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QSoúerntnent ottings. -I' A pleasing incident occurred at the recent monthly meeting of the Wrexham Town Council, when the clerk (Mr. Thomas Bury) Asked their acceptance of his portrait as a commemoration of the twenty-first anniversary of his services in that position. The kindly offer was of course gracefully accepted, and the Mayor (Mr. T. Jones), who introduced the subject, as well as other councillors, spoke in glowing terms of Mr. Bury's serviees during the lengthened period. The Rural Councils of St. Asaph and Conway are making efforts to establish conjointly an isolation hospital, with a view to isolating possible plague patients. At first the idea prevailed of utilising a ship oil the coast, but that was considered to be impracticable, and the matter, after discussion at the Conway Rural Council, has been left in the hands of a com- mittee, with tho view to come to terms with Colwyn Bay for the erection of an iron building in the vicinity of the Colwyn Bay infectious hospital, and, failing this, the committee have discretionary powers to select any other site and to obtain a suitable iron structure. Attentiou has been many times directed in this column to the race for municipal improve- vaent in the several towns on the North Wales coast. The race still goes on creditably to all parties concerned, who seem to fully recognise that we are living in &.nage of progress, and that success is not for laggards. One of the latest instances is to be found at Colwyn Bay, where the Urban Council's engineers are preparing plans for a complete scheme to sewer the whole of Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, and Riios at a cost of over £ 40,000. In conjunction with the trustees of Sir Q. E. Cayley, Bart., who owns the Penrhos estate, the Council have now under- taken the extension of the promenade from Colwyn Bay to Rhos, over a mile distant. At a Conference held between the Cayley trustees and a special committee of the Council it has been decided that, on the trustees agreeing to contribute L15,000 towards the cost, the Colwyn Bay Council are prepared to continue the pre- sent promenade and carriage drive from the Colwyn BAy Hotel to Rhos, and to purchase three acres of iiiid v. jccsfary for the erection of the pumping fciauoii, lor £ 900, the Cayley truatt5es to gi a Ireo easement for the sewers tarou^u tue estate. When the pro- maaad-j is c is will extend from Old Colwyu to a distance of nearly three miles, and win lid one oi the finest promenades in the kiú iuia. A dispute between the Parish Council of Amlwch aud lh0 Gas Company has led to the streets of tL.r, quaint little town on the Anglesey coast beicg left in darkness recently. The parties to the contract have been at loggerheads for some time on financial matters, and it has ended in the company cutting off the public lighting, the supply to private customers not being interfered with. The Local Govern- ment Board has been communicated with on the subject. Poor people in Manchester and their families find a doughty champion at the School Board in the Rev. Canon Nunn, who every now and again persistently battles for leniency in their case in the faco of strong, and, it would seem at times, almost hopeless opposition. The Canon was at it again at the late meeting of the Board, when he moved a resolution That, having Regard to the increased difficulties raised to the obtaining of certificates of attendance qualify- ing for employment under recent Acts o Parliament, power be sought by the Board to alter their by-laws so as to reduce the ;standard of examination qualifying for employment from the seventh to the sixth." Arguing at some length, the rev. canon contoadud that so great and signal had been the failure of compulsion that alter more than twenty years the people loved it so little that the Board had resorted of late to a large increase of officers, and they now had fifty men employed at a cost of £5,000 a year, whose sole business it was to drive children to school. The Chairman and the Clerk pointed out that the Board had power to Exempt a child from school attendance on the Srouud ol poverty or necessity. The Board tIBiLt.d to pass the resolution by seven votes to three. A smart contest took place the other day at the Salford Town Council in respect to a reso- lution by the Watch Committee granting a licence to Mr. J. M. Hardie for the performance ?f stage plays at the theatre recently erected in Broughton. There was a strong element of opposition both among the Council members and a party of the public in attendance, in addition to which the Mayor, who presided, mentioned the receipt of a memorial against the proposition signed by over 3,100 persons. fiis Worship, who expressed no opinion on the subject, pointed out that the signatures were all those of ratepayers, that six, five, and four fcames recurring were of persons in one house but he was told by the deputation present that all the persons signing were over 18 years of age. The subject was argued ac considerable length pro. and con., the pros. contending for the liberty of the subject, and the cons. urging their cause from a moral standpoint and the Enhancement of the property in the theatre if the licence were granted. These latter com- prised the teetotal faddists from the district around, but the Council stood firmly to the Watch Committee, and confirmed their resolu- tion by 32 votes to 25. Bolton is one of those towns which, with its Environs is in a position by reason of its popu- lation to give a full and fair trial to electric tramway working, and the experience there for the six months ended September 30 appears to be so far satisfactory. At the Town Council Concluding meeting for the present year the Chairman of the Electric Tramways Committee stated that the income for the period named 'Vas X35,762, and the working expenses L23,610, leaving a balance to credit after making full allowance for interest and sinking fund amount- illg to £ 6,385. of £ 12,161. It had been said by aome people that the department was going to *Qin, but he thought the figures quoted would tefute that. On the other hand he cautioned them that the public must not imagine they 1Vere going to make their fortune. It was a large and risky undertaking, but nevertheless a Profitable cne.




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