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CHESTER'S WELCOME. ENTHUSIASTIC DEMONSTRATION. TOUCHING REPLY BY THE DUKE. The city welcomed the young Duke home with a cordiality which was unmistakable. The arrangements were perfect, with the exception of one thing, and that the weather, but the clerk of the weather ignominously failed in his efforts to damp the enthusiasm of the citizens. Large crowds of people commenced to assemble in the Rows and streets shortly after noon, and some time before the Duke's arrival every place of vantage was occupied. The tradesmen had plentifully bedecked their premises with bunting the Eastgate had been decorated by the civic authorities; here and there the motto, "Welcome Home" was displayed, and alto- gether the city wore an appearance worthy of the occasion. The Cathedral and other church bells rang out merry peals of welcome, and as the Ducal party drove up Bridge-street and North- gate-street to the Market-hall, the assembled spectators enthusiastically cheered, and franti- cally waved pocket handkerchiefs. The Duke heartily acknowledged the salutations. His Grace was accompanied by the Countess. Mr. George Wyndham, M.P., Lady Lettice Grosvenor, the Hon. Cecil T. Parker, Mrs. and Miss Parker, Col. and Mrs. Wilford Lloyd. The Market Hall was reached at two o'clock, and as the distinguished party entered the building the audience warmly cheered. The scene in the hall at this moment was one to be remembered. Every corner of the spacious building was filled by citizens eager to see and welcome his Grace. The Market Hall has by no means an attrac- tive appearance, but the decorators had been surprisingly successful in their efforts, and for the nonce the building bad quite a gay and inviting appearance. Conspicuous on the wall at the far end of the hall were the National Arms, and flags and trophies galore were attached to the roof, the pillars, and, in fact, were in every suitable spot. The tops of the stalls had been effectively draped in blue with festoons of orange, and the effect was most artistic. On either side of the central entrance to the hall was drawn up a detachment ef the Chester Fire Brigade in full uniform. The main plat- form was covered with red baize and ornamented with yellow chrysanthemums and ferns. Just below there was a profusion of palms and letters of yellow and white chrysanthemums, forming the word" Welcome" on a background of moss. On three sides of this space sat fifty Clio boys, and beyond was a vast gathering of citizens. On the balcony at the far end the bands of the 1st C. and C.V.A. and the 2nd (Earl of Chester's) V.B.C.R. discoursed selections of music, and to the right of them was a large motto in blue on a white background, bearing the words Welcome Home." The Mayor and the ducal party took their seats on the central platform, where a bright bit of colour was lent to the scene by the aldermen in their picturesque gowns. Among those who had also seats allotted to them on this platform were the Mayoress,the High Sheriff and Mrs. B. C. Roberts, the Bishop and Mrs. Jayne, the Dean and Mrs. Darby, Major-General Swaine and Mrs. Swaine, Mr. Henry Tollemache, M.P., Miss Alicia Brown, Miss Howson, Sir Thomas and Lady Frost, &c. The Mayor rose amid renewed cheers and said: My lord Duke, and citizens of Chester, I beg to extend to your Grace the hearty con- gratulations and hearty welcome of the city of Chester. (Cheers.) We look up to you and welcome you as the head of the great House of Grosvenor-one of the noblest in the land -id(cheors) and we beg you to accept our hearty congratulations upon your having recently attained your majority and having entered upon the enjoy- ment of those wide possessions and those great privileges which are part of your great inheritance. We welcome your Grace as our n ighbour, and, if I may say so without pre- sumption, as our friend. (Applause.) We welcome your Grace as by right of birth a Freeman of the ancient city of