Her Royal Highness arrived at 3.130, attended by Lady Mary Lygon and Captain Dugdale. The Princess was received by the Duchess of Beaufort, Lady Llangattock, Lady Eva Wyndham Quin and Lady Lettice Grosvenor. Her Royal Highness spent over an hour at the sale, and visited each stall making various purchases, and appeared much interested in the aims and endeavours of the association. The marriage of Lord Vaux of Harrowden to- Miss Margaret Plowden, daughter of Sir William Chichele Plowden and niece of Lord Mostyn, took place at the Roman Catholic Church, Welling- borough, on Thursday. The bridesmaid? were three daughters of Lord Mostyn. The bride was given away by Lord Burton. The Earl of Macclesfield is to be one of her Majesty's four train bearers at the Coronation. Lord and Lady Mostyn have arrived at 1, Here- ford-gardens for the season Lord Tollemache has been prevented by ill health from attending any of the King's Levees. He has now left London for Peckforton. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Threlfall and the Misses Threlfall have arrived at 21 Cadogan-gardens for the season Mrs. Charles Threlfall will give a small dance there on Thursday, the 12th of June. Sir Elliott Lees, BartL,, D.S.O., M.P., left London on Tuesday in order to go into camp with the Dorsetshire Yeomanry, in which corps he holds a captain's commission for their annual training, and will be absent from his Parliamentary duties until the end of the month. It is understood that Lord Penrhyn has just purchased the Plas Lodwig estate, Bangor, from Mr. W. Farrar Roberts. Plas Lodwig was strongly supported locally as a better site for the University College of North Wales than the Bishop's Park- cum-I enrallt site, which was finally selected by the Governors. Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll attended Colonel Barrington Foote's concert at Grosvenor House on Tuesday. Her Royal Highness was met at the entrance, and conducted to the concert room by Countess Grosvenor and Colonel and Mrs. Barrington Foote, and remained to the end of the concert. Miss Dorothy Cotton-Jodrell's wedding to Captain Ramsden is. fixed for June 3rd, and will take place at St t aul's, Knightsbridge. The bride s dress will be embroidered with white roses, and the bridesmaids will have toques and bouquets ot the same flower. There are to be ten brides- maids, among whom are Miss Clive Jodrell, Lady Muriel Parsons, Lady Beatrix Taylour, and the little daughters of Lady Maud Ramsden, Lady Broughton, and Mrs. Cosmo Bonsor. CHESTER ROYALTY THEATRE.—Mr. Roy Jackson's company is this week presenting "The Hand of Iron at the Royalty The piece has a sensational flavour about it and a healthy moral, and on Monday evening it met with hearty appreciation from a large audience. After this week the Theatre will be closed until August Bank Holiday. RIVER BATHING. The Boating and Baths Committee of the Corporation has received a letter from Mr J. Lyon Denson, asking jr* view of the demolition of the floating bath, whether the committee propose to make any provision for swimming in the river Dee in the early hours of the morning during the summer months. It was resolved that Mr. Denson be in- formed the committee cannot at present make any provision for open-air bathing. TRAM RETURNS.—The tram returns for the week are as follows :—Monday passengers 2,1)26, receipts 4;13 10s, 8d Tuesday, 2,430. 1;11 Os Sd. Wednes- day, 2,307, klO lli" Id. Thursday, 2,(>55, £ 12 2s. 9d. Friday, 2,7!!3, C12 14s lOd Saturday, 5,550, £ 25 7s. lid. Sunday, 1,295, £ (i Us total for the week, passengers 20.189 receipts EI)3 8s. 2d., compared with 10.2-18 £ 89 0s 7d in the correspond- ing week last year, being an increase of 9,941 passengers and £ 4 7s 7d On Bank Holiday there were 5,159 passenger and £ 25 9s. lOd. taken. On Whit-Monday last year the receipts were £ 27 Gs. 6d. A GIFT TO CHESTER. The sub-committee of the Improvement Committee recently re- ceived a letter from Mr J D. Siddall offer- ing to present a barometer and thermometer to the city, and suggesting it should be placed in a good glass-doored case, and that in making the proposed new support for the flag staff in the Town Hall square a suitable position might be arranged for the case either separate or as part of the structure. It was resolved that Mr. Siddall's offer be accepted with the best thanks of the com- mittee, and that in regard to the placing of the case the letter be referred to the Town Hall Committee. SONS OF THE CLERGY.—Earl Egerton of Tatton presided at a court of assistants of the Sons of the Clergy held at the Corporation House, Bloomsbury- place, on Friday. Twenty-three widows and 17 unmarried daughters were elected to fill vacancies on the pension list that had occurred in the past 12 months, and grants were also made to the amount of £ 2,350. A special vote of thanks was accorded to the Bishop of St. Albans for having, at the request of the Archbishop of Canterbury, under- taken to preach the festival sermon in St. Paul's Cathedral on April 30, in the absence through ill- ness of Prebendary Gibson, vicar of Leeds, who was to have been the preacher. CHESTER FRKF, LIImARY.