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COUNTY SCHOLARSHIPS. The Cheshire County Council, at its meeting on Thursday, gave its approval to a scheme which must have far-reaching con- sequences upon advanced education in the county. Under this scheme a number of valuable science and art scholarships will be founded, with the assistance of grants from the Board of Education. These local scholar- ships are intended for competition among the pupils of elementary schools or of schools of science in the elementary course, and the Board of Education makes its grant in aid on condition that a sufficient sum is. provided for the special purpose of the scholarships locally, either by a rate levied under the Technical Instruction Act, 1889, or in some other way by living persons." Funds derived from endowments or from money held in trust, the donor being dead, will not be regarded by the Education Board as sufficient for this object. The Board of Education's contributions are on a liberal scale, as will be acknowledged from the state- ment that, in return for a sum of X5 per annum from the local authority for each scholar, a supplementary grant of £ 4 per scholar will be made by the Education Board for the first year, £ 7 for the second year and 910 for the third year. The County Council has wisely availed itself of this liberal offer, and has decided to award one hundred of these science and art scholarships every year This involves an expenditure of £ 500 for the first year, £ 1,000 for the second year and £ 1,500 for the third and succeeding years In return for this the Board of Education will give zC400 for the first year, 21,100 for the second year, and E2,100 for the third and succeeding years. Asllthe average cost of a scholarship is about £ 10 or ten guineas, the Technical Instruction Committee will be able to grant in addition some special aid to parents with limited means, in order to enable them to keep their children who are bursars at school. It is claimed in support of the scheme that one important effect it would have would be the improvement of the local secondary schools, which would thus be provided with precisely the sort of pupils required. The scheme, as will be seen from our report of the meeting, met with general approval, and the expense will be increased by some £ 50 a year, to provide two science and art exhibitions for the maintenance of two students at some college or school where an advanced course is obtainable, the Board of Education in this instance contributing a like sum.

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