Chester. (Hear, hear, and cheers.) We welcome your Grace as the son of thegracious lady, the Countess Grosvenor, who has won for herself from every section of- the community our deepest respect and our affectionate regard. We welcome you-aud with the very warmest thankfulness—on your safe return from the scenes in the South African war now, we are glad to see, becoming a thing of the past. You have taken your part in that war fighting for the integrity of the Empire, and for the maintenance in that destracted region of those grand principles of liberty and freedom. (Cheers.) Your Grace has been good enough to devote one of the earliest days of your return to visit this ancient city and to accept the address which the citizens desire to present to you of congratula- tion aDd welcome upon your return. That address will express to you in far better terms than any poor words that I can use the feelings of the city towards yourself. I will now ask the Recorder of the city, Sir Horatio Lloyd, to be good enough to read it. (Cheers.) The Recorder then read the address, which was in scroll form, was bound in silk, and was attached to an ivory roller. It was surmounted by the city arms, and at the foot was a piece of silk in yellow and black-the Duke's racing colours—on which the city seal was fixed. The address ran as follows:— To the Most Noble Hugh Richard Arthur, Duke of Westminster. May it please your Grace, We, the Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens of the city and county borough of Cheater, desire very sincerely to bid your Grace hearty welcome on this, your first visit to our city after your safe return from South Africa. It will doubtless be a life-long satisfaction to your Grace that, in circumstances which might reasonably have otherwise influenced you, you have taken an honourable part with the Imperial Forces in the war in South Africa, now happily nearing its close. It is owing to your Grace's absence abroad that we have not earlier had the opportunity we now seize to tender our hearty congratulations on your attaining your majority, and succeeding to your title and estates. It is with pleasure and pride we hail your Grace as a citizen born free of our city, and recall the long, intimate, and much-esteemed connexion and association of your noble House with Chester. It is our earnest wish that every earthly blessing may attend you, and that you may long live to enjoy the affectionate regard and deep esteem so long entertained by all classes of our citizens for the House of Grosvenor, and so greatly strengthened by the high and noble character of your predecessor, the late much- lamented Duke, in whose footsteps we hope and believe your Grace will feel it your highest privi- lege to follow. Given under the common seal of our city, the 6th day of November, 1900, and signed by the Mayor and Town Clerk. The Duke then rose and received the address, and this was the signal for an outburst ol cheering. He said:—"Your Worship, Aldermen, and fellow-citizens of Chester, I thank you from my heart for the welcome home which you have given me. (Cheers). And for all the kind thought and good wishes embodied in this address. My absence abroad in a distant province of the Empire, where Cheshire soldiers and Cheshire yeomen have fought side by. side with forces drawn from all parts of her Majesty's dominions has not loosened, but has drawn closer, the natural ties which bind me to this ancient city. (Cheers.) You have spoken of the regard and esteem in which my dear grandfather was held by all who knew him. (Cheers.) I know how hard it will be to fulfil the duties which he has left to me, but I shall have one great help, which you have indicated in your address. I, shall have a model to follow the memory of his character and devotion to duty. (Cheers). And I find yet another great help in the goodwill which you shew me by the warmth of your welcome. (Cheers.) Assisted by your goodwill, I shall constantly endeavour to win your esteem also by following his example. