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SIR JOHN BRUNNER EXPOSED. Mr. C. L. Samson, the late Unionist candi- date for Northwich, although defeated at the poll, has succeeded this week in administering to Sir John Brunner a corrective that may well turn the fruits of victory to ashes. In a letter published yesterday, Mr. Samson proves that Sir John has deliberately deceived and fooled the electors on the question of the Boer war. For a considerable period before the Dissolution the member for Northwich was regarded as a notorious pro-Boer. In his election address, however, he declared, I have never said, and do not say now, that the war was unjust, for the reason that it was we who were first attacked." Mr. Samson pluckily continued to describe Sir John as pro-Boer all through the contest, and in a speech delivered, immediately after the contest, at Davenham, the newly- elected M.P. avowed that he "condemned the war," that he should go on condemning it," and that" they might call him pro-Boer if they liked." How does Sir John Brunner reconcile these conflicting statements? And how does he reconcile his ante-election pro- testation that he never condemned the war as unjust with the fact of his attendance at the famous, or rather infamous meeting at the Westminster Palace Hotel, in February last, at w4ich the war was denounced as a crime and a blunder ? On that occasion Sir John was not content with remaining a passive listener, but actually moved a resolution with the object of raising a fund for the purpose of enforcing the principle of the resolution that the war was a crime and a blunder. Sir John Brunner like- wise took the chair at the great pro-Boer demonstration in Liverpool in May last. Mr. Samson's letter, which we print in another column, is about as damaging an indictment of the member for Northwich as it is possible to conceive, but it is almost too much to anticipate that any attempt will be made to answer it. We leave the majority of the Northwich elec- tors to ponder over their unpatriotic conduct in returning such a pronounced and prevaricating friend of the Boers as their representative in Parliament.


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