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BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. 0 WIRRAL. The fortnightly meeting of this Board was held at Clatterbridge Workhouse on Wednes- day, Mr. W. Knowles presiding. PROVISION FOR EPILEPTICS. A DIFFICULTY. The Clerk read replies from various unions in the county to a circular which he had addressed to them, enquiring what arrangements they had made for the treatment of their epileptic cases. Mr. W. Congreve said if they communicated with the County Council they would probably deal with the difficulty by building a large establishment for epileptics, the cost of which might fall rather heavily on the different unions. He had nothing at all to say against the County Council, but he thought the Guardians were quite capable of considering the matter more fully before they referred it to some other authority. Mr. Townshend said he felt that the proper way to deal with the question was to divide the Cheshire unions in two or three districts and provide a house for the temporary lodging of these poor creatures, the expense of which would fall in proportion upon each union. That would be a much more economical way of deal- ing with the matter, particularly as there did not seem to be a very large number of these epileptics in the various unions. He agreed with Mr. Congreve that the County Council might feel disposed to erect a large building which would cost a large amount of money, and they (the Guardians) would perhaps have heavy establishment charges to pay. Mr. S. W. Gill said he thought it was the duty of the County Council to make proper provision for the treatment of epileptic cases, as that body was more responsible than the guardians. He was in favour of a proper institution for epileptics. They had in the workhouse at the present time a young man of a very respectable family of tradespeople. He was being kept simply as a pauper because he happened to be epileptic, whereas if provision was made in the proper way, he would not be in the position of a pauper. The money received for his maintenance at the work- house would keep him in a suitable institution without the stigma of being a pauper. The young man was very smart and intelligent. He moved a resolution that the County Council be asked if they have any special provision for epileptics in the Chester County Asylum. Mr. W. Christian seconded. The Clerk It is a question whether the County Asylum can take them in unless a doctor certifies them to be lunatics. The resolution was carried. HAWARDEN. MAGISTRATE WANTED FOR SALTNEY. A meeting of the Hawarden Board of Guardians was held on Friday, the Chairman (Mr. W. Fryer) presiding. Mr. John Jones (Sandycroft) called attention to the hardship Saltney suffered in not having a magistrate in the district. Recently there was a lunacy case at Sandycroft, and the doctor certified that the case ought to be sent to the Asylum. The doctor gave the relieving officer the necessary papers, and the latter left them at the residence of a Hawarden magistrate in order that they might be signed. The latter, however, omitted to sign them, and conse- quently all the arrangements for conveying the case to the Asylum the next day were upset. For two years the Parish Council of Saltney had been asking the Lord Lieutenant to appoint an additional magistrate, but so far without effect. As a further instance of the inconvenience under which they were labouring he mentioned that recently the assistant over- seer for Saltney had to go to Connah's Quay to get a supplementary list of rates signed. He hoped the matter would receive the attention of the Lord Lieutenant. A monthly statement was read in connection with Hope parish, shewing that the amount of recoverable arrears outstanding had been materially reduced.—A discussion arose as to the dietary orders, and it was agreed that a committee consisting of Messrs. Fryer, Milling- ton, Bellis, H. Jones, and Miss Thom, deal with the matter and report to the Board.—A letter was read from the Hawarden Parish Council suggesting a re-valuation of the parish of Buckley (Mold) when it was transferred to the Hawarden Union from the Holywell Union. It was resolved that the Assessment Committee should take the question into consideration.