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you. (Loud cheers.) The Mayor called for three cheers for the Duke of Westminster, and the response was of a character which shewed that the Duke was indeed .welcome home." All upstanding, the cheers echoed and re-echoed against the roof. Then the memorable proceedings terminated, and the city bells again clanged forth a joyous peal. Among others present, in addition to the names already given, were:—Aldermen W. H. Churton, Thomas Smith, Dr. Stolterfoth, J. J. Cunnah, G. A. Dickson, G. Dutton, W. Williams, John Jones; Councillors J. M. Frost, S. Coppack, John Lightfoot, Dr. Archer, John I Jones, U. W. Lmtton, J. b'. JLjOwe, J. Higerton Gilbert, R. Cecil Davies, Dr. John Roberts, Dr. Mann, S. Moss, M.P., Dr. Hamilton, Roger Jackson, Isaac Jones, John R. Rae, J. William- son, James G. Frost, D. L. Hewitt, H. Dodd, J. Gooddie Holmes, W. Ferguson, G. W. Haswell, W. Carr, G. H. Reynolds, E. Dutton, and W. Vernon; the city treasurer (Mr. J. R. Thomson), the city coroner (Mr. E. Brassey), the city surveyor (Mr. I. Matthews Jones), the chief constable (Mr. J. H. Laybourne), the city accountant (Mr. F. J. Beckett), the committee clerk (Mr. W. Peers), the medical officer of health (Dr. Kenyon), the public analyst (Mr. W. F. Lowe), the police surgeon (Dr. Harrison), the electrical engineer (Mr. Thursfield), Dr. Duff, Mr. N. A. E. Way. Magistrates, not members of the Council: Mr. J. Thompson, His Honour Judge Wynne Ffoulkes, Messrs. F. Bullin, R. L. Barker, H. R. Bowers, J. Cullimore, W. M. Dobie, James Taylor, with Mr. F. W. Sharpe (magistrates' clerk), and Messrs. Geo. Davison and Allan Sharpe (assistant magistrates' clerks), Messrs. F. J. Warmsley and Harry Jones (auditors), Dr. F. J. Butt (chairman Hoole District Council), Mr. J. Pover (chairman Board of Guardians), Mr. Thomas Knowles (deputy-chairman Board of Guardians), Mr. R. T. Richardson (chairman Chester Rural District Council), Mr. Rowe Morris, Mr. W. Turnock (clerk Chester Rural District Council), Messrs. W. Shone, J. D. Siddall, James Hunter, Geo. P. Miln, C. G. Haswell, James Rogers, Hugh Ll. Jones (official receiver), Dr. Lawrence, the Rev. A. E. Farrar, Mr. Alex. Hornby (Upton Asylum), Mr. H. Stockham (surveyor of taxes), Mr. J. C. Belton (gas engineer), Messrs. W. S. Moss and Geo. Crowe (Water Company), Mr. Harvey Lowe (Telephone Company), Mr. W. Thorne (superintendent Joint lines), Mr. F. H. Dent (district superintendent L. & N.-W.-R.), Mr. G. Grant (district superintendent G.-W.-R.),Messrs. T. Henshaw, Cunninghame Green, J. T. Reddish, W. Marrs, H. Footner, T. Hales, J. G. Hope, J. Bradburn, J. M. Hengler, J. Gardner, W. Ballance, Colonel Dixon (chairman County Council), Mr. T. W. Killick (deputy chairman), Messrs. H. F. Bull, H. Beswick, J. Williams, Reginald Potts, C. Hibbert, Col. Hamersley, Col. Cope, Mr. W. Leah, Mr. Trevor Parkins (Gresford), Dr. Davidson. Military: Majors A. Fuller, Acland Hood, Colonels Courteney, Savage and Winter, Captains Wright and Evans Lombe, Lieut.- Colonel Parkinson, Colonel Compigne, Lieut.- Col. Gunning, Lieut.-Col. Gilbert, Major Mere- dith, Major Phillimore, Capt. Butler, Capt. Forestier Walker, Surgeon Major Colman, Capt. T. Ward, Capt W. McKay, Capt. D. B. Thomas, Col. A. W. Sheringham, Major Wyley, Lieuts. Cramer Roberts and Napier Nunn. 1st C. and C.V.A.: Majors Mason and Bonnalie, Captains J. B. Hall and F. H. Lloyd, Major Fountain, Captain F. Taylor, Lieutenant V. H. Dickson, Captain J. H. Wood, Surgeon-Lieut- Wright. 1st V.B. Cheshire Regiment: Colonel T. J. Smith, Colonel A. R. Fluitt, Captains Q. 0. Evans and C. E. Bromley, Lieutenants R. L. Nicholson and H. Davison, Surgeon H. W. King, Lieutenants W. A. V. Churton and Cecil Smith, Captain and Quartermaster C. Edwards. Earl of Chester's Yeomanry Cavalry: Lieu- tenants Swetenham, H. Barnston.and Verdin. Citizens, &c.: Major-General and Mrs. Adair, Mrs. and Miss Ashmall, Miss Ashmington, Miss Lucy Brown, Mr. T. and Mrs. Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Booth, Mr. and Mrs. George Barbour (iiolesworth Castle), Mrs. and Miss Bagnall, Miss Barclay, Miss Barker, Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Bonnalie Dr. J. C. Bridge, Mrs. Jno. Brown, Mrs. and Miss Broadbent, Mr. H. and Mrs. Broadbent, Mrs. Chas. and Miss Bennett, Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Brassey, Miss Birley, Mr. G. H. Bramall, Mr. F. and Mrs. Coplestone, Mr. G. F. and Mrs. Clough, Mrs. and Miss Cummings, Mrs. Churton, Mrs. and Miss Pitcairn Campbell, Mr. J. P. Cartwright, the Misses Cartwright and Mrs. T. C. Cartwright, Major and Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Clegg, Mr. A. and Mrs. Clemence, Mr. Geo. and Mrs. Caswall, Mrs. W. Denson and Mr. Jno. Denson, Mr. Edward Dixon, Mr. Thos. Henry and Mrs. Dixon, Mr. W. L. and Mrs. Davies, Mr. Henry Duckworth, Mrs. and Miss Duckworth, Mrs. C. Dutton, Mrs. Dixon, the Misses Du Pauget, the Misses Donne, Mrs. J. Donne, Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Dickson, Mrs. and Miss Keith Douglas, Mrs. and Miss Dickson (Upton House), Mrs. Alfred and Miss Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Davies, Lieutenant- Colonel Drury, Mrs. Ambrose Dixon, Mr. J. Douglas, Miss Eggers, Mr. and Mrs. John Fenna, Miss Fluitt, Mrs. and Miss Gilbert (Liverpool-road), Mrs. and Miss Greenall, Miss Gunton, Miss Glascodine, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Hignett, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hayes, Mr. James Hobday, Mr. Edward and Miss Hobday, Mr. and Mrs. Melville Holmes, Miss Harrison (Paradise-row), Mrs. and Miss Hostage, Mrs. Hignett, Miss Hillyard, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hincks, Mrs. and Miss Haining, Mr. W. H. and Mrs. Henderson and Miss Clough, Mrs. Hughes and Mr. W. H. Hughes, Col. and Mrs. and Miss Herne, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Hostage, Mr. and Mrs. Holme, Mr. John Hargreaves, Mrs. and the Misses Ingall, Mr. W. Carstairs Jones and Mrs. Jones, Major B. Johnson, Mr. E. M. Joyce, Mr. H. A. Jenner, Mr. S. Bulkeley and Mrs. Jacson, the Rev. Hayward Joyce and Mrs. and Miss Joyce, Mrs. R. Jones and Miss and Mr. E. Jones (Barrel Well), Mr. R. Jones (Bridge-street), Mr. Norman Jones, Mr. Eustace Jones, Judge Gwynne James, Mr. E. C. and Mrs. Kendall, Mrs. and the Misses Kennedy, the Misses Kerr and party, Miss Kelham, the Misses Kelsall and Miss Robinson, Mr. F. W. and Mrs. Longbottom, Mr. H. A. and Mrs. Latham, Mr. W. E. and Mrs. Little, Mr. W. E. and Mrs. Lindop, Mrs. James and Miss Lowe, the Rev. W. Lutener, Mrs. and Miss Lutener, Mr. P. H. Lockwood, Mr. H. Lyle Smyth, Mrs. and Miss Smyth, Archdeacon Goldwyer Lewis and Mrs. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lockwood, Major-General and Mrs. and Miss Mocatta, Mr. E. and Mrs. Minshull, Lieut.- Colonel Miller, Mr. J. M. B. and Miss Mowle, Miss Massie, Mrs. and Miss Marston, Mr. and Mrs. Allan T. Morris, Mrs. McEwen, Mr. and Mrs. Marillier, Mr. J. A. and Mrs. Mowle, the Misses Marsden, Mr. and Mrs. McCulloch, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ould. Mr. and Mrs. G. Oldmeadow, Mr. and Mrs. Ockleston, Mr. G., Mrs. and Miss Okell (Barrow), Mrs. Arthur Potts, Mr. Robert Parry, the Rev. Mungo Park and Mrs. Park, Miss Potts (Hough Green), the Misses Payne, Mrs. and the Misses Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Blencowe Peake, Mrs. T. J. Powell, Lieut.-Colonel, Mrs. and Miss Read, Mr. C. W. and Miss Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. W. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Roberts, Mr. O. Ambrose Roberts and Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Morden Rigg and Mrs. Rigg, Mr. P. L. and Mrs. Rooper, Mrs. R. Roberts and Miss Roberts, Mrs. and Miss Royle and Mrs. Young, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Leighton E. Shone, Mr. Jno. Scott and Miss Scott, Mr. James Strong and Mrs. Strong, Mr. W. F. Small, Mr. Frank Segar, Mrs. Scotland, Mrs. Stewart, Miss Helen Smith, Miss Smith (Abbot's Hayes), Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Speakman, the Rev. Hylton and Mrs. Stewart, Mr. H. Taylor Harrison, Mr. Frank and Mrs. Turner, Mr. Wilfred Trubshaw, Mr. F. Willis Taylor and Mrs. Taylor, Mr Alfred and Mrs. and Miss Tyrer (Plas Newton), Miss Tilston, Mrs. and the Misses Tomlin, Mr. and Mrs. James Turbett, Mr. Edward and Mrs. and Miss Thomas, Mr. R. T. and Mrs. Wickham, Mr. R. J. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Colt Williams, Mr. A. Wolfenden, Mr. and Mrs. W. Welsby, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. J. Walley, Mr. H. S. Whalley, Mr. T. J. Price Walmsley, Miss Wood, Mrs. J. R. and Mr. M. Williams (Gros- venor Park-road), the Misses Wilbraham, Mrs. T. Wood, Mrs. R. S. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. E. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Welsford, Miss Wad- dington, Mr, J. Lightfoot and Mrs. and Miss Walker, Mr. A. and Mrs. Wild, Miss Weaver, Mrs. and Miss Giles, Mrs. and Miss Robin, the Hon. Mrs. Carr, Mr. and Mrs. J. uoiaer, Mr. and Mrs. Fraser, Mr. and the Hon. Mrs. Trelawny, Mr. and Mrs. Algernon Chambres, Miss Johnson Roberts, Col. and Mrs. Butlin, Miss Waters, Mr. and Mrs. R. Fleming, Mr. Stanley Clarke, the Rev. W. F. Shillito, Mr. Stivens, Miss Greswell (Infirmary), Miss Wright (Rescue Home), Sister Violet Hyde, Lady Superior of the Dee Convent, Mrs. Sandford, Messrs. Boden, C. H. Minshall, A. E. Jones, J. P. Carter, R. Challinor, Lewis Roberts, J. Elphick, T. B. Richardson, J. A. Lyon, S. Pickering, W. H. Nightingale, T. Ryde Jones, F. Amos, H. E. Crane, Beresford Adams, E. Andrews, E. N. Humphreys, H. J. Price, F. A. Pye, J. Rogers, H. Small, H. Jack- son, John Williamp, A. Lamont, junr., R. B. L. Johnston, H. E. Taylor, J. W. Huke, Charles Greenhouse, F. F. Brown, J. Sheriff Roberts, T. Hart Davies, W. E. Little, W. F. J. Shepheard, Ironside Bax, Ward, A. Clemence, W. A. Billington, George Richards, W. Coventry, A. H. Jones, J. L. Kemp, T. B. Meacock, E. Cuzner, James Parry, H. B. Dutton, T. G. Frost, R. P. Bradbury, T. W. Jones, James Dutton, F. Skipwith, T. Wood, F. Bolland, A. W. Butt, C. Cooper, M. Barber, Ernest Dodd, and G. H. T. r .1\.1 era e;' Clergy: Archdeacon Barber, Canons Feilden, Upperton, Cooper Scott, and the Revs. F. Anderson, M. Hervey, W. D. Ward, T. P. Dimond Hogg, P. F. A. Morrell, T. D. James, L. M. Farrall, T. M. Mundy, L. Garnett, G. C. Briggs, J. L. Bedford, W. Sparling, H. Grantham, J. T. Davies, W. N. Howe. A. Radford, E. C. Lowndes, P. A. Miller, O. P. Fisher, F. Edwards, J. C. Mayne, T. E. Evans, F. T. Stonex, G. Hindhaugh, A. H. Fish.-Chapels: The Revs. J. C. Mitchell, D. Wynne Evans, F. Barnes, J. Morgan, W. Jones, J. Nicholas, J. Bourne Jones, F. F. Bretherton, P. J. Roberts, J. Pryce Davies, E. L. Perry, T. Pope, J. A. Cheeseman, J. Crompton, W. Albert, J. B. Morgan, J. Emerson, W. Povey, D. T. Jones, Eryl, M. A. Collins. Roman Catholic: Canon Lynch, the Revs. Joseph Chambers, F. S. Honniball, F. Oswald, F. Ignatius, F. Dominic. Museum officials, etc.: Messrs. A. Lamonc, J. Frater, E. Hodkinson, J. Dodds, Walter Conway, J. Simon, R. Newstead, G. R. Griffith, John Dodd, J. W. Marriott, Roberts, Taylor, W. Schroder, C. R. Warren, J. B. Piercy, F. A. Stevenson, J. H. Spencer, P. H. Fletcher, J. Day, G. Watmough Webster, R. Wilkinson, J. Grindley, J. A. McMichael, H. F. Rushton, J. Errington, A. Hodgkinson, A. W. Lucas, W. S. Walker, G. E. Poggi, R. S. Johnson, F. Mad- docks, J. W. Caruth, R. Lloyd, T. S. Gleadowe, W. E. Brown. Medical Profession :—Drs. Ambler, Burges, W. Gladstone Clarke, W. H. Dobie, Ilerbert Dobie, Cyril E. Dobie, Elliott, Giffen, Granger, A. G. Hamilton, H. Markby, P. H. Mules, W. A. Newall, T. S. Parry, E. Lloyd Roberts, J. T. Roberts, D. Carlyle Sutton, Lewis A. Williams, Wright, and Caffer. Legal Profession :—Col. Evans-Lloyd, Messrs. John