-The following is the return of the issue of books for the week ending 17th May, 1902:—Lending department: Religion and philosophy 5, sociology 2, arts, sciences aud natural history 28, history, biographv, seo'Tapti v and travels 33, poetry and the drama Q° p^ose fiction 954, miscellaneous literature 15, juvenile- literature 192, total 1,235 reference department: Religion and philosophy IG, sociology 0, arts, sciences, and natural history (JO, history, biography, geography and travels ïli, poetry and the drama 41, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, &c., 2G7, miscellaneous, literature 10, total 470; combined totall, 705, daily average (lending department) 247, daily average (reference department) 78, combined daily average 325. SHOCKING SHOOTING FATALITY AT CREWE.— About midnight on Saturday a shocking shooting fatality happened at Crewe, resulting in the death of Albert Crimes, a shunter, re- siding in Remcr-street. It appears that the deceased was a great pigeon-fancier, and during the last few days had missed several valuable birds. Suspecting that they had been killed by cats, he took his double-barrelled gun into the yard for the purpose of shooting stray cats, it is supposed, and he shot one, and then concealed himself to await others. About midnight he stepped out, and stumbled into the yard. His gun went off, and the. cartridge entered his face under the left ear. blowing almost half of his head off The report of the gun attracted the attention of his brother, who immediately went to him, but found him quite dead. DEEP SEA FISHERMEN. We^have much pleasure in calling attention to the bazaar (happily termed a "Fishermen's Fair") to bo held at tho Newate Assembly Rooms on Tuesday next, the 27th inst, in aid of the funds of the above most excellent society-an object which will, we feel sure, com- mend itself to the sympathy and support of all who think of the perilous work of our brave sailors in the North Sea. We hope that Miss Sybil Clark, the local honorary secretary, who is kindly supported by the Mayoress and several other Chester and Bala friends, will realise a good round sum for the mission. We ought to add that the bazaar was postponed from April owing to the lamented death of Lady Lloyd, and Mrs F. Horatio Lloyd would have been an enthusiastic helper had it not been for the illness from which we are glad to hear she is fast recovering. Further particulars are advertised in another column. PARK BAND-STAND. At a recent meeting FIT the Improvement Committee of the Chester Town Council it was resolved that Colonel Smith, 2nd Volunteer Battalion Cheshire Regiment' be informed that the Committee are prepared to make temporary provision for a band-stand in Grosvenor Park similar to that of last v(!ar. At a subsequent meeting of the Improvement Sub- committee, a letter was read from Colonel Smith, pointing out that, besides consulting the convenieiy-e of the public, in enabling them to get round the band, he had hoped for a covered stand for the bandsmen, who under existing circumstances have to stand for two hours, possibly in rain, and then have to face a railway journey in their wet clothing. It was decided that Colonel Smith be informed the Committee regret they cannot provide a new cov ered band-stand this year, and that it be suggested the present covered stand be used in case of wet weather. VICTORIA JUBILEE NURSES. — The ladies who responded to the appeal of the Mayoress of Chester to collect on behalf of Queen Victoria's Jubilee Nurses Fund have now brought in their cards, which shew a gratifying total"of about £100. This sum has been received from the least well-to-do of the women of the city, tli- more prosperous residents having not yet been approached. These latter, however, will have an opportunity of giving their contributions on Sunday next, when practically all the churches and chapels in the city and suburbs will makb collec- tions on behalf of this fund, which is intended as a memorial of the great and much-revered Queen Victoria. The Mayoress, who is putting her whole heart into the benevolent work, is quite confident that these church collections will pro- duce a substantial sum, if the well-to-do inhabitants of the city and neighbourhood emulate the example set by their poorer neighbours. Thn donations from the houses already visited have come in sums ranging from sixpence to a penny. It will thus be seen that the company ot some tifty lady col- lectors have performed a self-sacriifcing work, and it is to be trusted that the effort will result in lie raising of a really handsome sum. STAGE COACHING REVIVED.—Three years ago an attempt was made to revive the glories of the stage coach between Chester and Shrewsbury, and con- sidering the fact that the country traversed is some of the finest in England, from both an historic and picturesque point of view, it is small wonder that the effort has been attended with the most successful results. This season (1902) Messrs White, of Liverpool (White's Carriage Co., Ltd., Benth y- road) have therefore determined to again run the "Old Times" Coach, commencing on Monday, May 20th. It will leave the Queen Hotel, Chester, at 11.20 am. (calling at the Grosvenor a few minutes later) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, arriving at Shrewsbury at 5.30 p.m. The return journeys will be made oh Tuesdays, Thurs- days, and Saturdays, starting from the Ravon Hotel, Shrewsbury, at 11.30. Single seats may be booked, or the whole coach may be engaged. One feature about last season's coaching was the penect; regularity with which passengers arrived at their destination thanks not only to excellent roads, but to the splendid teams which Messrs. White placed upon the route. The popularity of coaching will be further increased by the excellent arrangements made for the season 1902. Whip, Mr. Rodie Macfec.