Gamon, H. Y. Barker, W. H. Barnes, J. C. Bate, H. J. Birch, E. Caldecutt, Ed. Cawley, J. Cullimore, J. H. Dickson, S. J. R. Dickson, D. Dobie, C. P. Douglas, T. Moore Dutton, R. Farmer, J. Fenna, J. Fletcher, A. R. Fluitt, J. P. Gamon, E. Gardner, E. S. Giles, H. G. Hope, W. G. Jolliffe, H. D. Jolliffe, F. Horatio Lloyd, A. C. Lockwood, F. B. Mason, J. M. Nicholson, H. Potts, A. C. Preston, F. E. Roberts, R. Salomonson, Cecil P. Smith, Hy. Taylor, and Frank Turner. Accommodation was also provided for the following :-King's School, 50; Queen's School, 75; Collegiates, 50; Science and Art School, 20; Chorister Boys' School, 25 j Lay Clerks, 8 Blue School (Boys), 25; Blue School (Girls), 17; Clio, 50; Certified Industrial School, 20; Convent Ladies' School, 20. A word of praise is due to the City Surveyor (Mr. I Matthews Jones) for the admirable manner in which he had provided for the accom- modation of those who were present in the Market Hall. Naturally, an event of this des- cription entailed much work for the department of which the Chief Constable (Mr. J. H. Lay- bourne) is the head, and it is satisfactory to record that the police arrangements were every- thing that could be desired. Last, but not least, come the Town Clerk (Mr. S. Smith) and the Clerk of Committees, who spared neither time nor trouble to ensure the con- venience and comfort of all. The gathering had caused Mr. Peers and his staff endless work, and they, in common with the other officials, are to be congratulated on the success- ful manner in which everything passed off. THE "AT HOME." The Duke and party were entertained to lunch by the Mayor at his residence. Afterwards, from half-past four to half-past six, an "At Home" was held by the Mayoress at the Town Hall, and about a thousand persons were present. At the entrance, in the main corridor, and on the stair- case were arranged large palms and chrysanthe- mums. The various rooms were tastefully decorated. On one side of the main corridor were the Duke's and the City's coats of arms and the mottoes Virtus non stemma and Antiqui Colant Antiquum Dierum." HOOLE'S CONGRATULATIONS. At the meeting of the Hoole Urban Council on Monday evening, the Clerk reported that he had communicated with the Town Clerk of Chester as to the practicability of Hoole presenting an address of congratulation to the Duke of Westminster. The Town Clerk bad replied that the programme had already been sanctioned and that it was too late for any alteration to be made.—It was decided on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. J. Taylor (deputy chairman), that a resolution should be sent to the Duke congratulating him on his safe return and on attaining his majority. THE DUKE'S FUTURE MOVEMENTS. Our London correspondent interviewed the Duke on Saturday, and he writes:—" The Duke's military duties will soon recall him to London. The Horse Guards Blue are, I understand, very short of officers, and though his Grace would, of course, have two or three weeks' leave on his return from the war, his services would again be claimed by his Regiment, in which event he would no doubt take up his residence at Grosvenor House. I am informed that a telegram has been received by the family with reference to Lord Gerald Grosvenor, whose mishap has caused considerable anxiety, but it is re-assuring to to learn that the gallant young officer is making satisfactory progress." ADDRESS FROM WELSH TENANTRY. On Thursday night a meeting of the tenantry of the Duke of Westminster on the Halkyn Castle Estate (Flintshire) was held, under the presidency of Captain Francis, Halkyn Mines, when it was decided to present to his Grace, on his return from South Africa, an illuminated address of welcome. A tea will also be given to the school children of the parish. The date for the presentation of the address was left open pending communication with the Duke, who, it is expected, will go to Halkyn Castle t9 receive the address and to meet his Welsh tenantry.



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